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Gta 5 Online PS4 Car Meet, Cruise And Drag Racing

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Tristan herrera (2 years ago)
Where do u go to find drag people online like I been wanting to drag race with my cars so bad but idk do it with people online like I'm cynicalred9 on ps4 please add me cause I want to do drag race with y'all too
KILLRSTINK Gaming (2 years ago)
I've been doing drag meets and cruising all week send me friend request on ps4 KILLRSTINK123
Anonymous SupporterUS (2 years ago)
Yo ill race with you
any car meets right now
Zarmash Gaming (2 years ago)
ima make a truck meet and a car meet with 3 other friends
OGW WWE 2K (3 years ago)
how do u get that taunt the guy does when he says goooo
Lucas Hardee (3 years ago)
How can I get in on this I have a ps4
TheDark BatMan (3 years ago)
I wanna join your car meets but I don't got PC I got a ps4 my tag is THE_DARK_BAT-MAN
TheScoutnpiper (3 years ago)
I would like to join one of these car meets psn:mshopa
GreenlighGaming (3 years ago)
Each saturday we do a car meet with a different class then we drag race. Check my channel for video
GreenlighGaming (3 years ago)
Join ps4 crew drag addicts racing races each saturday night. Add eblocc420 on social club
Token (3 years ago)
Shoot me an invite the_real_toke
PSG-Dady_CO-OP (3 years ago)
You guys still do this ? I wanna be part of it c; Jeffkiller146 ps4
HANZERGAMING (3 years ago)
Can u add me on ps4 I love to drift I hope I can play with u PSN is xXHANZERXx
Farming Legend (3 years ago)
Can i add you on psn
Nabs 666 (3 years ago)
how can i play with u?
cj m512 (3 years ago)
Yo nice video been looking to join a car meet plz add me krazymonkey512 ps4 console
kongvidz (3 years ago)
Like car shows ??? like my page on facebook for daily ps4 car meets.     www.facebook.com/xGTA.carmeets.ps4
vdaugherty67 (3 years ago)
If you guys go on xbox one add me peachseal510051
Tyler Welch (3 years ago)
Add me on ps4 Tyler_Welch_83
dannell sinclair (3 years ago)
Add me please status215trucker
Wasiu Adeyeye (3 years ago)
Hey guys these car meets are the shit,I own the xbox one so if you guys want to start this on xbox add me and we can give this a try gamer tag: ReignOFAshes
Garlic City Goon 408 (3 years ago)
Nice videos.  #JDM  
HaydenPG_ 75 (3 years ago)
Add me on ps4 next time you do this haydenpg_75
Darius Calloway (3 years ago)
what crew are you guys in
Bobby (3 years ago)
Ps4 Bobby_Atwal add meps4 car meet
Tom_ Ep2 (3 years ago)
Hey Honda_Mx160 add me please
Endriu Kaskija (3 years ago)
Fixedbike95 Add me pls :)
Werner Olivier (3 years ago)
I would love to join in.. This loos so fun.. Add Ladykiller789 please :)
Werner Olivier (3 years ago)
Hawk Reaper (3 years ago)
Name of crew??
Darian Hudson (3 years ago)
Psn: MR-FLAWLESS22 please add, id love to do a car meet 
Julius Laureta (3 years ago)
Psn: Shogunsti808. Please add for next cruise. Thanks so much.!
Trevon Langston (3 years ago)
when is the next car meet??
TheJiujitsumaniac (3 years ago)
How do I find these car meet ups?
Hey add me on psn need a recorder an a partner car meets psn smooth_kid_serg
xBlackRaiderx (3 years ago)
Will you do these vids on the PC? Can't wait for the car mods
MrBossKitty (2 years ago)
+hella-flush You don't need a pc that strong the game is not that intense on a pc since it was made for consoles.
hella-flush (3 years ago)
I don't have a pc powerful enough :(
Matthew Spencer (3 years ago)
I'd love to be a part of one of these car meet up clubs
ActingGaming (3 years ago)
Hella-Flush You Need To Make Car Meet In Snow Right Now I DEMAND IT!!!!!!!
Diffr (3 years ago)
Add me on PS4 for next car show please : Diffr
jerry smith (3 years ago)
Add me venum7068
Gamer4 Life (3 years ago)
+Techkiddv10 he'll yeah
Gamer4 Life (3 years ago)
He'll yeah
Fortnite Clips (3 years ago)
+Gamer4 Life yo u wanna do a car meet
Gamer4 Life (3 years ago)
Add me plz XpertKill201
We need to make a video together
JIMMY !! (3 years ago)
You are à boss!
FUCK OFF (3 years ago)
my psn is killuminatti96 for any meets
Itsyaboypc (3 years ago)
What is your psn
Kayode Sokoya (3 years ago)
Hey guys I'm going to do s car meet crew soon so don't worry. For more details send me a message and I will give you as much details as I can. Thanks
Monolith695 (3 years ago)
Definitely want to be in a crew that does things like this got so many nice cars my old mc crew used to complain about me using.
Josh Latham (3 years ago)
GotBoost (3 years ago)
Congratz on the 9k!
Sam Weatherley (3 years ago)
1:09 lol
Stance uk (3 years ago)
9k subs good job dude
Sox (3 years ago)
Saving Money To Get Ps4. I'll Be There Soon Hella. ~Mafiia
Zebedee Hyman (3 years ago)
Yo add me PSN: Busta_McThunderS iWould like to be apart of your car meets
Stealth (3 years ago)
Im on PS4 Add me "StealthCreeper1" would like to attend a car meet
laden void (3 years ago)
Hey Hella flush, I was wondering if there are any ways I can participate in your car club meets, If there are any ways I can do so please send me a pm and/or friend request on ps4. My psn: deathchamer1 Thanks for your time
Low Kid (3 years ago)
+Anthony Flores TheLowelyGentlem
Anthony Flores (3 years ago)
+Low Kid Wats the crew name
Low Kid (3 years ago)
you need to join the crew but the crew is full at the moment
xXCarvalhoxX (3 years ago)
+hella-flush nice car meets I've wanted to be a part of car meets/shows in gta, I was wondering if I can take part in some of yours if you want to add me here's my psn: BabyFaceMark (my brother made me the account when I was younger) p.s I play on ps4
Ben (3 years ago)
How can I get in these?
xXSoLid_GhoSTzXx (3 years ago)
+hella-flush flushli just subed nice carmeets iv allways wanted to make one can you add me psn xXSoLid_GhoSTzXx
Jarne vd photography (3 years ago)
Add me on PS 4 jarnevd99
Warzoneh22a V-TEC (3 years ago)
Add me : WarZoneH22a
Tiger Gaming (3 years ago)
Add me on ps4 pls MasonFormby
vanderhxve (3 years ago)
I want in on one of these meets
BoostedHD (3 years ago)
Christopher Jimenez (3 years ago)
Tanj 99 (3 years ago)

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