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RESIDENT EVIL 7 VR Kitchen Gameplay Demo (PlayStation VR)

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RESIDENT EVIL 7 VR Kitchen Gameplay Demo Walkthrough ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q ►Apply for Curse Network : http://bit.ly/1Mseqxc
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Text Comments (376)
N O T A 444 TM (2 months ago)
So that's how pete died...
nicholas beinnz (3 months ago)
Anyone knows who is this guy we controlling ?
Philip Brown (3 months ago)
Y'know, I really admire Pete for sacrificing himself for my man Clancy. He came off as an ignorant prick, but turns out that he has a soft spot.
KevWebsz (4 months ago)
The craziest part was the life size video game man standing right in front of you.
Lecsó Mester (6 months ago)
Noooo PETER 😭😭
Tanner Andersen (8 months ago)
Mia is a bitch
Shelbzz (8 months ago)
Pete seemed like an asshole in the first video tape , but he really was the saviour
B dog Playz (9 months ago)
I played this but when I looked up when she was standing behind me,I shit myself
Isaac Cady (9 months ago)
That ending was kinda silly. It's like she was just laying on top of his head. I guess that's a thing about VR: They can't make the player hold their head still, so Mia's character model basically moves with any head movement.
John Sepulvedo (10 months ago)
dude I've heard rumors about how freaky this vr is. like can literally give you a heart attack... time to drop some acid smoke a blunt and act lime I've had military training.
Riasat Salmin Sami (1 year ago)
Pete first seemed like an asshole. But in the end, he was the only one caring and risking life for others.
The SleepingMoose (1 year ago)
What happened to the people who were also saved like the guests???
synnove haram (1 year ago)
when Pete attacked mia with tied hands while mia had a kitchen knife Well why is That to be a hero i mean did he rly think he had a chance?
#JulioJones 11 (1 year ago)
Spoilers Contain: Don't look down if you haven't played the full game yet. I didn't realize it was mia that killed them both *Clancy and the other guy* I thought it was Lucas lol. I learn something new in that demo :)
Rye Hots (1 year ago)
When I played this (I had no idea what was going to happen. Thanks, friends!) I freaked the hell out and tried to kick the monster. omg and there's a whole game of this? fuck nope nope nope nope
So why did ethan beat the shit out of her while these *two* guys cant even defend their self doesnt matter that they are hand cuffed
Dart (9 months ago)
I’d like to see you and and another guy fend off a insane woman with a knife after she snuck up on you while you are tied to a chair and already injured
Bricks (1 year ago)
Ethan didn't 'beat the shit out of her'. He got his ass handed to him until he got the axe, in which then he maimed her.
KV4RZ (1 year ago)
trasy for infarkt
gabriel mendes (1 year ago)
peidei na farofa
Armon Price (1 year ago)
Damn Mia you scary
shymickey6 (1 year ago)
Um, there was a head thrown at you. At least acknowledge that for those who haven't played the demo instead of looking left and right at the speed of light. Geez. Earned a dislike.
Sunken Thunder (1 year ago)
Pete was one of the biggest heroes in this fucking series, him saving Clancy like that
Marquis Patterson (1 year ago)
This looks like an interesting game.
Preset Wolf (1 year ago)
Is that the same kitchen from the first house that has the Derelict House Footage tape? If so, it looks different
seth mackannan (1 year ago)
why wasn't this part in the full game?
Via K. (1 year ago)
Rest In Pete
Sebastian Bowen (1 year ago)
he died a hero hope it was worth it
Anthony Hatchett (1 year ago)
1 like=1 support to pete
Gabs Lock (1 year ago)
Wait, that monster, IS MIA?!
Amy Aguilar (1 year ago)
Clancy is uncharacteristically quiet in this demo!
It’s Me (1 year ago)
The full game and dlcs and this are probably the best game in the world....I mean the demo and full game and I hope this will be game of the year
XO XO (1 year ago)
Poor Pete.I can't believe this bitch killed him...And stabbed me
half awesome (1 year ago)
Clancy Jarvis you could had warn him
orange_tree2 3 (1 year ago)
rip pete
CBE (1 year ago)
So where is this kitchen in the baker estate? Doesn't seem to fit the layout of the guest house or the main house...
TheBacnGamer (1 year ago)
Only just realised that's Mia, first time I saw this I thought it was Marguerite
lockt_ Faith (1 year ago)
TheBaconGamingNetwork me too
Mekkey (1 year ago)
GUTS 141 (1 year ago)
the game has been released so... how many of you Bitches still think that it is not Resident Evil? regret bitching about it yet?
AirForce (1 year ago)
There is a video version for Google Cardboard on YouTube.
THEduck557 ;: (1 year ago)
Doesn't mia stab him at the end
Christopher Madissoo (1 year ago)
lahe mäng
Stanley Wang (1 year ago)
isnt that mia
/MISTミスト (1 year ago)
jv110 (1 year ago)
Back then when nobody knew who the fuck that girl was..
Jordan Woodford (1 year ago)
well this is definitely not Canon
Cameron Drew (1 year ago)
It is though...
Ahlam Halooma (1 year ago)
Sometimes I feel like I bought my ps vr for nothing cuz I'm too much of a baby to play games like this. I can't even play the shark encounter 😂😂😂
TheManiac29 (1 year ago)
They should have made this a whole other franchise, could have been it's own thing ....still looking forward to it though, looks good
George Abi-Haidar (1 year ago)
is this version of the game only VR available? i mean with the scary zombie lady? wen i look at other similar videos on resident evil 7 they dont show the full video on the zombie lady attacking. Is Mia this zombie lady that is attacking the camera man and the reporter on the VHS tape??
Doing The Dom (1 year ago)
How can I get this demo
Death awaits Josh (1 year ago)
What's this the exorcist
agentmrp (1 year ago)
played this today on my vr well fucked me up 😂😂😂
I always thought Pete was a dick but now seeing this I have a change of heart.
Just one thing (4 months ago)
Yeah me too ;-;
Ump Rapz (6 months ago)
Me too :(
0ddMonk3y (1 year ago)
Well, they say the craziest bitches have the best pussy.
Onyx Guard Elite (1 year ago)
yourtube1234567 You just made my day I hope you know that XD
Picasso Venom (1 year ago)
how do i find the demo on psn? I STILL haven't found the kitchen demo and I do have vr. can someone help me out?
TvJordan (1 year ago)
yo i didn't realize pete was actually loyal, rip pete.
WHEEZE (1 year ago)
When Pete's head rolled in front of him, I freaked out.
Andre Monroe (1 year ago)
I would've just played dead. Lol he tried though. She shanked the mess out of him. Then made sure he was dead by cutting off his head. Savage
Natasha Minor (1 year ago)
How can we get these newer demos?
JRLM (1 year ago)
Well its a v.r exclusive for 980p ps4.... i guess ill have to wait a year until i can buy this for the p.c and experience full hd vr. oh well. a fully patched cheaper version is better anyway.
Needles Iblis (1 year ago)
Looks like shit
Fernando Alvarez (1 year ago)
Johnny Begood (2 years ago)
I jumped so hard... I thought I broke the roof.
Roberto Demarco (2 years ago)
if I was there I will kick that Zambia ass with my bare hand or the knife whatever works
Roberto Demarco (2 years ago)
your right it a horror movies
Che Suriel (2 years ago)
mmnaah she too spoopy for me bruh
raziel_ laz (2 years ago)
it could be very very very good if it had different name, just saying
da wa (2 years ago)
where is fkin leon and everybody?dont tell me becus some new actor cum out......
Bryce Clark (2 years ago)
I don't understand the direction video games are heading. We have this have this amazing technology but crave horror, gore and corrupting products (in the sense of how violent and paranoiac these games appear; games like agony, re 7, outlast 2, etc) Life is difficult and anxiety-fueling enough without this visual auxiliary of destruction, chaos, and terror.
ivan Medina (2 years ago)
how the fuck is this gameplay?
It's ya savage (2 years ago)
Jesus! this game scared the shit out of me.
SS Blue Vegeta (2 years ago)
Well that was pretty fucking pointless. I have to say, I am not looking forward to this game coming out.
steve m (2 years ago)
i think the VR version of this game should come with adult diapers. You'll need them by the looks of it.
Raymond Charles (2 years ago)
to me this is not resident evil one of my favorite game... this is just a first person hillbilly's horror game using it name.... everybody knows what resident evil looks like... and know it favorite stars.
stennor (1 year ago)
why they need to keep making 3rd person shooter games that arent that scary, they wanted to try somthing new and fresh.
Edwin Bondoc (2 years ago)
iiLeeDz (2 years ago)
as long as this resident evil is far different from the Last ones we will be fine Lmao
Héctor (2 years ago)
it looks to fake
Salad Tongs (2 years ago)
Not sure why it's called Resident Evil. Looks more like "Sit in a chair and get murdered".
Ump Rapz (6 months ago)
Lmao salad is a dick
BØSS Gaby56 (11 months ago)
Salad Tongs ITS A FREAKING DEMO YOU NOOB the actual game .....you will finish it in weeks.....if you don't know what to do....but I finished the game already....it's scary and fun
Salad Tongs (1 year ago)
Yeah I'm super unhappy. So unhappy that I don't plan on buying it until it's for sale for under 20 bucks. Congrats to Capcom for making one decent Resident Evil game out of their last 4 or 5. They should be super proud.
Christopher RQ (1 year ago)
So where is that "Shitty game" you were talking bout m8?
Hawkeye2506 (1 year ago)
+Salad Tongs bet you were unhappy when you found out you were wrong
polo team (2 years ago)
my scary ass kept looking away 😂😂😂
Lite aka (2 years ago)
that bitch came out of nowhere!
Nejat ROSS CALİK (2 years ago)
it will be the best horror game ever though
Marco Gonzalez (2 years ago)
no recuerdo que resident evil fuera algo asi, este ya es terror muy explicito, donde quedaron aquellos tiempos donde los malos eran zombies y umbrella. ahora ya parece pelicula satanica jajajaja
Marco Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Pues si, aunque ya si antes estos juegos hiban dirigidos a un público en específico, ahora ese rango se reduce más. casi me da un infarto viendo este corto, jaja ahora si todo el juego va estar así pues esta cabron
Kawaki (2 years ago)
Piyush Anand (2 years ago)
Fucking First person for increasing the sale of PlayStation VR with terrible acting.....
Tara Russell (2 years ago)
oh my!!!
Paul Smith (2 years ago)
Am wondering if I can use an oculus rift for this.
Miguel (2 years ago)
No es que me de miedo ver sangre pero lo veo demasiado sangriento y macabro para ser un videojuego. Es satánico a todas luces. O se pasan o no llegan. Hay otras formas más elegantes de hacer terror. Por cierto, veo cierto parecido con Evil Within. Mikami tendrá algo que ver en este RE 7?
expats united (2 years ago)
And this is why i conceal carry a 1911 lol.
Zmokepurp (2 years ago)
Jonathan Njembe (2 years ago)
u wanted somethin scary? now u have it
Ben boom (2 years ago)
fake game resident evil vr no 7
Chihan Lee (2 years ago)
ima kill that bitch
Jordan Woodford (1 year ago)
can't kill you're wife
Jacob Qarooni (1 year ago)
Maybe it's not her fault ;)
gunna beesee (1 year ago)
gunna,shut the f up damn fool
gunna beesee (1 year ago)
love her and give her a chance.lord said,thy who love must ,haters will be loved for i am the one orgasm and cum
gunna beesee (1 year ago)
you must pray for her.she knows not what she done.
Daniel Ortega (2 years ago)
WTF is that shit!!!??
sopo jarwo (2 years ago)
she infected?
Cristiano Ronaldo (2 years ago)
why she killed them? I don't get it...
saleh t (2 years ago)
I am no way gonna play this in vr no way
Rich Gale (2 years ago)
Fuck PS.....OCULAS is the way...getting mine in 2 weeks and I can't wait...I've tried them both and oculas is superior in every way
saya el tao (2 years ago)
otra mierda de video , ey payaso vaya videos de mierdas pones que pena ñiño rata
Malvina Coronel (2 years ago)
lo de "Niño rata" ya pasó de moda.
Gbriel Valdez (2 years ago)
Resident Evil VII = Terror film generic
Russ Tseu (2 years ago)
The head when thrown felt like a plastic ball lol
Arnold Rivers (2 years ago)
I'm immune to horror, but after seeing how much PSVR actually put you INSIDE these worlds, u was scared to try this demo...but it was awesome! kinda scary when she has the knife up to your eye. Horror is fucking perfect in VR! ...well, pretty much everything is perfect in VR lol
Antun Šturlić (2 years ago)
Repeated it 3 times, my opinion? I think this girl is Marguerite when she was young. Basically the same face.
toxic boi (3 months ago)
Antun Šturlić that was mia
Vasilis Voulgarelis (2 years ago)
How about a pc demo, those sobs think console gaming is the future?

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