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OUTLAST 2 | Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games Trailer | 2018

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OUTLAST 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch! and also Outlast 1!. Release date is in Q1 2018. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ COMPLETE 40 DECEMBER GAMES - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNHgML73iRM&list=PLeduSi3UshckdlFrbtHSe0uJ8fIX3OHnp&index=1 ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (90)
YASSINE ARI (4 months ago)
SHADED STONE (7 months ago)
I want a simple horror game. Hide and run. Is this it?
Airmax W-eezy (8 months ago)
chaud ! je l'acheterai pas x) sa c sur
Silver Wolf (8 months ago)
How Nintendo approves of this is beyond me.
Vou te feedei (8 months ago)
S3nS31cr1n93 (8 months ago)
Will there be a physical copy
bovenkoker (8 months ago)
Out now!
Oxi Clean (9 months ago)
I want alien isolation for switch
albert fish (10 months ago)
Tons of old ports that we've all played already, why are people excited for this? Also it will be inferior. Playing portable on the toilet for example is nothing special. Nintendo should focus in great new games than getting crappy Ports of games months later later
bovenkoker (8 months ago)
Albert Fish?
Edwin Biggers (9 months ago)
albert fish for people who didn’t get this on p4/Xbox one here’s there chance
Kou Lor (10 months ago)
i just came up with a small idea for a possible Outlast 3, maybe have Waylon Park return to continue the main story at the end of Whistleblower, he can be stuck on a island this time after further investigation into the Murkoff Corporation
TOM The BOSS (10 months ago)
Hoping for a release date! 🤞
Bluo Surfes (11 months ago)
Benjamin Schneider (11 months ago)
STOP these fucking translations of you video titels....
Bardogeeftjordigelijk.nl (11 months ago)
3d party support is going strong
oFriskyPanda (11 months ago)
Great... looks like I’ll be shitting on the toilet a lot more
Freddy Cunningham (11 months ago)
I never closed out porn faster in my life
Harsh Talpada (11 months ago)
now you can play the game i an actual farm at night and experience VR
Harvey's Channel (11 months ago)
Meh I'll pass,, I could never get into Outlast. Didn't like the 'not fighting back' restrictions.
This green Boi (11 months ago)
Is this real?
Julian Bremer (11 months ago)
Getting this day one
Jakob Smith (11 months ago)
2 wasn't that good. The story and atmosphere seemed to lacking as well as good set pieces and characters. But that's just my opinion. At least 1 is getting ported over. Love that game.
FC New England (11 months ago)
Out Last 2 and Bayonetta 3? Holy shit!
WWE Türkiye (11 months ago)
Ryuko Gaming (11 months ago)
I knew this would be coming! I KNEW IT!!! I saw Outlast bundle at Target and I was like “I’ll get Skyrim instead. I know this is coming to Switch. I’d rather play it there so I can play it when I’m not near a console.” Red Barrels finally delivered!
Karma (11 months ago)
C'est à prouver ?
Pasi Pilz (11 months ago)
Sylwester Wieczorek (11 months ago)
You can sheet right on the toilet.
Johnny Boy (11 months ago)
The Switch is getting so many good games I'm so excited for this Skyrim, DOOM, Bayonetta 1, 2, and 3, Outlast 2. Um. Others that I can't think of. IM SO HYPED
Charlie C (8 months ago)
And Outlast 1
Jeeses99 (8 months ago)
TehGhoSt WHo PLay Sadly. Payday 2 is just as bad as the other versions. The port is great, but the game itself is trash
Ers Zen (8 months ago)
A little bit late already finished the game,scare as hell
Jeeses99 (9 months ago)
albert fish That's fine since Outlast 1 is coming to it. So it doesn't matter
Edwin Biggers (9 months ago)
Frozen gamer no more heroes
A. S (11 months ago)
Is nobody gonna comment on how switches would be thrown at every jump scare?
HalfEntity (9 months ago)
Aqrabin Shah I wasn't the only one that thought of that xD
Mr Strange (11 months ago)
Smart move from Nintendo. That way they till sell even more Switches.
Stuck in the 90s (11 months ago)
Aqrabin Shah They better play in dock mode if they scare easy.
KiddKoalaz (11 months ago)
I would soooo buy this but I already have it on pc! They need to have fatal frame instead!!!
Cindy Clemens (10 months ago)
Ton (11 months ago)
No way
thumbass (11 months ago)
Outlast and Outlast Whistleblower are also getting ported over
GuyRification (7 months ago)
albert fish : Because of portability. Now stop inserting needles in your nutsack.
Eric Monnot (8 months ago)
albert fish the switch has been doing really well, I have both Xbox one and PS4 and I just bought a switch and it is one of the most fun gaming experiences I've had!
thumbass (10 months ago)
albert fish if my PC is a potato and I don't have a PS4 I don't really have an option. And for me it's about gameplay and fun, bit graphics. That's something PlayStation and Xbone sometime forget
albert fish (10 months ago)
thumbass the experience is going to be crap on a switch plus it will be inferior. Nintendo should focus on new games instead of random ports of games that we've all completed on other systems
albert fish (10 months ago)
thumbass why are people so excited about old ports which are inferior? Outlast has been out for ages just play it on PS4 or PC
Devil Last light (11 months ago)
Need microSD
Devil Last light (11 months ago)
lion te مشالله في عرب😂😂❤️❤️😍
lion te (11 months ago)
Otaku Nora اوتاكو نورا ههههههههههههههههه
WWE Türkiye (11 months ago)
Kakakarot Cake (11 months ago)
Otaku Nora اوتاكو نورا I mean if tou bought a switch and haven’t bought a 64-500 gb sd card then you made a mistake
NinStareo EX (11 months ago)
Looks scary:(
Zappy Choc (11 months ago)
I already play this game on pc, so no, i dont buy it on switch
Zappy Choc (11 months ago)
Easy 2 Done .
Zappy Choc (11 months ago)
j sand yea
Zappy Choc (11 months ago)
Isma yes of course but too short
This green Boi (11 months ago)
Zappy Choc no one cares
j sand (11 months ago)
How was it? Did you like it?
Isega 666 (11 months ago)
OMFG! Fantastic!!
Dmitriy Shesterkin (11 months ago)
MobileDecay (11 months ago)
Fairfax Video (11 months ago)
*leaves video* Nope...
orel gimi (11 months ago)
Icoming complains to nintendo about how people dropped their switches while playing this game lol
Porky P (11 months ago)
I will only play this on tv mode then lol
Anna (11 months ago)
orel gimi 😂😂😂😂. I'll make sure I have some type of cushion under me. lol
Afrina Rachmadina (11 months ago)
orel gimi lol
wyatt rogers (11 months ago)
Suaa Ji (11 months ago)
Paulo Henrique (11 months ago)
Chupa haters!!!
Vinicius Madeira (11 months ago)
Arthur x4671 L.A. Noire Doom 2016 Outlast 1&2 Bayonetta Trilogy Shin Megami Tensei V Slain: Back From Hell Vários jogos maduros
Arthurx4671 (11 months ago)
Kakakarot Cake eu não entendo eles,porque eles falam que o console é de criança como assim só porque o console é da Nintendo e tem Mario poha venho tá saindo um monte de jogo de adulto pro switch
Kakakarot Cake (11 months ago)
Paulo Henrique ainda tem hater? Cara esse console é um sucesso completo
Boruto Uzumaki (11 months ago)
Paulo Henrique haha
Fizzl Dizzl (11 months ago)
Wait Outlast 2 is comming to Nintendo Switch?! R.I.P
Niklassen (8 months ago)
Jeeses99 i both agree and disagree. I like the switch best, but xbox1 and ps4 is also high quality consoles.
Jeeses99 (9 months ago)
Zappy Choc Switch is the superior version to get this game on. So are a bunch of other games. Face it the Switch is the main console this gen while ps4 is the side bitch. Xbox is just trash
Ricko Kris (11 months ago)
Maybe rip wallet
Zappy Choc (11 months ago)
Fizzl Dizzl Yea Why rip ? I play this game on pc i wouldnt buy it on Switch...
THIRST (11 months ago)
Fizzl Dizzl ?

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