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ULTIMATE CHICKEN HORSE | Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games Trailer | 2018

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◆ LATEST MUST WATCH ◆ 16 NEW GAMES ANNOUNCED - http://youtu.be/hbUHKrYrbeE TOP 30 3RD PARTY GAMES 2018 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS-Si7yxnwg ULTIMATE CHICKEN HORSE is coming to Nintendo Switch! No exact release date yet. ◆ Follow Us Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (39)
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
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Ummi Edar (9 months ago)
SwitchPlanet hyped!
Monado Max (1 month ago)
God dammit
Expert 101 Dimond (6 months ago)
Memilas (8 months ago)
This is just the trailer for the pc version
Raul Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Omg I knew it lol
So like Mario maker
funkam0nkey (9 months ago)
The Magic Corner (9 months ago)
I'm not sure about what game to buy for the Switch (let's omit Zelda, Odissey, Splatoon 2 & XC2)
★ SuperStarGio! (3 months ago)
If your online and not planning a mom playing with friends play splatoon. I’ve played both breath of the wild and Mario but I had to say I had a little bit more fun with breath of the wild
T Bartja (9 months ago)
The Magic Corner depends what you like! I like ARMS, but that's not everyone's style.
rico MexicanEagle (9 months ago)
So pretty much like Mario makers
Xray_534 (9 months ago)
will it be cross platform?
David Chidester (8 months ago)
Might not be cross platform on the switch because their online is a lot stricter. But currently you can play cross platform ps4 Xbox and PC.
_Martin _77 (9 months ago)
Xray_534 Yeah, it is
Maxitsu24 (9 months ago)
Hadeks Marow (9 months ago)
OMG I have this game on my steam wish list, guess I gotta take it off now in favor of the switch version.
Nicholas Gaming (9 months ago)
byJannik (9 months ago)
I love Ultimate Chicken Horse and can't wait to play it on Switch. :o
Lizzy gizzy guy (8 months ago)
You idiots
SwitchPlanet (9 months ago)
it will be perfect on switch! ^_^
anxotheboss xd (9 months ago)
I prefer Human Fall Flat
★ SuperStarGio! (3 months ago)
How does HFF OctoDad and UCH have anything to do in common
rico MexicanEagle (9 months ago)
Anxo The Boss I I prefer Super Mario makers
Ayden's World (9 months ago)
Octodad for me
Jonas Cremer (9 months ago)
I ask me how much the game is!
Maxitsu24 (9 months ago)
also 15€ op i bought it for 9€ during a sale. i expect the same.
The Ray Reviewer (9 months ago)
The steam price was $15. So that's probably gonna be the price
James (9 months ago)
1:03 is that the horses dick?
R Segwa (9 months ago)
Looks like shit.
Maxitsu24 (9 months ago)
but multiplayer is very good specially if you play with friends.
M. Schwahn Welt (9 months ago)
★ SuperStarGio! (3 months ago)
Unigardy still waiting
No Name (8 months ago)
Unigardy I know it’s just taking forever, hope it comes in February
Unigardy (9 months ago)
Jonathan Robles yeah, I know. It's still coming, they confirmed
No Name (9 months ago)
Unigardy Still waiting
Unigardy (9 months ago)
Vines &More last I heard early 2018. I'm predicting a January release right after the direct, but I could be wrong
Alonso2Good (9 months ago)
Its about time omg
Titouan Gaming (9 months ago)
List of games in order : - Ultimate Chicken Horse ... That’s it (Biz barto)

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