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Fortnite Season 5 Theories & The Story So Far

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Here's all of our Fortnite Season 5 Theories, from new items to new maps? Let us know your thoughts below!
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MAGIC0 PIRATE (1 day ago)
The theme of fortnite is populations.
Kainoah Entertainment (3 days ago)
None of these are fucking correct
BobTheBuilder YT (1 day ago)
Kainoah Entertainment its predictions dip shit
LegendaryArcade (4 days ago)
hey games radar so I have some info on fortnite you may like to hear about but I don't want others to hear about it "yet" id like you to do a video on it if you could. for the info email me : brettgreen1172@gmail.com (fake name email) I can send you the video footage aswell
RoyalKnight09 (6 days ago)
well it did effect moisty mire but instead it ripped a whole in space and time causing the wild west to be transported there
Luis Velasco (6 days ago)
Season 5?
SaVaGe c pOAtXo 34 (7 days ago)
I'm in season 5 soooo
Jhonny Lemus (7 days ago)
Who is watching this after season 5 came out 😹😹
Maniaks TV (7 days ago)
I have a crazy theory about fortnite
BillyBob BoBoss (7 days ago)
theory 1 is most accurate. Moisty Mire was not hit by the rocket, but the rifts that were caused by the rocket transported various parts of California in it's place. The main theory of season 5 is that something is forming in Loot Lake.
DucksAre DERPY (8 days ago)
Layhib (8 days ago)
Spidey Gaming (9 days ago)
Septerplier TDM (9 days ago)
All wrong
Kylo_ren 99957 (9 days ago)
It’s going to be pirate theme
ellix iem (10 days ago)
hey you might wanna rethink that secret agent car idea why would the super villains destroy there own people near by
Tioo 333 (10 days ago)
I hope despacito 2 comes in season 5
GNX Skillz (10 days ago)
My prediction for season 5 is waiting in queue for 6 hours!
Bracelety BFB (10 days ago)
TheCrazyGamer (10 days ago)
What about the tears
GangGreen_714 (10 days ago)
Rocket took off already stupid
Vicki Connole (10 days ago)
0:07 why show canny valley
Phantom Loard 0 (10 days ago)
im so upset that the soccer field is going away that was my favirout spot to land
Kaydos (10 days ago)
they should make community servers or mc servers like tf2 did
Ann Murray (10 days ago)
Season 5 is probly gonna Egypt and Rodman times and I think greasy will be a desert
Dreadify (10 days ago)
the picture "2 days till season 5" in the news in fortnite the axe looks like kratos´ leviathan axe from god of war 4. maybe it could be a new pickaxe? or maybe kratos will be the new battle pass level 100 skin? i dunno but thats just my theory
FaZe_LunarY (10 days ago)
Ahahahaha I like how u cant say R u just say tue (tree) hop wocks ( hop rocks) ajhahahhha
Coop (10 days ago)
clicked on the vid Heard your accent Left a comment Left.
HIT ASS (10 days ago)
Gveen gvesy grove
I’m gay (10 days ago)
2:45 that’s not tilted towers😂
Habiba Hassan (10 days ago)
Season 5 will have different themes one is Egyptian the other is Greek and the other is Japanese
- CLASHwithVOLTIAC - (10 days ago)
Here’s what I think: The theme of the new season will be Romans,Greeks, and Egyptians. The tier 100 skin is the Flying Dutchman. Based on the giant rip in the sky, I believe that the map will be changed slightly but not a lot, the soccer stadium is going to turn into a colesium(for romans) and they Will also add new traps possibly
BeesleyHD (10 days ago)
"the wrocket is going to launch" "stowee" this guys pronunciation as funny as fuck
WoofyIsAGamer (10 days ago)
"Vawious Woading screens" XD
Mr. Potato (11 days ago)
Wait how how do you get the eighth poster?
Ohsun Kwon (11 days ago)
Whoever's playing on the gameplay clips sucks dick at fortnite
Im Rust (11 days ago)
What it Fortnite is a simulation since you dont actually die you get teleported to the lobby and the menu background has a screen vibe to it
Cories (11 days ago)
Egyptian (maybe Japanese), Pirates (maybe Vikings), and I believe... Roman.
MegaRayquaza319 (11 days ago)
I hope fortnites playground mode a staying mode or a coming mode with more upgrades each time
ii_That Gamer (11 days ago)
Tomorrow is when season 5 starts or in 2 days
Squids Tortalini (11 days ago)
Who is here during season five?
TRAGIIC_ Knotty (11 days ago)
This is nothing about season 5 theories you clickbaiter!
Jaily Videos (11 days ago)
Lol these predictions were ssssooooo wrong
Gaming IR (11 days ago)
I hate the fact save the the world will be free because the amount of scammers will be off the charts for og Its suppose to go free this summer Also. I think the visitor traveled through time so he modified the rocket so he could go to his time
Gaming IR (11 days ago)
Gregory Berkenfield (11 days ago)
Well i think it's a break in space and time/worm hole that will bring things from different worlds like cartoon characters and stuff...but remember it's a theory a game theory
Benedict Ybanez (11 days ago)
So what does zoey have to do with dis story line?
Delilah Meawson (11 days ago)
LOL 6:02 Thanos (FunderQweef) blasted "player" into *space*
Delilah Meawson (11 days ago)
i love how your name is funderqweef
Zenith Blazt (11 days ago)
I thought the portals will be rips in the Fortnite universe. The meteor hitting was from another universe and the heroes were made to stop the rips to continue. The Visitor could be from that universe to kill humanity but decided to stay. Season 5 will be around the rips causing different timelines to appear and the cracl in the sky will be an entrance for another species. O.o
Aidan Hungerford (11 days ago)
Well my theory is that the portal that the rocket made teleport these spots to somewhere else so what I’m thinking is that the portal spots will take you somewhere that’s why that burger is at the middle of the desert
Olle Gamez (11 days ago)
I know the rocket is going to hit the sky and do nothing to the map
j o r d a n (11 days ago)
never heard a brit with a speech impediment
Ass Hole (11 days ago)
1:42 That Looks Like Genji From Overwatch
Sachin Joshi (11 days ago)
Crusty coliseum
Skamper Large (11 days ago)
If you are have purchased stw (save the world) as I have, it is not a good this that it will be free, the only good thing would be friends can play, like if u agree
Loey Truex (11 days ago)
Omg July the 1st is my birthday!!
Tilted towers should be called “The fallen kingdom” for season 5.
Dev T. (11 days ago)
This is actually good theory. And stories. First time subscriber.
Rando (11 days ago)
The wocket
TJM Matthews29 (11 days ago)
i hope you can get some free in game content for season five , Save the World finally unlocked ?
Asphalt 8 (11 days ago)
1:26 so, is it a kids game too?
xSavagex 101 (11 days ago)
Heyyy I didint get the last loading screen where he launches the rocket
Personally, my money's on the history theme. I LOVE HISTORY!!!!!!! (And science)
JetFlareDragon (11 days ago)
Did you see all the western stuff coming from the portals With if they make an movie with 2 themes
Inf4m05 (11 days ago)
I liked the superhero theory
EXTREME LORD (11 days ago)
i think the portal is going to bring us to a diffrent time line
Noice and Hot (11 days ago)
There should be different eras like 10,000 BCE,22nd century and ancient Egypt
Tobey Butcher (11 days ago)
I’m the 1000th comment Yay!
Gavin Farnsworth (11 days ago)
You cant make the rocket fly i mean it already launched but you cant make it fly
xXDestroyer079Xx (11 days ago)
I'm your 1000th comment
Isabel Avina (11 days ago)
Thabiso Mokoena (11 days ago)
I think its gone be mixed up with dinosaurs and other stuff
Donito YT (11 days ago)
1000th comment nd what if the battlebus is gone replaced with the pirate ship
Thomas Burns Jnr (11 days ago)
Well rip moisty mires
Evan Evan (11 days ago)
Vocket? Dont you mean Rocket?
Gamer kitten 99-1,000 (11 days ago)
Crusty coliseum
red foxy venom (11 days ago)
Xx echo7760 xX (11 days ago)
Heres a season 5 theory So The visitor is working together with Omen and Fate whom are both teleporters the visitor is NOT an actor so people are weirded out about who he is and all the time worps dotted around the Map are for the visitors army to come out of and the crack in the sky will send down a boss made out of the tomato head the signs and everything the worps are consuming the boss will destroy the map season 1-3 characters will apear all working together to get out of there so in a rocket they fly up in to the crack which you can see all the past season's then they land on a similar map but in season 5 theme history all the old season characters get sucked back in and killed by the boss I mentioned earlier and season 5 begins...
MikkelGaming (11 days ago)
1000th comment
Xx echo7760 xX (11 days ago)
killernut18 (11 days ago)
Yay 1000th omment
Zeke (11 days ago)
I know it’s going to be history but I WANT IT TO BE ROBOTS
Will McKay (11 days ago)
Thousandth comment
Dominik Gaming (11 days ago)
Cool B-)
Nicktehgreat 10 (11 days ago)
ZaR3 (11 days ago)
doesn’t this guy kindda sound like LyricalFighter?
Chalkolate Llama (11 days ago)
Codafarian (11 days ago)
Stopped watching at 20 secs when you said how to make the rocket happen. It's a one time occurrence that was triggered at a certain time not something you can do yourself. If you don't even know that how am I supposed to believe you actually know anything about fortnite?
Best Comrade Yuri (11 days ago)
Why would we go to mars? (If your idea isn't stupid)
MysticalPlayz (11 days ago)
I just made the comment 1000
jimasgamerGR (11 days ago)
jimasgamerGR (11 days ago)
harrison burt (11 days ago)
You sound like a baby
shaquille tucker-love (11 days ago)
anybody else watching this in 1972
shaquille tucker-love (11 days ago)
2:52 well earned west lol and 3:05 weal world ! i'm dead
scotty jeffreys (12 days ago)
its gonna be wild west
The Neighbor (12 days ago)
S5 Date 12/7/18
Izumo (12 days ago)
You know that Fortnite is on Mars
Voxy (12 days ago)
Dude, 1:45 look at dusty, slightly filled in.

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