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TOP 8 New Upcoming FIGHTING Games 2018 ( PS4⁄Xbox One⁄PC⁄Switch )

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Here 8 of Bests New Upcoming FIGHTING games 2018 will release for Ps4, Xbox One, Pc & Nintendo Switch . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Cimorelli Picaro (8 days ago)
Category: People and Blogs? Change it to Gaming.
Tireless Wanderer (25 days ago)
So much asian fighting games
Yakō kuma (1 month ago)
2:26 *sniiiiiiiiffffff* .. awe yeah now thats a finisher..
I love UFC
Rafael Valenciaalvarado (2 months ago)
Fukk all the rest fighting games only edboon and hi’s krew knews!! How to make fighting games the rest is trash!!!!!!!
Aquaticus12 (2 months ago)
I'm also excited for SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy!!!
Dushyant Demon (3 months ago)
Anyone know name of music playing in street fighter collection??
TackyGuy (4 months ago)
Blade Strangers isnt there rip
BEST combos (4 months ago)
chronoxiong anyway there is games psp 3d and less than 100 mb work on any computer requirements we hope the games makers before release games think about that
l4dknight17 (3 months ago)
BEST combos English
Zain Aabideen (4 months ago)
Dead or Alive needs to be rebooted
Hami Chahal (4 months ago)
No fight night 😢
Tenma (4 months ago)
Sigh I’m disappointed. Soul caliber seems like fun but me and my friend stopped playing that we used to be so good.
HadenZaide (4 months ago)
@ 2:03 that game is an absolute joke. Cloggy asthetics. Elements look borrowed.... the motions are NOT fluid even to the minimal standards.... Looks like a button mashers game with little to no combo development. It looks like me like one of the LAZIEST fight game creations in the last 5 years. Whoever made it needs to Control-Alt-Delete their C Drive.
Victor Hernandez (5 months ago)
I doubt panda ball will be available here in the U.S. since u can fight against the panda,like when tekken 7 took out roger jr. cus it pissed off PETA
Bad Goyim (5 months ago)
Fighting EX Layer might be decent. GUTS looks fuckin’ retarded
waynedge101 (5 months ago)
2:29 he is butt sniffing lol
Mental Deviant (5 months ago)
Guts looks cool. Hope its cheap
Mental Deviant (5 months ago)
Kof orochi collection seems redundant on ps4 with all the arcade ports of those games.Nest collection is a better pack with kof 99 evolution(dreamcast exclusive) Give us kof 2002 ultimate match and kof XI both with online play.
Dusty Dust (5 months ago)
SF 30th only has arcade mode and online. No training no missions no true versus mode no dramatic battle no world tour no unlocks. No buy.
FlameWolfScout (6 months ago)
To me, there's not a lot of fighting games I'm excited for this year. Only ones on my list are SCVI and BBTAG.
Mohammed Mamun (6 months ago)
Only soul caliber and street fighter looked nice. Everything else was garbage for 2018 standards
l4dknight17 (3 months ago)
00 23 ur gay
00 23 (6 months ago)
Mohammed Mamun dragon ball fighterz is the best fighting game this year lol
Dot Calm x (6 months ago)
That street fighter does not seem inspired
Dot Calm x (6 months ago)
The earlier version in the vid that is
Saint Cloud (7 months ago)
Guts looks interesting
RedX (5 months ago)
lol hahahaha looks pretty bad.. worst than mvc infinite xD
Corrado Riccomini (6 months ago)
looks pretty shabby to me
MethodX18 (7 months ago)
Why the fuck are Nintendo 64 games coming to ps4
Döglasch Santos (7 months ago)
Tje second game they presented looks really trashy. Real ugly animations.
JaMaL SA (7 months ago)
2018 is not for fighting games 😖
KillstreakBeats (15 days ago)
Kyuuki a new kof game hopefully, mk11 coming out, maybe injustice 3? How about a game that’s not anime heavy?
aryan shyam (1 month ago)
Kyuuki i would be more thn happy if would see guilty gear sequel ^_^
Kyuuki (5 months ago)
Coloquial sudamericano Querés que te escriba una carta en español neutro formal o que, su señoría. If you're gonna talk trashy English and not even try to learn them don't go talking crap all over the place
Patrick Star (5 months ago)
Kyuuki Jajajajajjajaja whatta fuck spanish is this ahahahahhahah I never seen like a shit before
Kyuuki (5 months ago)
Anda fuma el pinche mortal kombat si pensas que eso es el único juego de pelea que vale la pena
Michael Dyer (7 months ago)
6:20 what a mortal combat knockoff
macdz (7 months ago)
2:29 lol
Kevin Macaulay (3 months ago)
I saw what u saw XD
Groisu (7 months ago)
Darun is master of the nose dive technique
Furnyx _B (7 months ago)
he took a good whiff of his ass before putting him down
Rauan Maia Holanda (7 months ago)
But is good
MrGeyon1977 (7 months ago)
macdz i thougnt the same thing when I first seen it

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