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History of Modern Control Schemes PT 1: Dual Analog

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Modern controller configurations didn't just pop up overnight. They developed slowly over the years, with each game stealing a little bit from it's predecessors. 3D games created new problems. What was the first game to solve all these problems? What was the first game to have both analog sticks controlling in the same way they do today? New Videos Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday! Live streams Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9PM EST Wulff Den T-Shirt Store: http://shrsl.com/?~8fv7 BustedTees: http://shrsl.com/?~9546 Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Twitter [WulffDen]: http://twitter.com/thewulffden Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden THE ACTUAL TOP 5 BEST BUTTS IN VIDEO GAMES : https://youtu.be/wsOY4r49DWY?list=PLc3r8OvpITM7g8LLYnufVYlSaDg54fRgO Where's Luke Skywalker?: https://youtu.be/9IaVqqZw-j4?list=PLc3r8OvpITM5eMn-_94M4Ipzx4xpiVgPl SUBSCRIBE TO US: http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1
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chazz Lucas (19 days ago)
WULFF DEN ... Is diagonal movement the same as up and down.... and left and right ?
hernan91 (2 months ago)
more people should watch this
DominoPivot (3 months ago)
Oh, I am so going to reference this in my Kingdom Hearts video so I don't have to talk about it myself, haha. Amazing series, thanks for the history lesson :)
Jimmy Davidson (5 months ago)
MasterMarioMX (8 months ago)
it's terrifing because it was unknown back then. now it's standard
samljer (10 months ago)
Descent was the first game to make my feel sick... To this day I dont know what it was... FOV? poor response to controls? I just dont know.
Mighty Dubya (11 months ago)
Damn you prolly had to do a lot of research for this vid!
Brandon Dotson (11 months ago)
Old school wulff den video haha
Mountainous K4 (11 months ago)
Nintendo is such a rebel with this in mind.
Christopher Vaughan (1 year ago)
super interesting vid!
radornkeldam (1 year ago)
I grew up with the N64, and, in part, you may argue that such a fact skews my opinion. I think that'd be unfair, but whatever. The N64's analog stick ONLY PROBLEM is that it degrades quickly and becomes very loose. Other than that, I deem it more precise in many ways than modern potentiometer sticks. Consider the relative angle of the tumb while holding the center prong compared to any modern controller. In the N64 the thumb is straight, while everywhere else it has to be at an angle, making it harder to trace a forward motion in a straight line. Also, with an appropriate grease, an original N64 thumbstick can last almost forever without any perceptible degradation. On the other hand modern potentiometer sticks do still degrade and become loose, albeit at a far slower rate and with less dramatic results than an ungreased N64 stick, but with these there's NOTHING you can do to avoid degradation. The thing is, in the 6th generation I went for the GC, and, whatever you say, most dual analog control schemes SUCK ASS. Seriously, I don't know what so many people have against "inverted" controls. They make way more spatial sense than "upright" or whatever you want to call them, at least in a first person perspective. Console FPSs (those worth playing anyway) started with inverted controls, but suddenly someone decided they made no sense, and they ditched it for whatever reason. There are discussions about this arround the net. I stick to the idea that the angle of the stick represents the angle you tilt your head to look up and down, which matches "inverted" controls. An analog stick only really represents UP and DOWN if you are moving in a 2D plane. In a 3D environment, specially in a first person perspective, they are more naturally called FORWARD and BACKWARD. If you tilt your head forward you look at your feet and if you tilt backwards you look at the sky or ceiling. After cutting my teeth with GoldenEye and company, when I experienced the ABYSMAL controls in most later FPSs, I couldn't believe they could fuck the controls so bad. On a PC FPS, mouse forward is up, and that feels natural even for an "inverted controls" player like me. Same thing with NDS FPSs. if you drag forward, you should look UP. With joystick or thumbstick, "inverted" is the way to go. GoldenEye was my first FPS, and for the longest time I played with the default controls. I think at the very stard, for the first few playing sessions, I might have struggled a bit with the inverted controls when aiming, but it soon became natural for me and, objectively speaking, I find that scheme to make much more sense and even provide advantages in gameplay flow. Also, no idea what you are talking about the camera in Mario 64. You can get a great deal of control over the camera. Stop whining and learn to play.
radornkeldam (1 year ago)
Judgmental you say... well, IF I'm judgmental then so are all the millenials and "moderns" on the other side of the argument that make videos, and write forum posts, articles, and blogs whining about how horribly unbearable things like GE are to them, full of weak arguments based on THEIR preferences (however many people share them) and/or their incompetence, usually presented in some hysterical or hystrionical douchebagy idiotic style ranging from mild to extreme, spewing nonsense as if it was divinely inspired wisdom. I'm sick of it. I guess you aren't judgemental if you are on the majorty side of the debate... GoldenEye and Perfect Dark control GREAT in my opinion and I just don't see all the problems everyone seems to complain about. On the other hand, when I tried FPSs on GC, PS2 and beyond it all felt really stiff and the layout was just ridiculous. During the 5th generation I barely had any contact with PS1, but having tried some FPSs and other action games, I just find the default layouts absurd and unhelpful. Some ports from PS1 to N64 also suffered from nonsensical controls. While GE and PD just felt so natural and well thought out, I quickly noticed how the developpers of these ports just couldn't think out of the box of their PS1 style controls and sometimes they didn't even conform to stablished Nintendo standards for button functions. Sincerely, control layouts for PS1 are very often deeply flawed, but I guess so many people grew used to them and they set an standard that still has influence today. And even on Nintendo platforms, as I strayed away from first and second party titles, I increasingly found nonsensical controls influenced by PS thinking. With the generation leap this only increased. GE and PD, and to a lesser extent Turok and some others, made me an FPS lover. When I got my GC I tried several FPSs and all of them controlled HORRIBLY and completely unlike the former, and they felt stiff and bland. I also tried PS2 at my cousin's on occasion and found the same problem. A very stiff feel to the movements, nonsensical control layouts and forced "upright" controls. For what I've seen, while the formula has been refined, the basic ideas behind that style of controls still stand today. Not for me. Also, I don't really like that much the modern styles of games. About your comment on non-inverted for FPS being easier of a concept to grasp... I have a few comments. 1) is it? what proof do you have of that? 2) even if it was... does that make it better? because, I think that "inverted" controls not only make more sense spatially, but also have more practical advantages (unless you can't or won't make yourself get used to it) and make for a more consistent experience across multiple styles of games and different situations within the same game. 3) what makes it easier to grasp anyway? because "up is up"? what about not calling it "up" but "forward". Then it follows that "forward is down" and "backwards is up". Or "push and pull" would become "push down" and "pull up". UP is only really UP when we are dealing with strictly 2-dimensional action. 4) assuming you were right on them being easier to grasp, which I disagree with, what's the advantage? What about a math comparison? Adding and substracting are easier concepts to grasp than multiplication and division. Does that make them "better"? I think "inverted" controls offer some advantages over "upright" and they are worth getting used to.
simianchild1 (1 year ago)
Quite judgmental aren't you... you like invert, great. Good for you, no need to cast aspersions on others for how they like to play. Invert makes sense for flight sims but when you are controlling a person (in an FPS) up being up is an easier concept to grasp... hence it being the standard control scheme.
Rodrigo Molinsky (1 year ago)
The PS1 analog controller has a flightstick mode, and that is an advantage over the dualshock (you can play "Decent" with it, along "MechWarrior 2", "Ace Combat 2" and another game I forgot the name). If you get the japanese version, you get rumble too. Actually, the overall design is good: longer grips, nice analog shape and L2/R2 buttons with ridges. The only
List Planet (2 years ago)
im worried for youtube that this only has 1,000 views
Bibbly (2 years ago)
Really interesting, looks like a lot of research/hard work went in to it!
Live To Rock (3 years ago)
interesting, i'll wait for pt2.
Epic Goblin (3 years ago)
Very interesting, I liked the way you did the video. Keep it up!:D
Anis Amer (3 years ago)
great video.....can't wait for part 2!!
guynumber20 (3 years ago)
Nobody cares bob just accept it and move on
Andy Barker (3 years ago)
4th comment
Connor Wright (3 years ago)
An intriguing video - can't wait for Part 2. :)
ReverseNAM (3 years ago)
what about the sega saturn 3d controller?
ReverseNAM (3 years ago)
oh that makes sense
WULFF DEN (3 years ago)
The Saturn 3D control pad only had 1 analog stick and only really controlled 2 axes of movement. It also wasn't the first controller to have an analog stick, so I didn't really think it was relevant to the development of dual analog controls.
Arafat Khan (3 years ago)
Brilliant analysis of the timeline. Perhaps the most informative video I've seen today on youtube. Great job!

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