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12 New Upcoming Games 2017 & 2018 | NINTENDO SWITCH

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Here 12 of Bests New games 2017 & 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (159)
bobi966 (7 months ago)
If only they port resident evil 4,5,6 i don't know about 7 oy and Naruto Storm Legacy 👍
Social Suicide (7 months ago)
My own personal opinion... Once Stardew Valley came out and the split between the Harvest Moon owners happened I'd rather, even as a long time HM fan, would rather just wait for the online STV or just STV2.
Mastershell (8 months ago)
I definitely need to see more games than just remakes, ports, and indie games.
Black0ps (8 months ago)
Pay day 2 ???
Alexander (8 months ago)
What a hell?! Where are games?! Exclude Resident Evil...
T Tomic (9 months ago)
Sorry but Nintendo Sucks
doivkcalb (9 months ago)
0:47 It's a trap
Robert Williams (9 months ago)
I'm getting myself a switch for Christmas!!!
Oliver Larweczka (10 months ago)
Since I've already bought and played Stardew Valley for many many hours, I don't think I would want to buy another game of that genre. And I don't like the way the character is designed. Was way cuter back in the days, when I played my first Harvest Moon on GBC (didn't own the SNES version until later).
nel c (10 months ago)
so switch is a console that plays old “re-mastered” games like RE1&2, Skyrim. else it plays indie scrolling games 🤦🏻‍♂️
John (10 months ago)
Harvest Moon looks horrible, mainly a repeat of their awful iOS version. Hopefully Marvelous's Story of Seasons can come on to the Switch.
john carter (10 months ago)
ChromeOS Brasil (10 months ago)
Chess???? Really??? Oh Nintendo what you've done?
Dan (10 months ago)
Will Revelations 2 runs at 60fps on Nintendo Switch?
brummie pc gamer (10 months ago)
belo (10 months ago)
So does Harvest Moon decrease in quality each game? I am genuinely curious. Like what is going on.
Lukong (10 months ago)
To bad no one well put most wanted 2005 remastered for switch
khanh nguyen (10 months ago)
LOL The switch is basically the platformed game heaven.
Pennyniggs (10 months ago)
I kinda wanna see Resident evil 1 and 0 for switch. Always wanted to play those games while at work.
Nicholas Caggiano (10 months ago)
I hope nintendo understands that whwen we asked for a better library, Its was QUALITY we were looking for, not QUANTITY, none of these games seem interesting, only resident evil revelations, and those are ports, they are really going to have to think up of better stuff then this.
Stefan Funkhouser (10 months ago)
I don’t know. A lot of the games mentioned here look pretty fun. I’m pretty excited for Harvest Moon as well as gear club.
khanh nguyen (10 months ago)
define QUALITY. give example
funkyflights (10 months ago)
I want the resident evil original remake on switch... That would be SWEET!!!
K r (10 months ago)
I love my Nintendo switch
serenade1275 (10 months ago)
Kevin rivera Yes! I love my Switch too and I take it everywhere I go!
Autumn Willey (10 months ago)
Holy fuck why did the chess game make me laugh so hard
young pup gaming (10 months ago)
some of these look pretty early in development but otherwise promising. I love me a good point and click puzzle game.
Mangaguy69 (11 months ago)
Violet looks amazing reminds me of a monkey island game
NightNeon (11 months ago)
I cant understand how these games can run on the switch. i mean its freaking awesome that how nintendo made the switch.
Masako Walker (11 months ago)
Chess ultra , REALLY ?
Xellos Metallium (11 months ago)
damn it capcom yet another hd port
Tempelgeist87 (11 months ago)
Ok, and where are the interesting games????
GolyLox GolyLox (4 months ago)
Tempelgeist87 Resident evil..
Jorden Waldner (11 months ago)
Tempelgeist87 they are on this video https://youtu.be/3uiKOU3c0tE
elequentum (11 months ago)
trash games.
NoelKreiss XIII-2 (10 months ago)
elequentum RE Revelations is a trash game ?? You must have terrible tastes
Romain Certa (11 months ago)
+1 gear club
Greg OfCanada (11 months ago)
Why does Jill sound like Siri?
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
yea i love gamecube with dreamcast res code veronica that wassup 😉
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
lol i wrote wrong i mean ps2 lol
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
do u know i love classic game like sega genesis and nentindo famely and ps1 ps1 3do thats my life i love mgs 1 on ps1 i love fear effect on ps1
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
lol that wassup dude yea maybe come red dead on sandwitch oh sorry switch even fuckonami lose hidio kojima mgs destroy story the legend is dead after hidio kojima
OdysseyDawnBand (10 months ago)
cajunasian71 (11 months ago)
Pretty sweet games coming. Not really into racing/ simulation games, but nice that Switch is getting one.
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
yea sure beacuse crapcom feel a loser in like this make all stupide loser game remek this is policy crapcom alright where resident evil 2 and 3 where onimusha all parts where dino crisis where hounting ground damn never see that again crapcom go to the hell crapcom nothing without shinji mikami
Br00mz man (11 months ago)
Where's Skyrim?
Chris Black (11 months ago)
3:18 Violett he?... ummhhh... sorry but, did you mean... Coraline? right?
Poifessor (11 months ago)
dat booty
Filip Kobierski (10 months ago)
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
yea u right bro that wassup don't buy anything from crapcom lol 😂😂
Darren Clyde (11 months ago)
HFM FUN (11 months ago)
Brooks Hyde (11 months ago)
I got really excited when I saw the Warriors game because I thought it was Soul Calibur at first.
e b (11 months ago)
resident evil revelations 1 and 2 ? arent those old games ? they make too many remakes all the time. get us real new games! warriors of orochi 3 looks similar to zelda warriors on wii u... other games in this video also looks boring. very dissapointed. very few good games on the switch. once u have breath of the wild , mario odyssey , thats about it i guess...
TCD THE TACO FINDER (11 months ago)
imagine pokken warriors or mushroom warriors wait no smash bro warriors
Roasted Mayo (11 months ago)
Ugly af orochi game!!
livindaye (11 months ago)
where's fatal frame??
Teddybear O.T (11 months ago)
DAMMIT!!! This makes me want to get the switch now....
Evil Withen (11 months ago)
loser game from from stupid c.o crapcom first time com on 3ds and ps3 now ps4 with switch next time maybe on ps5 crapcom why make all remek stop make it i hate crapcom fuck u with that shit resident loser stupid evil 7
tehy hehy (11 months ago)
endyey Es if they want to make games for switch make new games not put old on it, old games that i can play on my pc...why cant they announce a gta game that was made especially for swich u know like sony did with vice city stories liberty city stories chinatownwars ... Cmon cokstar and nintendo make it happen It would sell like hot pancakes with cheery jam
endyey Es (11 months ago)
its all about money
tehy hehy (11 months ago)
Evil Withen haha thats wat i thought why do they need to put old games on switch shit like doom skyrim la noire and resident evil which are not new games
nerd (11 months ago)
All these games that are shown are bad or old games.
nerd (11 months ago)
A lot of people need to understand that the switch is a tablet not a 4K gaming console. The switch is not trying to compete with the ps4 and Xbox one in games or graphics.
Zoli Kat (3 months ago)
Wrong. The switch may not be competing with PS4, XBoxOne and PC for graphics, but it sure as hell is competing with them for games. Why else do you think Nintendo is allowing so much third party support? They understand that their first party exclusives alone aren't going to sell the switch.
nel c (10 months ago)
Keith KD becoz u r playing cartoony or 2D games in 720p
nel c (10 months ago)
if i knew i wouldnt have bought it...sighz waste of my money
hmoobmeeka (10 months ago)
Xbox and playstation are competing, the switch is doing its own thing
The Video pro (10 months ago)
I hate person like you that compare the switch wiht the ps4 the two are deferent no have anithing in common but haters like you try to more people hate the console
OK RANDOM CHANNEL (11 months ago)
Wow Seems Mature
Zizheng Gan (11 months ago)
Who can tell me how to play racing game with that trigger button.
Samuel Obando (11 months ago)
3ds is kicking asses and now switch will do it too. It's not graphic, it's also gameplay !!! I love the switch and I have the ps4 and I only play games that are cool
Carl Lazarraga (11 months ago)
the most breathtaking chess game ever made
alexis diaz (8 months ago)
Carl Lazarraga breathtaking cause you’ll die of boredom
Prepare for Trouble (11 months ago)
graphics looks horrible
Robert Garza (10 months ago)
Phony ponies
Nugget (11 months ago)
Prepare for Trouble No shit, it's a small tablet.
KASberlin (11 months ago)
Ich bekomme das kotzen bei solchem spielen. Dafür ist mir meine Zeit zu schade.
Leffié Martin Jr (11 months ago)
so excited for resident evil revelations on the switch. loved it on 3ds. my favorite one. really brought back that scare factor.
bashar bashir (11 months ago)
i feel sorry for any one who buy this shitty console
Robert Garza (10 months ago)
bashar bashir i feel sorry for your parents who had to put up with you the majority of your life
Cyril Hanin (10 months ago)
Dumbass jealous
ZiPSaNe (11 months ago)
Yah it's a real shitty system alright...because having legend of Zelda Botw, and mario odyssey near literally perfect scores and contenders of game of the year, makes the switch real shitty.. Your ridiculous dude lmao
Nugget (11 months ago)
I feel bad for ignorant people like you. You don't know until you've actually owned one.
Cereals 3368 (11 months ago)
if switch is shitty console why it will get the sale better than ps4 dont comment something bull shyt pls
Patrick M (11 months ago)
"No, MvC. I'm buying Pokken."
jeremy forrest (11 months ago)
I just want Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1. Thanks.
Chelsey (10 months ago)
you'll break the Switch >.<
Neil Law (10 months ago)
jeremy forrest not the kind of games I would want to play portable lol
jeremy forrest (10 months ago)
Neil Law want them remastered, and most importantly, portable!
Neil Law (10 months ago)
jeremy forrest get a ps3 lol
ReiGnJuste (11 months ago)
Nintendo switch is sh1t.X box one x is the only console get over it.
Lol thats funny
Robert Garza (10 months ago)
500 dollars and you dont get 2 of the best games ever made or any games at all? You keep your sex box well keep innovating in gaming and lead the way you and phony just follow
khanh nguyen (10 months ago)
have fun with the loot box and misco transaction. cause there is a price you got to pay for those 4k resolution's
Dimitrelos300 (11 months ago)
ReiGnJuste Xbox one x is suckingg gtx 1080's dick
Nugget (11 months ago)
Nice b8 m8
shiriu18 (1 year ago)
0:38 that ass ma nigga
1223santigato (1 year ago)
It's a pretty bad lineup, I can buy most of all this games for my phone
K K (11 months ago)
That's because this list is incomplete. Show me Mario odyssey and doom on your phone.
James (11 months ago)
1223santigato Ahahaha Gaga salty af 😂😭 Nintendo Switch is already destroying your Xbox crap
alexos8741 (1 year ago)
resident evil revelations still is the best game on 3ds for me
Junior Reyes (1 year ago)
Most of them look like mobil games i could download off my phone
XX121 (11 months ago)
fuck you bitch
carlos rhea (11 months ago)
Go ahead and stop bitching
Junior Reyes (11 months ago)
XX121 i said "Most" not all
XX121 (11 months ago)
Junior Reyes yeah cause you could play resident evil on your phone right
Yassi (11 months ago)
Yea sure... And play with shitty and awkward touch screen control that'll frustrate you into smashing your phones into bits.
Bobbie G (1 year ago)
I pre order my super Mario Odyssey bundle the other day can't wait to finally get the switch playing these awesome games on the go going to be epic
Black0ps (8 months ago)
Bobbie G it has a hella short story that's why Mario Kart 8 is just better
Couch gaming news (1 year ago)
Meh game
محمد محمد (1 year ago)
What is the secret that makes Muslims, poor and rich, white and black, stand side by side in prayers like a cemented structure?
Fabio Alves Show (1 year ago)
Harvest Moon Is So Cute
Gurtington (1 year ago)
Does Revalations have story co-op? If not then nooope
Nerd Inked. (1 year ago)
Revelations doesn't have story coop. Rev 2 does.
Kazunari Yoshikuni (1 year ago)
Alu Lyis Never knew that revelations had a story coop... I loved the story coop in RE5
Alu Lyis (1 year ago)
Gurtington yes it does.. and both games are 20$ each (revelations 1+2)
steveothehulk (1 year ago)
This needs to be cheap like really cheap
Charlie Lainez (1 year ago)
Jill is so sexy.
Alfred Conqueror (1 year ago)
Charlie Lainez if they lauch RE6 for the switch I will buy it asap! i prefer Ada Wong Tho.
Kevin Yusuf (1 year ago)
Chess Ultra 😎
lovedisshitrazzer (9 months ago)
I Blew my load all over my screen watching it ;-*
Mimo (10 months ago)
Jokes aside, it looks promising, that moonlight sonata remix was dope
Leo Reis (10 months ago)
This game is honestly hype asf
Kazunari Yoshikuni (1 year ago)
Kevin Yusuf Definitely a treat for the eyes if u are a chess fan 😎 And a good competition online in the multiplayer is even more reason to get it 😀
maiko rodrigues (1 year ago)
That resident revelation dude I bought it on steam with 75% off promotion thinks I'll buy even for the SWITCH comes out Nintendo
Syuna (6 months ago)
I didn’t like these ones but I liked 7
maiko rodrigues (11 months ago)
Odin 1351 Live Steam and its promotions :)
nerd (11 months ago)
maiko rodrigues nobody can tell what you are saying in that comment
maiko rodrigues (11 months ago)
Mack Haddock Dude, do you have a computer? It compensates much more than video game ai you install Steam and full of promotion the ... My RESIDENT REVELATION I paid a $ 5 on a Steam promotion
Mack Haddock (11 months ago)
maiko rodrigues ?
Jaismin Taneja (1 year ago)
Freddy (1 year ago)
Alpha Doge (1 year ago)
Freddy eh... son juegos para switch? nada de otro mundo
ThisShitIsBoosted (1 year ago)
Nice Vid
hama (1 year ago)
first ?

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