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THE SINKING CITY - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Open World Cthulhu Game 2018)

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THE SINKING CITY New Gameplay Trailer of New Upcoming Open World Game 2018. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Release Date: TBA 2018 on PS4, Xbox One & PC http://www.frogwares.com/ The Sinking City is a game of investigation and mystery taking place in a fictional open world inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The player steps into the shoes of a 1920s private investigator who finds himself in the city of Oakmont Massachusetts, New England. A city suffering from unprecedented floods of clearly supernatural origins. A city trembling on the brink of madness. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (431)
Frogwares (1 month ago)
Thanks for featuring our video :)
Tomáš Janák (9 days ago)
Love the honesty in your video! Looking forward to play the game.
Kyle de Laat (12 days ago)
Frogwares I
KarateBob (13 days ago)
for the love of god, make this happen.
Steel 79 (27 days ago)
Keep up the good work, seems like a great team and Lovecraft games are difficult to capture correctly but this seems could be great. Keep them Sherlock games coming too, love that shit!
Herman De Villiers (1 month ago)
You guys seem like the type of developers I want to work for. Honest & passionate!
LifeworksoO (9 hours ago)
This game looks fun can't wait till its ready
The people kinda got ugly faces
benbrytarbarn (3 days ago)
This is fucking amazing. *THIS* is what the gaming industry needs. Honesty. Gamers talking about creating games to gamers. I'm just sitting here nodding with everything he says like "yep, you need to nail the story". Thank YOU for doing this!
John Squicciarini (5 days ago)
Looks good! Love the honesty behind making the game demo ready
diskuse diskuse (5 days ago)
Female game dev spotted with colored hair; game will be awful.
Seusanelly (5 days ago)
Don't trust trailers like this. The devs aren't really showing anything special here......at all. They pretty much just have an idea and maybe one unique technical aspect if any. So much is withheld and the few scenes that are shown seem a bit off. If you are familiar with kickstarter games, you may understand what i'm getting at. Gameplay trailers like this one and SCUM usually show gameplay in about 4 areas total, these areas being very small and limited. Then a few cut scenes or pieces of a single cut scene, that is probably all they have. Also, they show some glitches basically saying "look we are fixing things it wont be glitchy!" like OK whats even the reason of admitting your game is glitchy in pre-alpha stages....just a half hearted attempt to gain trust.The finished product will be a game kind of like The Order 1886 except with worse graphics.
Kristian Hadi (5 days ago)
Ok. From now on, this is how I want every single product advertised. I know what I am getting (yes it is in Alpha I know). I am definitely buying this if it will be released. Seriously Good stuff!
dmpsodapop (5 days ago)
looks alot like The Division...and I love that!!!
Fearz Mez (6 days ago)
5:31 Still easyer then simcity
Kaelen Brix (6 days ago)
is this game for consoles or just PC
Borderlands808 (6 days ago)
i hope this will be a battle royal game with tons of micro-transactions!! Cause we need more!
joshuaoha (6 days ago)
I love seeing smaller studios makes games like this. Keep working on it, it's looking great!
vRevive Z (6 days ago)
shit game
Urbvn Cloud Music (6 days ago)
Sinking city? Did you mean *Bioshock*
walrus funkerton (6 days ago)
always need first person option
Theresa May (6 days ago)
The rucksack looks ridiculous Just sayin
Mk Cos (7 days ago)
Поготь...вы че, российские? Если конечно, то кушать ли какие- нибудь ссылки на российские источники инфы?
Phil Schock (7 days ago)
This game sucks
Tem o' Lantern (7 days ago)
Hope they make it so you can change the fov. Not really fan of the OG one.
Medina Music (7 days ago)
Looks amazing!
Blisterdude123 (7 days ago)
Projects like this, from companies like this, (and CDProjektRed for example) are what give me hope in the survival of the gaming industry.
Langhope (7 days ago)
Will the came be heavily focused on combat, sneaking, exploration or puzzle mechanics? Or will it be a balanced mix of all those? Will it be driven more by horror or adventure?
Dr. Zoidberg (7 days ago)
After hearing about some of the mechanics in this game I'm hopeful. The heart of Lovecraft has always been an unreliable narrator trying to convey an experience which is impossible to communicate, & the presence of indescribable things which to simply behold would drive anybody mad. That's why I have always thought that Lovecraft cannot be faithfully translated to a visual medium... as soon as you depict an indescribable, maddening eldritch being, it is no longer indescribable or maddening. You cannot simulate cosmic apotheosis just like you can't simulate religious conviction. The written story is great for conveying this stuff because it keeps you at arms length & assures you that you, in no way, are experiencing these fantastical things... you're only reading the account of someone who claims to have. I hope this game proves my misgivings wrong.
neoc03 (7 days ago)
The honesty about the development and issues you are incurring is very refreshing.
Kenna Adler (8 days ago)
I want this game. I want you all to succeed. I want lots of water aspects and city parts. I want a game that's basically Venice Italy plus crazy gun fights and aquatic animals. This game has the potential to be so epic, and I believe in it. Please live up to it!
Keith R (8 days ago)
I like the personal honesty here. At same time feel this is a waste since it doesn't show much. If the narrative of the game is what I hear here, then I have doubts for final product. But due to the honesty, I'd actually put more faith in buying it at release or even pre-order. It really is a breath of fresh air.
DaAngryBlonde (8 days ago)
fix the camera angle.. something like GTA or Mafia would be great.
colaboytje (8 days ago)
Nice honest presentation. But, to me it doesn't look good. The animations are last-gen. If you want a game where dialogue is a big part of the gameplay, make sure you've got the animations right or the suspension of disbelief is gone.
Dante E92 335I (8 days ago)
I like the camera gives a re:4 vibe!!!! I hope it was inspired by it ;)
Ulysses Kruger (8 days ago)
I can see the influence taken from fallout 4 but it still stands out as unique, well done devs!
jaydunsmore050897 (8 days ago)
0:23 is that a 360 controller
Timati Bibati (8 days ago)
2:04 nice ass
X3DN (8 days ago)
fake fallout
StichMk (8 days ago)
give me game ?
StichMk (8 days ago)
thank s
Dominik Duchauffour (9 days ago)
Hey, I'm from Germany. What is the city sinking about?
flameknight7 (9 days ago)
that street generator is epic!
KeoneArt (9 days ago)
Very honest, I hope they do well.
Mr Meeseeks (9 days ago)
0:33 "our goal is show how as much diversity as possible" this is why I hate game nowdays, I just wanna have some fun playing game and don't care about social stuff
Big Boss (9 days ago)
no its saying as much of the gameplay as possible in the demo so more people will look forward to the actual game because first impressions are important
SubscribeItWontHURT (9 days ago)
you can play this game in real life right in Venice
SolarTara (10 days ago)
dont fall for this shit lol be careful. one huge point they make.. all they talk about is the art side and its not very smart to not use baked lighting maps.. they will have huge performance issues I can tell you this.
B.C. Gamer (10 days ago)
lol trailer or behind the scenes update?
Kribz igk (10 days ago)
Really like how honest they are
COZ B (10 days ago)
this game is going to suck im sorry lol. the character walks like if he's limping. already a bad start
Syyn Kurogami (10 days ago)
wow. first time I've seen this game and I 'm looking forward to the release date, hopefully before winter
Stan Lannister (10 days ago)
Please work on the shooting mechanics, they are terrible
Andreas Elf (10 days ago)
What kind of thoughts does the city have?
Piter Kiwi (10 days ago)
What kind of fallout 4 is this?
Temporary Account (10 days ago)
Fallout game?
Daniil Fetisov (11 days ago)
концепцию спизидили с дизонорт?
Razzle Art (11 days ago)
Why add custom map making? Why are so many developers afraid of just telling a linear story?
Tommy Jordache Art (11 days ago)
It looks all good...but game trailers now-a-days usually means silence for 3-4 years, before the game are actually released. Stop announcing games, when they're 4 years from being released, it's a pretty annoying trend.
is it horror? :c
Myles Media (11 days ago)
honest ad too
Myles Media (11 days ago)
MrRivii (11 days ago)
this looks fresh.. I like it
shinryuken0 (11 days ago)
Looks very cool, but this is NOT a gameplay trailer
Esas Çocuk (11 days ago)
I love how they were honest about everything. Even if the game doesn't come out to be good, I will buy the game just to support the devs.
tokekkk (12 days ago)
Now add Microtransactions and your game instantly finished
TheWeekendGeek (12 days ago)
This looks awesome, id have loved to have helped work on this :O
willz HatesU (12 days ago)
Hardest part is releasing a full game without glitches. Oh also story, gameplay, NPS's and others. Please let this game come out and on psychical disc. Just please take the time to finish and polish the game then release because this looks amazing, take as long as it needs.
Hitchslapped (12 days ago)
looks promising
spoke1183 (12 days ago)
crap no heavy gun play
dinnynosher (12 days ago)
UUuuuUUuuUUUuuUuUuuuuuuRRRRRRrrrrrRRRrrrrRRRrrrrAAAAaaAAARRRRRGGHH.. I nutted.
Clorox Bleach (12 days ago)
Doesnt look good.
Paul Chisholm (12 days ago)
Main character looks depressed xD
johnnyblaze3131 (12 days ago)
Kinda remind me of water world....I hope this game delivers just like Sherlock Holmes the devil's daughter, I like that game but it was too short.
Khan of Games 1907 (12 days ago)
Wow amazing! This is like Fallout 4 :)
OpinionDay007 (12 days ago)
I guess this is a spoof.
Arthurminator (13 days ago)
Dishonored Vibes
Haninos (13 days ago)
Do more on the character's animations, it looks robotic.
LUNAR (13 days ago)
so excited, I love such games
ulfurfenrir (13 days ago)
Yeap ill buy this. Good devs == good game.
TIO PASCAL (13 days ago)
hell yes
Dayz 3O6 (13 days ago)
Yeah game making is not easy, and imagine placing the city and its props manually, that tool is a life saver.
Reggie King (13 days ago)
I'm getting bored with the standard of games these days. It's like they don't want to take a risk so they either bring out a sequel, copy one of the AAA games with the most sales so they can attempt to make as much cash as possible ( usually FPS games... yawn) or they remaster games we played 5 years ago. Not much interests me these days in the world of gaming but this one has piqued my interest. Especially the part at the end talking about letting players build their own cities. Just please don't screw it up. No loot boxes or micro transactions and playable at launch day without the need for multiple patches to make it work 6 months down the line.
Tanjitsu Mishima (13 days ago)
Sounds like alot of excuses for why its so standard... whats supposed to keep the player playing ? Just the story ?
General kosher salt (13 days ago)
Im diggin the MEchanics so far.
RIK R (13 days ago)
stop talking and show it not the development that shits boring
A Good Kitty (13 days ago)
0:12 Didn't know the fastest man alive was in here
Bro G (13 days ago)
He's playing on a 360 controller
Jappie Coolen (13 days ago)
stop talking in trailers.... jeez what happens to gameplay trailers
YoitsJoeee (13 days ago)
devs that show their games with imperfections have my respect
Mat S (14 days ago)
climate change simulator 2018!
lordchazwagon (14 days ago)
Looks good, hope it does well and I'm excited to see it be released. One tiny thing though, there is actually no information out there that this game is coming out this year. Would have preferred not being lied to.
H.King (14 days ago)
Environment feels like bioshock and dishonored.
Menjac (14 days ago)
15 fps incoming
FailureXD (14 days ago)
looks like dishonored <3
Insta sam (14 days ago)
pls dont fuck it up
DuskyBusiness (14 days ago)
wow, very informative... this game might actually be worth a buy, looks very unique and interesting.
sleepovr (14 days ago)
If you guys have additional time, and budget, maybe polished the game's lip snyc a bit. It somewhat bothers me I loved the concept, tho
hypersapien (14 days ago)
maybe instead of dryly describing why you want the game to be good, just take this opportunity to show us that it's good. I got bored of listening and stopped watching a couple minutes in.
Tuttermuts (14 days ago)
Finally a gamedev that's open and honest about the development process, I wish more companies would do this. Be open, be honest, making a game is difficult and comes with lots of problems that need to be solved along the way. I get so sick of people acting like they got everything under control and their game is going to be the best thing ever once it comes out, only to release a turd that gets only half patched on day 1. Keep it up guys!
Alexander Miller (14 days ago)
Terms like "limitless" and "randomly generated" worry me in 2018.
Air Espenilla (14 days ago)
Regardless of how the game will turn out, THIS is how you present your brand new game, you can tell there dedicated to there final vision. Lets hope they get rewarded.
my mom (14 days ago)
man fucking transparency of gaming development, kudos on that, looking forward to this game now
iAMe100XP (14 days ago)
dafuq are "meat-chanics"?
Anally Afflicted (14 days ago)
i'm extra hype for that tool at 5:35
ILoveSlam _ (14 days ago)
It's fucking amazing hearing dev's being so damn honest about everything.
Bayu Yoga Dinata (14 days ago)
graphic look outdate

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