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LGR - Top 17 Worst PC Games

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Tired of all those lists of the "worst" games that are actually just commonly-known sub par games? I am. So I made this list. These aren't just "mediocre" games... this is my worst of the worst. Keyword: MY list. This is 100% subjective and my own opinion, nothing more. ● Please consider helping support LGR on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/LazyGameReviews Consists of the top 17 worst PC games that I own. I actually collect these games somewhat, seeking out the worst crap as a matter of twisted pride and a weird guilty pleasure of perverted taste in games. Games were chosen on the basis of effort made vs end result, bugginess, lack of gameplay and/or fun, hype vs disappointment, and personal preference in comparison to other similar games. Why 17? Because it's an odd number, very odd.
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N337av G#o5h (3 days ago)
I laughed so fucking hard at the Big Rigs clip. Ran out breath while typing. Loved how that big ol' truck phased through every fucking obstacle.
Justin Graham (6 days ago)
I had Outpost. I tried to give it a shot, more times than it really deserved, but god it was just inscrutable.
Shrugz 9 (7 days ago)
Old school LGR!
Trey Keating (9 days ago)
test drive 4 and test drive off-road 2 work perfectly on my windows XP computer and I love them.
The Noob Gamer (10 days ago)
Wow this was recorded when rock music and good things exist
mlg dad jokes (10 days ago)
Channel trailer lead me to the ancient LGR vaults, n i c e
Tatercat Studios (11 days ago)
“I’ve seen better gameplay on a vending machine” I literally have
Laguzzaproductions (12 days ago)
I have been wondering for a while, have you ever tried to install Combat Medic on something different you came across since the making of this video?
The Espatier (18 days ago)
Should’ve put Rise of the Robots instead of Outpost. FOOL!
Ivar Labos (21 days ago)
Never lose a race again. You're always winner.
Ch073n 1 (21 days ago)
What’s the music when LGR shows the video for big rigs
Michael (1 month ago)
Just realized that Combat Medic features a midi rendition of Nirvana's 'Scentless Apprentice'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyxoQIQaogE
Carnel Jr. Faulkner (1 month ago)
5:30 looks like a scratch game
Prisoner416 (1 month ago)
Test Drive 4 had some of the best music ever, though, and the excellent TVR 12/7 '97.
astrodomekid (1 month ago)
6:42 - 6:59 I second the graphics being laughable with what they used for the background. I guess it’s supposed to be a dark forest at night, but it looks more like someone splattered the blood of Cacodemons on the walls of a dark room.
Rob M (1 month ago)
Andrew (1 month ago)
this hurts. i bought a lot of these games "unironically," at full price, and without any of the analysis or "hey this game looks really bad" before plunking down weeks and weeks of allowance :(
Cardinalis Andreas (1 month ago)
Dude you were so young.
Tom 2404 (1 month ago)
That intro
christopher easley (2 months ago)
Very entertaining. Thank you
Zipzeolocke (2 months ago)
I never experienced the first game but I actually really liked Outpost 2. But perhaps that's just my nostalgia speaking
DarcnessTrophies (2 months ago)
Ken Molinaro (2 months ago)
I was afraid to watch this video in case something was on it that I liked. Thankfully, never seen any of these games before.
Maadhawk (2 months ago)
Outpost was a good game in my book. It just had the great misfortune to run afoul of money grubbing executives like so many games do when large powerhouse publishers are involved. With some TLC I think the basic concepts of the game could really polished and a fantastic city builder of a title could emerge.
Wariofan1998 ALT (2 months ago)
Of course Big rigs is on this list. LOL
NeverFinished 3Digits (2 months ago)
"The controls are wank." Would LGR say that today?!?! Lol!
Lolodachi TechnoPumpkin (2 months ago)
I think someone in the dev team of Winter Race 3D screwed the code cause he loved PaTaank.
ffx2player (3 months ago)
I'm not sure if I should be delighted or terrified that I've played some of these, but who sold that last one? Looks like a programming project from college with an F!!!
TheFuturamaFanboy (3 months ago)
*Big Rigs: Ogre the Shrek Racing* Taken from RebelTaxi's Shrek Xbox Review...
Ivan Malek (3 months ago)
That music at 1:57 sounds like Alice in Chains - Them Bones
Yamcha Kippur (3 months ago)
I remember the X-Play review of Big Rigs when it was released.
Robo Thot (3 months ago)
LGR needs to do a remastered version of this vidoe
princeofpersia9000 asdf (3 months ago)
no Isle of the Dead? come on
Nepu-Tech USA (3 months ago)
Lost it at drugs from another universe xDD
Dénes Sebestyén (3 months ago)
You havan't tried to download games from the Windows Store, have you? :D They have games just like #1, but with unmovable ads in the middle of the screen. Okay-okay, I know it's not a new video :)
IrritationNation (3 months ago)
Clint:Big rigs is the worst pc game (Ominous female voice creeps up in the background) Fresh oats...Fresh Oats
IrritationNation (3 months ago)
Clint:Big rigs is the worst pc game (Ominous female voice creeps up in the background) Fresh oats...Fresh Oats
Fox Charlie 86 (4 months ago)
Hey, dude, maybe you can help me out. I remember when I was a kid, (somewhere around 1998), seing a game at a store and I never really knew the name of that game. It was somehow similar to Earthworm Jim in a way, but the main character kinda looked like a version of Klayman made out of red and yellow blocks and had two handguns. Do you know this game?
Jake Himelfarb (4 months ago)
I tried out that catechumen game cuz of this vid. I think it's actually kind of fun. Partially because it's ridiculous and stupid and partially because it's horrifying
Juhani Pihlajainen (4 months ago)
Insectologist? Don't you mean entemologist?
BDawg Schnarr (4 months ago)
Dig the intro
Anton Mink (4 months ago)
Tmnt is awful itself
Raphael Lima (4 months ago)
:( I like Xenophage
Bill McDonald (4 months ago)
"Swamp Buggy Racing" is the purest dreck I have in my collection. Absolutely dreadful.
ger du (4 months ago)
Of COURSE catechumen is sacrilege - along with the tedious sectarians ( aka American 'evangelicals'' ) who made it.
hipflask (4 months ago)
“I lump these together because they piss me off equally” hahahaha love it 👍
Ikhwan Arif (4 months ago)
Oh shit, that TMNT game is spot on.
Eli Kovalev (4 months ago)
I love you how you're storytelling, thank you from Saint- Petersburg, Russia
Fillipe Feitosa (4 months ago)
Your videos are GREAT. Subscribed. I really thought about start a PC-box gaming collection. Then I remembered the troubles I had with updating a game.
Michael (4 months ago)
TFW you've spent a good 20 or 30 hours on some of these games here. Was a big fan of streets of sim city, cool thing about it was that you could drive around in your old sim city levels! I think I played it on OS9? Also had a nice upgrade system and I remember a lot of the weapons being pretty cool. While we're at it, let's not forget sim copter! My friend and I also spent a lot of time on the paintball game and we turned out ok.
Timo mit Hut (4 months ago)
Depth Dwellers was so incredible bad -.-
Patavinity (4 months ago)
I think I've observed the following correlation: the worse a game is, the more likely it is to resemble a nightmare.
rosse119 (4 months ago)
I just knew the number one would that, was waiting for it for the whole video.
morningbetterlast (4 months ago)
Test Drive 4 had an awesome soundtrack and the Moscow race was pretty decent though :)
Milan Penk (4 months ago)
where is Mortal Coil?
Dennis Lieding (4 months ago)
Bop 'N Wrestle.... enough said. As a kid I wanted this so bad. Got it just to find out my PCjr did not have 256k so I read the box again and again just memorizing the character bios dreaming about how awesome it would be to play it. Then one day I got the expansion sidecar. Then I played it...
Hi from the future :)
Iamnav (5 months ago)
After 8 years this is in my recommendation... Thanks YouTube
Eclispestar (5 months ago)
Hunt down captain Bible.
HDXFH (5 months ago)
Waste of code
random linux nerd (5 months ago)
Sometimes it’s nice to know what not to get
osiris meza (5 months ago)
2018 anybidy
Katie Hunter (5 months ago)
*Bless Online, should be added to this list.*
Edhi Kurniawan (5 months ago)
Literally off road, the truck avoid any road even if in form of bridge.
Alan Mahoney (5 months ago)
Controls are wank ha ha that's funny coming from an American
Robert Moore (5 months ago)
“That’s like saying that you have a car but you only have a steering wheel... that’s not how it works, man.” I had to pause the video and laugh for a good 5 minutes and watch that part again.
Mazrim Taim (5 months ago)
Every PC should ship with a free copy of Big Rigs
MemoriesLP (5 months ago)
So almost all bad pc games are racing games. Im happy I dont play those
MrMakosi (5 months ago)
ahahahaha lol ah man you've seen some shit...
Remo Williams (5 months ago)
Steam have tons of bad games worst than this list xD
Cat who drives A Trabant (5 months ago)
If anyone likes the idea of outpost, try master of Orion 2.
Odin's Playground (5 months ago)
VHS recorder FTW lol
secretRBRman (5 months ago)
OMG yes!!! that jump in TNMT!!! I remember that when i was a kid. Was hoping to re-install TMNT one day, to see if i can finally jump over that and explore the rest of the game???
Urban Weekend Warrior (5 months ago)
woah.. triggered. streets of simcity is amazing BECAUSE of the bugginess. It was like a 3d GTA 1 year after top-down GTA (minus plot, etc), but SANDBOX! You could make maps in simcity and then drive them- which was great for stunts and intentionally glitching. I'm gonna make a vid someday to prove you wrong
Maybe your copy of Combat Medic is just a defective disc
K 9 Poodle (5 months ago)
2:14 have you tried a PC with 8700k oc'd to 5 GHz, 64 GB memory, two 1080 ti in slides. Maybe its poorly optimized or way too ahead of its time.
Joseph Lozano (5 months ago)
LGR was cute back in 2010
Tomáš Valůšek (5 months ago)
The "winner" - huge LOL
DoctorHver (5 months ago)
Games like these makes you question your life choses.
David Meyer (6 months ago)
_"... it almost looks like somebody tried to make this a game and then got distracted by cheese or something."_ Nearly fell out of my chair laughing.
The f2p Pyro (6 months ago)
It would’ve been a better analogy to say it’s like having the frame of a car but no engine
The f2p Pyro (6 months ago)
Wow, you made a vhs quality video in 2010? WELL THIS WOULD’VE BEEN GREAT IN 1994! When it was impressive, you know to not die at 30
BanditYT (6 months ago)
I can't draw bulls
MistaMaddog247 (6 months ago)
This sure brings back memories of all the bad game reviews I read in PC Gamer...
Dee Bee (6 months ago)
I loved Outpost :-) But Part 2 was really crap
Jason Poe (6 months ago)
Got distracted by cheese or something. Haha!
AgentTasmania (6 months ago)
Big Rigs is a disappointingly conventional choice for #1 after the others.
handsomebrick (6 months ago)
In the Extreme Bullriding segment, the first bull's head looks like a bleached cow skull, which would have been badass.
h3xagon95 (6 months ago)
Where's Gothic?
feco91 (4 months ago)
What? Gothic is a good game. It's hard to get used to the controls, but once you do, it's awesome.
Randome boy (6 months ago)
Tetris is the best :D
Ray W Penn Jr (6 months ago)
YouTube ruby gloom train wrek
DragonNexus (6 months ago)
Oh the wonderful days of 2010, before Steam opened the floodgates and let stuff way worse than any of this permiate the store in the dozens every day.
"I've seen better game-play on a vending machine." Ouch, lol! Hey, at least you can have 5 minutes of fun with the fact there's no speed cap when reversing by holding down reverse, until you're going 9001 million MPH and laughing at how depressingly hilariously bad the game was.
Shaman LizardKing (6 months ago)
amazing intro
LadyBernkastel92 (6 months ago)
Space Bunnies Must Die is a game I had but could never get to work on my computer. Glad to know it was bad and I wasn't missing much.
Karnage (6 months ago)
Damn I love that intro!
Televicious Goober (7 months ago)
Megaman for DOS was one of the first games I beat. Wasn't that bad, but I appreciated the NES version much more when I saw that.
m0nde (7 months ago)
The last two look amazing. I want to try the bull rider game and that weird, clipping truck game.
Bunny Queen (7 months ago)
Ik this video is like, 8 years old, and idk if it existed back then, but a game called Country Justice: Revenge of the redneck is easily worse than big rigs, at least in big rigs you can have fun going backwards and seeing how high you can go or just fucking around the maps n all CJ:RotR is a game that people thought was legit unbeatable for a time cause the only video to really showcase it couldn't find their way out of the buggy hell that was the game. It has bad animations, horrible voice acting, so many glitches and awful moments you'd be hard-pressed to find anything redeeming in the game, in all cases if theres a flight of stairs you have to climb you have to use "Moonshine" which increases your speed to even get up them, if you don't have moonshine then good fucking luck getting up the steps. And lets not start on loading, if the game doesn't crash on bootup it'll take several more minutes for it to load as you stare at the awful awful picture they chose to represent the game, and watch as it loads and unloads over and over. It wasn't discovered (at least for me it wasn't) that there was an actual end to the game until a cool speedrunner ran the game and found the way to beat it

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