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KIRBY: STAR ALLIES | 10 Minutes GAMEPLAY Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games | 2018

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KIRBY: STAR ALLIES is coming to Nintendo Switch March 16, 2018. SwitchPlanet presents to you 10 minutes of it's gameplay. ◆ WEEK 2 FEB 2018 ◆ (NEW!) 34 NEW SWITCH GAMES ANNOUNCED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmrszGaoRp8 12 BIG SWITCH GAMES CONFIRMED 2018 http://youtu.be/lwPDh8yG_JQ
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Text Comments (117)
SwitchPlanet (7 months ago)
◆ NEW NEW NEW ◆ 34 NEW SWITCH GAMES ANNOUNCED! https://youtu.be/UmrszGaoRp8 Now SWITCH Got 12 FPS Games! https://youtu.be/xYCGY4unKps Nintendo Switch Eshop $50x3 Giveaway! https://gleam.io/qwct5/100k-50-x-3-nintendo-eshop-giveaway
中島なをみ (6 months ago)
SwitchPlanet 「
ADHTree (6 months ago)
SwitchPlanet cyctr could
Humans R Ants (2 months ago)
looks loads of fun nowadays I only use the PC for making music. I fancy a Switch to get back into the good ol days of games that scrolled sideways and looked on acid.
ScouteGame Inc. (6 months ago)
Ho super la video !
Yanichoix du nord (6 months ago)
Pour parler de la Nintendo switch c'est ici https://www.facebook.com/groups/nintendoswitchfrancophone/?ref=group_cover
Narwhalmelon (6 months ago)
I'm still kinda disappointed about the loading screens.
Blaze (6 months ago)
There are traces of bad logic and real world logic in this game.
Sandra Formoso (6 months ago)
Hey Nintendo can you tell us when it's coming out if it's so long that I want make a demo pretty😕😕😕 I beg you to make the demo if you do update the Nintendo switch where you can add a star rating I'll give the demo a 12 I mean it 1000 or I mean a 1K just make a demo pretty place!!!!!
Dany (6 months ago)
Comment tu l'as test ?
Jeremiah Plays (6 months ago)
Kirby, LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO WHISPY WOODS! He's all burned up!
harter kern (6 months ago)
FANBOY ALERT! This consumer information was sponsored by Nintendo! The game looks terrible, the Switch is a retro console :)
Gamerstar1000 (6 months ago)
I hope this is as good as robobot
Herr Forehead (6 months ago)
2:35 i guess kirby is just manipulating his friends....
Darkrai Ali (6 months ago)
Is this release yes or ni
KR = 2018.04.26 (Kirby Star Allies Release Date!)
MysteriousMrJ16 Oh.. it is release date for Korea! Not for America/Canada/Japan…
MysteriousMrJ16 (6 months ago)
Jhojung 조정 / 조정의 리뷰 채널! No its not... Its on March 16th when the game releases the 4th is rumored to have a demo on that day
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
6:21 Sounds like Kirby's Return to Dreamland! :o
Dennis Billington (6 months ago)
I can't wait to get the full game! I've been a big Kirby Fan. The first Kirby game I ever played was Kirby's Adventure for the NES.
cowboy7597 (6 months ago)
Darkly Haunter (6 months ago)
Thanks alot for the game and playing it i gave it a like cause i want the game
Already Pre-ordered this game, it looks awesome!
icy veil (6 months ago)
This look like demo. Actual game will be a lot better.
Karby BOI (6 months ago)
Icer Zerocool no its gameplay
Paul C. (6 months ago)
Really good videos! They helped me lot before buying games. I hope you guys do more 10 minutes gameplay videos. By the way, how did you get a 10 minutes play on Kirby: Star Allies, it's not a cross-platform game and not released yet.
Karby BOI (6 months ago)
Paul C. Nintendo.gives games early to youtubers but the unfinished version of it When the game gets finished they give them the full version FOR FRIGGIN FREE
Nintendo Mac (6 months ago)
Its so clean, so crisp, i love it
Marx Dee (6 months ago)
This is gonna be game of the year
Marx Dee (6 months ago)
Aidan VandenBosch oh
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
It didn't really sound dutch.
Marx Dee (6 months ago)
Aidan VandenBosch oh, your full name really sounds Dutch (Den Bosch is a city in Netherland so thats why)
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
No. I'm Canadian.
Marx Dee (6 months ago)
Aidan VandenBosch we know (are you Dutch? Your nane looks like you are)
T SMACKS (6 months ago)
Knuckle Joe's moveset never fails
AquaBear (6 months ago)
I love the thumbnail for this video
Diamond Craft (6 months ago)
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
He's not a killer. He's doing the friend throw.
DragonScythe (7 months ago)
dang, whispy got burned, which never happened in any other kirby game
code - x (7 months ago)
@Nintendo dear Nintendo GIVES. US. A. MOTHER. F##KING. DEMOS. YOU C##TS.
Mii U (7 months ago)
Why wasn’t he spamming the drop kick
N K (7 months ago)
Kirby ❤️. I got it pre ordered.
shahid khan (7 months ago)
Can't wait to get this
KingBeastMode119 Suno (7 months ago)
I see that they decided they was gonna copy Sonic 4 episode 2
KingBeastMode119 Suno (6 months ago)
Masked King yea this game was better but IDC I still loved Sonic 4 episode 2
KingBeastMode119 Suno (6 months ago)
JR Mcguire yea
Masked King (6 months ago)
KingBeastMode119 Suno atleast this game is better lol
JR Mcguire (7 months ago)
OH 0_0 you mean the spinning wheel thing
JR Mcguire (7 months ago)
KingBeastMode119 Suno I dont get it
¿ . (7 months ago)
You can revive players, see thousands of nostalgia, and play a darn easy game. yep thats "Kirby" alright....
Alfred Conqueror (7 months ago)
I need some Mario 🎾 gameplays
Wonjae Yi (7 months ago)
I wonder if the monsters from the tv show would have a chance to become allies?
hi (7 months ago)
I love it.
Cool guy (7 months ago)
i'm not trying to hate or anything, but you guys suck.
PBJG (7 months ago)
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
GoGo YoYo (7 months ago)
It doesn’t look great to me. Still going to pick up and play. I’m a sucker for the pink blob
Vinicius Madeira (7 months ago)
GoGo YoYo He's a real sucker, GET THE JOKE?
do they include a soother with this game for best experience?
Jo Han (7 months ago)
So...Sick of...side scrollers
Karby BOI (6 months ago)
Gtfo kys stfu
Emeryl (6 months ago)
Whats with side scrollers? its an iconic genre of gaming, and its always the case with Kirby
Vinicius Madeira (6 months ago)
N K That's 2.5D
Mii U (7 months ago)
Jo Han Too bad, that’s all you’ll get here.
N K (7 months ago)
Im sick of side scrollers too, (but just the 2d kind) i love when they make them 3d, or atleast 2D/ 3D mixed in. I could eat that stuff up..
Cobblepot FanGirl (7 months ago)
aww I can´t wait to play this game.
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
No I'm not! But what have I done wrong??? Am I a bad boy or something?
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
I KNOW! So don't tell me to stop! OKAY??????
Aidan VandenBosch (6 months ago)
March 16, 2018.
LA Gaming (6 months ago)
Coming in march
Hans Guzmán (7 months ago)
i neeed , beautiful game :D
mihicosan (7 months ago)
Жалко дерево
Zombar88 (7 months ago)
👏👍👍 génial 😘
Je sui Tranquille (7 months ago)
Cool guy (7 months ago)
Je sui Tranquille (7 months ago)
Steve Claude tu para le Français
chaos control (7 months ago)
scOott (7 months ago)
Just got a Switch n never played a Kirby, this looks good, but heard alot of people say its easy, but i mean I heard alot of people say Mario oddyssey is easy, n some of the moon's are hard to get and have enjoyed it more than i have any game in a long time.. I'm 29 so i dont want to pick this up n be finished with it in 4 hours becuase its for kids lol .. very unsure if to pick up or not..
scOott (6 months ago)
TerrorOfTalos lol yh thats all I see people reply in Kirby videos.
TerrorOfTalos (6 months ago)
ScOott something people say as a defense for kirby games being overall piss easy
scOott (6 months ago)
Karby BOI what is true arena ?
Karby BOI (6 months ago)
Kirby games are easy BUT you will regret what u said cause when u play the true arena HAL tend to prove kirby isn't easy Its hard And they can make kirby games hard but they don't
sergio matheus (7 months ago)
scOott It is nothing that much. HP halved by half and enemies with double HP... This game is good and you need to play.
Dee Ann Duncan (7 months ago)
I pre-order Kirby but now After watching the game play I'm on the fence a out getting it!
Mii U (7 months ago)
Dee Ann Duncan Sorry, could you repeat that?
Dee Ann Duncan (7 months ago)
Mayday2592 ! I can't put my finger on it. YET! Like I said I'm on the fence. I am going to keep my on update a d game play will decide when I get closer to release.
Mayday2592 ! (7 months ago)
Dee Ann Duncan what issue do you have with it?
Dorocleo Dolcecanto (7 months ago)
I want the pink joycons <3 v <3
James R (7 months ago)
Game looks great. Im just worried its going to be easy. Kirby games lack any real difficulty
Chris Stigall (6 months ago)
James R yea I'm with you.
Leet 1337 (6 months ago)
If you want a challenge playing Star Allies, you can do as much of the game as possible without Helpers.
Marx Dee (6 months ago)
Some kirby games are a little bit hard, or im just bad at kirby games
Pikachu Pokémon (6 months ago)
Alexander Karagornas Its march 16.
Norman William (6 months ago)
If you need difficulty have your wife sit on you, you can struggle for air....
Otaku- Senpai (7 months ago)
i need fortnite
Tapz_ ivan (6 months ago)
Jamie Wilson i mean you didnt see the news about them
Tapz_ ivan (6 months ago)
On the community webpage they say its gonna come
Jamie 〜 (7 months ago)
Kaminari Jaf Will never come
Pasi Pilz (7 months ago)
OMG SO HYPED!!!! I CAN'T f*cking wait.
StratosXDgr Greek Gamez (7 months ago)

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