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8 Brilliant Video Game Mechanics That Are Criminally Underused

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Why wasn't Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis System in more games? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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ButrzV2 (16 hours ago)
NG+ should open up an expansion to the game...
Asen Tahchiyski (1 day ago)
How are level designers a game mechanic?
Michael M (1 day ago)
Make a vanilla AAA game. Market it on the free NSFW patch you download externally.
Morgan Yu (2 days ago)
Uhm, pretty much everything he listed has been used loads of times across loads of games. Grappling hooks in Just Cause, Assassin's Creed, Arkham games. Physics manipulation in Half Life 2, Doom 3, Dishonored games. Level creators in Mario, Doom, Neverwinter games... maybe he doesn't game much.
Ali Asger Amin (5 days ago)
Why don't they sell the nemesis system as a third party software?
Zestful Maple (6 days ago)
Shadow of War's Nemesis System immediately made it rocket up among my favorite games. It felt real, that some small grunt of an orc could potentially go on to rule the region, and I still remember some of the nemeses I made, who would eventually become some of my greatest allies, and would go on to end up with some of the most satisfying kills, and I most definitely remember hours upon hours of intentionally dying to try and make the perfect arch nemesis of mine
Mark Picardi (7 days ago)
X-men origins wolverine uncaged edition, the location damaged done to wolverine and skin damage
Checkems (7 days ago)
New game + in borderlands was probably were it was best
Justin Last (8 days ago)
You want Grappling Hooks? Grappling Hooks? Grappling? Hooks? If only there was a game where you could go all around a City or Asylum with Grappling Hooks...maybe even a cool player character with a cool, animal themed Costume? They even have one for Cool, Arachnid themed characters on PS4...
xBamfo (9 days ago)
Bushido Blade 1 and 2... Dying from realistic hits and having careful sword fights. Why is this so uncommon?
xBamfo (9 days ago)
VrIgHtEr (22 days ago)
Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor was awesome. In Shadow of War it had pretty much no impact whatsoever (for me at least). The game was too big. In SOM I saw an orc, he recognized me, I recognized him. In SOW anything of the sort had me with a "And who the fuck are you?" reaction. I still remember my nemesis from the first game, he was called Hoshu the Tongue and I hated the bastard. I quite literally cannot remember a single one from SOW, because there were so many and they were *everywhere* all the time. I would actually say I hated the Nemesis system in SOW because I felt it got lost in the tons and tons of mechanics they added to the game. Can't even remember how many types of currencies there were. And I could never get the hang of the menu system, where you spent most of your time in that game.
Icthus at Arms (28 days ago)
Don’t know if it counts as a mechanic, but having the game choices big and small carry over and deeply effect the story is criminally underused. As seen in Mass Effect and a little in Dragon Age. Every developer aim to create a trilogy should be doing this.
Sean Kennison (29 days ago)
Jeffersota (1 month ago)
Advanced Warfare's movement system and the grappling hook. I think Doom Eternal is going to nail it.
Zain Hamid (1 month ago)
Quick Time Events. Not enough games use this feature. *SATIRE*
Jacob Staten (1 month ago)
Yes limbs being hit and having different affects would be cool (limping/hobbling for example), but center mass is still the best target. The idea that you can't hurt the things in Dead Space without slowly dismembering them is stupid.
Hector Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Zelda breath of the Wild really could have used a grappling hook :(
Jake Grafxtitan (1 month ago)
My girl climbs on a boss on a regular basis.
Kurrasha gaming (1 month ago)
Red faction guerilla was great with destruction
A D (1 month ago)
Gale Faye (1 month ago)
It's quite ironic that you showed fallout when you said the headshot thing, since they're one of the few games that do have limb damage and stuff
Tommy Breitwieser (1 month ago)
as for destructible environment i think you forgot red faction guerrilla
iamjohnporter67 (1 month ago)
Mafia 2's police system is never really used in the newer Open World games like GTA and Watch Dogs. That needs to come back.
Onizuka (1 month ago)
why use dark souls 2 when dark souls 1 is a 1000 times better when it comes to mechanics.
jlupilli (2 months ago)
Great video. What is the name of the background instrumental? Anyone?
Gabriel Flecha (2 months ago)
Also the voice commands used in Tom Clancy's Endwar. Being able to be like "Unit 1 move to objective Alpha, Unit 2 protect unit 1, Unit 3 attack hostile 2 etc." Was great fun and very fluid
Saif Ahmed (2 months ago)
new game plus hasnt been done better than borderlands 2. look at ultimate vault hunter mode
Jayson Lamb (2 months ago)
Dude what about additions from legend of the dragoon. It's a jrpg like the old final Fantasy games but to do damage when you attack you have to time your strikes with certain move that you have equipped and the more move you complete the more damage you can do and if you get a certain amount of actually finishing the moves in a set you level it up to get stronger. If you master all move sets then you unlock the strongest move set for the character. It made fights hard cause you can go to fast or too slow and cause way less damaged then needed. Also it had enemy counters in there randomly so you had to press a button randomly in your addition when they got a red shield to break the counter and not take damage and end your addition. It was a cool system.
Cayden Thao (2 months ago)
The Nemesis system is the most organic and dynamic mechanic I’ve seen. Your actions have reactions that you can’t predict, which makes it feel so much more realistic because it’s not scripted- to an extent.
Dylan Collins (2 months ago)
Did we forget about god of war for number 7
Fake Gmale (2 months ago)
doom 3 roe had its own “gravity gun” but it was a lot worse
luke bessonov (2 months ago)
Battle mounts is a horrible under used mechanic. Only really done by King of Kings 3 and a few others. That allowed mounts with unique combat depending on class, gear, and combos
Daniel G. (2 months ago)
What about 5he wingsuit in Just Cause 3? It was and still is one of the best modes of transportation in gaming history! And it was the most fun way to get around ever!
Jon (2 months ago)
Mounted combat in an MMO. There hasn’t really been a game to nail this mechanic, but Riders of Icarus has made the most interesting version so far. I think if that system could be made less p2w and more balanced, it would be AWESOME
Anna Hollow (3 months ago)
ACtually another thing that allows climbing on Bosses and eventually leading to my childish stab stab STABBING into their Fucking Head is Element Hunter(s). It's only available in Korean and Japanese but I still enjoy playing despite having no fucking clue of what's going on because it's a goddamn adrenaline rush of a game and deserves the English translation it never received. THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT, I'M LOOKING AT YOU, NINTENDO! YOU SELFISH PRICKS!
dawgyv72 (3 months ago)
Climbing is a huge thing that I took for granted. When I found out I can climb pretty much anything in Conan, holy cow~~~
Michal Salzman (3 months ago)
New Game + was in fact already in Prototype in 2009
Taylor Miller (3 months ago)
Haven't watched yet but if final fantasy XIIs gambit system isn't on here you're wrong
Wigi Adi Purnama (3 months ago)
I like "Chaos" system from dishonored
Soul Spear (3 months ago)
The Turn/Time based combat system in FF13 pt1 - it's so far, Square Enix's best ever version of turn based combat
theguyblondi (3 months ago)
You guys love IT Crowd. Faaaaather!
ScrewY0UguyS (3 months ago)
I would’ve added MGS V stealth mechanics (didn’t play other games in franchise, but I believe this core mechanics of a game haven’t been changed that much). Like, seriously, it’s several generations ahead of its competitors. Can’t look at other stealth action games now. They seem so much simpler.
Ron Martineau (3 months ago)
Being able to use your save file from previous games from mass effect. I am amazed that this isn’t used more in games.
xx TheStormRising xx (4 months ago)
Your heads brighter than the sun. Lol great vid! +1 sub
Qais Al Bulushi (4 months ago)
Yeah where is Peter ? 😠 you 💡, put something on your head for god sake.
Shiverwar (4 months ago)
I absolutely love the Nemesis System. I've played both Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, and god DAMMIT, I love them both. I love Shadow of War more, mainly because in terms of gameplay, it is far more fleshed out than its predecessor, but the Nemesis System in both is just awesome. I absolutely loved it. That feeling of conquering a strong enemy, only to be done in by a different, somehow weaker enemy, and then bringing them down to size when they get all big and bloated... MMH, it's SO goddamn satisfying!
roguedogx (4 months ago)
So are these mechanics the "Mazda lineup" of the video game world? Lol I assume maybe 3 of you got that joke, but I'm still glad i made it.
Danpool (4 months ago)
First, love the channel. BUt... lets go, 1 Really need does litle cutscens just to show off you &*%)face? the comments are sh**ty and the audio.....ever more. 2 using fallout as a example of`` 2x headshot dmg only`` really? like...really?? You can shoot anywhere, you can even take a goddamn gun form a emeny. Do your homework and take you head out of your ass. 3Climable bosses? Climable mean to be able to, in shadow of the colossus YOU NEED TO! The game forces you. If you need a better example of Climable* Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen its right! Theres tons of CLIMABLE bosses and mini-bosses, YOU DONT NEED, BUT YOU CAN.
Hamza Khairi (4 months ago)
Little big planet was a better level maker than Mario Maker
Iris Bermudez (4 months ago)
Physics is the most difficult shit to code. It took me like a week to learn to implement physics to vehicles... And I'm still struggling with bugs. And think about this: if AAA games like GTA V have collision glitches, imagine how chaotic would be to add a gravity gun which interacts whith a lot of different objects that interact with other ones as well... One does not simply implements physics.
Joel Su (4 months ago)
Grappling hooks have been here since siphon filter
K A Z A M 420 (4 months ago)
lbp had Best level creator :)
BHM Productions (4 months ago)
This is a fantastic list! That shout out to Dark Souls 2 new game+ was unexpected but very warranted. More games need to take that example of how to do NG+!!
Iseki -Chan (4 months ago)
What about the interview system in L.A. Noire
6Q4 Ninja (4 months ago)
the first game i remember playing with a "build your own" facet was ExciteBike for the NES (yes, I'm that FUCKING OLD it was new at the time.)
Mommy Demeter (4 months ago)
>no press turn system
Tomás Rodríguez (5 months ago)
I'm from Venezuela and I approve of this
Cooperal (5 months ago)
Plenty of games have that limb targeting mechanic. Usually reserved for horror or otherwise more realistic games. Some just don't tell you such as GTA IV where if you shot somebody in the leg not only would that cause them to fall over but it will also have an effect on how they run should they live to get back to their feet. And the gravity gun hasn't been redone because HL2 already taken it to the heights of its interest without some further twist. It also came out during a time where other games were placing a heavy emphasis on interactive environments which sort of falls into that fantasy of picking up anything you want (I'm thinking Dead Rising and TESIV: Oblivion). Titles like those ended up doing most of the interesting things that HL2 didn't. Dark Souls 2 did not have that interesting of a New Game+ to it. The differences were few and far between. I think devs avoid doing their NG+s too much because they can be accused of cutting things out of the original playthrough as a form of time padding. DS2 was probably also the game responsible for the 'next gen' remaster epidemic when they announced Scholar's of the First Sin like a month after the last DLC of the original came out too. Just went to show that what they did with the post-game couldn't have been worth that much.
last wave Games (5 months ago)
The nemesis sytem should be worked into a lot of games. Imagine batman arkham games where the regular thugs rose up to be minor villians. Or ghost recon wildlands if you die by a soldier they become a general.
Mateo Nino (5 months ago)
While I love Shadow of War, I gotta say that the lack of variety in environments killed it for me. Sure you can play with different enemies and allies each game, but you are still looking at the same 5-6 locations
Dolphinman 300 (5 months ago)
“Satire!” Nough said
MakerCaker (5 months ago)
Destructible Environments: RAINBOW SIX SIEGE?!!!!!!!!!!!
Sydney Barreto (5 months ago)
for a second there I thought his head was upside 🙃. misleading beard.
SYTHEOPATH 1 (5 months ago)
The rage quit mechanic.... Make that easier
SYTHEOPATH 1 (5 months ago)
Um the grappling hook was done by lost first
Thorstein Norman (5 months ago)
All the Dark Souls games have New Game+
abdullah ibrahim (5 months ago)
god of war 3 boss battles
Cinnabread (5 months ago)
Mentions grappling hook and says nothing about Zelda smh
Dan Erdman (5 months ago)
The newest Dynasty Warriors game actually put in grappling hooks
samualwatkins (5 months ago)
I’ve always wanted a level creator for Dark Souls, especially after seeing the success Mario’s.
Hlompi (5 months ago)
Control of time, like sands of time and blades of time did it with hack n slash elements
Domus deBellum (5 months ago)
red faction had awesome destructible environments
Domus deBellum (5 months ago)
diy levels been around since excite bike
GB Barroa (5 months ago)
Rhythm action mechanic, i.e. Arkham series, Legend of Dragoon, Vagrant Story (I'm so old)
Hanson (6 months ago)
100% agree on Grappling hooks. Made Tomb Raider better. Made Uncharted better. And imagine the Arkham series without them...no ...nevermind...don't...
disneydork100 (6 months ago)
Number 8 just made me think of how Breath Of The Wild is one of the few Zelda games without a hook shot which would’ve been so fun to use in the open world.
Bianca (6 months ago)
Why are people going nuts about shadow of the colossus? I get how the game is revolutionary, just acknowledge the elders. What am I talking about? Sly cooper 3 had a boss battle with a giant to climb on to defeat it. Heck, even other battles had some unique feel, from air battles, to becoming a pirate to command you own ship. (assassins creed blackflag anyone?)
LIGI KUU (6 months ago)
I still feel that monolyth vastly underutilized the nemesis system. I cannot remember the name of a single bloody orc in both shadow of mordor and shadow of war, except bruz and that's coz of his story. I played shadow of war on highest difficulty and still felt that the system wasn't even half of what it could be. Plus what's with everyone saying the environment changed with your actions?? Outside the cosmetics of the forts' outer walls, NOTHING changed! can you compare it with Dishonored where rats or bloodflies became more prevalent the more you killed therefore making the game harder or with something like Mass Effect or even Witcher 3? No...the only real change was the APPEARANCE of fortress walls based on who you put there as overlord and the captain orcs who fought alongside you in sieges, who were so forgettable, I had a hard time figuring out who contributed the most to battles so I could make him overlord! So yes, the nemesis system IS magnificent...but NO, monolyth did NOT do it justice and NO, it doesn't have half the impact people say it did in the game.
Jorge Inojosa (6 months ago)
Laughed my ass of at the "SATYRE" shout... Then i remembered i'm venezuelan :(
some guy (6 months ago)
mount and blade sword fighting
William Baker (6 months ago)
Another game with fantastic ‘environment destruction’ was Red Faction Gurellia
shuyin1111 (6 months ago)
rotating the environment in Fez
Ryan Stevens (6 months ago)
not to that guy, but the physics weapon thing is literally in dead space, which you just talked about
Marko Zec (6 months ago)
nemesis system is NOT from Shadow of War but from Shadow of Mordor, shadow of war just reused it.
Craig Adams (6 months ago)
I think they need to make more games where you shoot a gun and other assorted weaponry from a 1st person perspective. It would feel like you were controlling the on screen character.
Limlug Lalaith (7 months ago)
I am a huge rpg fan and i would like to offer the time table system that romancing saga uses. Romancing saga back on PS2 was not very popular but it used a time system that no other video game ever used. This was so spectacular and useful because it punishes you for grinding and for purposelessly leveling up. What it did was it made it so that for every so much combat it would have the time in the game move forward. And at each given time different missions would become available or be no longer available. This made it so that grinding was actually punished in the game and doing the story or side quests quickly without combat would get you to unlock more. The romancing saga time system undid the grinding of RPGs and made it nonstop story. I think y’all should look into that.
JCB 136 (2 months ago)
Romancing Saga - what a fantastic game, highly rated rarely seen though. Love RPG's that reward sneak and guile rather than brute force grinding. Did you ever play Exile III : Ruined world, Blades Of Exile, or Avernum games? These are not graphically tremendous games but if you want pure RPG with cool non grindy mechanics and end to end storyline for months on end ...... Spiderweb software RPGs!
Matt Morgan (7 months ago)
I can't agree more with New Game +. I fell for it big the first time I saw it on Chrono Trigger where the only thing was beating the last boss over and over at different points to get the new endings, and though there was so little difference many games since have made even less of a difference. Dark Souls 2 is something way more developers should be looking at and emulating.
vsm1 (7 months ago)
for nemesis system - why did you pick Shadow of War, this cash-grab POS, instead of Shadow of Mordor, a good honest game?
Fenrisaconite (7 months ago)
Disguise function. New Vegas sorta had it, but I want it expanded on for a true spy game experience. I want to sneak around dressed like an enemy soldiers, gathering info, taking out targets and changing disguises.
Canadian Guy (7 months ago)
Haven’t finished the video yet but the face scan technology from LA Noire should have been used so much more
ScrewY0UguyS (3 months ago)
Instead of that face scan technology, I would’ve added this “detective” gameplay feature, where main target of player is to solve a riddle and arrest right person and where player can fail trying.
Arsonist_Xpert (4 months ago)
Canadian Guy I heard it was super expensive, that's why mass affect Andromeda looked like shite
Spudicas 101 (7 months ago)
That moment when you finish an hour league game
Xurre (7 months ago)
Runescape's quest system.... almost no other MMO has such quality quests
POintless POints (7 months ago)
Isn't grappling hooks used often in games? but I could be wrong since I've only been playing zelda
William Shepherd (7 months ago)
Why New Game Plus when Borderlands has True Vault Hunter mode, Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, and 8 OP levels?
WOEaintME (7 months ago)
I don't understand what's so amazing about the nemesis system. There's a bunch of enemies, you find them, they say things. If you don't kill them, they remind you of that next time. Maybe Shadow of War made it more amazing than it Shadow of Mordor, I've not played War, only Mordor. And for the limb targeting, Perfect Dark 64 had it, god I love that game.
Javsco (8 months ago)
I actually hated the Nemesis system. It seemed really cool, except for two things. One: an Orc I'd failed to kill a few times decided to camp the next boss fight, making that fight impossible. Sad face. But two is the worst: even orcs I'd killed would come back more powerful, with only a scar to prove I'd beaten them at all. That seemed highly unfair.
cooniemac (8 months ago)
Should have used fallout as an example for limb damage. It's more extensive as the player can receive limb damage and the effects are more pronounced. In fact you can shoot weapons literally out of people's hands
lnsflare1 (8 months ago)
I want to see the Nemesis system in a Pokemon game.
Polar Penguin (8 months ago)
“Half life seemingly is the only game to do this” *SHOWS DEAD SPACE USING PHYSICS AND SUCH* lmao wtf

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