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How to Beat the Ruin Sentinels Boss - Dark Souls 2

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Ryan and Lorenzo give you a full walkthrough on how to kill the Ruin Sentinels boss in Dark Souls 2. For even more tips and tricks for Dark Souls 2, please subscribe: http://goo.gl/rcDzoE http://www.gamesradar.com http://www.facebook.com/gamesradar http://www.twitter.com/gamesradar http://www.twitch.tv/gamesradar
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Text Comments (282)
The Booty Clapper (21 days ago)
this boss is the bane of my existence
Dillon Besimer (1 month ago)
Thank you so much
Mark Green (2 months ago)
got 40k souls from this boss, died in the fire trap near the bonfire, got ganged up on by the enemies at the door and died rip 40k souls
Charles Wallace (3 months ago)
Is it bad that I killed the sentinels on my first playthrough in 1 attempt yet got defeated by the last giant 7 times?
Hafa Ball (3 months ago)
took me about 15 tries. Finally they stopped surrounding me and attacking without any break. I was able to hold out cause I got one low enough in health and he threw his shield which makes it much easier.
Ass Man (5 months ago)
'Hello everybody, welcome' -every video ever
Everlovingful (5 months ago)
3 or 4 times...man, I have tried 101 times (literally, I actually filmed my attempts and there are 85 video files and those were not all tries) and still did not manage to kill them(
TWrecks (6 months ago)
On my first run ever on my first time ever fighting these bosses, i died when there was one sentinel left and she only had a sliver of health left. I could have killed her in one hit. Anyways, these bosses were pretty easy. This is my first souls game ever
Jackson Jordan Shabazz (6 months ago)
Doing this right now and its changing my life...
Ajay 1988 (6 months ago)
How can i summon an A.I??
Ajay 1988 (6 months ago)
Ricky D its all good i read other comments and found out i can bypass the sentenials by going to no mans wharf and entering the lost bastille threq there thanks anyway man
Ricky D (6 months ago)
Sorry man I play Dark Souls 2 on PC and PS4.
Ajay 1988 (6 months ago)
Ricky D add me up i need help killing the sentenials still fieryfate88 on xbox 360 . but I'll follow your advice on NPC i did see one a woman in the lost bastille i recall
Ricky D (6 months ago)
You should see a summon sign before the mist, its basically white writing on the ground. If you can't see it, you are probably hollowed and need to use a human effigy. Then interact with the sign and you should see an NPC character that you have talked to before, and they will follow you into the boss fight.
Sans The Skeleton (6 months ago)
You can kill the first ruin Sentinels when u fall down and then wait and let the second one jump to u and then kill him without falling down like the first one and then go down to the third one and kill him it's such an easy thing
Sans The Skeleton (6 months ago)
This is a good to kill the ruin Sentinels seperately
Sans The Skeleton (6 months ago)
Now I knew how to kill the ruin Sentinels I thought it was hard but it is so easy
Sans The Skeleton (6 months ago)
I don't know guys but I don't think that anyone will like or no one will like this comment but if u want to make me happy please take like
spooky skull (7 months ago)
Being patient is key to destroy this gank squad.
Tim Fitzgerald (7 months ago)
Tried to beat this boss all dex no shield on Xbox 360. The lags make dodges harder and their sweeping attacks make it very hard to Dodge. This is after beating ds2 and ds3. And I can say confidently that I struggle the most with this boss
Jamesc6 (8 months ago)
The gangbang is real
Firebelias12 (9 months ago)
I have half of the health than this and shitty weapons....what should I do?
Artrysa (9 months ago)
This boss is a cakewalk if you got a good shield like the drangleic. If you're going for dodging it's gonna get a bit tricky.
some one (9 months ago)
Loved Dark Souls 3, Loved Bloodborne, but fuck dark souls 2, and this boss in particular !!
Spup_Spup26 1 (7 months ago)
Git gud
Wolf Marine (10 months ago)
(makers of darksouls) kevin: hey dave you know what whould be realy awsome? dave: wut kevin: if we make 3 bosses that have a long ass axe so you cant jump out of the attack and lets give them an attack were they mine sweep the fucking ground and throw you of the 2 floor so that you land on the first floor Jeses crist i realy fucking feal like stabbing the fucking developers im so pissed i cant even type fuck you its not easy develepers its not fucking easy jesus make a hard mode its going to be allot more easy than this kuz this is insane mode dont call me a fucking casual trust me in a good player please god make a hard mode it will be 100 times better than this kuz its insane mode i have tryed this boss around 40 times i spent 3 hours on him and jesus fuck the jorney you have to do when u die
Vegito Black (10 months ago)
Just soul farm the old nights with the silver serpent ring to upgrade your health.
Vegito Black (10 months ago)
Imagine if we didn't have shields!!!! Omg
Vegito Black (10 months ago)
Vegito Black (10 months ago)
I killed one on my first try not bad.....
jser1213 (11 months ago)
for anyone struggling (which was me for hours) I tried with a greatsword and no chance, tried again double wielding greatsword and curved sword, again, no chance. Tried with great club (no upgrade) = win after three tries. In two hits almost 1/3 of their health is gone, so just destroy the first, get a 2 or 3 hits on the second once it comes up, drop down when the second comes up. After that just focus on the one with less health, be patient and the second one will die EASY. The third then is piece of cake. Sidenote: I then went to Heide's Tower to farm some souls and you be killing em soldiers in two hits
Forbidden_Sun (11 months ago)
My favorite guide! youtuber
Puff Cow (11 months ago)
The fuck... 3 bosses? HELL NAWW *uninstalls game*
Jace Michael (1 year ago)
Does anyone know were he got that helmet
kris motionless (1 year ago)
I call bs on the fact they'll lose their shields once they throw them. I've personally seen them throw their shields at the wall, and still have one afterwards.
Help me. Plz comment to tell for help. Thank you.
I'm a casual player so seeing that his shield blocks all the damage I'm just like "Holy shit this guy is powerful"
Groryx (1 year ago)
I've tried this 12 times and still not beat it
oscar123 (1 year ago)
great fight, literally took my 10 hours over almost three days. enjoyed it alot
Kappa K (1 year ago)
Or if you want to be me: 1. Have Greatsword from No Man's Wharf 2. Upgrade it to +4 3. Have the Armor of Aurorus from Maughlin the Armourer 4. Have the Drangleic Shield from Forest of Fallen Giants Done!
Kappa K (1 year ago)
What if I use a halberd?
Ra!El (1 year ago)
I recommend getting the craftsmens hammer which does a ton of damage. then kill the first one, once the second one comes do as much damage as you can then make him fall of the edge through out the fight.
_EthanBoJangle_ (1 year ago)
I really hate this boss, like a lot.
JAZZPUNK (1 year ago)
I feel like the worst player ever... I already died 4 times to those fuckers and I just managed to kill the first one...
JAZZPUNK (1 year ago)
Oh ok. I thought I was just a really bad player ^^'
Paul N. (1 year ago)
Fuck these guys lol. I beat them, but this in my opinion was a cheap boss fight. I'm not salty or anything because As a Soulsborne veteran, I know that you fight them 1v1 on the platform to make the boss fight easier, but fuck these guys. Long ranged weapons, 40% health loss after 1 hit, entire screen jumping attacks, and an overall 3v1 gank. I think the Scholar of the First Sin edition on PS4/Xbox One gave these guys are damage and speed attribute buff.
It only took me 54 tries to kill them : ^)
Oki Kurniawan (3 months ago)
kihron (6 months ago)
กาย รักช่าง it took me about 500 tries until i gave up.
Rafael Murray (1 year ago)
tip dont fall off the top (for the first guy)
Helane Ruslan (1 year ago)
This fight was fun tbh
Dicks McRiggity (1 year ago)
Ruin Sentinels is probably my favorite gank fight in this game,Throne Watcher and Defender come in second
Berry Stapp (1 year ago)
I did it by myself it was tuff but after many tries I did it.
CSKrow 1 (1 year ago)
When you have a cracked version and have to do this by yourself.
Jay Snake (3 months ago)
Dude you can do summon here
Lemmings-Gaming (5 months ago)
Dude chill
TWrecks (6 months ago)
When you’re a casual
Destroyer120296 (1 year ago)
You dont deserve to play it so i hope you have a had tme as possible.
Mouton Noir (1 year ago)
"Be very very patient" I did. 3 hours to beat him.
Martin Éliás (6 months ago)
kihron i found another way so i go there and farming souls. I use the heide knight sword +5 to kill them
kihron (6 months ago)
Martin Éliás its been 3 days for me and i already lost all my emotions.
Martin Éliás (7 months ago)
4 days 4 f... days
Wolf Marine (10 months ago)
Mouton Noir me 4 and i stopped playing dark souls until now
James Miles (1 year ago)
These guys are giving me turbo cancer.
Si Meta (1 year ago)
Well thanks, yet this isn't much efficient, it requires time and good weapon to deals a decent damage, since you had few opportunity to swing your attack, which not everyone can tolerate, you need a ranged weapon, luckily, the fire bombs deals a good damage, so one should gather around 2100 souls, the giant guardians of the flame tower is a good place, you can buy them from the merchant female in the Frost of the Giants, after killing the first one, go immediately and aim on the other approaching one while he is on the ground, you can at most throw three bombs at him, that will bring quarter his health down, then throw another three after he jumps up to your place, get down, by then, his health will be at half, throw a couple of bombs after he jumps down, then you can deal with them much easier than relaying your melee weapon.
Wow Cool (2 years ago)
what kind of rings are you using?
Rene Lopez (2 years ago)
3:45 When the ruin sentinels threw their mighty shields
The Lone Wanderer (1 month ago)
Rene Lopez all those who chose to oppose their shields must yieeeeeld
Anderson Louis (2 years ago)
defeat this boss,only use greatshield. #thuglife
Aekuma (2 years ago)
People had trouble with this boss? •~•
Weolson (2 years ago)
Thanks a bunch. You gave me the confidence I needed to face them solo lol. I DID IT!!!
Jason Crandell (2 years ago)
I accidentally dropped down in the beginning and fought all three at once.... I beat it first try some how
Hasic Lampert (2 years ago)
best thing Iam going mage build so its best boss for me
Weeaboos Hunter (2 years ago)
seems pretty easy
JoelTRowe (2 years ago)
One of the toughest bosses for sure.
Wolfzun (2 years ago)
If you summon, they can just hit Yahim down and get fucked by all 3. Then you fight 1v3
IChokeOnWater (2 years ago)
what armor are you using
Vincent Valmore (2 years ago)
+August Ward Yep, it's a Drangleic set with an Alva helm.
August Ward (2 years ago)
+Delfy Dimitri Thought it was the Drangleic Mail? I could be wrong
Vincent Valmore (2 years ago)
Alva set
R (2 years ago)
Do I have to use a shield?
Liam Burr-Knight (1 year ago)
R if you don't want to use a shield, then a good guide for this is hazelnuttygames. I know this is late
Joseph (2 years ago)
Damon y (2 years ago)
+robo4evar yes
Don Tron (2 years ago)
I'll have to be patient and wait for an outside assist on these bastards. They are fast and they have been wiping me out in like two hits. I've died maybe 8 times now. Can't waste any more effigies on the in game phantom.
Nick Roze-Freitas (2 years ago)
Farm some souls up and get some upgraded weapons so you can be more powerful when you try again
Jax Pin (2 years ago)
Damn ruin boss is kinda tough. Unless you divide and conquer. Kinda hard when there's 3 of them.
Izak80 (2 years ago)
Coming directly from DS1 this was not a difficult bossfight.
Great Value Bleach (5 months ago)
Izak80 I finished this in one try
+pizza er veldig godt me too, im not getting used to that damn shield
pizza er veldig godt (2 years ago)
coming directly from bloodborne this was the hardest boss ever.
zain alabedien (2 years ago)
or you can leave them for now and come back when you're over powered and let them pay 😎
Potnoodles4life (2 years ago)
what location these guys in??
Sparrow TV (2 years ago)
These guys where way easier than I expected.
TheGreatslyfer (1 month ago)
yeah same, how many tries did it take you?
Sir Anonymous (2 years ago)
its funny because I'm royally fucked on this because my sword broke D:
Adllan Harith (2 years ago)
if you sword still have damage u need go to bonfire if you sword ding have damage you need to repair at blacksmith at majula
Adllan Harith (2 years ago)
i hate that moment
Sir Anonymous (2 years ago)
+BlackFlameGames Yeah I ended up beating it but I ran out.of.souls because they where in the boss room XD
Knight Sarus (2 years ago)
Bonfire! Or blackSmith.
beckett (2 years ago)
My greatsword 3 shot these guys LMFAO
Wolf Marine (10 months ago)
Theory of Venom what are you casul?
Jax Pin (2 years ago)
Yeah I don't believe it until I see it.
TheGuyYouCantStand (2 years ago)
Aaron Wright (2 years ago)
thx I just beat them while I was watching this.My heart is beating fast I almost died
reckzn (2 years ago)
this game sucks and these three niggas sucks EVEN MORE
SneiderMcCluck (2 years ago)
Made it on my second try alone, fell down and had to face all three at the same time . 2 izi 4 me
Charlie Matthews (2 years ago)
what sword is that?
murky longstaff (2 years ago)
im still well over 200 times trying to kill these guys, and thats why i came here.
JazzMan (2 years ago)
+semit wolf Become human and summon the NPC phantom (in one of the small cells just before the fog wall), this is one of the rare instances when one is actually helpful in this game. You shouldn't have too much trouble.
Gary Martin (2 years ago)
Dont bother with this worthless game. Dark souls is the better one, don't waste money on this "sequel"
xMinteee (2 years ago)
Dark souls is better, but this is still an excellent game.
ARKIO 5896 (3 years ago)
Man i hate this boss its so stupidly done.So if you are playing dual wield and you sold all shields u are fucked by the spinning attack and if u are going all dex and stamina they most of the time 1-2 hits to kill you,in short at least its optional.
SwordedGun (3 years ago)
Im on ng+ but i still think this is one of the worst bosses in dks2. I mean 3 fucking bosses, everyone are the same, they have the same shitty moveset and ofc like 50% of the bosses in the dks2 they are normal enemies later...
Empir37 (3 years ago)
How do I get there/summon an AI companion?
Joao Victor Campos (3 years ago)
What's the name of the helm used on the boss fight?
Mohit Sapra (2 years ago)
Its heide knight's mask that we gets after killing old dragonslayer.
Joao Victor Campos (2 years ago)
+Jarrod Harry Now it's Heide knight iron mask+8
Jarrod Harry (2 years ago)
+Joao Victor Campos heide knight iron mask
Joao Victor Campos (3 years ago)
+ToasterRabbit no it isn't, now i got the helm, after Killing the old dragon slayer you got it
toasterrabbit (3 years ago)
Pretty sure its draglenic
Christian Hammond (3 years ago)
I love the difficulty of Dark Souls, but my god, the fucking journey you have to take whenever you attempt this boss, only to be immediately killed so that you have to do it ALL OVER AGAIN, makes me want to kill one of the developers.
Yhorm the Giant (5 months ago)
Pennywise TheClown the shortcut is not shorter the normal path is, just run past them.
Mlgrayanx65 1879 (6 months ago)
I know right
Yhorm the Giant (6 months ago)
Artrysa or just run past them
Yhorm the Giant (6 months ago)
SonOfSun why are you watching this video then?
Justin .Z (6 months ago)
ginsexual. (3 years ago)
What most people don't realize is that you don't have to fight the ruin sentinels. Just do No Man's Wharf and then go to the Lost Bastille from there then use that bonfire and put in a pharros lockstone in the pharros contraption in the second building past the breakable wooden barrier that cover a hole in the wall. Fro there there should be a cage elevator that takes you to sinner's rise.
Happy Gaming (1 month ago)
Wut Holyyyy Shiiiiit gotta go back now
kihron (6 months ago)
TWrecks it might take away the challenge but somepeople cant beat this boss and its good to have a skip on this goddamned thing.
TWrecks (6 months ago)
Martyn Giles I dont like doing that. It takes away the challenge, and thats why i play dark souls
Logan Parente (1 year ago)
lmao yep I died twice from them when everything else I killed... SUCH RAGEEE
Erik Schauer (1 year ago)
yeah, just beat those freakin skeleton lords, THOSE FREAKING HOT WHEEL SKELETONS i kept dying from THEM not the actual lords xD
ginsexual. (3 years ago)
What most people don't realize is that you don't have to fight the ruin sentinels. Just do No Man's Wharf and then go to the Lost Bastille from there then use that bonfire and put in a pharros lockstone in the pharros contraption in the second building past the breakable wooden barrier that cover a hole in the wall. Fro there there should be a cage elevator that takes you to sinner's rise.
FreyarX (3 years ago)
It's really not that hard, just use a mace or another blunt weapon and a good shield. Plus once they are at half hp you can stunlock them.
Aaron Davidson (3 years ago)
They still block after their shield is gone. Just as well as with the shield i might add.
Julia Lopez (3 years ago)
:B and i'm still on those three
Rolofunk (2 years ago)
I made the mistake of continuing onto the lost bastille with 22357 souls I'm not even joking. I got to these guys used a high level summon but one of their shield attacks fucked me up and I didn't have time to heal
TWrecks (6 months ago)
Sopermen Life protection basically makes you more likely to die but makes death not matter. You can exchange life ring for something really good
Wolf Marine (10 months ago)
Rolofunk casul? hahaha good one
Sopermen (2 years ago)
+Rolofunk lol 😜
Rolofunk (2 years ago)
+Sopermen I was joking on the fact that not many people really bother with life protection rings
Sopermen (2 years ago)
+Rolofunk and how is that "casual"?
ZiggyDerp (3 years ago)
gotta give this guy credit, he's a solid player. he knows the timing of this game very well.
Maxwell Bennetts (3 years ago)
if i beat them first go by accidentally falling down and versing all three of them do i get bragging rights? because i just did and i have a big ol smile on my face, using the tactics they gave tho 
Chicken Soup (3 years ago)
If you're having trouble then summon Pilgrim Bellclaire, she gets hardcore on the Sentinels as long as you keep them occupied.  
TheTomtaru (3 years ago)
Or you can stay on the ledge and lure them up, they'll jump up of you try to attack them with long rage spells/arrows/knives...
Nico las (3 years ago)
This fight was beyond easy. But that is only because sword and shield players have the advantage. So don't be sad, magic users! I have yet to beat the rooftop gargoyles after 20 attempts, and I'm sure that felt like a warm up to anyone with magic at their disposal. Survive, fellow hollows!
Dav Nagle (3 years ago)
Well fought
15theoren (3 years ago)
Your tutorial doesnt work why well i tried to do what you did your tutirial doesnt work youre a discrease to youtube
Chizerz (3 years ago)
Every boss has been easy up to this one :( using all my human effigys
Cosmic Dream Dude (3 years ago)
This boss was apparently meant to be later in the game, but for some unholy reason From Software made them early.
Xerathon (3 years ago)
Me and my two mates get killed by this hero >.<
Janne Alitalo (3 years ago)
First of all estoc and rapier are realy good at fighting these if u have to fight 3. The faster one is better and i think they are just souls trapt in the armor (not sure reed the soul description)
Janne Alitalo (3 years ago)
First of all estoc and rapier are realy good at fighting these if u have to fight 3. The faster one is better and i think they are just souls trapt in the armor (not sure reed the soul description)
A.C.Faller (4 years ago)
What the hell... How the hell did 135 damage take down their life bar more than my 175 damage. What is this
A.C.Faller (3 years ago)
+MrLp32 yeah i remember something like that... so many hours... well thanks for the help. i just joined a random covenant in the beginning. now i know 
MrLp32 (3 years ago)
+Daprincter1098 Do you mean the statue? 
A.C.Faller (3 years ago)
+MrLp32 company of champians??? could that be that white wall in majula that didnt tell what it even did to me?
MrLp32 (3 years ago)
+Daprincter1098 Did you join the Company of Champions covenant it Majula? It makes the game harder, kinda like NG+.
A.C.Faller (3 years ago)
+MrLp32 but i never used summons i did it all buy my self... i did all the bosses by myself. and they all seem to have more health than any of these playthroughs. why
whoisyamasta (4 years ago)
this was the funnest fight 
15theoren (3 years ago)
No it isnt i cant beat them
nofreak222 (4 years ago)
He barely decreases your stamina, youre on easy mode. How are they draining mine fully in one hit, when I seem to have similar stamina?
I AmYou (3 years ago)
Chloranthy Ring
FinaleSaint (3 years ago)
"easy mode". Its called a better shield an more stamina 
Miguel S (4 years ago)
i had an easy time fighting two at top, instead of going below. definitely because the two were timing their attacks at almost the same time. i still died though. picked the wrong time to strike. 
Freebird (4 years ago)
This boss fight is hard for a mage though :(
Wolf Marine (10 months ago)
Blah blah you mean casul
Blah blah (1 year ago)
magic is for causals

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