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Why Blizzard Won't Release Warcraft 4

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Thumbnail image by Ahmed Barakat. If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-SVG Once upon a time, Blizzard Entertainment was a relatively small developer. Then Warcraft came and changed everything. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans was a smash hit for the company, and it was quickly followed by two successful sequels. All three games and their expansions are considered classics of the genre, and the obvious move would be to make a fourth game. But more than fifteen years after Warcraft 3, there's still no new RTS game is in sight. Why? Here are all the reasons why Blizzard won't release Warcraft 4... Double team | 0:29 A new world | 1:20 Zerg rushed | 2:24 Gold mine collapse | 3:10 MOBA domination | 3:53 Can't build there | 4:50 Missing heroes | 5:58 Still kicking | 6:41 A new path | 7:47 Read more here → http://www.svg.com/114034/why-blizzard-wont-release-warcraft-4/ Upcoming Games https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk What You Need To Know Before Buying God Of War For The PS4 https://youtu.be/UqCQiedHA3k?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk Why Rockstar Won't Release Grand Theft Auto 6 https://youtu.be/MFVeZ_zMi04?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk The Most Bizarre Video Games Coming Out In 2018 https://youtu.be/VzPTU323kgg?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk The Untold Truth Of Fortnite https://youtu.be/ieiaRt-tgJo?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk Why Bethesda Won't Release Elder Scrolls 6 https://youtu.be/Zr6481qjZWs?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk 20 Games That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018 https://youtu.be/IuRyzCLcn_s?list=PL7wvaUapJFQ1tq0uxZHKwyzijHnaXjeHk Website → http://www.svg.com/ Like us → https://www.facebook.com/SVGdotcom/ Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/SVGdotcom/ Video games are more than just a hobby — they're a way of life. SVG dives into the ever-expanding gaming industry to give you the stories behind your favorite franchises. Can't figure out why we never got that missing sequel? Want to know the best PlayStation 4 games you've never heard of? And what's up with Super Mario's mustache, anyway? SVG has you covered.
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Text Comments (1206)
SVG (5 months ago)
What other games have you been waiting for with no release in sight?
groxiverde (12 days ago)
Warcraft III: Reforged guys!!!!
A (1 month ago)
Dead space 4
ademaviper (1 month ago)
SVG I’m waiting for half life 3
Marjan Spasovski (2 months ago)
medieval 3 total war
James Green (2 months ago)
Postal 2 Remastered :)
Maxi Max (6 hours ago)
Well there is new remastered version of Reign Of Chaos..
jenny mironuk (1 day ago)
So now they came out with Warcraft 3 reforged... Even tho it looks great that's a slap on the face cause that's the only game I care about and after so many years Id expect way more.
Cheesified (2 days ago)
WojtaStudios (3 days ago)
Because they're probably busy making Warcraft: Infinite. Avalible exclusively on mobile phones.
Amo Simo (4 days ago)
Enari Yama (4 days ago)
Easy question blizzard can’t count to 4 Same as Value can’t count to 3
Weijie Lian (4 days ago)
let warcraft great again.I wait that day.
Vic Phan (5 days ago)
As a Warcraft fan ... I'm very disappointed ! Very very !
January 256 (5 days ago)
Wheres team 3?
aberdeenkiko (5 days ago)
Bla Bla Bla. All lies. The true is that the main Developer, of the original RTS Warcraft series died of some internal organ failure, back in 2005. And wisely; Blizzard decided not to let the remaining developers ruin the Legacy left at and with the Warcraft 3. After the WCFT 3 Frozen Throne release; it has been a downfall in decent content for Blizzard. And hopefully they'll treat well the secondary remaining developer. So that he wont just die of some kind of failure.
CoreZeroPH (5 days ago)
And now we get Warcraft III: Reforged
Zero (6 days ago)
Wc 3 is being remastered ya you guys are rigth
Gan Wei Di (7 days ago)
They are right, Blizz now release Warcraft 3 Reforged
Wendy Wirawan (7 days ago)
I know it's selfish and impossible but at this point I just want them to make full animated cg of warcraft stories. I just love warcraft 3 stories too much.
Banjaxed (7 days ago)
Shame they created an amazing game and series and lore and took it from fans and gave it to a completely different group of people. I get it and it did make them alot of money but im still waiting for warcraft 4, hence why i have never played wow or touched / bought any warcraft product since wc3. Reforged has already been preordered and I would preorder the shit out of the ultimate super duper pay us £50 extra for nothing edition of WC4.
Sree Harsha Nelaturu (7 days ago)
Wow this was so on point. Warcraft 3 : Reforged lmao
DerTikimann (7 days ago)
Well you called it - remake it is.
Pablothe (7 days ago)
Really cool that at 7:30 you called the Warcraft 3 Remaster.
Andrei (8 days ago)
They'll release it for phone and smart-watches in 4 years. Stay tuned!
Easy mE (8 days ago)
if they do it it will be a go back to a older era.... she said. Warcraft3 was a masterpiece, Games nowdays are pure crap, to easy to beat and storyline is uncomparable. i rly miss a good strategy campaign and cant wait till they release warcraft 3 reforged
Optimistic 007 (9 days ago)
Haha.. Maybe not wc4 but reforged is still great
hyou zan ren (9 days ago)
well first they need to destroy azeroth to make a new Warcraft!
who' s watching this when they just announced warcraft reforged ?
Aris G (9 days ago)
Steven Freeman (9 days ago)
Funny cause they are reforging wc3
Fx (9 days ago)
If you look at their lineup, you can see that they have one franchise for each genre. StarCraft fills their RTS slot. They probably don't see the need to spend a lot of resources on 2 games for a not so profitable genre these days, unfortunately.
CrAzYgIrL (10 days ago)
Well, now Warcraft 3: Reforged is coming, so there's still hope
Charm (11 days ago)
Close Enough
Top Lebz (11 days ago)
For all the despaired people here, warcraft 3 is getting a reforge! No warcraft 4 anytime soon, but thats still something
zygimantas pocius (11 days ago)
So yeah, How about Warcraft 3 Reforged?
Altide Svensson (11 days ago)
They could even try to evolve RTS, how about that?
fonzcorp (11 days ago)
Keep that multi play crap up, Blizzard. Just remember that your original player target was single player.
vang-tou Lee (11 days ago)
I'm pretty sure everyone would jump to wc4 if they made it. All the old gamers definitely will and the fact its the new shiny toy will bring in the new ones as well. I mean come on everyone plays warcraft for the custom games.
CrypticApathy (11 days ago)
Wow yall predicted this really well. They just announced a remastered WC3
PLTP (11 days ago)
Warcraft 3 is still active on Battle.Net...... Recently at BlizzCom 2018 they announced Warcraft3 reforged (a revamp of War3) in 2019
TheReaper5125 (12 days ago)
Warcraft 3 reforged is coming
KealthasEls (12 days ago)
Well, I´m totally fine with Warcraft 3 REFORGED!
Thunder527 Gaming (12 days ago)
Warcraft confirmed to have a remastered version
Lalramdina Varte (12 days ago)
Warcraft 3 Reforged just got released boiss
Luke Cosgrove (12 days ago)
das wat im sayin boiii
Calvin Lee (12 days ago)
Cuz WoW makes more $ from subscriptions. It is cheaper to implement by updating & expansions than developing a whole new game. Luckily we still hv Starcraft for the War Strategy Game
Parabellum Invicta (12 days ago)
but want to release warcraft 3 reforged... really?
Filip Ivan (12 days ago)
Well they are releasing Warcraft 3: Reforged in 2019-2020 so thats why :D
retrogamerfan (13 days ago)
Hey if they can make sc2 even though it took like 20 years I’m sure wc4 will get made eventually
Earliest Elk (20 days ago)
I do hope we dont loose the RTS genre completely i still love these games
Earliest Elk (20 days ago)
If they do they could make so much more for the lore and we could maybe get a new wow another decade down the road after a new triliogy of Warcraft
Ho TaiChi (21 days ago)
Umm... I hope to see Warcraft 3 Remastered!
Ho TaiChi (3 days ago)
I just prophesied the Warcraft3 Reforged??? Wow that’s incredible!
RamdoR 24 (21 days ago)
i love you Sarg....
g pimpdaddy (21 days ago)
Warcraft 4 or riot on headquarters
GLT Rainbow (23 days ago)
How many players these days are on battle net, garena or some other platform? For Warcraft 3, thinking of digging up my old copy and playing again
marylain69 (24 days ago)
15,000,0000 people basically destroyed MMOs by buying this worthless game to the rest of the 7 billion people living on the planet.
ITsOnDahOuSe (30 days ago)
And how do you know that they have already divided "team one" into team Warcraft 4 and Starcraft maintainance team?
Lalrongbola (1 month ago)
Although rts isnt the most 'famous' type of game i'd love to play Warcraft 4 or a warcraft 3 remaster i still play it myself and would love a sequal to warcraft 3 and if it doesn't end well i'll refund them myself
Myst (1 month ago)
Because they can't make it last 20 years with constant updates, paid addons and events.
Alexander Forbes (1 month ago)
I grew up playing Tides of Chaos, the lore was all lost on me and I never really followed what was going on, I was a little kid, probably five or six when I started playing, but man was it fun. I can only imagine how much more I would get out of it now. I want a new Warcraft, dammit!
Janusha (1 month ago)
Ofcourse they cant make Warcraft 4 because the story has now confinued in different directions with WOW the MMO
Mohd Foolad (1 month ago)
I miss those days, Warcraft 3 frozen throne 😭
Kingston Anderson (1 month ago)
Sylvanas is still hot AF.
Pablo González (1 month ago)
Rts are not dead, neither are tactical strategy games or SRPG with classic turn based role play gaming. Maybe they'll do a WC4 after their golden egg WoW sinks (another mmo although impossible, takes the lead; they release bad expansions with nothing really valuable to offer whatsoever; or simply their gamers went to another game like it happened once many years ago with LoL release) because that way they'll have a reason to make even more expansions that explain the events on WC4. I don't think It will happen soon. But what it can happen is a new expansion; I mean, Age of Mythology not so long ago had a Chinese civ expansion, and even AoE II had a new expansion with a big success. If they remake their old WC3 with HD graphics or at least, a bit more polished 3D models, and give the players a new expansion, I am 100% it won't take 5 years of development as WC4 might take, and most of old gamers like me will buy it; but also the new ones who will have the perfect excuse to try a game near 17 years old. Profit for all if you ask me considering 98% people who played it loved the game (no jokes, real numbers)...
Skuash (1 month ago)
- Simple, you buy Warcraft 4 a single time -> Greedy bastards don't get enough money. - They are too busy making billions with all the crap they have now (pay to win HS, pay to play WoW, and all the microcraps and lootshit they have) with minimun effort an investment. These 2 are the only options. Not to mention that Wacraft 4 would be a competitive game for e-sports for sure and it would need a lot of work and time for many years to keep improving it, so they don't even want to bother, fucking dipshits. Want to know why this video sucks? "Any game that requires you to spend hours just learning the basics will probably be abandoned in favor of titles that can be picked up faster"
The Lord of Hogwarts (1 month ago)
I didn't know Illidan was a villain...
Brandon B (1 month ago)
Clan Ro3K on wc3 holler at me and the clan on there we make dynasty warrior maps and host often. Community still going just not even close to what it used to be!
owen2760 (1 month ago)
3:40 clout??
EzioIlMentore (1 month ago)
Warcraft 4 will have battle royale
hosein bardestani (1 month ago)
i think Warcraft 4 made after than world of warcraft
Nicolaj Nielsen (1 month ago)
Fuck blizzard! I hope metzen crashes his car over a cliff and just faceplants into some rocks. Only reason people kept playing wow was because of the overkill on subliminal messaging that still is in the game today.. Keep playing you pathetic little customer! Do it, dislike my comment and be butthurt about me calling out the literal brainwashing in the game. Do it, for blizzard? Scrawny little slave!
GLT Rainbow (23 days ago)
Nicolaj Nielsen What kind of subliminal messages are in wow?
M (1 month ago)
They could easily make a Horder faction, Alliance faction, Old Gods faction, Burning Legion faction.
M (1 month ago)
Bla bla bla = (((money))).
What's the point of this video?
Ryan Solomon (1 month ago)
How sad... Warcraft 3 was beyond a masterpiece. I feel like with death of RTS, the rest of gaming went with it.
jerry pablos (1 month ago)
Excuses. Most mobile games are base building ress collecring mmo. So there is million of people who want wc4
Cyrσท Nιɢнтcore (1 month ago)
RTS Gaming introduced me in the gaming Industry because of Warcraft 3, I do like the MMORPG genre but not that much, MOBA is like my second favorite genre because I play Dota 2 and HOTS.
Well Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne ended with the Undead winning and I never played any of the World of Warcraft part of the series.
Jet Tdm (1 month ago)
Want to wait Warcraft 4? Heres the trick, Just play The Spectacular Spider Man
Richmond Jamero (1 month ago)
For THE HORDE!!!!!!!!
khanh dinh (1 month ago)
i actually hate blizzard, they have some of the best games on its category. but they go for benefit rather than the fan favorite. i know i have no right to be angry, but they make it worse over the time and fell so many fans expectation
Gino Bramieri (1 month ago)
I want Warcraft 4 and during the waiting Warcraft 3 remastered !!! ;) serious, this is one of the best game of the history.. i want continue to play and my old cd-rom dont run more dont know why
"...great villains like Illidan and Arthas". You don't even know anything about Warcraft, do you.
Hell Knight (1 month ago)
There should be Warcraft4
baka nga? (1 month ago)
If warcraft and starcraft wasnt developed dota would never existed
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ (1 month ago)
why should they? they patching the wow world with new stuff and are up to date! i want a single player game from them with alot of campaigns where i can cheat my butt off ,.!.
El Elliot (1 month ago)
I need dota with world of Warcraft story!!!
Paul Amaranthe (2 months ago)
I am only waiting for WC 4 to buy a brand new computer and resume gaming
Jake Skelton (2 months ago)
If blizzard drop another RTS I think my childhood will be renewed so pls blizzard pls hear my call
uwish 2 (2 months ago)
Illidan a villian?? Cmooon why is everyone calling him a villian?? Someone explain plss..
BTIsaac (2 months ago)
Bah. No market for RTS? All it takes is someone with enough programming skills whipping up some bare minimum RTS with minimalistic graphics and basich mechanics on a PC in their mother's basement, and enough creativity to add just enough personality to make it feel fresh and different and i can guarantee it will be an overnight success.
Sorvos (2 months ago)
I miss the old days when video games were created for fun, gameplay and story, not just money...
John Smith (2 months ago)
This is actually sad I hope they change their mind.
Leterian (2 months ago)
well but they won't give up on warcraft either, if they won't make a rts out of wc4, then it's going to be another genre, but i'm convinced wc4 will happen eventually, after milking wow of course.
Blue Cross (2 months ago)
Smite and heroes of the storm is the best moba
Blue Cross (2 months ago)
Warcraft 3 still has 20k+ players all through out the world
Marcos Heck (2 months ago)
They won't release a WC4 because the story already continues on the WOW servers, the new expansions and cinematics are the following from the very end of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, you'll never see a solo game, only more and more growing online experience in World of Warcraft through Blizzcons and the game itself, enjoy!
Zahir Bakri (2 months ago)
many people love blizzard bcoz the music is an epic..storyline and characters
sander lenssen (2 months ago)
starcraft is doing great in competive and single player wc4 would do better in both zo dont say if you make wc4 you take a step back
Markov Soh (2 months ago)
Let’s be real, if they can sell it at 200 per piece then probably they won’t mind doing a Warcraft 4. To offset the price in the Xbox and PS market
Michael Barton (2 months ago)
To be honest, I think if they would release Warcraft 4 that also includes the scenarios from Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, all completely remade with a new engine and modern graphics, cutscenes, etc. with Warcraft 4 being the conclusion to the story they've been building up all these years, nnnnfff
Comatose (2 months ago)
There is no need for a new Warcraft .. Warcraft is perfect.
Hapdi at KIROT!! (2 months ago)
Why wouldnt hey just re-work it
tenochtitilian (2 months ago)
WCIII = D2 > WCII = SC2 = WoW > D3 > WCI = SC1 = HoTs
Der Schnittenmaster (2 months ago)
what about a second universe ?

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