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Top 20 Best FREE PS4 Games To Play In 2018

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Looking to save a few bucks on PlayStation 4 games? We've got you with some free-to-play games worth the bandwidth. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv ~~~~ 20 Clicker Heroes Platform: PS4 PC OS X, iOS, Android, Xbox One Release Date: March 7, 2017 19 Blacklight: Retribution Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: November 15, 2013 18 Brawlhalla Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: October 17, 2017 17 Star Trek Online Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE OS X Release Date: September 6, 2016 16 Let It Die Platform: PS4 Release Date: December 3, 2016 15 Hustle Kings Platform: PS3 PS4 PS Vita Release Date: 9 June 2015 14 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Lite Platform: PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One Android IOS Release Date: September 12, 2017 13 Neverwinter Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: July 19, 2016 12 Orcs Must Die! Unchained Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: July 18, 2017 11 DC Universe Online Platform: PC PS4 PS4 Xbox one Release Date: November 15, 2013 10 World of Tanks Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE XBOX 360 Release Date: 19 January 2016 9 War Thunder Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: June 3, 2014 8 Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE Release Date: 2018 7 Dreadnought Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: 5 December 2017 6 PlanetSide 2 Platform: PC PS4 Release Date: June 23, 2015 5 Hawken Platform: PS4 Xbox One Release Date: July 8, 2016 4 Paladins Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: September 16, 2016 3 Smite Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: May 31, 2016 2 Fortnite Battle Royale Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: 2018 1 Warframe Platform: PC PS4 Xbox One Release Date: November 15, 2013
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Text Comments (2128)
gameranx (5 months ago)
NOTE: these are games to consider playing IN 2018. These aren't all 2018 releases, but they still hold up.
ToXiCZeNiX (4 days ago)
Laser got shut down
Oh Buggar Theres no Rum (2 months ago)
gameranx you had my attention the whole video soon as you mentioned ForkKnife you immediately lost me 😂 that game is trash
Mr Peachey (4 months ago)
Were is the xbox version ??
Xpert Ops (4 months ago)
gameranx do u need ps plus for paladins
LilSwim (4 months ago)
gameranx what's the game that has the skeleton with the glasses on the pucture
Dyamicgalaxy9421 (3 hours ago)
No destiny is *BETTER*
David Bentz Jr. (19 hours ago)
You just killed me bro. I had no idea clicker heros could be played on ps4 lol... isnt that fallout shelter also a good f2p on ps4? and soon that new Elder Scrolls Blades game will be released too... but i dunno if that will be good or not but im hoping its pretty awesome
Alex H. (1 day ago)
Play Hawken👍👍👍
Jeffrey Peterson (2 days ago)
Warface is awesome!
William Wylie (2 days ago)
War frame 1 brawlhalla 2
Jash Ramos (2 days ago)
Let it die is TRASH I've played it before, I have never hated a game as much.
HardcoreGamingHQ (2 days ago)
ToXiCZeNiX (4 days ago)
Planet side dosen't work
ToXiCZeNiX (4 days ago)
Planetside servers got shut donw
rekha daniya (4 days ago)
Fortnite was realesed at 2017
D.K (5 days ago)
Didn't think I'd see fortnite and I'm surprised I didn't see H1Z1 when you think about it. I don't particularly like H1Z1 anymore. Also, let it die is only good until you notice how trash and money grabbing it is... I've played it for a year all together now straight up to this new up day and no wonder only 0.3% of players play it and that number probably is decreasing every day by the actual veteran players. I haven't seen one player who plays it and is as far or even further than I am who doesn't dislike the game more more than me.
Caleb Hill (5 days ago)
dislike for like putting fortnite a number 1 also Warframe sucks because of the prime vault
Ja Uchiha (6 days ago)
Warframe should be number 1
Tzzl tizian (7 days ago)
neverwinter is really god
Talan is a dude (7 days ago)
I have 1463 hours in warframe and im burned out and i still play because i have so much time invested in it and i spend hours in my ship walking around,if you are gonna start warframe just know what you are getting yourself into
the mailman 06 (8 days ago)
Fortnite: Im The Best Free to Play Game in History WarFrame:Hold My Platinum..
KushHappy - ehomie420 (9 days ago)
I disliked due to your weak pick 4 #1
Kayla Mckellips (9 days ago)
America's Army: Proving Grounds
Alexander Bjorklund (9 days ago)
Dd 2 tho?
Tony G (9 days ago)
*FOR BASKETBALL/STREETBALL GAMERS* I would recommend 3on3 freestyle too! It's a pretty cool streetball game with a kinda 3D cartoon art style. It's free besides 4 characters and you can pay just to get faster and more coins, points and tokens. I'm playing it all the time and you maybe should check it out guys!
Manic Mechanic Man (10 days ago)
I'm so sick of seeing Fortnight everywhere!!!
i play 18 and 5
Rell Knight (13 days ago)
Just started playing neverwinter last night & love it
Destiny Games (14 days ago)
I bought absolver but absolver was a notable game when it became free
Zensoku (14 days ago)
Warface is also on PS4. To me, it’s pretty fun, but expect server problems. Other than that, it’s great. It’s also on PC.
Xarvis90 (16 days ago)
Put Planetside 2 At number 1
OskarsonTheHunter (16 days ago)
Fortnite? You gotta be shittin me fortnite is shit! I never played but still i think its bad shit..... I cant stop hearing about fortnite in school! This failure of games need to be already FUCKING FORGOTTEN!
Kevin Montelongo (16 days ago)
Shut yo bitchass up
Load out should have been at 20ish. I mean, it shut down, but it was still multiple of my summers when I had no money.
Sean T Brown (16 days ago)
Succed >> P S N D I B . P W
BALAKE PLAYZ (17 days ago)
Black light and fortnite!
Ching K.L. (18 days ago)
Pointless Description
Ching K.L. (18 days ago)
Warface Too !!!
Eric Kort (20 days ago)
where do you go to down load these games?
Amii Wright (7 days ago)
Playstation store
Y’all should also try Crossout it’s a free game where you bulid cars to destroy other people’s cars
AJ- soldier (20 days ago)
Breawlhala is not so good but its a lot of fun . Its even better with friends
Silencer X (20 days ago)
Thank you
Hannes C. (20 days ago)
Warframe ?
Luger Reminton (20 days ago)
Y buy a game 😹😂🤣😂
Dude Gamer (21 days ago)
Ps4 is better
Fabio Figo (23 days ago)
theSCOUT SNIPER (23 days ago)
I hate fortnite
InfamousScallywagg (24 days ago)
American army proving ground aa:pg it’s like rainbow six siege but more realistic and it came out before siege did
Jack Carey (24 days ago)
I have never heard of the number one spot, is it worth getting?
GE0M3TRY (4 days ago)
Heres the game that is worth it Black light retribution, Warframe, let it die and proving grounds
Insane_Chara 000 (24 days ago)
Just get Warframe (Number 2) instead of Fortnite (Number 1)
gaming nd creation (25 days ago)
Fortnite better than ever
Love and peace (26 days ago)
DC universe is not free is pay to win
Yousef boss (26 days ago)
Fortnite#1 Brawlhalla#2
InSparkWeTrust (27 days ago)
Army proving ground
Eddy Ramirez (27 days ago)
Defiance 2050 👍🏼
OMNISLASHER1000 (27 days ago)
I really want to see a command and conquer style rts game come out free.
Fernandes Raphael (28 days ago)
let's play H1Z1!
Porcha Collins (1 month ago)
QB Chewbie (1 month ago)
Description lies
A Mouse (1 month ago)
The only good games in my opinion is brawlhalla and fortnut
Aizawa (1 month ago)
Fuck fortnite
Kristina King (1 month ago)
Blacklight retribution
Jay Hat (1 month ago)
Fortnite destroyed all shooter games
ThaRapperECIII (1 month ago)
Where is my AAPG you know that shit is awesome and pretty difficult to play if you think you can just jump and kill like cod but u can't this shit gets real
Petarpro9 (1 month ago)
I've been playing neverwinter for more than 2 years
Eilbroon Yalda (1 month ago)
I’m playing fort nite and 2klive19 came out like few days ago
AmicablePlayzz (1 month ago)
Where is trove? When I am bored its kinda fun to play.
movie play (1 month ago)
The games i dowload are fortnite,blacklight,let it die
Pillow YT (1 month ago)
world of tanks and orcs must die is the only things this video made me want to get
zFlapX_ (1 month ago)
Fck fortnite
SurferOfShadows GD (1 month ago)
Warframe should be #1. It is better than fortnite imo.
Victor Silva (1 month ago)
What about Defiance 2050?!
happy game (1 month ago)
Forget bf5 its gonaby masif
Pandora Durrah (1 month ago)
*You can obtain PS4 GAMES easily from WIN1CODE .PW* ps4
Lime boy (1 month ago)
Is this a scam
morce98 The Racer (1 month ago)
Dave Murchison (1 month ago)
should have ended on warframe now I have aids
Adrianna Gonzalez (1 month ago)
dead by daylight is also a really fun game ☺️
Khalid K (1 month ago)
Bro did u use shotgun from far to kill the enemy
Pr3Z Pr3Z (1 month ago)
I downloaded warframe spent 2 weeks in-game,i wanted to play and it said login failed soooo,i wont count it
Danilo Santiago (1 month ago)
If you would like to grab the right way to have card you only want to find " *psn pranaholistico* " in the search engine. :)
Bishara Moallim (1 month ago)
NEW! LIVING LARGE DANCE EMOTE With Different Skins SHOWCASE! Fortnite Battle Royale
BrassGlass (1 month ago)
I figured America army: proving grounds would be on here
Stuff is Random (1 month ago)
Trove is nice
I'm a random Goose Boi (1 month ago)
I’ve seen no one talk about DC universe online in this comment section, but I don’t blame them. That game was a masterpiece back in its early days. Then 2014 it was good but began to go downhill. Then it became some pay to win crap that the developers don’t give a shit about. It’s hard to admit as I loved it when it was at its best, with loads of players. But it’s now officially dead.
MoDz iNuse (1 month ago)
WARFRAME is whith network or Internet bah☹️
Haidar Sikandar (1 month ago)
14 is for the ones who love 8/9 ball pool
that fonv dude (1 month ago)
Clicker heroes I played resident evil 5 and 6 I'm pretty much covered on mashing buttons
Aiden Silva23 (1 month ago)
The games weren’t really that good
Mind Hacker (1 month ago)
U mean those are all free ps4 games
If you want to have the right way to make gift cards you only want to search for " *pranaholistico xbox* " in Google or Yahoo. It was great an hour ago.
Vortex (1 month ago)
y no trove
ahmad said (1 month ago)
Ps4 free games are cool and amazing and some of them are like paid games
Charizard 86 (1 month ago)
diamond wilf (1 month ago)
I knew you were gonna say warframe but im an idiot for not thinking of fortnite
miwen1970 (1 month ago)
Fortnite doesn't deserve to be on your list let alone num 1. And how are you going to have a top20 list and not have america's army proving ground on it.
Teodor Spasov (1 month ago)
ivan belikov (1 month ago)
Let it die Blacklight returbtion won't spend your time.
xristos TUBE (1 month ago)
PUBG + Minecraft = Fortnite =PUBG + Minecraft - Minecraft = H1Z1 =Fortnite = PUBG + Overwatch + Minecraft = FORTNITE.
Keyon Clark (1 month ago)
Matthew Tate (1 month ago)
None of these are free you have to buy a ps4
Gaming King Striker (1 month ago)
Paladins>Smite Paladins>Fortnite Paladins<Warframe
Rishit Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
Ist one is the worst ps4 game
Da Big Ork (1 month ago)
If none of this lot is your thing try crossout
Get fortnite out of here it's trash and needs to die warframe is god
Leon Hiltrop (1 month ago)
Warframe isn't free for me :(
TSM Bahri (1 month ago)
Is warframe dead or nah?

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