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11 BIG Switch Japan Games Need To Be LOCALIZED

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This video is about 11 BIG Switch Japan Games Need To Be LOCALIZED. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!)27 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mk8-mY56Ye0 (HOT!)10 BIG Switch Games ANNOUNCED In March 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFfER6mu7hI -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (4 months ago)
(NEW!)Now SWITCH Got 16 FPS Games!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttSvbpnp6Wg (NEW!)10 BIG Switch Games you need to BUY in April https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmyYq-RR0gg
*Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud* or even a ported version of the Wii game would be a great start. That SD Gundam G & Monster Hunter XX looks dooope
theraptorus (4 months ago)
Just announced today: Monster Hunter XX is coming out August 28th as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
The NIONX (4 months ago)
Gundam looks like it's in English. Need to check that out
Jherek Lazo (4 months ago)
Can someone recommend a game like FFTactics (PS1) for Switch?
Dragoner Productions (4 months ago)
Stop keeping the good shit to yourself japan. Also it's so werid that dragon quest heros 1 and 2 hasn't been ported because we have them on PS4 already so.... It shouldn't be hard to port?
James Keith Tampus (4 months ago)
So dragon quest Heroes 2 ain't localized yet? How unfortunate, I played that game on my Vita, that game was so f*cking good.
Pete HrapStick (4 months ago)
These guys hella love dragon quests 2 battle theme.
Pete HrapStick (4 months ago)
With world coming out nobody would want to go back to the og monster hunter I mean plebs never got into that series why would they wanna go back.
뿡뿡! ^__^ (4 months ago)
Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, One Piece Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors; How many fucking Dynasty Warriors games do we need?
Fidel Allan Bago (4 months ago)
Ahhh ... i can say that Yokai Watch 4 would be release in English for this year ...
Steven (4 months ago)
So we get all the reject Steam indie games and Japan gets the best stuff. Okay :(
뿡뿡! ^__^ (4 months ago)
You call those games "the best stuff"? You have shit taste if you think that Gundam game and 57 different clones of Dynasty Warriors are "the best." And by the way, the Switch isn't region locked. Go on the Japanese eShop and buy them.
Steven (4 months ago)
PS Online is on Switch? CAN WE PLEASE GET IT JESUS!!?!!!
RAGE MASTER (4 months ago)
for anyone that really wants to play monster hunter, make a japan nintendo account and right off the bat you can get the demo version or just buy it if you want.
Steve Lopez (4 months ago)
We need these games in the States.
N0Fr4m3 (4 months ago)
WTF NINTENDO?! I'm fucking angry now. There is no good reason to not give us these games in EU and US! It's like you don't want to make money.
Lucas Pereira da Silva (4 months ago)
Disgaea refine is disgaea 1, is already localized
Snarky Mark (4 months ago)
So many Dynasty Warrior clones. Worthless button masher titles.
뿡뿡! ^__^ (4 months ago)
I agree.
Pongsakorn Kingsuwankul (4 months ago)
Is it so so hard to translate those shit and earn money globally?
ahnaf rehman khan (4 months ago)
What about phantasy star online 2
PlanetNintendo (4 months ago)
Can I get a shoutout? I am a Nintendo YouTuber
prototype9000 (4 months ago)
monster hunter can stay in japan that game is crap
TheEniema (4 months ago)
I need mhxx :c, I have it on the 3ds, but I prefer on the switch, I was thinking on buy it from the eshop, but I will wait a bit longer if they announce it, I hope
Hatake86 (4 months ago)
Where is Seiken Densetsu Collection? thats only game what i want
MATO KAORI (4 months ago)
Hello can you test the bioshock collection on ur system pls:D *-* have a nice day^^/
MyNameIs L (4 months ago)
Where is your opening music from?
Tobiasz Strzeszewski (4 months ago)
If you put this monster hunter image for click bait I will kill you and all your family
Tobiasz Strzeszewski (4 months ago)
You re lucky
Jason Loofburrow (4 months ago)
I would love PSO2 I having played that since Dreamcast
wesley rising (4 months ago)
I wish we had these games 😭
Alexandre Chevrier (4 months ago)
Meh. Like 3 of these are Warriors game, and I haven't tried them all but to be honest, they all look the same. We have Fire Emblem and Hyrule, so I think we're not losing too much. And Disgaea, which is one of the most popular and likely to succeed on this list, is actually coming to the other regions, so yay!
N0Fr4m3 (4 months ago)
Alexandre Chevrier With the difference that Dynasty Warriors are the best Warrior games out there. I played some of them in the past and they are more fun than the copies of Nintendo i have to say.
Dark Master (4 months ago)
I hate when japan does this... It is very annoying.
Six1Eye (4 months ago)
This games seem to have the same gameplay and style not very diffrent but better then getting indies, am really staring to wonder why i bought a nintendo switch if i havnt played it seens mario, so far all we get is reports and more reports games form wii u and top it up, we still getting more report games releaseing.
jracer876 (4 months ago)
They need to release monster hunter by at least around summer if not by the end of 2018 or they just stupid.
Max Caulfield (4 months ago)
Jesus christ, if Nintendo wont let Pokemon Switch to be localized, I swear to god that that would ignite WW3
뿡뿡! ^__^ (4 months ago)
And yet that would never happen.
Mahlio (4 months ago)
Dragon Quests Heroes does not NEED to be localized, the switch port is horrible.
Tygat Tyche (4 months ago)
DQ X, MH XX and PSO2 must get western releases. If Nintendo wants to charge for online services it use to offer games using online services...
Delta Code (4 months ago)
I LOVE Monster Hunter
Assasin J (4 months ago)
I just need english in monster hunter xx
Demigod Dragoon (4 months ago)
japan is tweaking for not releasing these in the west
chaos control (4 months ago)
Every anime except kingdom hearts final mix and 3
ichigo kurosaki (4 months ago)
Isn't the Nintendo Switch region free so if we get the game it will translate into English. I mean I don't need it in English since my mother is Japanese and i know a decent amount of Japanese but im sure if you get it on a English switch it will convert.
Jamie Lishbrook (4 months ago)
ichigo kurosaki yeah man region free just means i can play them on my American switch. Doesn't mean it will have an English language option. Most japanese games I've seen online or where ever don't even have language options to begin with.
ichigo kurosaki (4 months ago)
뿡뿡! ^__^ well you see I have a Japanese switch to begin with so how was I suppose to know.
뿡뿡! ^__^ (4 months ago)
That is NOT how "region free" works. Games do not translate themselves. If you buy a Japanese game from the Japanese eShop, or on a Japanese cart, it will be in the japanese language. If you are lucky and the game has an English language option, you will be able to change the language, but generally, it will be stuck in Japanese. What the heck do you think "localization" means, exactly?
Jamie Lishbrook (4 months ago)
ichigo kurosaki yeah man. Cant even find them in the american eshop. Gotta look in the japanese eshop
ichigo kurosaki (4 months ago)
Jamie Lishbrook oh ok
Roberto Almeida (4 months ago)
Porq vg no sacan esos juegos de este lado del charco:(
Brett 89 (4 months ago)
Here in Australia EB Games has a listing for Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 ! says itll be out sometime in 2018, i can even preorder it.
Myung Kou Kang (4 months ago)
Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2, Dragon Quest X, and Phantasy Star must be localized, all with physical releases. At least I downloaded Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on my Vita, but a physical on the Switch would be nice.
Dysth Ymia (4 months ago)
pretty sure the disgaea 1 remake will be localized tho I feel like PSO2 cloud or MHXX could arguably be the #1 most wanted for this list
Link The Hero of Hyrule (4 months ago)
Don't sleep on snack world
Malcolm Flonnoy (4 months ago)
Was this episode sponsored by koei?
Anti InwTrue (4 months ago)
Why nintendo can't sell japan game in the word ? See sony o_o
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
Well damn, they got all the good ass games over in Japan.. I can’t read Japanese. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️.. that’s why the switch is more successful over there this year, we get the trashy games over here compared to those games
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
N0Fr4m3 yup.. there were okay for a min.. now it’s like come on bring us some good stuff.. clearly North America Nintendo being lazy. They let indie nation takeover the switch here. I should’ve followed my gut an gotta PS4 instead cause they killing it right now
N0Fr4m3 (4 months ago)
Craig Morgan These 8bit/16bit indie games were okay in some cases. But now they are like cancer in the eshop. Everyday new retro games, which copy other retro games. It's getting like the play store more and more. How can Nintendo be so ignorant? It's like they don't want our money....
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
N0Fr4m3 who u telling! I’ll take all these games on this list.. I kept asking ppl, I know the switch is capable of handling better games than what’s out now.. these 8&16 bit games isn’t cutting it, then I saw this list of games here, like wow, ain’t that some shit lol
N0Fr4m3 (4 months ago)
Craig Morgan Sadly yes... makes me fucking mad.
Cosmic Owl (4 months ago)
Forget about Monster Hunter XX , what switch needs is Monster Hunter world.... with a NORMAL VOICE CHAT.
Chris Dodd (4 months ago)
I'd buy the World. World is a better game despite having fewer species to hunt. I imported XX so not particularly worried about XX personally. I would like for other US players who don't have an understanding of the Japanese language though.
downgrade101 (4 months ago)
Lord Hawkeye to be fair. Even tho you can move around while drinking potions in World, it actually takes longer for them to work
Cosmic Owl (4 months ago)
Lord Hawkeye Totally agree , bro. But if you're waiting for people to see how Vinicius Madeira understands ... wait better sitting. Fanaticism and blindness go together.
Lord Hawkeye (4 months ago)
World fixes a lot of the archaic gameplay issues that's been holding the MH series back IMO like the overly restrictive armor ability system or your character standing like an idiot when using items and not being able to dodge cancel. Not to mention it also fixes one of the problems that's the main reason the MH struggles to find a north american audience: The fact that the series is notoriously cryptic with it's mechanics making it VERY unfriendly to new players. I love Monster Hunter but I'm not blind to the fact that the series really needs to get with the times in a lot of ways and World was a great step towards that.
Vinicius Madeira (4 months ago)
Monster Hunter- Hunt monsters Monster Hunter XX- Have more Monsters XX >>>>> World
Devilcraft 42 (4 months ago)
MHXX and PSO2 Cloud, oh and maybe even the "Secret of" series collection from Square.
Fiete Arp (4 months ago)
Number 9 looks like fantasy life
Micah Vincent (4 months ago)
Nah We dont need anymore warriors games. Now Phantasy Star and monster hunter; those need to be localized. And that yokai watch too. That looked pretty interesting
Mike Zimmer (4 months ago)
Disgaea 5 is actually coming out for the Nintendo Switch in America this Summer. And I'm sure Yokai Watch 4 and The Snack World Trejarers Gold will follow.
Mike Zimmer (4 months ago)
Shit, you're exactly right. I was referring to Disgaea Refine.
Chun Wong Yip (4 months ago)
Mike Zimmer it already released English version last year
Danie Bates (4 months ago)
I agree with almost all of them.
Original Name (4 months ago)
Anyone know if Phantasy star will actually be localised? I would love that.!
Original Name (4 months ago)
Deagle S. Cheers man!
Deagle S. (4 months ago)
Original Name PSO2 has been out for over 5 years a Switch port my be it's best chance to get localized , but I wouldn't expect it to happen
Alvaro Rmirez (4 months ago)
I mean, I alredy have MHXX but I really want that Phantasy 2
ZeroHxC07 (4 months ago)
Dragon quest X would be dope, but that's never going to happen.
ZeroHxC07 (4 months ago)
Mike Zimmer yeah I'm pretty stocked for DQXI, but having an mmo on the switch would be awesome.
Mike Zimmer (4 months ago)
I wouldn't get to worked up. It's an MMORPG. Don't worry, Dragon Quest XI will be right up your alley. From what I'm told, it's the worthy follow-up to Dragon Quest 8.
sunsbookishgamesx (4 months ago)
Japan always gets the best shit
Sif grid (1 month ago)
Gaijin’s jealousy lol
Francisco Burgos (4 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx have the right since they are the creators...
Cantrips (4 months ago)
eh... those are good yes but best? nah.
hjames78 (4 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx lol they make the games
Mystic Lysandre (4 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx yeah because they are the ones makeing the things
The Wampus (4 months ago)
I wish they'd start releasing phantasy star games in the west
Cold Sniper (4 months ago)
The Wampus Yes! That would be great!!
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (4 months ago)
I need the 3 warriors series...
You[']r[e] wrong (3 months ago)
I wish they were translateable. They already have translated versions of them on Steam and probabmy physically, too.
M2Rinat (4 months ago)
i need all of German!!!
jens cheruthuruthy (4 months ago)
M2Rinat English geht auch
Son Hunt (4 months ago)
Phantasy Star Online 2 and Monster Hunter XX are games I dream of playing lol 😭
GoliothOnline666 (4 months ago)
As someone who jumped through the hoops of playing PSO2 on the J servers, game was great. Community of Japanese players sucked. :/ couldnt go 5mins without being swarmed or signaled out as Gaijin and having an account locked :/ Being less than human in SEGA's eyes doesnt help either..
downgrade101 (4 months ago)
Alvaro Rmirez sure but you won't be able to transfer your save data to the japanese version. That's why i want it localized
Devilcraft 42 (4 months ago)
Son Hunt Same here. Also the "Secret of" series collection from Square Enix.
Alvaro Rmirez (4 months ago)
If you already know all about MH mechanics you can play MHXX, also it would be a lot helpful if you already played the MHGen
Blu Gill (4 months ago)
I see mh To think it is not
Gaming Crusade (4 months ago)
Disgaea 1 is coming here it was announced yesterday
Patrick D (4 months ago)
Dragon quest, gundam and mhxx
Wunlee Buxton (4 months ago)
Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 are already available for pre-order at game shops, especially since they are already localised.
Jamie Kai (4 months ago)
TheEniema they are going to be localized and are out for preorder on gamestop and best buy and amazon and eb games
TheEniema (4 months ago)
Wunlee Buxton where?
Allen Unknown (4 months ago)
Ummi Edar (4 months ago)
i want all of them!
Celeste Salazar (4 months ago)
I want every single one if them. Square Enix...FU
James Keith Tampus (4 months ago)
Celeste Salazar dragon quest Heroes was a lot of fun trust me I played that game on my Vita.
Mike Zimmer (4 months ago)
I don't know what Square Enix is thinking holding off on releasing both Dragon Quest Heroes games on the Switch in America. Unless they're trying to fix some of the bugs that have hurt that version in Japan.
Ummi Edar (4 months ago)

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