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ESL game Guys with Games #8 Jail

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edgar mooreno (1 month ago)
I love u guys!! You guys are very dynamic. The best
edgar mooreno, thank you very much. I hope these work well in your class.
Eamon Devine (9 months ago)
Great idea, man. I'll try it tomorrow.
Queen PushyCat (10 months ago)
Love this game! Gonna try it out on my students. Thank you!
Queen PushyCat, I’ve experienced the same thing... kids like being chosen. It’s hard in a game like this to ensure everyone experiences being in the jail, but at least they’re all playing all the time.
Queen PushyCat (10 months ago)
Did it yesterday with my elementary school kids, they aren't that good in the language yet but they do love the game. It's a good way to have them speak up and usually they use Japanese but I enforce simple phrase like "I know!" in English instead of using their native languages. They really enjoyed the game, the kids love being in "jail"
Queen PushyCat Let us know how it goes!
vimal kumar (10 months ago)
every videos are good
barrybadranath (1 year ago)

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