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Top Ten Best Meal Recipes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has thousands if not millions of recipes, but which are the best recipes in the game? Alex has been doing an awful lot of cooking and has come up with ten that he thinks will knock your socks off. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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James King (7 days ago)
the only recipes you will ever near: one or more of anything with the word "hardy" in it (cooking one thing alone will give a full heal + extra hearts item, cooking 5 durans gives you max heart)s, 5 mighty bananas and last 5 ironshroms (you can add dragon horn shards to each of these to get the x3 attack/defense buff for half a hour)
Gavin (9 days ago)
hearty bllueshell snail+ lizal tail+ hearty lizard+ monster extract= full recovery + 8
fetteredfey (9 days ago)
As an alternative to the hearty truffle, you can cook 5 Dorian fruits for the same fill up(full hearts +20). They can be found in tropical regions like faron and if you're really lucky eventide island
J3D1M1NDTR1CK5 (11 days ago)
want to waste a bunch of food making shitty low level meals? watch this video
Fruit Chimp (11 days ago)
I like the recipe that you throw 1 hearty durian in the pot but I forgot the side affects
Jamela Moore (14 days ago)
I love cooking it’s so fun
Bear33 Bear33 (21 days ago)
A good recipe is two fairys
Sopie (25 days ago)
What's the name of the music? I like it a lot!
arjovenzia (25 days ago)
Cant believe how many radishes n stamella ive wasted.. Duh. To contriboot, the forest behind the wetlands stable has heaps of radishes n useful shrooms. I visit after every bloodmoon n do a lap around. Gotta be at least 10 radishes in there. Kaya something shrine.
Devansh Patel (26 days ago)
What are spoilers?
AVGrblx (26 days ago)
You can skip using big hearty truffles by using hearty durians. The Faron region is filled with them, and right next to Faron tower there are two Lizalfos guarding around 30 hearty durians right there. Happy adventures!
Kaan3D (29 days ago)
A hearty durian is easy to find in big amounts and it's as good as a hearty radish , if you cook 1 hearty durian you'll get full recovery plus 4 hearts ; just the same as hearty radish but not as rare as one
Unlikely Duke (1 month ago)
5 duran fruits... full heal + 20 extra hearts
Daniel Mazahreh (1 month ago)
Stupid. I would pile up on baked apples and sell them to the lady in Rito Village for whopping cash. Don't eat them all. Other meals are for eating.
Ageminij (1 month ago)
You need to try putting dragon parts in a recipe - makes the effects of any recipe last for 30 minutes
AkatsukiLink (1 month ago)
Dragon horn make boost last for 30 minutes. The last recipe, I didn't know it since I never tried it yet lol.. Okay, had the game for over a week and a half lol Doing it to completions, so I'm having fun being a cook in it lol. Just thankful Gordon Ramsay isn't watching lol
ultimate playlists (1 month ago)
Use any hearty item and anything. It will give full recovery, even a hearty truffle and an acorn gives max health
Bektas Konca (1 month ago)
dont waste anything on cold and hot food you can just get armour, clothes or other accessories and upgrade them now i dont need most things i collect i have hundreds, stacking seared meat is to go on energy, just cook food for attack power, speed and stamina everything else is wasted...
awesampwnah blahblLAH (1 month ago)
for any of the timed effects, drop 1 ingredient and add a dragons horn (if its less than 5 just add the horn) and whatever the time is, it boosts it up to _30 minutes_
awesampwnah blahblLAH (1 month ago)
(specifically, it changes the time to 30 minutes exactly)
CountRising MoonStar (1 month ago)
My best meal is ONE hearty durian
NatsuGaming 74 (1 month ago)
Actually for health, cook only a durian and it will give to you a food that regenerates all hearts and add 4/5 more hearts
Council of Ricks (1 month ago)
Hearty Durians > Hearty Truffles. Easier to farm (all over Faron), same amount of extra hearts.
Red62 (1 month ago)
What about durian stews!?
WellEmperor 5098 (2 months ago)
I got a good recipe for Zelda what you're going to need is cane sugar Covington antha wheat fresh milk honey and a egg
imcnblu (2 months ago)
***PSA*** Since he doesn't mention it anywhere in the video, I feel it is my duty to inform you that there may be spoilers in this video. That is all.
JK日常人生 (2 months ago)
Two Lynel guts, two Lynel hoop and one hightail lizard
JK日常人生 (2 months ago)
Sell it, for 1410 rupees
James Kajano (2 months ago)
Why can't this guy just talk normal and give us the information instead of being painfunny unfunny the whole video.
Avengers Infinity war (2 months ago)
VibronicPoppy82 (2 months ago)
5 Hearty Durians + Cooking Pot = Full Recovery and 20 Temporary Hearts
mamsmelk (2 months ago)
that endura shroom thing is really handy, never though about it that way
7crosseye (2 months ago)
I have a meal that’s full recovery plus 22 hearts
The Vegan Punk (2 months ago)
ok is there a place you can farm the big hearty truffles to make that +20 heart bonus food? i'm kinda new to the game N only have 8 hearts N I keep getting killed by losers outside :(
diana cox (2 months ago)
Nothing about hearty durians? The much more common than heart truffles and give you +20 hearts!
Amanda Pollock (2 months ago)
*glances up* what about Chilly Fruit Pie? Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, Cane Sugar and a Hydromelon. I think that's all you need... but it's a good dish, and it looks super pretty. You could change it to an Apple Pie by using... well, an apple instead of Hydromelon, or you could make a Spicy Fruit Pie... I'm sure as long as there's a fruit that increases a stat, you can make a beautiful fruit pie for that. I got the first one for free by saving 2 dudebros in Gerudo Desert- those two weirdos looking for Gerudo Town to meet their future wives or w/e
Or Gershon (2 months ago)
Your voice is annoying
jimmycher45 (2 months ago)
They add a hunger bar. And a hydration bar. And slowed down the healing process. And add a deathclaw... *whips out xbox controller and inserts Fallout 4 into console*
SephirothRyu (3 months ago)
Its a shame you cant just cook your pants. Since you seem to like them so much.
Dat dong lol (3 months ago)
I like inthe pants
Sienna Douglas (3 months ago)
If you go into the Faron Forest, near the tower, you can find heart durians. They are plus four extra hearts per fruit. So, equally 20 extra hearts.
Kyuubi9110 (3 months ago)
I for myself are gathering dragon horns and coock them with four pieces of a certain ingredient. That gives you the max level of that skill for 30 minutes^^
Turk (3 months ago)
DonRayPlayz Pate (3 months ago)
Go to foron tower and you will see 2-3 Lizafos with hearty durians kill then get the durians and pull out stasis you will be in hearty durian heaven Recipes with durians 1 durian and you get full recovery 5 durians and you get 20 heart containers Hope this helps P.S the durians respawn every blood moon and stasis will make every durian glow yellow
junior bailey (3 months ago)
giant hearty radish 25 extra hearts
Mack Scott (3 months ago)
Add a hyrulian herb to a recipe to get the third level garenteed
REFLEX PACATTACK (3 months ago)
U can use spicy peppers instead of sunshroom
Casey Witcher (3 months ago)
5 Dorian fruit cooked refills all your hearts plus gives you 20 temporary hearts
ItzJordanTv (3 months ago)
Im a noob just started
Benjamin Timothy (3 months ago)
Cheaper substitute to the 5x truffles. Just use 5x durians, they're waaaaaaaaaay more common.
The Sindrex (3 months ago)
5 hearty durian
Courtney Woodbury (3 months ago)
I happened across #1 on my own and boy was I excited!
RSdabeast (3 months ago)
1 durian gives FOUR (sometimes five) yellow hearts and full recovery. They are cooked individually. Find them right near Faron Tower. They respawn every blood moon and then some.
Kirby Maker64 (3 months ago)
2:32 Link: hm.. I remember sonic from smash so... can I be him A few seconds later Link:to fast!!!
Nicholae Etherblaze (3 months ago)
4 mighty bananas + dragon horn = 30 minute high level attack buff
Kenny Casey (3 months ago)
if you cook 1 hearty durian it gives you 1 more heart than the raddish gives you
Taylor (3 months ago)
Here's a good recipe not included: Go to Faron tower and head towards the small forest, pick 5 Hearty Durians, and combine them for full health restoration and 20 bonus hearts.
Danny Lieberwirth (3 months ago)
I usually cook meat and fish together to make meat and seafood fry's. Fish is really damn easy to get starting at the shrine east of lurelin village (or the village itself) just by picking up crabs on the beach and keeping an eye out for schools of porgy close to the shore. It takes more time to cook it all but it makes your meat last longer, plus the added effects bring in more profit aswell. 1 or 2 for gourmet meat, 2 or 3 for prime.
Luis Carlos (3 months ago)
an alternative to Big Hearty Truffles, you can cook 5 Hearty Durians, they're WAY more common and it gives you +20 hearts too
VoidSassin (3 months ago)
my inventory is litterally one page full of the single raddish dish, the second is for baked fruits and some stat boost things when i need them but the raddish meal just feels like a cheat xD
Cloaker (3 months ago)
How to get tons of health easy - find a pot and put one hearty fruit in
Villager 17 (3 months ago)
Another good hearty meal is 5 big hearty radish it will give you a 25 golden hearts
jinhua zhang (3 months ago)
You can get 20 temporary hearts from 5 hearty durians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dawson Laramie (4 months ago)
Durians are probably better than radishes. They have the same effect (actually give +4 temp hearts) and you can get a TON in the southeast jungle area.
the maxey family (4 months ago)
Durian fruits are a lot easier to get a lot of- with the same result
The CoolCharlie (4 months ago)
You can get 20 extra hearts with hearty durrians
Aldguton23 Terrarian (4 months ago)
5 hearty durians
voxel spec (4 months ago)
Five hearty durians
- Moon - (4 months ago)
5 hearty durians are more common than big hearty truffles and give the same result, also mighty bananas can be farmed because they respawn in the yiga hideout
Qwertie asdf (4 months ago)
I was thinking maybe nl will be more serious about recipes than their video about the best weapons in both but looks like no
Josef Jr. Ababat (4 months ago)
Hearty durians are the best baked fruit
Ethan Rush (4 months ago)
If you cook 1 hearty truffle it will fill your entire health bear and 1 spear heart
Leo Alcantara (4 months ago)
If u have more than enough heart containers, just cooking 1 hearty durian is enough. It fills all ur health plus 4 more so getting 20 extra by cooking 5 once isnt as efficient as cooking 1 to fully heal 5 times plus 20 hearts in total
Simon V (4 months ago)
Hearty durians?
curtis smith (4 months ago)
Goron spice and apples and fish
James Wauchope (4 months ago)
Has any one done the shrine quest in typhlo ruins? You can find typhlo ruins behind great Hyrule forest, and the entire area is covered by smoke.
Enric (4 months ago)
durians are great and work like hearty radish too
Adam The Typical Gamer (4 months ago)
Why didn't you mention the hearty durian meal(5 Hearty Durians). It heals all your hearts and gives you 20 EXTRA!
Oh hi There (4 months ago)
Goddamnit i cooked these complicated recipes giving me extra hearts (which had hearty radishes) and all i had to do was cook one hearty radish...
Zelda Legend (4 months ago)
cool video
Kitty (4 months ago)
I got bored and started to make a recipe book for botw.
Thomas Thoburn (4 months ago)
I like the video IDEAS on this channel, but everytime i click and see this stupid host, i immediately click off
Crazy_Canuck_97 (4 months ago)
Best Recipe of the game - 3 Mighty Banada - 1 Mighty Twistle - 1 Dragon Horn Shard 30 min attack boost lvl 3
Turtle Jake (4 months ago)
My fav is hearty Duran’s that you can buy in Gerudo town for cheap. +20 hearts
Thornton Galloway (4 months ago)
cook under a blood moon
Theroy6667 (4 months ago)
Easy Strength: 4 Mighty Bananas and a monster extract and you have a high level strength boost for 30 minuets
nrgoodman23 (4 months ago)
uuoohhh (4 months ago)
ehem dick tacos... gives you immunity to sexual harassment when you are not wearing clothes.
Brendon At The Disco (4 months ago)
Boffi Hundeide (4 months ago)
Hearty durian
SpoiltSpices (4 months ago)
Traci Bohl (4 months ago)
The durian fruit is the best for hearts.
Notoriousaxp (4 months ago)
These recipes are absolutely rubbish. Don't bother with this video. They obviously don't play botw
jag95rt (5 months ago)
5 durian fruits equals 20 extra hearts. Great for fighting and all.
Tomek L (5 months ago)
Radish are easyiest hearty items to find. In my case of course.
Daniel Mcguinness (5 months ago)
Sneaky seafood skewers 5 river snails
agent JFK (5 months ago)
If you cook 5 Durian fruits together they also give you +20 hearts
Ewaldo Aldo (5 months ago)
I laughed hard when he tossed all of the prime meat at 6:18
Ƭσαƨт (5 months ago)
How the hell did you not mention durians? They're so much better than the truffles, and they're common as hell.
Asian JakePaul (5 months ago)
5 hearty durians=20 temporary hearts
Dark One (5 months ago)
A high level cold resistance meal: any three food items that have cold resistance (sunshroom, hot pepper, etc.) and then an insect, preferably a warm darner. Then add a bokoblin horn and you’re done.
ETHD Trefz (5 months ago)
Like it! thanks! I like to cook 5 bird drumsticks and it makes a meat scewer which restores a little more than ten Hearts also sells for 140! This also works with other meat!

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