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SCORN - FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Horror Survival Game 2018)

66 ratings | 6777 views
SCORN - FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Horror Survival Game 2018) Support Scorn on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1777595379/scorn-part-1-of-2-dasein Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. It is designed around the idea of "being thrown into the world". Isolated and lost inside this dreamlike world, you will explore different interconnected regions in a nonlinear fashion. The unsettling environment is a character itself. Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/698670 Official website: http://www.scorn-game.com ►NEW CHEAP GAMES: https://www.g2a.com/r/gamesyndrome ►Subscribe now for the latest gaming news: http://bit.ly/2cc8sGt ►Follow our Facebook group: https://goo.gl/MUNA24
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Text Comments (17)
4T3hM4kr0n! (8 months ago)
dang your character you play as is like a demon/strogg hybrid. By that I mean he has demonic tendrils protruding out of his body just like how the strogg have bits of wiring protruding out of their bodies.
Mpower (8 months ago)
prey 2006
4T3hM4kr0n! (8 months ago)
more like DOOM 2016
shaun themanc (8 months ago)
those arent scary man their cute af
200016LIVE (8 months ago)
super!!!good luck!!love you!!<3 visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)
ANIME is RETARDED (8 months ago)
200016lLIVE☮ is this 2011 YouTube fuck off
Swordnoob93 (8 months ago)
So apparently guns that are made of a boneflesh combo and use toothlike projectiles as ammunition are still powered by gunpowder :D
AnZem EmNza (8 months ago)
This game looks like Doom meets Silent Hill.
Soleiman Bourramman (8 months ago)
This game is just flesh, blood and bones xD
KFC SM SUCAT (8 months ago)
That's looks discussting
Op Man (8 months ago)
your spelling is "discussting"
Daniel Davids (8 months ago)
Its not a survival game. Its just another stupid shooter in a horror scenario
Datboi 2648 (8 months ago)
Doom 2018
DevineGamingTV (8 months ago)
The Gun reminds me of the gun used in the movie "Existent" when they eat and find all this bone parts in their meal, which just conviniantly puts together as a gun x)
Mathi dasSchaf (8 months ago)
HR Giger art concept. Makers of Aliens.
Jam058 (8 months ago)
It looks good

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