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Top 14 New Upcoming PSVR Games of 2017 & 2018

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In this video, we take a look at the 14 Best Playstation VR Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond. Some Game in this List also Coming on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. 01 - Blood & Truth ---------- thumbnail 0:06 02 - Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown 03 - Eden Tomorrow 04 - Megalith VR 05 - Star Child 06 - Bow to Blood 07 - Moss 08 - League of War VR Arena 09 - Apex Construct 10 - Rec Room 11 - Sprint Vector 12 - Stifled 13 - Alvo ---------- thumbnail 12:41 14 - Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (153)
fortnitegod 343456 (1 month ago)
When will blood and truth come out
holy shit! Stifled looks run!
DreamyGaming (5 months ago)
perfect games
Joel Taylor (6 months ago)
What's the song for this
James Stars (6 months ago)
Awesome! How about this game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKQQyhzj4aw&t=11s
CoolDragon Animates (7 months ago)
So glad I got a PSVR!!! 👍🏻
Jacob Cass (7 months ago)
You know that there is Guns for the playstation move where you take the PS move and blog it in to the gun that it was made for it
PsvrKid (8 months ago)
im excited for london
Robert Siegfried (8 months ago)
Why does it suddenly feel like the Wii is back?
KyLLer. (8 months ago)
I want L.A noire on ps vr...
you're loving grandma (7 months ago)
Awdacc true dat sonny
Lil Gat (8 months ago)
The reason why PSVR will fail is very simple. HTC and the Oculus are both have developed full movement and the controllers already have a d-pad so you can move around freely. The PSVR depends on shitty move controllers that don't have d-pad so you can't move, you have to teleport around or be on a rail. That's why all the PSVR games are like cheap games where you're attached to a rail. I have an Oculus and a PSVR, and honestly the motion sickness goes away after a few tries. It's like riding a bike at first it's so weird but you get use to it. The only people that never get over motion sickness are the RARE cases, if you can drive a car or ride a bike you'll get use to this. Don't let idiots push you off of VR saying it'll get you motion sickness, you get use to it. PSVR relies on 2 things, shitty hand movement like moving your hands back and forth to move, OR moving your character like a car ( Right trigger goes forward, left trigger goes backward.). See for normal players this is ok but once you get into the game and you're like 1 hour in, you start realizing how limited you are. The difference between a good player and a bad player is that a good player takes advantage of the controller movement. Even the most tiny things can matter like the ability to move left or right with ease. The reason why they won't add a directional pad to the move controller is because of costs, play station doesn't want to invest money. See now this ruins everything because companies base creating a game on a few factors. How many game companies are out there, how is the market doing, and can it make them money. The VR market isn't too big right now but it has high potential, it's like the new bit coin (which I also have shares in lol). This is why I bought Oculus because the market is beginning :) VR is the future trust me, and the PSVR will fail as another Psvita (I hate playstation for ditching the Psvita) if they do not get d-pads on controllers. Oculus is already half its original price, same with HTC, you can run VR on a cheap gaming console under 500 bucks so the price advantage of PSVR is slowly fading. The PSVR not having a D-pad is like having 1 leg while everyone else has 2.
blznk (8 months ago)
only 300 bucks lol people act like thats a lot
Jaden Eichler, (6 months ago)
Lol, I know right!
Jacob Cass (7 months ago)
you're loving grandma because your parents thought you Right😑
you're loving grandma (7 months ago)
I stole mine
lxs077 (8 months ago)
got mine for $100 on black friday
Texarmageddon (8 months ago)
Hmmm $300 for PSVR titles or use that to start my watercooling loop for new PC build.... Looks at this list of games....Oh sweet I'll get AC7.. aww I can't play the whole game in VR? WC loop it is. When these devs get their head out of their asses and realize they can revitalize dead or dying genres such as racing, cockpit games such as rigs or AC7, and horror games.. Then I'll buy into a VR unit. Admittedly, they are realizing that for Horror, but man.... the other two..... meh... and there just isn't an FPS i'm even remotely interested in..
Ps vr games are kinda disappointing
Hayden Nelson (8 months ago)
tf is with this stupid ass music?
Jason wong (8 months ago)
But the ps move controllers don't have thumb sticks, how do we walk?
Samuel Durkin (8 months ago)
In skyrim. the action button is used, and you walk where you are pointing, it actually works really well.
Nelson Muz (9 months ago)
It might be a flop but honestly it's so fun to play and some games are very good
codeman494 (9 months ago)
In 20 years we went from polygons to this.. Incredible my 7 year old self would be freaking out. Oh well, more for me
Sergio Maia (9 months ago)
Fucking stupid rapper music on every gameplay demo
MickeysJunky408 (9 months ago)
they need to rename "Blood And Truth" to "Da Ting Go SKRRRRRAAAATTTT"
Jjason Theroux (5 months ago)
MickeysJunky408. Wtf does that mean?
Lewis Everest (9 months ago)
Csgo? 12:15
Rocco Gaming (8 months ago)
But yea pretty much the same
Rocco Gaming (8 months ago)
Lewis Everest bravo team
fips assmussen (9 months ago)
if i read vr mode included i have bad feeling ... is the game full in vr playable or is it how gt sports where you have a extra vr modus and story and co not playable in vr ?
DemonBull88 (7 months ago)
Yes no full VR modes
TheLiamis (9 months ago)
fips assmussen yeah vr mode seems often to mean it has a little tech demo along with the game.
fips assmussen (9 months ago)
top upcomming games vr - full batman game , spiderman game, starwars game, better startrek game like bridge crew , and more thats what we will see this games ^^ not 0815 games
ElmGang (9 months ago)
Hopefully getting one for Christmas, super excited
Tilki _72 (8 months ago)
voodles1 i wouldnt say that The Grafic is netter cuz if u put The vr glasses right it Looks like real 1080p (it Looks like so on my vr glasses) and it gives more Games on oculus maybe Bit The psvr are very Nice, so u dont Need more Games One Really Nice Game is enough. I know my english is Bad xD
Juan Antonio Morales Z. (8 months ago)
PLUTO did you get it? XD
Nicholas Rymer (8 months ago)
I got one!
voodles1 (9 months ago)
PLUTO Yes, if you’re getting an Oculus, a good pc is a must, make sure you have a NVIDIA GTX 970 or up, not sure about other brands of graphics cards. If you don’t have a good pc/can’t afford one, then go with the PSVR.
chasem2211 (9 months ago)
voodles1 but with the oculus don't you need a pretty good pc?
mikepeace25 (9 months ago)
ESDIN GAMING (9 months ago)
tell ur parents to save money for.....mmmmmm......the rest of their lives so they can buy u a google cardboard without phone hahahahaha
FireKungFuHero (9 months ago)
I think so far Skyrim and Doom VR set the best examples of good VR games. I also want to get Farpoint and try out RIGs
Jjason Theroux (5 months ago)
Far better then both of those imo. But the lack of move compatibility kinda sucks..
Jjason Theroux (5 months ago)
Resident evil 7?
Pole Cat (8 months ago)
FireKungFuHero doom is great and gran turismo, but I'm worried about everything else.... ps pro still my fave
Phil V (9 months ago)
stephen the dude...I can't check the options if I don't have a copy of the game. When I heard it was released I asked the asst manger at gamestop and she said its teleport only. then just to be sure i searched youtube and didn't get any smooth moment answers. I then decided to wait until family video carried it and rent it just to be sure, but they currently still don't have it. Then I asked someone on youtube and i got no answer. then i remembered the law where the only way to get tech support on the internet is to say something sucks bec it cant do (insert what you want to find out or do) and then immediately you will start getting your problem answered by offended people. Then I decided to try it on this video. Then you answered my question. Congratulations for confirming that law (I forget the name of it.)
stephen the dude (9 months ago)
Phil V oh i see you found out lol good for you, man
Earthly Tag (9 months ago)
Psvr is a major flop. These games are more tech demo than anything.
Jjason Theroux (5 months ago)
TheLiamis lol my thought exactly
Jjason Theroux (5 months ago)
Sounds like someone cant afford psvr lol
Robert Siegfried (8 months ago)
Wipeout VR and Ace Combat 7 have convinced me to get one. I love tax return season. That's basically my real Christmas.
Death Farted (8 months ago)
That’s the most ignorant comment about psvr I’ve heard in a while 😂😂 did you even watch the videos?? For a sec I honestly thought you were joking
Dan Mason (8 months ago)
This guy has never even been in a room with a VR headset.
Peter Stark (9 months ago)
I played Rec Room for the first time today and it was so much fun!
Kubahedgehog (8 months ago)
Peter Stark same exept i played it first time a week ago and i got psvr for christmas 2017
Kanemi (8 months ago)
Peter Starks its soo cool isnt it
KASberlin (9 months ago)
ACE combat i Hope so it has a Multiplayer in VR.
CadeKing 1221 (8 months ago)
Rec room
Syre_412 (9 months ago)
KASberlin imagine like 3 v 3 dogfights in VR. I’d never stop playing it.
Pete the tripod (9 months ago)
Its only been out a year.... PS vr is anther Sony flop like the Vita
Eric Kuykendall (8 months ago)
ESDIN GAMING it's Vive. 😂😂. Now who looks stupid?
Texarmageddon (8 months ago)
Mark Patak lol what?
Mark Patak (8 months ago)
Ps VR actually has the best fps of all VR devices that came out , it has amazing quality compared to Vive as it has almost the same quality yet it stays at a good price EDIT: Ps VR has better quality
Texarmageddon (8 months ago)
@ Dan Mason The Vita was just outright pointless... The fact that sony saw no need to try come back and compete in that market shows the Vita was an Outright flop. Hell most stores don't even try to stock them as they just didn't sell. Second, a FLOP doesn't happen instantly in hardware like it does in software. Take the sega Dreamcast for instance. It released in November 1998 and was discontinued march 2001. it was on the market for about 2 1/2 years selling around 2-3 million in each year.
ESDIN GAMING "grel better"?
Peter Stark (9 months ago)
I played Moss and Star Child and they were amazing!!!
Counselor_X (8 months ago)
Dreams is supposed to be out in 2018. Hopefully soon. And as far as anyone knows, all of Star Child will be VR.
Peter Stark (8 months ago)
Dreams looks interesting. Is it out yet?
Peter Stark (8 months ago)
Star Child states the game has "some VR" in Playstation Store. Not sure what that means so I will have to figure that out when the release date gets closer
Counselor_X (8 months ago)
I agree. I'm probably looking forward to these 2 games the most, except for Dreams which looks totally nuts. Look it up if you haven't.
Carl Brown (9 months ago)
Yeah I initially thought they were going to be trash. Boy was I wrong.
Scandicraft (9 months ago)
Good times!
Desiree Dancy (9 months ago)
The Grovie Gang EFC (10 months ago)
Some good videos there I'm looking forward to most of them.
Tim Hanke (10 months ago)
Actually we start to have good games on psvr now... But what would be nice would be more people having the headset x)
warlockguy42 (7 months ago)
IDK do I have the new version?
Jacob Cass (7 months ago)
nicholas georgoudakis is it true what they say about Black friday,is it a bad place to try and buy something from There?
Jacob Cass (7 months ago)
Pete the tripod and here we go again😑😑😑 It's a playstation virtual reality,How something like that is trash and did you even try it??
Jacob Cass (7 months ago)
warlockguy42 that means you will get the new version of the PSVR am i right?!😃
warlockguy42 (9 months ago)
I already tried move controller while sitting, i'll try it this way next though. Thanks for the tip.
yollo herodlc (10 months ago)
Awesome you never seize to amaze
Phil V (9 months ago)
yollo herodlc was that a typo?

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