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6 Plot Twists That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

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Hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe for the latest and greatest Xbox news, previews and more! 👍 Sometimes you really can be your own worst enemy and in the case of gaming, we mean it literally. Yep, the wonderful world of gaming has blessed us with some impressive storytelling but some games have brought a whole new definition to losing the plot... Buckle up, brace for spoilers and check out six of our favourite gaming plot twists then let us know in the comments below some of yours! _ This is Xbox On, the home for all things Xbox in the UK. Join our videogame experts: Benny “Shoot The Thing” Central, Ellen “Unbreakable” Rose and Graeme “AceyBongos” Boyd. We’ll be giving you exclusive content covering the biggest games, and news and events like E3, Gamescom, and Crufts (one of the above may not be true). It’s all you need to know on the latest games you love, Halo, Call of Duty, FIFA, Deus Ex, Battlefront, Tomb Raider and loads more. Never miss a moment and hit http://bit.ly/XboxOnSubscribe now! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xboxuk Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Instagram: https://instagram.com/xboxuk/
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Text Comments (56)
Bvamso (1 year ago)
In Castle Crashers, the orange princess is actually a clown.
Anime is gay (1 year ago)
The Fake Brit (1 year ago)
The Modern Warfare 2 twist was proper unexpected for me when I first played it :))
marco matejic (2 years ago)
No spec ops the line?!?
Elder Maxson (2 years ago)
what about cod ghosts
Blood Red Zed (2 years ago)
i saw this on my xbone homepage and got all excited cuz i thought microcrap was finally taking gamer feedback sereasly with backwords compatiblity, but nope..... Now i want to kick a kitten....
Leon concepcion (2 years ago)
Good stuff me want more.
TheRupertLitterbin (2 years ago)
MGS V Mission 46, that is all...
rjc0234 (2 years ago)
what made me sad about assassins creed was thery eventually abandoned the "real world" story arc. so much more could ahve been done.
Curious Wraith (2 years ago)
Spec ops the line anyone
TheRupertLitterbin (2 years ago)
What a game, I need to replay that on FUBAR
rjc0234 (2 years ago)
+Bailey Farmer oh vengance of course
Curious Wraith (2 years ago)
So, did you show restrain or get vengeance
rjc0234 (2 years ago)
+Bailey Farmer spec ops the line, oh hell yes. what a game.
I loved Bioshock Infinite's twist and Spec Ops The Line had me in shock man that game had a great story
Listless Donkey (2 years ago)
Benny stop shouting I'm right here!
The joyful apologist (2 years ago)
I love the Dr. Who reference!!!
charlene Grimmond (2 years ago)
When we found out that Ana is Konstantin's sister in 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' and that she has been part of trinity!
Jamie Thelin (2 years ago)
best plot twist ever was how there was no plot to halo 5
M_Top's 84 (2 years ago)
I randomly ended up in a lobby with AceyBongo's on garden warfare 2 at the weekend!
Jim Littlejohn (2 years ago)
I do like the plot twist in RE Revelations 2 at the end of the 4th chapter
Double XP (2 years ago)
Some good twists. I would say the first Bioshock was more impactful though
PDIcomics (2 years ago)
joe carroll (2 years ago)
in fallout 4 shaun turns out to be some 60 year old and not 10
Aaron Hapgood (2 years ago)
in fallout 4 sarcasm is actually a multi bio engineered passcode which allows the player to raise any quality traits such as strength to their peak and is also the formula to a cerial gone bad
Westwoodisapleb (2 years ago)
if I recall there was a hell of a lot of rumours about the original AC really being in modern times.
Chris T (2 years ago)
What about Spec Ops the line ?
Karl Long (2 years ago)
they were cool twists call of duty is a bad one but i like bioshock one twist with the would you kindley that poor kid that atlas was a basterd
Justin Theobald (2 years ago)
2.44 like the Doctor Who reference
Justin Theobald (2 years ago)
Mgs 1 liquid snake is master Miller
Squirrel played (2 years ago)
COD advanced warfare's plot twist was easy to see coming
Grumpy PugGamer (2 years ago)
+TheCashPlays , It was easy, but in many ways it was still hard to swallow.  I feel the AC plot twist was way more interesting.  To bad that paved the way for an Annual AC game.
groble (2 years ago)
The first modern warfare when that Nuke drops and you die. I reloaded twice to work out what I did wrong
Same here. No one saw that coming
Ricky Janito (2 years ago)
The "villain" in Life is Strange, didn't see that coming.
II Killing Joke (2 years ago)
tut tut, phil spencer doesnt like swearing, benny, wash you're dirty mouth out
II Killing Joke (2 years ago)
+Gamesworld haha ok keyboard warrior
Kyle Roesner (2 years ago)
I had a crush on ana dewwit
Euler13 (2 years ago)
The baby? 😱
Arshia Keshvari Asl (2 years ago)
no offense guys ellen was a lot better than benny in this video.
Kingsley T (2 years ago)
+Ellen “Adam Boyes” DeGeneres Don't talk about my boy Benny like that peasant.
THEMrFill (2 years ago)
+arshia Asl She's the best addition to this channel - I thought it'd be hard to replace Kate, but Ellen is just plain awesome!!!
II Killing Joke (2 years ago)
+arshia Asl <3 ellen , benny is replaceable
kingdomkraft gameing (2 years ago)
Killjoys come out I know you are here.
kingdomkraft gameing (2 years ago)
Johan Lindgren (2 years ago)
Matt (2 years ago)
I thought your channel was no swear lol
Matt (2 years ago)
+KingMayuke thumbnail
dude14377 (2 years ago)
+David Vonderhaar at the beginning of the video there is a 18+ rating
FatterBassilisk5 (2 years ago)
Yes 18+
Jarde (2 years ago)
great video!
Adam Hazem (2 years ago)
Adam Hazem (2 years ago)
Ishaan Chakraborty (2 years ago)
hi y'all love this vid, is there a way to be part of xbox on?
Ishaan Chakraborty (2 years ago)
Amiel Magdamit (2 years ago)
no you're not 1st

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