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10 BIGGEST TGS 2018 Announcements

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Tokyo Game Show 2018 has given us tons of new information about games we're looking forward to, as well as some disappointments and hardware surprises. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (683)
selenium (1 day ago)
Me, while watching this video: M-m, this guy looks hot, I want this game! Oh, this game has several hot guys, I definitely buying this! I think I need a boyfriend.......
John Sim (12 days ago)
You missed Sekiro's gameplay and trailer, my most anticipated game of 2019
Draukagrissah (14 days ago)
Dude maybe don't do these videos when you're hammered. Sometimes you were slurring your words so bad I couldn't understand you.
Butter Butt (14 days ago)
No metal gear rising 2 ;3;
Vladimir Davydenko (15 days ago)
whats the point of the ps classic??!!!!
Pharaoh Status (15 days ago)
sounds like this guy is drunk lol
SK1F7 Green (15 days ago)
Microtransactions are also playable in DMC5
pyrocynical's smurf (16 days ago)
I hope they do make a new psp in the future
skullkrusher1999 (16 days ago)
Big hero 6= marvel.
Evelino David Arevalo (16 days ago)
wake me up when Death Stranding gets released.
Stinkyremy (17 days ago)
Ahhhhdaaaa wong
David Hewett (17 days ago)
what's the thumbnail from?
xVenomzzz (13 days ago)
David Hewett RE2 Remake
ReligiousHooker (17 days ago)
Smoke Stranding higher than DMC and RE2? 🤣
Resident Evil 2 Remake should be number one !
mike k (17 days ago)
yu yu hakusho characters in jump force??? HOLY SHIT IM PUMPED!!!
My Enemy's Enemy (17 days ago)
Keep hold of your PSVitas, or grab one now if you haven’t already, because Sony probably won’t be releasing another handheld again.
Leon Courtney (18 days ago)
Anyone else think this guy sounds drunk and kind of slurring his speech? I'm genuinely worried because if he ain't drunk he may have had a slight stroke because he sounds way more slurred than other videos. Just my honest opinion.
timothy chan (18 days ago)
i played the demo of the judge eyes... it plays just like yakuza, but sometimes pace changes as you have to follow somebody for a distance and some fast pace chasing too... kinda looking forward to the whole game.
Jerzy Kajmowicz (18 days ago)
Already got my PSX mini pre ordered & paid for. Cant wait for this thing to look cool in my game room & collect dust doing it.
unrealcypher (18 days ago)
I like this guy's voice. He somehow figured out the art to sounding bored and interested at the same time.
Antonio Gallagher (18 days ago)
Tokido Game Show 2018
TheNextNX (18 days ago)
10. "Judge Eyes" Project (New IP from the Yakuza developers) 9. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (+ Ace Attorney 7 in development!) 8. PS Vita production stops in 2019 + no new successor 7. Devil May Cry V - New info 6. Jump Force - Going to have a character creator! 5. Resident Evil 2 Remake - New Trailer 4. Kingdom Hearts III - Big Hero 6 World Trailer + new info! 3. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classic - Delayed for a better experience and WW release 2. Death Stranding - New Cutscene 1. PlayStation Classic *Bonus* Dragon Ball FighterZ - Android 17 joins the fight!
XxBLANKxX (18 days ago)
I remember playing the PlayStation classic (note I forgot the actual name for it), and playing alot of ESports games
ENT World (18 days ago)
I'm just happy to know that Red Dead Redemption 2 is Finally coming at this october waited so long!!
Kitten2Cat (19 days ago)
I really hope the limit for the PS Classic isn't just 20 games and that they will add more later or make more cards. ...Say with other games on them or something... Or some kind of drive or mini sd cards with game packs loaded with games from the PS1 era.
Byamba (19 days ago)
finally they are going more Devil may Cry 4
Tyler Coonce (19 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks this guy sounds a little drunk?
Renz star (19 days ago)
Why am i even keeping my PS4? JRPGs are dead. Should have bought a Switch instead
Edgar Barajas (19 days ago)
Judge eyes = LA noir ! I’m in!
Will Huey (19 days ago)
i can just download the phoenix wright games and play them on a DS emulator
Mountain MGTOW (19 days ago)
"Adda" Wong? Fail.
Ørjan Drange (19 days ago)
What's with the meaninglessly horrific thumbnails. Can't scroll my way down here. Is this gaming news or paining news? You have many interesting videos, but please save the extreme content for the video playback itself, for everyone who's interested, and let us other faint-hearted gamers scroll our way past those thumbnails unpained please. Or I'm unsubscribing. As I have done with some other channels.
Levy Barella (19 days ago)
You sound drunk mate 😂
Iqbalio Bahar (19 days ago)
⚠️ *DEVIL MAY CRYYYYY 5* ⚠️ Nothing beats that honestly 🐸 After 10 goddamn years 🤘💀
Andrew Turner (19 days ago)
I just wanted dante....
Keyboard Drunken Boxer (19 days ago)
What a load of crap.
dmxdxl (19 days ago)
Dude its not pronounced "AHDAH" it's pronounced "AYDAH" sheesh, you'd think a gaming channel would git that one right but here we are....
Theron Turncoat (19 days ago)
I want Tomba 2 on the ps classic.
DoccoBell (19 days ago)
So just 20 games? Or can I download more? Because if I’ll need a physical copy then I’m out of luck 😅
GaijinHunter (19 days ago)
What is with idiots saying "NA-ROODO". Its NaruToe. Why is that so hard.
Leinad R. (19 days ago)
Production-costs for Death Stranding must be absurdly high with all the high-billed actors... But ohh ma gewd, hype! Blergh. I never knew that there was a sega mini console. How odd... Would be a nice gift for someone I know. I hope I can buy one in the future!
TheNudeLion (19 days ago)
F*** death stranding. Silent Hills would have been 3000 times better. DAMN YOU KONAMI
My boi L better be a jump character
Stanko Stanko (19 days ago)
And u did not see microtransaction in DMC 5?
Vaibhav Shewale (19 days ago)
the heck DMC will be multiplayer? it would be awesome or it will be trash!
Guy Flynn (19 days ago)
I'm just waiting for the Nintendo 64 classic tbh
Stephen Rickard (19 days ago)
Soon as he said "Add-ah Wong' I left.'
Adam Shalashaska (19 days ago)
TGS was better than E3 this year
Shivas Thong (19 days ago)
well this was disappointing.
Malcolm Osburne (19 days ago)
Omg res evil 2!!! I can’t wait, I hope they don’t make it a ‘fighter’ or hand combat but keeps it like Re5/6. Yeah movement, but unless a blade is in hand there no reason to hand2hand fight zom zoms And as one of the bigger fans of KH, I can’t help but say I’m almost tired of seeing videos about a game I’ve been waiting a decade to play; if it was spur of the moment, then hell yeah. But when you’ve seen both real and fake and pseudo (psp KH), from keyblade wars, to time travel, to a completely different main character (beyond Roxas). I’m tired of getting hyped for suggestions and promises, but best believe I’m calling into work and skipping school and standing in line if need be to get that game on launch. 🙏please....PLEASE!... don’t flop🙏 Last don’t care hate me what ever, Sega shouldn’t have died! There I said it. Still think if they were around we would have vr that, yes would cost double yours and your parents mortgage, would blow Oculus and any other VR out of the water. Play any $3/4 arcade game made by sega and tell me they weren’t only thinking of the future. Nintendo came first, but Sega made Nintendo sweat, just think about that, one of the chillest games companies (console/not pc).
sexy korean girl (19 days ago)
whats the second game?
Blup Ditz (19 days ago)
Ada Wong ( Aida not Adda ) was never a super spy heroine in RE 2 anyway man, that character was changed for RE casual 4.
rjerabek81 (20 days ago)
The mini ps , better have final fantasy 7 and The legend of dragoons or I'm not buying ...lol
Metalslug (20 days ago)
Horrible diction, too sleepy
Monty2289 (20 days ago)
I like how Daigo Umehara is the main character in Judges Eyes
Kaboose666 (20 days ago)
I have to ask what is the game that is shown around 0:07 sec mark? Mostly interested because at first I thought it was Nilin from Remember me.
RocketLR (20 days ago)
These games are just so euw...
Christopher Winspear (20 days ago)
'ADDER WONG?' ......Ada....(Aid-er) lol
mrstevenbelcourt (20 days ago)
Add a wong.... lmfao
Mr Ass (20 days ago)
was hoping they'd bring persona 4 to the ps 4
HotSizzleTV (20 days ago)
It’s weird I just bought a vita 2 weeks ago and now I hear they are done with it. This is sad.. I also hope we get resident evil 3 remake
Steven Hinkle (20 days ago)
Add-a Wong ?? Lol
Sad Ken (20 days ago)
A global worldwide release you say? Wow
Sad Ken (20 days ago)
You actually talk like a bad resident evil voice actor,!
the most imprtant anaouncment is that devil may cry 5 has MTX
CLIF F (20 days ago)
It's A- Da Wong btw not Adda
RogueCrusader (20 days ago)
Steven Grisales (20 days ago)
PS Vita :´( ... Why Sony is so cruel??????
Tisser Monihen (20 days ago)
I have a sneaking suspicion that we won't see Crash or Spyro on the classic. They wouldn't wanna hurt their remaster sales..
Joseph Capellan (20 days ago)
It been practically known since the game's reveal that Dante would be playable. Same with V.
Rafa (20 days ago)
Oh nah Im gonna have to stop you there Ada (Ah Duh) Wong Its Ada (Aye Duh) Wong 😂😂😂
_十十十 (20 days ago)
More Death Stranding has disclosed, more I getting uninterested.
cjcanoni (20 days ago)
jedi power battles on the playstation classic?? anybody else? no?
n543576 (20 days ago)
You guys are really forgiving about microtransactions like not even a mention about it in the new devil may cry. Hmmmm interesting.
SteelCityK1D (20 days ago)
Love to hear any news about Death Stranding. Thanks for the update.
Dark Vampire (20 days ago)
“Number 6: we will be able to make our own character in anime style game!” Oh... well here comes big boob anime girls...
All The Reasons Why (20 days ago)
People want to play as nero? Devil May Cry's fan base really has gone down hill
Basementfridge (20 days ago)
Gino (20 days ago)
You alright? Your voice sounds slurred and tired.
Cassian (20 days ago)
Really? DMC multiplayer, for up to three people, but only the three dudes. I was hoping we would finally get to play as Trish or Lady with deeper and funner game mechanics, not like the subpar bonus characters in four, but actually viable. Come on.
Marky 360 (20 days ago)
I actually just want to play as Dante honestly but holy shit I didn't know Devil May Cry V was going to be multiplayer hell yes that is awesome hopefully you can play the whole story co-op.
Chris Toro (20 days ago)
This is probably the best line-up i've ever seen and Falcon still sounds like he's going through a divorce. 😂
Nathan Holt (20 days ago)
Im not as interested in psone classic as I would be for ps2 classic iv still got the original of both but ps1 was just to long ago i can't even remember what games other then spyro i played on it.
You The onee (20 days ago)
Add a Wong lol
Grimlock2183 (20 days ago)
Death Stranding is IRL Bionicle. Change my mind
David Gray (20 days ago)
This guy sounds so bored
mumbo wumbo (20 days ago)
7:16 new Victor skin
Demonos3 (20 days ago)
ADDA? Its Ey-duh.
Georgee The GeNeSiS (20 days ago)
That RE engine by Capcom is astonishing! Really makes the characters in DMC and RE feel alive especially DMC.
Riccardo R. (20 days ago)
Ada wong's new dress is just horrible. Classic feminism bullshit obsession of covering the bodies of virtual female characters just to piss people off. And on top of that the coat looks suspicious af for a spy
Death Hunter 101 (20 days ago)
This video is for weeaboos...
Egglis Boingo (20 days ago)
Who else excited for Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus
Burnin Embers Official (20 days ago)
Japanese games are shit for the most part.
Gideon (20 days ago)
I don't care for any of these retro consoles as FF7 comed to switch *give me n64 classic* !!!!! (please?)
TadGhostal (20 days ago)
I fucking love the Vita! The thing is an amazing emulation machine!!!
cheesyspace (20 days ago)
The Thumbail is disgusting dude.
Lightning H-VIII (20 days ago)
Jump force, dmc5 and kingdom hearts 3 are the 3 main games I am interested in. Deaths stranding looks awesome.
M. Yassin Young (20 days ago)
First looks like wei chen character
Cygnus Orb (20 days ago)
Don't worry, the PS Vita will come back as a "Classics" and be 45% smaller.

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