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Splatoon 2 Gets A Repackage! Which Switch Game Should Be Next?

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Splatoon 2 Starter Edition is a repacking of the Nintendo Switch hit, and it's releasing March 16th! What do we think about these repackaged releases, and what Switch game could get the treatment next? Let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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SlaterGator409 (6 months ago)
I've never played splatoon before. Got my switch last week and wanted to pick this game up, they had one left at my Walmart and it was the starter edition. Pretty cool
HypeBeast Dad (6 months ago)
I recently got Splatoon 2 to play competitively! I was sleeping on the game no lie
Mawish Rahman (7 months ago)
It's the same price?! Hmm, now I really should consider getting a switch.
Jorge Sanchez Najera (7 months ago)
Man i want that now
Alex Zimmer (7 months ago)
Mario Odyssey: Traveler's Edition: Includes a guide, game, and a map of the kingdoms. 59.99$ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Driver's Edition: Includes guide, game, and some stickers. 59.99$ Uh.... ARMS: Fighter Edition: Includes a guide, game, and a few pins. 39.99$ (Nintendo trying to bring back ARMS) When Smash comes out: Smash for Switch: Melee Edition: Includes a free download code for Melee HD, Smash for Switch physical copy, and a strategy guide for each game.
Zakawer (7 months ago)
I also think _Mario Kart 8 Deluxe_ should get repackaged the same way. I could see _Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Starter Edition_ coming on the same day as _Mario Tennis Aces._
Gaell Gallegos (8 months ago)
Doom would be cool
* Snazzy * (8 months ago)
Stop just looping the dang clips! It's lazy and unenertainng!
TheDudeNamed Nyles (8 months ago)
Jmgamer101 Gameing (8 months ago)
Literally bought the game yesterday now I'm sad lol
Whyed you forword the intro?
Im not fond of the idea. Mostly for zelda breath of the wild explorers edition. The idea that i bought the game already but that theres a guide that i dont have, rubs me the wrong way. I dont have a strategy guide for splatoon 2 and if this is the only way to get it then im disappinted.
Juan Lozano (8 months ago)
I have a question, should I buy splatoon 2, fifa 18, or mk8? I really like soccer, but splatoon really intrigues me, im not sure what to do can anyone help me out?
Andrew Arbuckle (8 months ago)
Gabe absolutely hit the head on the nail for me! I bought Splatoon 2 digitally on day one because I played it at like 12:01am haha. However, I'm a quasi collector and I love the Splatoon IP so I think I will take the plunge and buy this for the guide and the physical copy.
John Doe (8 months ago)
If they release this new packaging before last Christmas holidays, I could understand. Or, just release the new packaging, why marketing this like a totally brand new game now because people will get confused because this game is pretty popular and those who got switch most likely would get this game also! When I first saw it online, I thought it was a new Splatoon until I read the description! For Arms, I could understand because it was an older game and they added so much stuff for the DLC, so it deserves new marketing.
Haaxey der Ehrentoad (8 months ago)
What they really should put in there is either a LAN Adapter for Switch, or a WLAN Promoter, so that people, that aren't putting their Switch right next to the Internet thing can actually PLAY ONLINE (Please Excuse my Horrible Spelling etc. I am german)
Pika Chris (8 months ago)
ZakAshChan (8 months ago)
Nintendo have a lot of avid *collectors* within their fanbase. As a result, if they re-release a hardcopy of a game with new pictures on the box, Nintendo *will* make profit.
Thundervolt (8 months ago)
ARMS deserves another chance Splatoon 2 released after ARMS. A special edition most likely similar to this Splatoon 2 one could help game units sell closer to 2 million+ units. I agree with most of us, ARMS and Super Mario Odyssey should be next. IF that’s even possible and hopefully Splatoon 2 makes it to 5 Million+ units. :)
Myth the builder (8 months ago)
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY i already bought the game but idc
Jonah Newman (8 months ago)
The way i see it is this is no different then other companies doing a "game of the year edition"
ARI THE WOOMY (8 months ago)
the sad thing is that I got splatoon 2 yesterday
hireikana18 (8 months ago)
If we could buy the perks separately, then it's great. But not worth an additional $60 for what I already downloaded.
Aidan Or (8 months ago)
This encourages me to not buy things on release. Pokémon Switch would be good for one I think, giving you mew or something.
Jordan Nantau (8 months ago)
its cool they're making a repackage for splatoon but honesty they need to bring down the prices.
Dan Duncker (8 months ago)
id rather have price drops then extra stuff i dont have that much use for
gretz lawrence (8 months ago)
Nintendo knows that their core fan base is so dumb that they would buy the game twice.... boy Nintendo sure gets greedy when things work out for them... 1st full price game for a port of Donkey Kong on Switch and now "repackage"....
Anthony Wyrostek (8 months ago)
Nintendo should have done this when Splatoon 2 was released. I think it’s a good idea.
Alan Ramos (8 months ago)
They should do it for Mario odyssey
Jay matic (8 months ago)
Re package Pokemon tournament dx. Include season pass, and some kind of guide. Then and only then, would I consider the $60 price tag.
Arction (8 months ago)
Regular price drops are better. Wont buy the starter edition for 60$, not worth it.
Aaron Fennell (8 months ago)
Personally I think it should be the day one buyers that get these bonus items! I feel a little bit miffed that I'm almost punished for buying the games on day one, but that's just me!
Transcendent Creators (8 months ago)
I don't really like these repackages, they don't bother me but I do wish they just packaged this stuff to begin with. I would love Splatoon 2 stickers but I am not going to spend 60 bucks for stickers.
GreyWolf1600 (8 months ago)
kirika119 (8 months ago)
I honestly think this is not a bad a idea; I already have the game but if I was new or thinking about buying it and I saw that for no extra charge I can get some stickers, a strategy guide and have it in a nifty package then I would definitely buy. The other thing is that since it’s stuff you can buy separate (the strategy guide) and something that’s really not a big deal to people who already have the game (the cool sticklers) then people who already got the game won’t be butt hurt (and if you really want the stickers eBay it). Good job Nintendo; keep doing what you’re doing ^_^
Coocola L3 (8 months ago)
ARMS would probably benefit the most from something like this.
NJLGamer (8 months ago)
I feel like a small discount would be better instead (like $10 off). I would never buy a game because it comes with a guide, although I bought both Zelda and Splatoon 2 at their launch. I think arms, Mario kart, pokén dx, and Mario odessy would be a good fit for repackage with goodies. Pokén is the one Switch first party game that I don't have that a bundle might entice me if it had something practical like single joycon grips or a case.
kirb (8 months ago)
I really want this but I already have Splatoon 2 :/ maybe I'll give it away.
Chad Roberts (8 months ago)
As someone who hasn't picked up Splatoon yet...I like this. HOWEVER, the downside, is what is the point of buying a new release if you know a better edition is coming in a few months. These types of repackages promote people to not pick up games on Day 1 releases.
Ash Ketchub (8 months ago)
I think the guide is great. My little cousins have a switch and their first game was Splatoon 2, and they didn't know they could play online! The guide would be helpful for them. (Sorry I always comment so late, I'm in Europe)
Jeremy Hines (8 months ago)
I don't have it yet so I'll wait for this
Tatsumi (8 months ago)
I would be all for this if they sold the strategy guide separately also. It kinda forces the people who want the strategy guide and bought the game on release day to buy the game again. It’s a greedy move. Of course lots of fanboys will think this is revolutionary of Nintendo. I love everything nintendo, I actually have only ever bought Nintendo systems all my life (not once owned a ps or Xbox) But I’m not gonna pretend I like this that they’re doing. :(
Kaia L (8 months ago)
I wish they had something similar at launch. But I guess I'm happy if it can get more people into the game. Although, between this and the frequent sales in my country (I've seen Splat2, SMO, ARMS and Pokkén up to 20% off several times (physical)), I'm finding it hard to justify buying games at launch
iNecroGaming (8 months ago)
legit bought the basic edition like 3 days ago
Fat Yoshi (8 months ago)
Hey can anyone help me with choosing a game to buy? It’s between Splatoon 2, Zelda, and the new Kirby game coming soon. I’m only going to buy one for now, then wait a little bit. I’ve never played a Zelda game nor a splatoon game, could use some advice tho!
davecerv (8 months ago)
I might just gift my copy of Splatoon 2 and get this for myself! I love this kind of extra stuff, it's fun.
Gadget_uk (8 months ago)
why didn’t the games just come with that stuff before for the loyal gamers who bought it first
ᒪᗩEᖇIᑕ Thomas (8 months ago)
If they can give MORE for the same price, then why not offer a price drop at the same time. It’s not a good value, it’s an insult. Nintendo is flat out insulting when it comes to not dropping the prices on their games and consoles.
XyntrK (8 months ago)
Cool video SwitchForce!! 😀 I don't have Splatoon but I am now considering purchasing it for my Nintendo Switch! 😊
Rolo the rat (8 months ago)
Just kidding but I wish
Rolo the rat (8 months ago)
Maybe splatoon 3
Drew Stephens (8 months ago)
I almost want these enough to buy the game again. But I just don't have money to do that! Like come on... I would love if they sold those stickers separate!
Ryan Cleasby (8 months ago)
I literally bought Splatoon 2 yesterday. Dang.
DREAM E4TER (8 months ago)
I like the incentive it gives to ppl who havent bought it yet but it kinda is giving the finger to the base community who bought the game the first 6-8 months like me. I wish my splatton2 or botw came with ANY guides/stickers. It's just an empty case. And spalt2 doesn't rly need a strat guide, it's mostly multiplayer. Games should just come with this stuff like they used to, it seems that game manuals & paper ads are making a comeback.... doesn't justify the same full price tho
Granete Jo (8 months ago)
I DONT like this! I just bought it 2 weeks ago!
Grant Ritchey (8 months ago)
They're kinda ripping off people who already bought the game who didn't get those items yet still paid the same price.
HalcyonsXcution (8 months ago)
I feel like if they go this route then probably should wait to get them then, same with games that have game of the year editions with all dlc.
Doodlegame (8 months ago)
pearl and marina live concert!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4w6rwbWtzFs&t=49s
Kangdide (8 months ago)
“Nintendo doesn’t do price drops” what about players choice and Nintendo selects
TyroneXfinity (8 months ago)
March 16th is mah bday
Joseph cavagnaro (8 months ago)
I might have to get this DAMN YOU NINTENDO SWITCH ONLINE
harris priest (8 months ago)
I back up your thoughts about arms. I’m a bit out of from the motion controls and the fact I’m going in not knowing much about this franchise, if they released a repackaged edition I’d totally buy that
Dav G. (8 months ago)
FE Warrior or ARMS
Bastian (8 months ago)
I think mario kart 8 deluxe would be good but that's because I don't have it.
Tracer Bullet (8 months ago)
Makes me feel pissed if I bought it day one. Pretty selfish and I know it's a great value, but why not give something nice to the early buyers as well?
Rey Zephlyn (8 months ago)
I bought Botw twice so will I have to buy Splatoon 2 twice too? Hopefully they do it for Super Mario Odyssey
AlittleontheDARKSIDE (8 months ago)
I think that it is good for people that haven't got the game. I feel that as long as they come out after a significant amount has passed, those who bought the game when it came out will not feel ripped off
jacob prue (8 months ago)
UltraSmashGamer (8 months ago)
I probably won't be able to afford it. Especially if it's coming out the same day as Star Allies. If I did buy it, I guess I could give my friend the game.
Pikmin Puck (8 months ago)
This is annoying. For collectors this forces them to double dip.
Ximon Trespalacios (8 months ago)
I would like the soundtrack added in
BADASSM1NER (8 months ago)
I like how Nintendo doesn't drop the price of there games, that way I don't feel like I'm shooting myself in the foot by buying the game day 1
Rukia Husbando (8 months ago)
BADASSM1NER you know what, I've never thought of it that way, good point
Cryonik (8 months ago)
When I saw the title I though they meant they were changing the art on the case(not that the one right now is bad)
Psychonara Productions (8 months ago)
They've been saying there's supposed to be a major update coming soon so it's possible that the Starter Pack coincides with whatever that is. Or maybe Splatoon 2's "Final Splatfest" is coming up sooner than we thought?
DJ Raul (8 months ago)
I don't like it because I already bought the game and I want that stuff
Electric tX (8 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel too for tech games and cool collectibles reviews and unboxings
Edward (8 months ago)
It’s unnecessary
Ayden Smith (8 months ago)
Hmm... So if Im bot sure if i want it I should wait for a repackage
iGrindGears (8 months ago)
Wtf are you guys talking about? Almost every switch 1st party game has been on sale... you can get super mario odyssey for 48
Tariq Yasiin (8 months ago)
Nintendo saved my life.
Michael Thompson (8 months ago)
More marketing done right I guess 🤔
CHRISTIAN R. (8 months ago)
I’ve been thinking about getting splatoon. This is definitely edging my decision
Eddie P (8 months ago)
-____- sounds like a reach to me. Nintendo doesnt do price drops so they do price increases? And this is cool? Yea im done with this channel loving damn near everything nintendo does.
JinxedGaming HQ (8 months ago)
I am kinda ok with these, only... that the people who already have Splatoon 2 will not be able to get it until their ritch.... Like I LOVE Splatoon 2 so I wish they can sell the new stickers and the guide seperatly, for the hardcore(er) Fans who already bought it (like I said RITCH hardocore fans would buy a 2nd copy).
Donald Archie (8 months ago)
Just got my switch not that long ago.. About to buy splatoon 2 today or tomorrow. Not waiting for dis
William Dammon (8 months ago)
Breath of the Wild made more sense for its explorers edition cuz the the game wasn't going to get anymore DLC after DLC pack 2, Splatoon gets content patches, and balance changes frequently so the guide will become outdated by the next update, and the stickers are cool I guess but when I try to get my friends to buy Splatoon 2 they think it's too expensive for what it is, and since Nintendo wants to push this game for esports, I feel Nintendo should lower the barrier of entry for new players
Trevor Grover (8 months ago)
ARMS could use a relaunch with a strategy guide. That game had like THE BARE MINIMUM of a tutorial.
ROCCO Pazzo (8 months ago)
Almost like penalizing fans for buying it day one.
ROCCO Pazzo (8 months ago)
I CAN see this maybe causing hesitation on launch day purchases. If people avoid the first release of Nintendo IPs anticipating a bonus pack version 😕
Michael Jones (8 months ago)
I got one word for splatoon WOOMY!!!
Jethro Alcantara (8 months ago)
I'd imagine Pokken Tournament could get the same treatment that you guys gave for ARMS: all the DLC + a character guide to help ease newcomers
VoltzClutch 458 (8 months ago)
Why does nintendo never does this on their channel
Gamer4 LifeWD (8 months ago)
I think Pokken Tournament would make sense after the DLC fully releases, especially if they announce Pokemon for this year. The price is my only issue with the game, so a $60 re-release with a code for the dlc and maybe a guide as well.
isaac serrato (8 months ago)
Arms with a guide and a stickers and Mario with a guide and a map of the first worlds and one of the entire world, also it whould be awesome to get a the tourist guide that you see when you pause the game
Mario Man (8 months ago)
If you have ever watch the trailer for Splatoon 2, were are the splash down dulies. If you watch when they are using a splash down they have normal dulies! I would love dulies with a splash down “and splat bombs too🤫”
Ean Michael Sudholtz (8 months ago)
I believe Arms needs a repacked edition. Arms was great, but unpopular because of this game. I believe Arms is not dead, it was killed by Splatoon 2
Artorias Of The Abyss (8 months ago)
Arms is at 1.6 million that's not "not popular" for a new ip.
Hispanic Baljeet (8 months ago)
Ean Michael Sudholtz it was obvious it would die from the start. Its was a fighting game that has an extra gimmick. It just becimes every other game like that. Then the lack of content makes people play for 30 minutes and most just walk away. And also the dlc is pretty lame when compared to the splatoon 2 dlc.
quizman35 (8 months ago)
It wasn't Splatoon 2 that hurt Arms, the fighting game genre is just smaller and most folks wrote off motion controls before the end of the Wii lifecycle.
UhJayy (8 months ago)
Im an absolute fanatic for Splatoon 2. You see spamming on Twitter about it **@Jay_Herreria** I definitely need this But im broke .-.
Jon Harvey (8 months ago)
I suppose everyone else does "Complete editions" and "Game of the year" versions so its okay, can't see me buying it though.
bonzley405 (8 months ago)
I'd re-buy ARMS if it came with stickers, gotta finish pimping out my Switch mini-cabinet!
Slick Arrow (8 months ago)
I would like to see a mario one

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