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10 Video Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode

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Text Comments (13457)
LittleMissEevee (3 hours ago)
we need more games with a very easy mode that completely removes any challenge but call it game reviewer mode
Jeremy Smith (10 hours ago)
Nothing wrong with doing easy, I play easy all the time and I play hard core after. I use to have dark souls " which has no difficult " the game is hard from start to finish and beat it.
Stephen King (11 hours ago)
I wish there were more "Kid Modes" out there..They id a wonderful job for children back then
liz (13 hours ago)
well i suck at games and i have no self confidence so i'm just gonna take the bullying like the little bitch i am
This is stupid, because normally you'd play easy first as then you get the jist of the gameplay. That's disgusting to be honest.
Keyanna (21 hours ago)
I used to play spiderman on kid mode 😂 but then again, I was 9.
David lynn (23 hours ago)
What's the point of mockery from the games itself, if they're letting people play in beginner mode anyway.
Keyon Konceited (1 day ago)
The game Wanted easy mode was called “Pussy” mode
Kama's Queen (1 day ago)
That's why I said fuck the boss fight when I played Wolfenstein the New Oder The for of us played F-ZeroGX on easy Hard Very hard I'm playing Honkai on easy hard very hard And I'm Western
NoShitCaptain (1 day ago)
That thumbnail is so disturbing
iLi Biljaz (1 day ago)
I only came for the thumbnail 🤤😍
Karan Kaushik (1 day ago)
Exo Exo (1 day ago)
new players are just NOOBS PERIOD
Kendall Coombs (1 day ago)
Games are easy in general, actually choosing easy is next level. Lol if upset by the game making a tiny joke about choosing easy, then maybe the wolfenstein depiction of the player as s baby is even MORE accurate than I thought.
Spideyfan (1 day ago)
Is it bad that I pu Spiderman PS4 on easy cause it was my first spidey game ever
flashthr0w (1 day ago)
Wait, so people actually take these "mocks" seriously? Granted, that ones that locks the ending/missions away from you is just plain bad design, but the rest just seem to be in good fun. I have no clue why people are taking these so personally.
eyl (2 days ago)
Is this IHE?
eyl (2 days ago)
Sounds just like him.
ComradeTiki (2 days ago)
Guild Wars 2 April fools event "Super Adventure Box" features different difficulty modes. The easiest mode provides an alternative to its jumping puzzles, in which a cloud farts a rainbow walkway that you can walk across.
Andres Hines (2 days ago)
0:44 TF?!
Brad Franks (2 days ago)
Looking for a good gaming channel check out wolfkaosaun
Leina The Shipper (2 days ago)
Wow. (Guess what, the games that has VIP players mocking non VIPs is as worse. I've been there. From non-VIP , until the time I left the game as a VIP. I never mocked people, though.) I don't play games with modes now because they stress me lol. If someone wants to play simple and easy, let them. Some play just for complete fun, not everybody wants to be a competent gamer or are willing to play the hard way. I understand content restrictions, but no need for name-calling, really. It lowers confidence, and less people would want to play that game. Games are originally for fun, people shouldn't mistake them as another pure source of pride.
french fri (2 days ago)
Hahahaha "not taking weeks"? I've been on easy mode on South Park: fractured but whole and stuck on shubnigerrath for a very long time.
Bryan Phillips (2 days ago)
Played ninja gaiden😐
black native (2 days ago)
Did the us choose the easy setting when they nuked Japan?
Brandon Medrano (3 days ago)
This one is for left 4 dead 2 me and my cousin was playing the first map dead center and when we finally got to chapter 4 it was actually really hard to beat, we were playing on normal and I said you know what? I'm putting it on easy, after i did that it was even harder and I was really confused! But the next day I tried playing on expert and barely any zombies came out, I thought it was a troll from the developers
randomguestobserving (3 days ago)
Pfff, let the folks play on whatever mode they like to. I rather play on easy mode than wasting my lifetime and -energy on dozen of useless attempts while becoming a totally obsessed angry and simultaneously frustrated maniac , who is actually proud of virtually nothing (except for some pixels telling him his "achievements" are "great") and all above had lost contact to the real world, got fat, stupid and ugly by tons of ordered pizza & burger and having no friends except for other morons in the same situation. "Get a life" is the right mantra for this....:D
Crank everything up to the hardest difficulty, still find it easy most times :/ Games are catering to casual players far too much imo.
Joshua Willis (2 hours ago)
I literally created this account to write this comment you only named a handful of games and you didn’t even give that much of a reason to say they were “easy”. You’re right you’re not lying. You just literally have no idea what you’re talking about. You have a long way to go on being a developer.
Bayonetta Non-Stop Climax mode was a breeze. Literally just spam Pillow Talk and constantly press the block/counter (the one that normally shifts you into Witch Time with perfect timing) as you are striking, you get through 99% of the game without a second thought with that. Raiden V doesn't even require you to stay alive, as it has an infinite continue, but even still I oftentimes cleared stages on "Very Hard" without losing any health in that mode. While I haven't done a perfect 1 CC run yet, it's not out of the realm of possibility. I reached Stage 8 with 22% shields, nearly full bombs (for saving for final boss and the wall thing that has a nearly un-dodgeable attack pattern), and still had the miniboss available with another one of the fairy drops that give extra shielding if you take damage. Sadly, that run was destroyed by hurricane Irma, and I didn't feel like going back through it again after the power came back on since I had a TrueAchievements challenge I was going for. Halo on Legendary was basically... simple, aside of a couple levels in Halo 2 and Reach. Veteran on Cod was a joke in comparison to Halo, and I basically stopped playing them after a bit. I'm not claiming to be "the best" at any one thing, but it's foolish to call me a liar for simply stating games are catering to casuals. Look at MMO's like WoW that negated "hard" mechanics, or things like FNAF Sister Location that "nerfed" a difficult section that was completely do-able, the transition of difficulty from Halo 2 to Halo 3, Raiden V having a continue system instead of a life system like Raiden X where you had to start over completely, the reduction of "bullet hell" or shoot-em-up style appearances in games, etc. I miss games that used to reward personal skill. I don't see too many nowadays. I recently played through a decent amount of Rare Replay, and have enjoyed some of the older game's challenges, to include the Infinite Tunnel achievement (Titled "Beyond the Impossible") in which I am one of the very few people who have completed it on the collection. (I'm going after Stampers Forever, AKA 100% I'm currently on Jet Force Gemini in that collection.) Up until this video, I had yet to even hear about Ninja Gaiden, and I'm on my initial playthrough of the Devil May Cry collection as I hadn't had a chance to play it yet. (Beat 1 and Dante's side of 2, so far it seems simpler than Bayonetta. (First playthrough of games with multiple difficulties I go for the most achievements I can grab on Normal to get them out of the way so I can focus on just playing on the highest difficulty. Things like level time, collectibles, simple clears, etc) I hear 3 is the one Bayonetta's gameplay was really based around, so I'm looking forward to that one. Then again, the difficulty may jack up higher in DMC than it did in Bayonetta in all of them, which is also welcome. Needless to say, I'm excited to hear Ninja Gaiden is a thing. I plan to pick it up when I can. Rewarding players skill is actually one of the main drivers in me working towards becoming a game developer myself.
Joshua Willis (10 hours ago)
I literally created this account to write this comment I know you’re lying
Kaya Catherall (3 days ago)
00fster X (4 days ago)
*spungbub could scale everest with his teeth*
pupsamson777 (4 days ago)
Looool Lovely that you sneakily throw in the anti Trump references.....scandalous and ol Willy Clinton would have been more apt. Typical cucks.
Sure Lock (4 days ago)
For the old Wolfenstein I thought he was wearing one of those white wigs that rich guys from the 1700s wore
XxCOOKEExxMONSTARxX (4 days ago)
I will play wolfenstien in CAN I PLAY DADDY mode idc!
Noctis (4 days ago)
Every game i buy that i never play before i always start out easy then increase my difficulty lol
darth revan (4 days ago)
I don’t care if they mark me I always play on easy sticks and stones sticks and stones
MedIevalCyrax (4 days ago)
I always choose hard mode then after I beat the game,I go for whatever is higher
Alexander Lightwood (4 days ago)
This happened when I play RE4 easy i ended up at the maze at the mansion andIcouldn't continue because easy mode doesn't have the key :P
the real cuphead (5 days ago)
0:43 NANI!!?????
Mattheu- Dupont (5 days ago)
O hated dark souls and resident evil
Abby Collins (5 days ago)
6:10 mood
Random User (5 days ago)
Wolfenstein is my life. Of course I began playing at middle difficulty cause the game itself would mock me otherwise
DDonut (5 days ago)
fucking stop recommending me this fucking video. i click "NOT INTERESTED IN THIS VIDEO" and it keeps showing up. stop with these stupid clickbait useless garbage fucking videos.
Fallen Mango (5 days ago)
In “I want to be the guy” if you click easy it sends you to a barbie website
TheDeadlyMedley (5 days ago)
Nowadays someone would sue them for hurting their feelings
nognir616 (5 days ago)
Lion King on GameBoy had a "Cub" difficulty. After clearing the 3rd or 4th stage (I don't remember exactly) Scar appears saying "Well done, little cub, but that was easy" ending the game there.
Phill Tv (5 days ago)
This is a rip off
OptyxFPS (5 days ago)
why are so many people mad about it? you made the choice to play on an easy mode. Obviously you arent born an expert but practice makes perfect. You are essentially being too lazy to learn the strategies for the game by playing on easy mode
Where's cuphead?
Lincoln7Echo (6 days ago)
0:13 Pewds sick burn
Miss Anthrope (6 days ago)
I always assumed the lower difficulty settings were for kids despite the rating of the games in question because, let's be honest, nobody really pays attention to the ESRB ratings except for overprotective suburban soccer moms and super religious people.
Wolf Clan Nation (6 days ago)
I've played the phantom pain it's kinda fun
Dark Eater (6 days ago)
JUst my opinion but if developers want to mock people using a video game they shouldn't make the game at all. 1) the developers could get sued. 2) mocking people tells a lot of people that either the game studios are either arrogant or incredibly heartless. And 3) Mocking is just all around unknind. Granted I never really played a game that actually mocked me but making a game that does that is just plain mean. I hope they still aren't doing that because some of the users of these games could be kids. Some people just dont ever consider anyones feelings.
MantisCrawl (6 days ago)
Devil May Cry "excruciatingly difficult"? That's a new one
Gab Gab (6 days ago)
Dats harsh...
plusee (6 days ago)
Tino L (6 days ago)
after you beat minion, you can select him as a player. That's enough incentive.
Dennzyl Vania (6 days ago)
they should mock you for playing on normal as well, cuz on most games nowadays "normal" feels like "total pussy"!
Lennox (6 days ago)
Pixel gun punishes you for rage quitting it takes like 100 medals 🥇
Dark Nights (6 days ago)
Xavier Miťochorňia (7 days ago)
llllllllllllily (7 days ago)
who cares what mode a stranger plays on. not everybody is a serious gamer.
Harry Brill (7 days ago)
I wouldn't say British and American people just have a life and don't masturbate to pixels ow shit wait porn has pixels never mind we all fap to pixels XD
Sam Love800 (7 days ago)
no wonder their games are already dead
The Reaper (7 days ago)
0:44 LOL
TheFado96 (7 days ago)
Why isn't basically any Touhou game on this list?
Philip MAYNE (8 days ago)
Lol the intro just yell I’m bad
Rumblebee Games/news (8 days ago)
Why did he show a brake pedal when he said slap on the clutch?
Who thought they really copied u when they sayed 10 games that copied u I did 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Risnox (8 days ago)
*Nothing is hard for the japanese gamers*
Jaz 12 (8 days ago)
I am 12 year old kid and played every games in normal or hard difficulty
the masked decepticon (8 days ago)
Yikes Never playing these why punish a player for doing something u put in its like telling someone "u can have apple juice orange juice or lemonade" and punching them for picking lemonade
Ramon Philyaw (8 days ago)
undertale better be in dis one
Devyx (8 days ago)
Easy mode should be renamed game journalist mode.
Nitram PlaysGames (8 days ago)
Paid for game, deserves to see all of it.... RIP
lilyhybrid (9 days ago)
Ehhh? Easy mode? Only kids play easy mode! (Like if you get the reference!)
Crimson Skies (10 days ago)
The latest god of war got stupid with this bs . It's not the gamers fault developers are fucking ruining every game to date.
DuckXrec (10 days ago)
6:09 *n i c e*
Xtrah962 (10 days ago)
Then why add easy mode? :P
Sazy Video (10 days ago)
Why add super easy modes in it in the first place why not put normal, hard, hardcore
Im Roadhouse (10 days ago)
boring video
prudo (10 days ago)
serious sam aswell ::::>
Lol the thump nail got me laughing
Luke (11 days ago)
This makes me laugh. We are talking about VIDEO GAMES, aren't we? I feel sorry for people that gain there "valid" status from a video game. If you find torturing yourself through a video game makes you a better person than someone that plays for relaxation, you need to seek therapy.
Vic LewisJr (11 days ago)
I play mortal kombat advance on easy 💯 lol
Vincent Ray (11 days ago)
10 games I won't buy (along with loot boxes). Mock your customers will you?
ExtraGaming YT (11 days ago)
TheBlightfulGamer (11 days ago)
Ben The Object (12 days ago)
He finally snapped at 6:10
Fnaf world should've been on this list...
HasukeSMWC (12 days ago)
Chibiyima needs to see this.
Grizbands (12 days ago)
I keep getting this video in my reccomended
MF oo (12 days ago)
i always play single player games on easy mode and im a 23 y/o man i only care about the story okay?
Jetstream Matt (3 days ago)
Then why aren't you watching a movie?
dreamlandnightmare (12 days ago)
If they are going to shame and punish you for playing in easy mode, it shouldn't be an option to begin with. These programmers are nothing but smug a-holes.
Great Teacher (6 days ago)
It's setting up the game as a bully villain in the eyes of the player and making said player the underdog. They game mocks you, so you do your best to prove it wrong and make it eat its word.
Laurelindo (11 days ago)
Yeah, it would make more sense if they just simply restricted players who used cheats or something. One example of this is "Perfect Dark" for the N64 - that game gives you the status "Cheated" if you use cheats on a stage, and it also prevents you from earning new cheats while you already have other cheats activated, and that's reasonable.
dreamlandnightmare (11 days ago)
Exactly; it's the programmers being nothing but a-holes.
Laurelindo (11 days ago)
Easy Mode is intended for complete beginners, so if a game mocks someone for playing on that difficulty then that's pretty much the same thing as saying "what, you haven't always been an expert? well lol you, then".
L7ckyDuck •-• (13 days ago)
Then Fortnite comes in....
XXXBratacion (13 days ago)
0:43 *Wtf is that game??*
luciano mori (13 days ago)
luciano mori (13 days ago)
now i cant even enjoy a dark souls game without getting killed xD
Electro Skull (13 days ago)
Isn't spider man for kids? Fucking asshole?
MCmodding4K (13 days ago)
well, an ipv4-adress is just 4 bytes, just like a typical integer
- ItzDrift - (13 days ago)
This is sad. So we can't have fun by one shotting enemies..? Huh we get mocked for it. Sucks
Gab Formoso (13 days ago)
WMMT, a racing game, has a part in the story mode wherein a character teases another character for using an automatic transmission rather than a manual transmission. The manual transmission being the hard mode and the automatic transmission being easy mode.
TheHotWheelsMaster (14 days ago)
What's the elevator music in the beginning

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