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MORTAL KOMBAT 25th Anniversary Trailer - E3 2017

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MORTAL KOMBAT 25th Anniversary Trailer - E3 2017 ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q ►Apply for Curse Network : http://bit.ly/1Mseqxc
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Text Comments (630)
Milca Diaz (17 days ago)
Steven Buchanan (2 months ago)
Off the top sub zero scorpion reptile baraka...shang stung..raiden. sindel.. kitana millena jade. quan chi sareena frost ashra lui kane johnny cage sonya blade jaxs kaung lao and kano rain ermac noob smoke tremor by cyrax.sektor triborg jade kitana millena skarlet lie mei tanya frost k/chameleon skarlett Nightwolf stryker blaze bo rai cho fujin Taven daegon DVORAH KOTAL KAHN CASSY CAGE TAKEDA kun jin jacki Erron black shinnock
Random Gaming (5 months ago)
my favorite MK games was 1 and 2, those are still the best IMO
Dave Jhonson (5 months ago)
know you're self (5 months ago)
A mortal kombat 2 remake will be nice ; )
Fight games are dead They're not interesting already
Kingsmann 48 (8 months ago)
Nice video
GORO 1234 (8 months ago)
my favorite game from mortal kombat is mortal kombat deally Alliance mortal kombat armageddon Mortal Kombat 1 2 And Umk3 Mortal Kombat Deception And Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
hungrynapps (9 months ago)
they should make a combo pack with all the games on one cd or download .
plasma pyro (9 months ago)
Armageddon please
Trickstar 91 (9 months ago)
i allways wanted mortal kombat to be more like virtua fighter and be more realistic with just a little touch of fantasy instead of the ridiculous over the top bullshit they made over the years.... but with each game they allways disappointed one game more retarded than the other, i stopped being a mortal kombat fan after i grew up and stopped being a dumb kid stupid kids play mortal kombat while adults play tekken.
manuel urena (9 months ago)
I love your mortal Kombat game please stop making injustice game they suck ass
Laine Donnelly (9 months ago)
So they're just announcing that MK has been going on for 25 years? or are they going to do something like remasters etc. ?
commiep1g (9 months ago)
25th anniversary edition mortal Kombat konfirmed
Steve P (9 months ago)
Remastered MK:!????!???
Nathan Stone (9 months ago)
So, are they bringing the entire series to the PS4 and Xbox one?
Enzo Palma (9 months ago)
Ok so how is this a trailer?
Jack Martin (9 months ago)
Still waiting on Kombat pack 3
Kenneth Sanez (9 months ago)
I like Mortal Kombat and StreetFighter. Its not technical like Tekken
llAc3Vipll (9 months ago)
Just bring back kreate a kharacter
Jezza Lenko (9 months ago)
Ummm... Where's the game?
Superman Ross (9 months ago)
Proud member of the Lin Kuei
Superman Ross (9 months ago)
The greatest fighting game ever #MortalKombat mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Fuller (9 months ago)
Tekken is better
PrincessofPower84 (9 months ago)
Notice how they skipped any reference to the fourth game and the second movie?
Love mk since the start but hated all those bonus character's later on like predator and alien and Freddy Krueger etc.
IZOMBIESLAYER115 (9 months ago)
0:12 that yell tho my favorite mk game of all times is Mortal kombat 3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 even tho people could play as that changing color ninja that was way Op Mortal Kombat Deception Mortal Kombat Shaolin monks and now MKXL
xBleuGuyx (9 months ago)
Put everything in one download for current gen with online capabilities. That's something I would actually preorder.
Anthony Moua (9 months ago)
Was hoping for a little tease for mk11
Pewdie pie (9 months ago)
I want mk9 remastered with frostbite engine
Andrew Burnett (9 months ago)
Better yet remaster a mugen mk game MKTX
Chief Mani (9 months ago)
pls let there be reports
Alan Magdaleno (9 months ago)
Ed Boon The One of two Creators was the original voice for scorpion's ," Get Over Here ----------------->
DeRosset Myers (9 months ago)
What the hell kind of "trailer" is this? It's just a few developers patting themselves on the back!
LazyDudeKillin3 (9 months ago)
So what's coming out a game or movie
Carlos B (9 months ago)
So does this mean a new game is coming out ?
Ronan Clarke (9 months ago)
Mortal Kombat 1 remastered. Nuff said
Desmond Timoteo (9 months ago)
Fun fact. Cyber Clan is actually the future power rangers.
Thomas Hetherington (9 months ago)
They have to make mk1 with modern graphics
Mrmej83 (9 months ago)
Happy 25th anniversary to the entire MK franchise, congratulations!
Malestia (9 months ago)
mortal kombat 3 ultimate best
Patric2014 (9 months ago)
from what ed boon was saying. mk 25th anniversary could be a possible game. we could have another mk trilogy except in 3D digital
Про Mk4 сами разработчики не желают вспоминать
oi (9 months ago)
A mortal kombat armageddon type scenario for MK11? Full roster?
Dario Modolo (9 months ago)
Where is MkX DLC number 3????
Bryan Zachery (10 months ago)
I want one more Mortal Kombat game... At least one more please Ed Boon
Lara Redfield (10 months ago)
SJWs be like "They need to put gay transgendered characters in the game!"
Kev JB (10 months ago)
MK 11 was dope but man. Way too gory for me
Damn, mortal kombat is still going strong. Good.
B.E.A.T .S (10 months ago)
Any tips of BEATING MOLOCH in DEADLY ALLIANCE arcade mode? i did it once but cant again, and evertime i reach him and fail a few times only to come back later to fight again it doesnt save my place and im back at the first opponent. please helpm
kuanlimputera (10 months ago)
Please make mortal kombat vs killer instinct !!
Ardle Acid (11 months ago)
what is the point of this video
Me ponen los furries (10 months ago)
Marvelight DCGAM3R The nostalgia...
SP 1000 SOULS (11 months ago)
Damn! Mortal Kombat has changed a lot more than I expected was arcade then moves onto a different console
ermac 1001 (11 months ago)
i want deadly alliance one xbox one. or atleast remake conquest
omar dias (11 months ago)
Good times I love MK
Cody Armstrong (11 months ago)
Is it gonna be a collection of all the games in 25 years? Hope so...
Bouncy Jelly Gaming (11 months ago)
I was expecting a MK11 teaser or sneak peek
slick dreams (11 months ago)
shant07 (11 months ago)
The next MK should be like MK9 cause 10 was shit
Tom Docouto (11 months ago)
Mortal Kombat 11
TheVoicz (11 months ago)
Definitely 2.5x better, than a Maximilian!
Cosmic limit (11 months ago)
No MK Shaolin Monks footage ??
Dave Carsley (11 months ago)
Anyone know what the point of this "trailer" (or whatever it was) is?? Is it advertising something? Is there a new game announced? WTF was this?
Martin Maldonado (11 months ago)
Thank you for 25 years of blood :)
Mr. Devil 4304 (11 months ago)
Also, does anyone else feel like this is a fake trailer?
Mr. Devil 4304 (11 months ago)
They need to make the next game already
Kent Huang (11 months ago)
I really hope Fujin is playable in the next game. He deserves to be in more games. I would also like to see Skarlet, Sareena, Li Mei, and Noob Saibot return as well.
Xenomaly (11 months ago)
Tho must not mention mortal kombat vs dc
Marc Amico (11 months ago)
Can't believe this is 25 years old,man. I had the Sega Genesis console,because with the ABACAAB code. You can see blood.
Casal do Play (11 months ago)
Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks 2, just do it
Ralph Coronado (11 months ago)
I am sure Ed Boon and the gang are preparing for a new Mortal Kombat game next year. fingers-crossed. I can feel it!
Damien Clement (11 months ago)
Would love to see Scorpion and Sub Zero kick the shit out of Ryu and Ken
Damien Clement (11 months ago)
Or Lui Kang and Kung Lao
Mihajlor mc (11 months ago)
Fun fact my faveourite character is scorpion and i'm scorpio
gabriel barblay (11 months ago)
Felicidades mortal kombat feliz 25 aniversario
Pinguinul Günter (11 months ago)
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition back pack for Xbox One 😒😒
S - L (11 months ago)
We need a Mortal Kombat movie !
Marvin Simmond (11 months ago)
Bruh shaolin monks was a horrible game imo everbody stfu nobody want that shit remastered they need to remaster mk9 instead
Vincent George (11 months ago)
This fake all the words that have a c should have a k
Jonathan Alnas (11 months ago)
Erron Black: Johnny Cage Johnny Cage: whoa be careful with that rifle or you will shoot your eye out Erron Black: shut up and fight me (that would be a funny moment if Ed Boon added that for a Christmas DLC on MKX)
Mr. Myan (11 months ago)
Worst 1min and 30sec of my life
Bryant Guidry (11 months ago)
*One franchise... Created the M rating*
b o o o n i b b a (11 months ago)
They should really make a shaolin monks 2, that was the shit back then.
Amaury Lagunea Arenas (11 months ago)
happy 25 years MK
ferna2294 (11 months ago)
I want either a Saolin Monks or a legit remake of armageddon ♥
DantheMan (11 months ago)
Looks like the 327 dislikes are probably the ones that got they asses handed to them lolz
Captain Cambodia (11 months ago)
Goldberg is coming to Mortal Kombat?
Mister Cross (11 months ago)
Mortal Kombat N Sane Trilogy
Argus Gorefest (11 months ago)
From what game you joined the Mk universe? I started from Mk Vs Dc man those childhood memories
BluAravena (11 months ago)
That's a shitty trailer...
B_side1986 T (11 months ago)
Was this a recent e3 ? Or is it old ?
Christian B (11 months ago)
Stiff gameplay did change everything. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ironbreaker (11 months ago)
That's it? No new game announcement, no HD remakes of "klassic" MK games, no exclusive merch? Just a bunch of bullshit?!
Martin Angel Perez (11 months ago)
FOOD FOR THOUGHT... I see predator I see Jason also there's Leather face.....where the f@#k is HELLRAISER (Pin Head)
Jose Quintero (11 months ago)
Forever MK
jvgjor (11 months ago)
Please make Ultimate Mortal Kombat X!!!
Joseph KERR (11 months ago)
I want the next mk to have another konquest mode I thought that was fun was deception the only one that had it?
Thiago Augusto (11 months ago)
One more horror movie character and this shit Will become Terror Dome 😥
Sal Tim (11 months ago)
Beloved and most favorite, with BT&DD

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