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Top 25 PS4 Games You Need To Play

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The PlayStation 4 has been out for nearly three years, and all that time has seen dozens of stellar games release for the console. Here are the top 25 PlayStation 4 games you need to play. Full list: NBA 2K16 Assassin's Creed Syndicate Hitman Until Dawn inFamous: Second Son Wolfenstein: The New Order Project CARS Life is Strange The Evil Within Far Cry Primal Rocket League Tom Clancy's The Division Grand Theft Auto 5 Alien: Isolation DriveClub Dark Souls 3 Ratchet and Clank Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Batman: Arkham Knight Fallout 4 The Witness Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Uncharted 4: A Thief's End The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bloodborne SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingBoltLive LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GamingBolt-Get-a-Bolt-of-Gaming-Now-241308979564/?fref=ts FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/GamingBoltTweet
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Text Comments (634)
Sullivan Oberst (1 month ago)
Where is madden?
Ilona Teika (9 months ago)
you should play overwatch origins edition bruh :)
Mohammad Shoaib (10 months ago)
Where is the last of us??
Hovalatos ! (10 months ago)
Who is spike jones lol?
WeirdCityCitizen (11 months ago)
Thi should have been called "Mediocre and old PS3 games you may wanna play on your next gen console if you missed them which you most likely didn't".
ps4slim gamer (11 months ago)
THANK YOU Very match on the video
ps4slim gamer (11 months ago)
THANK YOU Very match on the video
xgeordiemonkeyx (11 months ago)
How many $$$ for GamingBolt to become an advertising channel? This many apparently, UNSUBSCRIBED.
Niclas Plays FPS (1 year ago)
u dident say suyndicate right. u sayed syndice
WaightZer (1 year ago)
I need to play those ps4 games or I need to play those games on PS4?, what if I own 80% of th0se on PC?
Big Bear (1 year ago)
I think uncharted should making another game called uncharted 5 a new thief's begging and play as her daughter that'll be cool what do you guys think
MsGers2 (1 year ago)
The list is still pretty predictable but on some level I'm glad you didn't include The Last of Us
Mervin Rebwar (1 year ago)
where is the last of us
Willydicks (1 year ago)
The way you finish sentences is fucking irritating.
Manju Rani G P (1 year ago)
where is The Last of Us
LiamH81 (1 year ago)
I don't think Spike Jonze realised he wrote nba 2k16, should tell Spike Lee as he's telling people to put his name on it
THANGBOI Zou (1 year ago)
what about God of war
THANGBOI Zou (1 year ago)
i play nba 2k16 it is very fun
damien sweet (1 year ago)
The Last Of Us?
Kyrito X (1 year ago)
MLG GARRY (1 year ago)
Tom Clancy ghost recon wildland number one? Any body else agree
Carlos Perez (1 year ago)
who tf is spike Jones? 🤔
Monkey Punch (1 year ago)
This vid seems to be based on popular trailers of what is already out. Not personal experiences of actually decent games. Thumbs down.....
PaperBag Chronicles (1 year ago)
The Last of Us deserves a spot on this list
Paul Pogboom (1 year ago)
Until dawn are tou fucking kidding me?
Spoiled pineapple (1 year ago)
1. gta5 2. mortal kombat x 3. uncharted 4 4. infamous second son 5. skyrim
Spoiled pineapple (1 year ago)
im from the future and theres a 2k17
Khalid l (1 year ago)
Its all futuristic and magic shit
Nova Da HotMarshmello (1 year ago)
are you gay?
Sassafsazx Oalsksospa (1 year ago)
Good Content
Monday Franklin (1 year ago)
Great stuff! I just don't like the accent or the emphasis put on the end of each word of the sentence by the narrator, makes me cringe.🤢
suhail merchant (1 year ago)
William Hopkins (1 year ago)
Where is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3? It is one of the best games ever.
peoples26 (1 year ago)
where is destiny
He77hawk (1 year ago)
Your a fucking idiot blood born is gay as fuck
Sir Galahad (1 year ago)
(Batman's voice) Where are they? The Talos Principle? The Order 1886? Tomb Raider Definitive Edition? Rise Of The Tomb Raider 20Th Year Anniversary Edition? God Of War III Remastered? The Last Of Us Remastered? DOOM? Outlast? Outlast Whistleblower? Resident Evil Revelations 2? Resident Evil 4? Amnesia Collection? Soma? Mirror's Edge Catalyst? (Batman's voice) Tell me where they are
Jon Snow (1 year ago)
Bloodborne is your no 1 !!!!!! I played bloodborne for first time this week after first lvl I'm selling it stupid hard so it's not even fun I don't want high blood pressure from playing a game I want a fun game last of us should be no 1 bloodborne utter repitive boring hard hard
I like games _37 00 (1 year ago)
Why the division instead of destiny when PS4 has exclusives for destiny.
Yex (1 year ago)
Infamous is underrated
civoreb (1 year ago)
Just got my PS4. My girl is getting me both Bloodborne and DS3 for my B-day this month. Now I just need the other 23 lol
Sahir (1 year ago)
Listen okay. I made the mistake of buying Wolfenstein on the PlayStation because my pc wasn't running it well. It's a good game, Just DO NOT BUY IT ON CONSOLE. The keyboard and mouse handles so effortlessly compared to a controller and maybe just wait to upgrade your computer.
2k16 is Spike Lee. Not Spike Jones. 😂😂😂
Kelly Pagano (1 year ago)
Spike Lee. Not spike jones
waalex11 (1 year ago)
Good List. You don't fairly explain them all but whatever.
Samson Moses (1 year ago)
Spike who???? NBA 2K16
Marco Griffith (1 year ago)
bruh spike lee not spike jones
Cheslyn Williams (1 year ago)
BlodBourne really
If bloodborn isn't number 1 I'm going to tear you a new hole
KingApexGaming (1 year ago)
lol soo many people mad theres no the last of us and tbh i hated that game
madtaco 884 (1 year ago)
who the fuck is spike Jones
Aiden grinbofin1 (1 year ago)
Aries Gaming (1 year ago)
My 10 preferences would be 1.TitanFall 2 2.Battlefield 1 3.Killing Floor 2 4.Cod IW (only because MWR) 5.GTA V 6.Uncharted 4 7.Last of Us Remastered 8.Overwatch I know my opinions are shitty compared to most. But I don't give a fuck. Because they're my opinion.
Hercules Spottswood (1 year ago)
Spike lee
Camren forever (1 year ago)
What about overwatch
Vina B (1 year ago)
Dying Light Was one of my favorites! Im surprised it didn't make the list
Rio K (1 year ago)
guys. the last of us is a remastered ps3 game.
Random Gamerz (1 year ago)
Rio Knapp so is gta 5 but gta is on here
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
You added the Division, but omitted Destiny? LMAO. Funniest part was when you added R&C + GTA but left of The Last of Us.
Just Someguy (1 year ago)
the last of us
blue cheetah gaming (1 year ago)
what about minecraft
blue cheetah gaming (1 year ago)
what about watch dogs 2
Khoa Nguyen (1 year ago)
i thinh GOD OF WAR REMASTERED is the best
Dominik Živčec (1 year ago)
what the hell where is last of us thats 3 times better then bloodborne
Donut (1 year ago)
Dominik Živčec something about not allowing remasters on the list but allowing remakes because of the work the put in it.But its still a good game if it were allowed on the list i bet it will be number one.though bloodborne is still a great game as well.
Dominik Živčec (1 year ago)
Jude Walla why, you all redy sucked it for me
Jared (1 year ago)
1. Witcher 3 2. Fallout 4 3. The Last of Us 4. Uncharted 4 5. Farcry 4 .....that is all
Joe Momma (1 year ago)
I almost turned off this list only 20 seconds in. Did you really suggest a basketball game as a game you NEED to play? A game franchise that LITERALLY comes out every year.
BP Coaster (1 year ago)
Yo Spike Lee and Spike Jones are two different people.
Dark Souls PC (1 year ago)
NBA really?
Alex Wray (1 year ago)
SPIKE JONZE? You mean Spike Lee, it was directed by Spike Lee. It says it on the cover.
Awake Now (1 year ago)
Why is everyone in the comments freaking out about this guy's opinion? Who gives a shit?
Stefan S1984 (1 year ago)
DreamCastGuy is that you?
Takashiari (1 year ago)
Stefan S1984 No, he speaks to fluent.
Stefan S1984 (1 year ago)
DreamCastGuy is that you?
digs mcfury (1 year ago)
I've played almost all those games and the only good ones are fallout 4, evil within and alien isolation. fallout 4 got boring after 40 hours and alien isolation has no replay value. I can still go back and play games from n64 and ps1 without getting bored. There is something seriously wrong these days with video games.
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
Ooooooorrr, you just don't play video games anymore. Video games are more immersive than ever nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I have my favorites of the 4th-6th gen. But 7th and 8th gen gave video games a deeper meaning and experience.
digs mcfury (1 year ago)
MrSlick No, I've just realized throughout the years that most games you play aren't worth keeping, so why not just sell them and cut some of your losses.
MrSlick (1 year ago)
you must hate video games then
digs mcfury (1 year ago)
eRaZE Hyper Thanks for the recommendation, but I've played both and they were both a chore to play.
Division Azul (1 year ago)
digs mcfury play bloodborne/ dark souls youll be in for a treat ;)
TheHippiebum (1 year ago)
what?...the division, i know im gonna get hate but no, destiny (thats right i said it) is better in every way.
Just Cause 3?
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
Just Cause 3 was a wanna be GTA 5 that was about 10 years behind in shooting/explosion mechanics. The story was a big let down as well. Big reason why that game isn't sought after in the least.
Lulu Da Boss (1 year ago)
Hey game heads go subscribe to NaNo-tORREZ HES a good YOUTUBER!
Nuno Silva (1 year ago)
1- Uncharted 4 2- Last of Us Remastered 3- The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt 4- Metal Gear Solid 5 TPP 5- GTA 5 6- Bloodborne 7- Rise of the Tomb Raider 8- Battlefield 1 9- Doom 10- Fallout 4 11- Dark Souls 3 12- Deus Ex Mankind Divided 13- Overwatch 14- The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition 15- Titanfall 2 16- Project Cars 17- Shadow of Mordor 18- PES 2017 19- Hitman 20- Resident Evil 4 21- Rocket League 22- Batman The Arkham Knight 23- Infamous Second Son 24- Mortal Kombat X 25- The King of Fighters XIV
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
+Bill Cipher First person stealth games have a very niche audience and are nowhere near as immersive as third person stealth games as shown by overwhelming popularity and mainstay among fans. The combat outside of those stealth elements are horrendous. The narrative for the game is obtrusive to say the least and better served along side the $2 bin at barnes and noble along side all the other "What if" sci-fi readers that carry very little appeal.
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
+Timothy Bricker OverWatch is a campy unbalanced multiplayer game. The game in no way shape or form exhibits personal skill over other titles on the market. Not to mention the game is extremely light on content for the asking price (Free to play games of the same archetype differ in no way). The game is on sale now as a thank you for the wrongful GOTY award they know they didn't deserve in the slightest.
Timothy Bricker (1 year ago)
dude.... overwatch is different. not bad different but different. I personaly thin it is 100% better than COD IW! to me its really good, you just have to be good at games to play it. you cant be horrible at fps and expect it to be fun smh
Takashiari (1 year ago)
Chrisjb1983 Why didn't you like Deus Ex? I thought it was great!
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
OverWatch and Deus Ex were complete dog sh*t. Every other game on your list is a thumbs up.
Ilias Pro (1 year ago)
assasins creed syndicate is the worst assasins creed game
Floris Stout (1 year ago)
Ilias Pro what about Unity?
Nuthinbut J (1 year ago)
spike jones!? am I the only one who caught that?
A_RANDOM 123 (1 year ago)
You sound like Austin evans
Green Greninja (1 year ago)
Bitch where is the last of us
Nayyab Mughal (1 year ago)
wtf drive club, alien isolation, batman, fallout all better than gta? wtf is wrong with you
PsychoRabit (1 year ago)
even the witness is better than gta v, git gud scrub
Timothy Bricker (1 year ago)
so pretty much, yeah, to me its new
Timothy Bricker (1 year ago)
*sigh* I'm a Console gamer, I don't have a Gaming pc
Obsolete Randomness (1 year ago)
+Timothy Bricker Killing floor is New? The fuck?
Nayyab Mughal (1 year ago)
Timothy Bricker dude I do import export, also as a business point of view nothing compares to GTA
Mr Nobody (1 year ago)
Dark Souls 3 is the last game in the series. Batman Arkham Knight is the last game in Batman trilogy and Uncharted 4 ends Nathans story. Its just all comming to an end.
Preeti Mhambrey (1 year ago)
Darth Vader (1 year ago)
Gta5 and Fifa 17. That's all I need.
Jean Natsume (1 year ago)
that's the best game ever created💀💀💀💀👾
Jean Natsume (1 year ago)
where is just cause 3 where😬😬😬😬😬😬😨😬😬😬😨😨😨
Chrisjb1983 (1 year ago)
LMAO, no man. Not even in the top 100 list of PS4 titles.
TehWaver (1 year ago)
How can i complain with Bloodborne at the #1 spot? Great list
Fuck Me (1 year ago)
TehWaver true
Scortex (1 year ago)
I do not agree with this list, because even though you listet very good PS4 games, you included too many which are not PS4-Exclusive. And therefore I dont think that this list tells us which good PS4 games are worth playing, instead it tells us which games AVAILABLE for the PS4 in general are worth playing. That's not a bad thing, but it bugs me, because I am searching for titles which cannot be played on a PC. Sure that doesn't speak for everyone. But it bugs me nonetheless. :)
Demorris Robinson (1 year ago)
Lmao Spike Jones!!
André Carneiro (1 year ago)
good list, but where is Mortal Kombat X?
Skadoosh (2 years ago)
is that austin evans doing the voice over
maverick 21XX (2 years ago)
where the was doom
Emmanuel Sanchez (2 years ago)
GTA V...that is all
jack ellem (2 years ago)
y hasnt sony bought out any free roam games for racing category
sophiemarino (2 years ago)
Duh - where's the Last of Us. Bloodborne aint that great either
GamingVest (1 year ago)
+sophiemarino "Bloodborne is overrated" but let me proceed to list the most overrated game The Witcher 3
sophiemarino (1 year ago)
Nah. I think that Bloodborne is overrated. Witcher Wild Hunt best game ever on PS4 for me.
Mild Monster (1 year ago)
sophiemarino hehe..... your kidding right
Christian Rashotte (2 years ago)
Mad Max is decent enough to be on the list
Golden Sperm (6 months ago)
Christian Rashotte pfftt.. Repetetive shithole empty open world
tS Tuquan (1 year ago)
exactly. replace drive club of assassins creed with mad max
flyboy (2 years ago)
I'll be honest I just want a far cry game where you make your own character.
Sahir (2 years ago)
Synth Indoctrination (2 years ago)
The Division,Far Cry, AC:Syndicate ?! These are not games worthy of this lists, Ubisoft games are made for people who have to stare at the controller to make sure their pressing the right ''X'' or 'Y'' when they are playng !
The Raging Reject (2 years ago)
The Division shouldn't be on here
The Raging Reject (1 year ago)
+Guitar Whores That's your opinion. In which, I don't care about
Guitar Whores (1 year ago)
Raging, no... Thompson was stating a fact about your opinion.
The Raging Reject (2 years ago)
+Thompson Carter That's your opinion
Thompson Carter (2 years ago)
That's ur opinion.
Chef Gamming (2 years ago)
thank you,i almost bought it.
Mook Dubs (2 years ago)
Yea guys Spike Jonze. Writer of Her, Where the Wild Things Are, The Fall, and NBA 2k16. Definitely not Spike Lee who can be seen court side at almost every Knicks game.

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