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Outlast 2 - Before You Buy

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Outlast 2 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest first-person horror game without guns. Does it live up to the original? Let's talk! ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jakebaldino/
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Text Comments (2039)
gameranx (1 year ago)
Play with headphones and the lights off. THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY.
Jayden Hamilton (5 months ago)
gameranx love this game on my Switch, new loud smooth headphones, check. Lights out, check. Ready to have nightmares 👍.
Plix Gaming (8 months ago)
gameranx SURE
Rboert Trebor (11 months ago)
And shit yourself ! Trust me, 2 hours till youre done :)
Hudson Fernandes (1 year ago)
i just bought it lets gooooooo and its almost midnight
Moiz Alam13 :|
Steve Frye (27 days ago)
Raymond XL (1 month ago)
I loved playing OL 1 and Whistleblower and played through so fast. While I've had OL 2 for months and havent even finished half.
nathan carr (1 month ago)
i had the difficulty at normal and i never died in the same place more than 3 times so i don't know what everyone is talking about
killstreaker 14 (2 months ago)
But is this better than the first outlast
Iron From Ice (2 months ago)
Outlast 2 is by far one of the scariest game I ever play, P.T had me terrified but Outlast 2 takes the cake. wat yours...
Boris Tran (2 months ago)
Fuck this game i dont wanna get my soul taken away where the fuck is the holy water jesus christ may the heavenly father rid all evil spirits
dherly echegaray (2 months ago)
And i thought the evil with in was scary... this game is evil
Aasim 2111 (2 months ago)
I swear I always watch these after I’ve already bought the product.
jb brown (2 months ago)
Out last 2 is fucked up even worse than the first game
ADAM TALI (2 months ago)
Can you play this on the switch?
AgentHydraSteven (3 months ago)
They added a new mode and patch with less enemy’s and is for just people who want to enjoy the story
P.T.H.Gaming (3 months ago)
This game is terifying! Me and my friends are now 17 and we still can’t over come this game! We never made through the full game
Paul Jamilkowski (3 months ago)
I couldn't get into this game, I think I'm just not a fan of the whole run-and-hide throughout the entire game element. I loved Alien: Isolation which had a lot of that, but I think the monster instilled genuine fear and these enemies don't do it for me. Also in AI, you do have to defend yourself against the Joe's which brought a fighting element to it as well.
Jordon morrissey (4 months ago)
GTA 5 gets banned for being able to kill people and the first thing you do in this game is walk over 50 dead babies with a satanic sign above it
Hesham Voice Overs (4 months ago)
dude i love your reviews, i seriously go to them first before buying any game :)! thanks man
BlazingJalapeno (5 months ago)
Welp it's almost been a year now. I have not beaten it yet and I bought it the day It came out
The Carpark Warden (5 months ago)
But late but I hope you see! Outlast 2 was an intense and honestly disgusting game that almost gave me a heart attack. And I loved it! I agree when people say it’s got too many chase moments and it can work on tension in some scenes but the moments in the school where so tense I couldn’t play them (I got my friend to play them). Once I got to the ending I, at first, was disappointed but then I tried to piece it together and I have my own idea how it ends. Now I actually quite like the ending. Just saying that if red barrels makes a game like the school sections (well paced with jumps and chases but also a good build of tension to keep the player on edge instead of chase after chase) I might not be able to play it XD
Golden Freddy (5 months ago)
Now you can play on the nintendo swich :))
Cameron Farroll (5 months ago)
I'm a hardcore outlast fan, read all the lore and stuff and also read the murkoff account comics. I prefer the first game, but the whistleblower isn't better. Outlast 2 lived up to my hype, and I'm glad it's not a direct sequel, it wouldn't work, especially in the lore. Also, you'll be surprised, about Miles Upshur and Weylon Park.
Yurrupt (5 months ago)
This game: Helicopter -> crash --> town --> forest --> mines --> back to town -> end of game
Jayden Hamilton (5 months ago)
Whoa! The characters in this game must hate Christians. (not talking about the developers)
Benjamin warn (5 months ago)
I hope they make a DLC that will finish the story. I feel it should have not ended the way it did. It has no satisfying ending and leaving wanting more. That's not a promising game. How will we know the DLC wont do that too?
Fox Trott (6 months ago)
It's coming to the switch. Time to play under the covers with headphones :0
Rebecca Murphy (6 months ago)
This game was terrifying, but in a good way. It was very well done! The only thing that got me was the ending. I was pretty disappointed with it. Other than that it was great. I had nightmares after I played it, but thats the kind of self torture that comes along with the outlast trilogy.
Yeezy ASMR (6 months ago)
What I love the most is that this game agrees with the fact that Religion is weird
akjulp (7 months ago)
I will definitely play this game, (i know i’m late) i love horror games but sometimes frustration gets game breaking for me, i have played outlast on normal difficulty, wich still was hard and frustrating at sometimes, i’ve played Alien Isolation, wich was a very frustrating game, i played that on normal, and Resident Evil 7 i played ofcourse. I’m now playing it for a 4th time, yes, on madhouse difficulty, and i’m scared to continue haha. I just can’t. Wich difficulty should i play Outlast 2 on? I don’t want it to be to easy, but not to hard...And i want it to be a fun and good experience...
The FIFY Show (7 months ago)
Just completed outlast 1...thats y am here...
Aitchee Animations (7 months ago)
All I can say about this game is.... MY BALLS...
Caio T. Canazarro (7 months ago)
I'm a huge fan of horror games!!! I loved the first one... And I can't wait to play this!!
Pharotman 23 (7 months ago)
I loved this game. Even more than the first. Great vid!
waelXcm (7 months ago)
it's JUST unreal engine game ?! ue is the best engine out there dude...
Deb 1 (7 months ago)
this is way better than the original
Ed C (8 months ago)
Well I'm about to hop in this see what's good...
Slurping Gabe9 (8 months ago)
I loved outlast outlast wisblower and outlast 2
chaos blades (8 months ago)
Holy shit sounds jusy like Arizona 😂😂😂
Jesus Christ (8 months ago)
1:18 Dark souls reference there. Easy life ftw
MANish K PauL (8 months ago)
Is it worth playin? I mean is it just escaping bosses Does it have fights
Aron 2018 (8 months ago)
No, just running around every time
Joey May (9 months ago)
Im soo excited ahh! I got outlast trinity yesterday and never played before so im very stoked
UkrainianGaming (9 months ago)
I completed Outlast 1 and Whistleblower in two days and absolutely loved it, with headphones and lights off, being chased by Chris Walker kept on cause my legs to throw up in the air for some reason when I thought I was about to get caught by him 😭
Dmitriy Sid (9 months ago)
do you kill shit in this or nah
Aron 2018 (8 months ago)
trustnojuan (9 months ago)
i'm getting my 3rd PS4 for Christmas (I sold my other two) and I honestly cannot wait to play this. I beat Outlast and Whistle blower and I fucking loved it, I had no idea there was an Outlast 2 or in the making. This and Resident Evil 7 are a must own for me.
IcyBones (9 months ago)
I really liked the design of the hallucinatory hand-tongue demon in the school segments.
Ryan (9 months ago)
This game is just disgusting. I mean, I appreciate a good horror game. but this was just gross.
Prince of Lies (9 months ago)
It's basically torture porn, but I liked it.
Richard Rojas (9 months ago)
I finished the game for the first time today but most of the time I just ran through the levels so it wasn't as scary lol the witch lady was the only thing scarying me in the town
Jagger (9 months ago)
Unreal Engine 4 mate, it runs on UE4 ^^
Michael Mizell (10 months ago)
How long is the game
AryanEgg (10 months ago)
>Christians >Cult >Killing Babies Jews always do exactly what they accuse the goyim of doing.
Prince of Lies (9 months ago)
What the hell are you talking about
Mark Jakims (10 months ago)
Worst game EVER on the market, ZERO plot 100% to die over and over. Not worth spending $5 for, not a scare game as much as frustrating stupidity
Prince of Lies (9 months ago)
lol okay. That's a strong opinion.
Pecky Peckington (10 months ago)
Chasing simulator
Vt-802Marksman (10 months ago)
This honestly was a waste of money. It really wasn’t good in my opinion
Mike V. (10 months ago)
is a cool game, but the night vision screw up the grafics, and is too short, once you end , you can do in a least 5 hrs...
Euan CamZ (10 months ago)
Whoops I bought it before this
The God RA (11 months ago)
Came back to your channel to watch this since I see it's now on sale for $20.99 on PSN for Halloween. I been DYING to get it cuz LOVED Outlast 1 AND the Whistleblower DLC. One of my favorite games ever tbh. Looks like I'll be charging my credit card in the next few days because I've heard pretty much nothing but amazing things about it. The cons are things I can look past. I have no doubt this game will give me a terror-ific rollercoaster ride into the depths of madness and beyond. Can't wait to experience it! Red Barrels has done a fantastic job with with franchise. Thanks Jake and GameRanx team!
SandwichProtector IsDead (11 months ago)
I hate being helpless not even able to push them back or use some weapons .
thekilling joke (11 months ago)
I wont play this game because im not trying to die earlier than expected or... whatever
Dr Ivo Robotnik (11 months ago)
But jumpscares aren't scary. Loud noises aren't scary. They're annoying. As fuck.
MR CREEPY GUY (1 year ago)
Hey Guys I never play outlast before and i'm thinkin To buy the trinity version... is it hard? I'm not good at hide and run type horror game
The Comedian (1 year ago)
Best game of the year so far and superior to the first.
the dark batgamer (1 year ago)
I like gameranx i really do but i don't aggre with Jakes opinion. This game sucks because 1. It has a shit ending. 2. The first game had fear this this one just has cheap jumpscares and gore scenes. 3. The enemy AI is broken and can see you through walls. 4. The camera dies so f*****g quickly. 5. The villian of the game Show up for 20 sec.
Eleazar Montgomery (1 year ago)
I'm thinking of getting this game but do you kill anything on it? If you don't I don't really care I just really want to know
Kenny Montrose II (1 year ago)
I got the original Outlast with dlc currently. Not since Silent Hill 2 has a game deeply terrified and disturbed me. Well, those and the Fatal Frame series and The Evil Within. Excellent game. Can't wait to purchase this one
Braydon Winkelman (1 year ago)
Honestly guys, just get Outlast Trinity. It has all 3 games for 40 bucks. Absolutely worth it.
Abyss-Walker750 (1 year ago)
That sounds just like Christianity. Murdering people randomly. Yeah that's definitely what Christianity is about. (Sarcasm Obviously.)
Gamer Chika (1 year ago)
Outlast 1 is scary and hard
JOHLumLums (1 year ago)
Outlast 2 = Resident Evil 7 Looking for their missing wives
Paul Smith (1 year ago)
No No No This game has little scaryness and more of annoyingness blake is an idiot a jackass idiot scaryness level is 3. im very annoyed at the game right now, BUT BUT the game also shoved this down your throat and that thing is you could have PICK UP MANY WEAPONS THAT WERE AROUND THE AREA AND USE THEM TO DEFEND YOURSELF or Counterattack then bash the weapon out of the farmers hand than kill him or her with it. this happens constantly in the game constantly in the game and I'm sick of it the developers should have upgraded their thinking to give us the ability to pick up melee weapons or counter attack enemies Bachelor hands to the ground forcing them to drop the weapons so that we can kill them with the weapons so far this game is pretty much of the bullshit.
Mothro (1 year ago)
I only find the walrider "Scary".
Is this game as easy as the first and whistleblower?? Cause I beat outlast and the whistleblower within a day and I wasn't sure if this one is as easy as the first outlast and the whistleblower
Jean Carlos Urbina (1 year ago)
Mad props to the MC for going through all this shit just for some girlfriend who is definitely not worth the trauma in my opinion XD
Shahad Rashed (1 year ago)
is it short like Resident Evil 7? thank you
Diego Vences (1 year ago)
Is that a person on the right in 1:18 in the door crack?
Too hard 😏
MyYTlife (1 year ago)
Sooo why the pregnant woman was in the forest??
Slurping Gabe9 (1 year ago)
It was a good game to me a lot of people don't like outlast2 to has much has they did the frist
Mandar Garve (1 year ago)
Which is best outlast 1 or 2 ; )
yeefish253 (1 year ago)
first one was 10000 times better
TheSniperMAJOR (1 year ago)
Where were those places you had to repeat a section over and over again? I played on the second difficulty (hard I think) and I only died 2 times in a single section, the rest was either strait through or one dead, then through. And I think it is maybe the best game of the year from the story/emotional aspect (at least for me) and such a step up from the original game. It Outlast 3 will be made and it makes a quality jump like from 1 to 2, it will be a Game of the Year for sure.
morfioss (1 year ago)
the game is awsome u should not miss . the end
Micah Hendrix (1 year ago)
bottom line game sucked disgust doesn't scare me at least not the kind they had
Hamsta Gaming L (1 year ago)
I dont get i played the first one you die at the end i played the second one the ending is i dont get it
Tix Nofal09 (1 year ago)
Outlast 2 is actually my favorite horror game!!! The moments in The school are The best
Sam Roberts (1 year ago)
this game is not a scratch on outlast one
Elite K (1 year ago)
Contemplating: Resident evil 7 or Outlast 2?
CoreXYZ (1 year ago)
i love The Original rather than the Second one i loved Both the DLC and the the original outlast i didnt really like Outlast 2...but i still think outlast 2 was very good! Im glad i came across Outlast.. but im wondering... What if they make Outlast 3...? which is both Outlast 1 and 2 Related...??? ...I dont know tell me what you guys Think! should they make one? or its Better off Stay as it is.... The Story has its Main route rather than Connecting them.. Tell me what you think!
Mediawatcher (1 year ago)
It's not a bad game, but it certainly wasn't as good as the first one, so a solid experience and I hope red barrels learns from their mistakes in the future
Akshat Kapoor (1 year ago)
Rational Animal (1 year ago)
Whistleblower's two antagonists are my favorite so I love that dlc story but outlast's setting and crazy backwoods enemies, is my kind of horror game. It's what I loved about re7. It's much harder than outlast 1 but horror games aren't meant to be easy.
III Omen (1 year ago)
I hated this one but loved the first one... my opinion... I wouldn't replay this but I would the first... I felt the first left more of a mark on my psyche than this one did... just what I think
[MNG] MorganMcClay (1 year ago)
Outlast 2 is so mediocre compared to the first episode that it's mind blowing the lip service you do in this - and many other- videos. How did you fall from a honest reviewer to just game devs playtool i dunno, but your reviews are absolutly hilarious. /unsub.
Anton Kershner (1 year ago)
Do you need to get outlast 1 to understand the story of outlast 2?
no not really. Outlast 1 and 2 are tied together but all you need to know is murcoff ( the evil company from the first game) is back!
Alex Hardy (1 year ago)
just got it last night shit scary af
Cheb (1 year ago)
Meh, the first one was better imo. Had a better setting and story. Also felt more beliveable and realistic.
Simon (1 year ago)
Twd Mike (1 year ago)
add me on twitch to see gameplay or prey and other new releases or just come in chat with me and the others viewers! twdmike951
GabrielFSchaefer (1 year ago)
Its make in UnrealEngine 4
Lrdvltr (1 year ago)
The enemies should have been Muslims. Would have been MUCH more accurate.
Crais Daniel (1 year ago)
I'm not a religious person, but I'm pretty sure Papa Knoth broke all 10 commandments
BlazingJalapeno (1 year ago)
I bought this game. I hate horror games but I am enjoying this game so far and yes there were time were I almost quit this game but I'm going to complete this challenge
David Whitfield (1 year ago)
Didn't like it at all, mechanics are not responsive, micromanaging battery life is annoying, you can be seen even if your behind wall, none of this really makes sense. I figured, OK, not fighting but using the environment, turns out if there is nothing to hide in (many scenes have this issue), run past rather than play it safe. IDK, maybe more recent games have spoiled me having rich and full environments that are useful, intuitive, and obstacles that actually work by the laws of nature for the most part, but since that is now a regular thing, I'll play those instead.

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