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Top Free to Play MMOs on Steam 2016

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https://mmos.com/editorials/top-f2p-steam-games-2016 Browse through hundreds of free to play MMOs and MMORPGs at https://mmos.com Top free to play Steam MMO Games Released in 2016 by Omer from MMOs.com List of the best free to play MMOs that launched on Steam in 2016. Links to individual games: Tree of Savior https://mmos.com/review/tree-of-savior Paladins https://mmos.com/review/paladins Riders of Icarus https://mmos.com/review/riders-of-icarus Atlas Reactor https://mmos.com/review/atlas-reactor Tiger Knight: Empire War https://mmos.com/review/tiger-knight-empire-war Shadowverse https://mmos.com/review/shadowverse Heroes & Generals https://mmos.com/review/heroes-and-generals https://twitter.com/MMOsdotcom https://www.twitch.tv/mmosdotcom https://www.facebook.com/mmosofficial
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Text Comments (242)
A Lone Spirit (6 days ago)
Wtf, Paladins, a MMO??? You alright there mate?
RpgPlay21 (5 months ago)
you talking fast like scammers ur a scam
Jack Lewis (5 months ago)
I'm enjoying Tale of Toast. It's still in development but already offers quite a lot, and there's a whole lot of map still blank for new content.
Petreu (8 months ago)
Talking about successful mmos in 2016..WHERE THE FUCK IS WARFRAME ?
Waqas Mansoor (8 months ago)
what the fuk ? some of these are not even M MO
Tsuka (11 months ago)
thanks for the video, very useful
tobias hublard (11 months ago)
Deorum Online Alpha release, now! -Open World Full Loot PvP -Unlimited skill based progression -Endless Exploration and Adventure -Dynamic Player Driven Economy -Competitive Top Down Combat Check it out -> www.deorumonline.com
Gendgi (1 year ago)
"Top Free to Play MMOs on Steam" Paladins is not an mmo...xeeex... :(
MrRobohuman (1 year ago)
You don't know what does mmo mean, do you?...
SilverKobold (1 year ago)
I swear, he went into a robot voice when he said "Dynasty Warriors" lol
Alborah (1 year ago)
sucks that i cant run any of these :/
Jhonsen P (1 year ago)
does tree of savior is available on steam?
Number1_griefer (1 year ago)
dude come on paladins is anything but an mmo
Bryan Booker (1 year ago)
I have played Heroes and Generals on steam and it looks nothing like this. Just little triangles moving around a nearly featureless map with no evident means of control.
mega17 (1 year ago)
lol, this isn't using the MMO term loosely, you're outright not using it and lying to yourself and everyone here with this video. Cheers.
Ravel5 (1 year ago)
>MMOs >Paladins -.-
Madara Uchiha (1 year ago)
"mmo" and showing shadowverse?
Steve O (1 year ago)
Poor Tree of Savior. That game is like watching a busload of schoolkids on a field trip run off a bridge in slow motion.
firestonegraywolf (1 year ago)
i like tree of savior but mine keeps disconnecting :(
Rene Jaanus (1 year ago)
Red Stone online is definitely in the mix ;)
ReeYuuJee (1 year ago)
I've tried ToS. It's fkin garbage. Their premium service is horrible.
Honudes Gai (1 year ago)
the way you talk makes it sound like you edited in shit after the video was done, its fucking weird
moron821 (1 year ago)
atlis reactor is bullshit
PouncingPandae (1 year ago)
Oh my god can we stop saying paladins is a OW ripoff?! Dont even mention that ridiculousness. Paladins was announced before OW and in beta before OW was. Not to mention its an arena shooter, theyre both just like Team Fortress. lol
Springheel Jack (1 year ago)
what is MMO
CallmeGOAT (1 year ago)
Top free to play mmorpg ? If you uave made a video sorry i couldnt find it
mustain dooma (1 year ago)
riders of icarus is not on steam tho??
Dub Conscious (1 year ago)
Omer is the Original gangster of this channel.
vini784 (1 year ago)
MMOs.com interlocutor are the old mmohut voice ?
Raim Surion (1 year ago)
I remember back when the term MMO meant something specific and not "Everything that has an online component ever" I guess this makes Monster Hunter and Call of Duty very popular MMOs.
Igor (1 year ago)
This is bullshit, TOS is totally P2W
Principality Media (1 year ago)
BRUUUUUUUUUUUH, Omer's back in ze game
PrototypeBlack (1 year ago)
I really like your definition of an MMO (:
White Raven (1 year ago)
If riders of Icarus' combat is still the same as it was when it launched, then the game should be avoided imo
Neondeath (1 year ago)
Tree of Falure.
Retnella (1 year ago)
Wait wtf OMER? I stopped playing mmos when u left... I lost my mmo guidance! How long have you been back?!
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
Since april 2015! I'm back for good
Malfurionxtc (1 year ago)
OMG OMG OMG, OMER!!! Fuck i missed your super fast talking and intros ... When u stopped reviewing games for mmohuts, i just lost my interests in that channel... Glad you're back! You rock!
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
<3 <3
Viktor Dr (1 year ago)
paladins isnt a mmo
Batusay2006 (1 year ago)
Feel free to remove Riders of Icarus, the game doesn't worth to be played any more. On forum you get instant ban if you stand up for your believes and voice it loud out. The new legendary dungeons are a bad joke. To get a legendary level 40 set you need to hunt it downs for weeks, even if you manage to loot it (mostly from Attaius and Trauna raids) it might be with a very bad stats due to the stupid RNG that the game has (but, for real money, you can change them). It's sad how this game turned out and that they have started to ban on forum everybody without any good reason, including their old founders. Overall, the game would be nice, the graphic is nice but if you really want to grow and be stronger you need to invest LOTS of LOTS of real money and buy good stuff with them. As for forum, just avoid to voice your thoughts there, nobody is controlling the moderators, they ban whoever they wish for whatever reason. If you still want to try this game out, well, around level 35-40 you will realize how bad the RNG is and how much money you really need to get a decent gear.
R Rendy (1 year ago)
why u talk so fast ?
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
why u listen so slow?
NicolaBlackXIV (1 year ago)
Atlas Reactor is free to try, not to play, not at all
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
Yeah, it's pretty damn restrictive, but you can play normal mode as much as you want
Hiro Omero (1 year ago)
too much cartoonish, asian game :-s i am tired of them
michael baughman (1 year ago)
Tree of savior went from 25k players when I started to 4K. So, that is pretty bad in my opinion. It was a good game, but a lot of people quit making it hard to grind in certain areas or get people to run dungeons. Plus, it was IMC never listening to the player base and all the bugs it had and the amount of bots and gold sellers my god. TOS is on a downward slope, so if you decide to play say today, probably in the next few months the game will be officially dead.
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
Indeed. It launched with a lot of serious issues, to the point where they even prevented new players from coming it. So weird that they fucked up their launch that bad.
Youssef Nassar (1 year ago)
why does your voice tone keep changing every time you say a game name its annoying as fuck
raven fyhre (1 year ago)
It's not typically an mmo if you can't actually interact with a big number of people. Yeah those games might have a big number of people online in game and you could interact with them, but it's limited and not such a massive interaction as it usually is. Even though the massively on mmo is limited to 20+ or players due to some limitations
CaptainNinja (1 year ago)
Dungeon fighter online ???
Cro Prime (1 year ago)
Love your work omer, but palanins and card game arent mmo?
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
We use a very broad definition of MMO https://mmos.com/editorials/what-defines-an-mmo
Caleb Reyhan Istianto (1 year ago)
you speak too fast
syr gulmatico (1 year ago)
Thank you for reviewing this omer :) I wish you more success. Stay with us we love you :) no homo.
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
thepook02 (1 year ago)
Defiance is also fun game.
Razeluxe01 (1 year ago)
Tiger Knight is less Dynasty Warriors and more of a match based Mount and Blade.
Wonderful Wig (1 year ago)
Omer, can we get your personal favourite list? All f2p, not just steam, etc?
Jay Fakes (1 year ago)
There hasn't been an MMO i've been in love with since Star War Galaxies. I loved how it was an actual open world . . . you could since hundreds of hours into it without even having to fight a single monster. You could level up as a dancer, trader, smuggler, sniper, bounty hunter, and ohhh boy, jedis were a thing of LEGEND. But then they ruined the game with the NGE update. Nothing has been able to fill that void for me since.
mike (1 year ago)
Tiger Knight is a really nice game , but it needs some combat polish !
Hachiriku (1 year ago)
OMG Omer, i followed your videos on MMOHut years ago and i thought you left this reviewer realm :v im so glad that you are still doing videos and keep up the good work!!! 1st reaction after opening the video was: WOOOOOW OMER IS STILL ALIVE!!!!!! ( after that everyone at in the room was simply staring at me ) subscribed :)
Ténébreuse_épopée (1 year ago)
Aura kingdom ?
Your Guy Rye (1 year ago)
Note MMOs.Com. Paladins was announced and in development BEFORE Overwatch was announced. Tired of people saying how Paladins ripped of Blizzard, when they announced the game first. Get this fact straight, you review MMO's, use PROPER fucking information, not fabricated.
KawaiiBoy (1 year ago)
heroes and general, every infantry class has AT nades unlocked early. which makes tanks worthless and are paperweight. which is sad, if you love tanks. =P
Darwin Perez (1 year ago)
tree of saviors - too many botters... heroes & generals - it is really fun. especially when u use a no scope rifle for really long range sniper shots
Antonin (1 year ago)
Have they fixed Tree of Savior lag?
Koga Crow (1 year ago)
whoa tq made tiger knight?! that must mean its truly a skill pvp game. my cup of tea. co was great
KainMcnab (1 year ago)
Too much weeaboo garbage.
Revilleza Lucky (1 year ago)
damn man, did you ever catch a breath?
Austin L (1 year ago)
These are all hot garbage.
Islam is cancer (1 year ago)
EVE Online is going F2P on November 15. It's the best space game you'll ever play so definitely check it out.
razrsrealm (1 year ago)
Paladins LUL
TsunaTsurugi (1 year ago)
A bit unfair because in 2 Week EvE get a Free mode :<
Gener Salinas (1 year ago)
Sadly, TOS got tons of BOT. :(
Blair Sinclair (1 year ago)
Ive masturbated to Omer and Gumbles voice before :)
knessi ng (1 year ago)
So if you do make the top dookies of 2016, can you also make the Mother of All Dookies for 2016 as well : )
Zer0 (1 year ago)
I've been playing Atlas Reactor nonstop for three days. The game is basically crack. I impulse bought the full version straightaway and it was well worth it. If you like XCOM, you will be addicted to this game. I guarantee it. It also seems to attract people who play MOBAs and even some Overwatch and Paladins players - it has elements of pvp style games where you have a variety of unique heroes (called Freelancers in Atlas Reactor) that fall into different categories depending on their skill set i.e. Firepower, Frontline and Suppport. It's kinda sad that the game is flying under peoples radar as its one of the best games on your list IMO so please check it out if you have time guys. The f2p version is basically a demo btw, if you like it buy the full version. If you play Overwatch, you will be familiar with it's monetisation scheme. You get all new content (characters, maps or gamemodes) from now until the end of time plus access to ranked with your one purchase. Like Overwatch it also has lootboxes that you get everytime you level up that drop a variety of cosmetics and/or currency. You also get character specific lootboxes if you level up the character enough (your character levels are separate from your overall level in this game) rewarding you for putting time into a character you really like.
TheProstum (1 year ago)
How is a 1vs1 ccg mmo? Typeracer mmo confirmed?
iamsuperman777 (1 year ago)
I love tiger knight...i just hope they make some servers closer to Australia...the lag is real atm.
Scott (1 year ago)
VERY loose on the term mmo
ChaoticLegion01 (1 year ago)
RoI on steam doesn't work for me, I downloaded it and saw that the textures were not loading into the game at all.... even the title screen looked half loaded.
Foxrally (1 year ago)
Hey omer, when james left mmohuts I kept seeing your name tossed around too as a great reviewer, and dam they were right! I'd love to see you 2 partner up someday <3
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
<3 <3
razveck (1 year ago)
Foxy Roar Doubt it, since James stole Omer's job at mmohuts lol
T Yaz B (1 year ago)
Kim Min-Ki (1 year ago)
I can't believe TERA wasn't on the list O.o
mattmanrx99 (1 year ago)
honestly though that's like the one game that every top 10 list has.
Kim Min-Ki (1 year ago)
oh, i forgot lol
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
Tera did not launch in 2016. If it did, it would be on the list :D
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
There were a great # of dookers that launched on Steam this year. A GREAT Number. May do a list for em...
Rai Yugen (7 months ago)
we need another one for 2017!
Niko Toremana (1 year ago)
ТHIS HАCК FOR FRЕЕ SТЕAМ MОNEЕEЕY IS ТHE BЕST ОN THE ЕNТIRE WЕBSТОRЕ!!! <<<<<<<<<< https://twitter.com/2aa9a024a20214749/status/719079525670395904 >>>>>>>>>>> Тоp Frее tо Рlау ММОs оn Steam 2016
Dioxety (1 year ago)
I was about to say are you fucking serious... no Warframe or POE then i realized u said "Released this year"
Dioxety (1 year ago)
Yep, good list though :)
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
Both Warframe/PoE would DEFINITELY be on this list if it was all time :P But yeah, this year!
MrWalalaa (1 year ago)
grats on 30k subs
Jon Idoncair (1 year ago)
tiger knights looks like what dynasty warriors would be yes, if it had its console limitations removed
Shea Thomas (1 year ago)
DO NOT give Riders of Icarus a chance its a garbage game.
Shea Thomas (1 year ago)
+MMOs.com And that my friend is VERY sad mmos.com
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
It wasn't the strongest game on the list (imo) but there were a lot of awful games in 2016, and these were amongst the best of them IMO
Yuen (1 year ago)
"When I mean kinda grindy I mean really grindy" yea really...Tree of Savior was fun when there were actually people IN the servers...found out there's going to be a mobile version though...though I don't like mobile games that use that gamepad style on my screen since it blocks a lot of the screen... I really liked Shadowverse too, most of the reviews came from the mobile version b4 it came out on Steam. Was happy it came to PC. The card animations on some cards are just great. Heard there was some Granblue Fantasy cards too. All I really want is Mobius to come to Steam to NA now which may happen since it is planned for JPN. And +1 on top worst F2P MMOs.
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
I look forward to doing a worst F2P 2016 edition lol
ChristianC (1 year ago)
Hi-Rez is gonna abandon Paladins just like Tribes, watch.
I am not Zura (1 year ago)
Top 3 on most popular free to play on steam and constant update.. yup gonna be abandon..
christopher fieb (1 year ago)
would be really sad , i enjoy paladins alot more then qverwatch
Jermaine Sprott (1 year ago)
And Global Agenda lol
Arcane (1 year ago)
kein plan, look at dota, only cosmetics, they still earn tons of money with iut
goy boy (1 year ago)
+Kein Plan people will pay for anything lol
Vitor Oliveira (1 year ago)
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
<3 <3
Don't Ban Me (1 year ago)
Please, for the fans, say 'dook' and 'dookie' as many times as possible in your 'worst games' video. FOR THE FANS!
TrueDPS (1 year ago)
I don't think I'd qualify arena shooters like Paladins as a MMO, they don't have "Massive Multiplayer".
Kris (1 year ago)
You must be the first person in the world to call a 1vs1 card game an mmo though.
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
The article didn't say MOBA stood for massive, so i'm not sure what you mean. Your definition of MMO isn't universally agreed on. Developers often call their games MMOs when they don't meet YOUR definition. Our definition of MMO is broader than most, but we try to explain our thought process.
TrueDPS (1 year ago)
+MMOs.com This is from the article you linked me "But in the context of MOBAs massive isn’t used to describe an individual game between players, but the shared server in which everyone plays, or the environment in which players are grouped together. And with 540,000 concurrent players on average each month, Dota 2 seems to qualify as "massive."". Thing is MOBA doesn't have a word that stands for Massive. So you gone goofed that up. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. So no, MOBA's and games like that are not MMOs either (at least the traditional MOBA is not a MMO). To be a MMO you need to have all three components, Massive Multiplayer Online. Card games, MOBAs, arena shooters, etc are not MMOs because they lack the Massive Multiplayer portion. Another statement from that article, "And player interaction is a core element of any MMO.". This is also not true, while a MMO most likely does have some form of player interaction, it is not required to, and it is most definitely not a core element. For example in ESO I can play through the entire game and get end game gear without ever talking to another player. Would you say ESO is not a MMO? A MMO does not specifically require player interaction. I could go on and on, but I won't waste your time. While I respect your opinions and I enjoy your content I feel your definition of MMO is ignorant. Your making up characteristics for the MMO genre. The MMO genre is what it is, Massively Multiplayer Online. If a game does not have all 3 of those characteristics than they are not a MMO. If you've read this far then thank you. Feel free to disagree with me but explain your rebuttal (why you disagree with me).
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
We use a pretty broad definition at MMOs.com - take a look https://mmos.com/editorials/what-defines-an-mmo
Living Myth (1 year ago)
Every game in this video is pretty much a completely different genre, too. I realize nowadays "MMO" doesn't just mean MMORPG anymore, but still -- who is coming to a "Top MMOs" video hoping to see a card game or generic military FPS?
ExBruinsFan (1 year ago)
Here is your next list: top dumpsters to dig your lunch out of.
exactinmidget92 (1 year ago)
looks like that tiger game will have to do till kindom under fire 2 comes to the west.
Jean Luiz (1 year ago)
Nice list. Unfortunately for me i know all those games. It would be nice seeing a list of non-steam mmos too and also which members of the MMO-team play each one of them. Keep up the nice work, Omer.
El Jefe (1 year ago)
only thing i dont like about tree of saviour is how you cant really solo
Sroljo (1 year ago)
Tiger Knight is very similar to Mount and Blade, combat looks almost the same
Dalton A (1 year ago)
World War 2 Online...
BluVíkíng (1 year ago)
cant wait for revelation online!
Abbadon Kinky (1 year ago)
+BluVíkíng Yep the graphics just turn people off , too cultural and they try to make the games too beautiful
BluVíkíng (1 year ago)
yeah, i know. i feel like the games made in korea fails to impress/please people who live in the west. while some manage to do so for a while but not like games made over here.
Abbadon Kinky (1 year ago)
+BluVíkíng Im really sad that all those korean mmo's keep appearing , i would really love if original mmo's like wow would start to appear
BluVíkíng (1 year ago)
yeah after seeing some more of it, i realized it was not worth the hype i gave it
Abbadon Kinky (1 year ago)
Another shit korean mmo that will die in couple of months
Boris (1 year ago)
Half of these are not MMOs, what the fuck. It's not even a loose definition, you're just putting online/multiplayer games
Alejandro Searider (1 year ago)
Boris Baskovec Another console pesant who thinks he can outsmart us with bullshit. dont even pay him any attention, simply dislike his comments and move on.
Alejandro Searider (1 year ago)
Boris Baskovec Another console pesant who thinks he can outsmart us with bullshit. dont even pay him any attention, simply dislike his comments and move on.
Boris (1 year ago)
You're the one arguying 4 months after I posted this comment
Tomas Figueroa (1 year ago)
Haha boris you a whole new type of fool, you really goin too far cause of the definition of MMO. Put that effort into some other shit than sittin on your computer arguing. Same for the other goons wastin time on this shit. Funny read though
j rok (1 year ago)
"Your definition is just proving you're wrong" stopped reading right there. You're fucking stupid.
Blahidontcare11 (1 year ago)
I think dirty bomb is better than every game on this list, except poe
Blahidontcare11 (1 year ago)
+Duy Lastname considering paladins was listed I think dirty bomb is absolutely applicable. I wouldn't call either an mmo though.
The Greatest Comeback (1 year ago)
+Duy Lastname https://mmos.com/editorials/what-defines-an-mmo
Duy Lastname (1 year ago)
All the games on that list is acceptable excluding Atlas Reactor. Dirty Bomb is not an MMOFPS, it's just an FPS, an MMOFPS would be Planetside 2, or Heroes and Generals. MMO refers to how much people in a room, not how many people is playing the game itself, hence why action RPGs aren't usually considered MMOs.
VietnamDuh (1 year ago)
its an mmofps if you go how this video uses this term lol. most of the games listed in this video would not be considered mmo's (which is debatable)
Duy Lastname (1 year ago)
Dirty bomb isn't an mmo.
Nanbopally (1 year ago)
ToS: Just stopped playing. Bot infested. poor optimized. Bad progression. boring quests. Lots of time to fix but feels abandoned with crap updates. paladins. Needs scaling rank up and down to pool players, current match making = 10 hours a day 0/4 matches with idiots or 4/0 boring easy wins. Hero n Generals: p2w garbage. most players are like in planet side 2: the not too talked much about cash paying German community. We talk about China liking p2w, but Germany is a huge p2w culture as well that keeps these west titles up
Ralpha (1 year ago)
I've been slacking on pc gaming for awhile but I might just come back for tiger knights!
ANGELhri (1 year ago)
Omer bro wore u drunk when i maked this coz few games in it are not MMOs XD
MMOs.com (1 year ago)
!! We use the term MMO loosely! lol https://mmos.com/editorials/what-defines-an-mmo

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