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what's in our workbox#2 for preschoolers/kindergartners......

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Thanks for watching.... 1. visual discrimination game http://www.aktifanne.com/blog.aspx?id=Bak-YapOyunu_AktifAnne.pdf 2.rhyming cards https://www.themeasuredmom.com/free-rhyming-activity-for-young-learners/ 3.beginning sound activity https://www.themeasuredmom.com/spring-beginning-sounds-activity/ 4.addition worksheets https://www.pinterest.com/pin/300052393896884494/ 5.pattern cards https://www.themeasuredmom.com/free-bear-counter-pattern-strips-for-preschoolers/ 6.pompom activity http://www.ogretmenannem.com/docs/gorsel-dikkat-bardak-etkinligi.pdf
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Niranjana Sanjeev (8 months ago)
Good arrangement 👌 Pocket chart in my list to buy since long.
Iman Aly (8 months ago)
Are these activities for one week? Also, how long does your daughter do these activities each day (1 hour or more) ?
N. s. (8 months ago)
i meant the last activity with the firemen, police etc. the community helpers. sorry for any confusion.
Mommy 'n Dea (8 months ago)
N. s. Plz check my other video on workbox...i shared the link thete
bindu jandhyala (8 months ago)
Hi tanvi .. please show us more file folder games.. of u have
bindu jandhyala (8 months ago)
Im following your channel from two months.loved it.
bindu jandhyala (8 months ago)
Thanq so much tanvi.. your videos are awesome. Seriously., in love with your activities and ur dea doing things.. loved it..
Mommy 'n Dea (8 months ago)
bindu jandhyala sure
bindu jandhyala (8 months ago)
Yeah.. i saw them.. asking u few more if you have please share.
Mommy 'n Dea (8 months ago)
bindu jandhyala I already shared 3 videos on file folder games
Foram Shah (8 months ago)
Plz check this....https://youtu.be/VbeW_eM-QsM
Foram Shah (8 months ago)
Tanvi....i made diy blocks of nikitin material out of your video.... i requested to you to post some more diy of nikitin material as its not available in india...it will b gr8 help....plz see this small video....my child is playing with that diy material i made with your help....thanks a ton....
Mommy 'n Dea (8 months ago)
Foram Shah to diy nikitin material is not easy...whenever I will find challenge cards of any game....will definately share.
Foram Shah (8 months ago)
Gr8 tanvi....i really appreciate ur work
Fatima Begum (8 months ago)
Tanvi can you please share links to the hundreds boards. Or from where did you buy it from

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