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Halo: Last Grunt Alive

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Check out this funny Halo MCC (Xbox One) ad from Halo The Master Chief Collection. Who can't wait Halo 5 Guardians? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief?fref=ts My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (132)
Cogman Inc. (3 months ago)
If the grunt was that huge compared to the chair then to the master chief it's a doll chair...
STARDESTROYER (3 months ago)
feels good to rek grunts on a daily basis
Al T (4 months ago)
33 dislikes are Grunts who have Master Chief.
Richoet [SPOOKY] (4 months ago)
Lion Chin (5 months ago)
New Grunt is not cute. I miss the old one.
Blit Zer (6 months ago)
can I get the grunt home I'll take care of it
Beaudoin Motorsports (6 months ago)
ave ten (8 months ago)
So i miss one
S Hall (9 months ago)
i will NEVER kill this cute little grunt
dash kid34 (10 months ago)
I like the grunt's
Jinn the Nerd (1 year ago)
My mom really liked him XD
Blade The Slayer (1 year ago)
This grunt is cute
joseph mckinnon (1 year ago)
I ment cute
joseph mckinnon (1 year ago)
that's a cue grunt :)
Death _dog300 (1 year ago)
How can you kill grunts there so cute in every halo game I never killed one
LoneWolf (1 year ago)
Lucky no one plays MCC
Yvette Andrews (1 year ago)
the grunt sounds like midget apple
Fur Fag (1 year ago)
What the fuck is that thing?
Greg Kiss (1 year ago)
This grunt looks amazing!
Zap’N Slap (1 year ago)
Pizza Galore (2 years ago)
I have a suggestion, can you make more videos like this? I really liked this interview, though it was a animation, i would like more of these.
OMG how violence and how strong language! THIS IS INSANE
Extrumental ‘ (2 years ago)
Birdest Friend (2 years ago)
Yayap el Grunt (2 years ago)
El único Grunt que no necesita metano. respect+10
Mr. NIK (1 year ago)
el inquisidor esta de tu lado
Yayap el Grunt (2 years ago)
oh no, es el demonio verde! :o
si soy jonh 117 yayap
Tom Kiely (2 years ago)
I'd love if they actually added him to every map in MCC.
Scolio (8 months ago)
Arbiter91 not awful. Just in an unreachable area where if you zoom in and see him you get an achievment
Arbiter (10 months ago)
Awful idea
dizzydoggy (2 years ago)
I killed your family
Goose 22 (1 year ago)
dizzydoggy bed they were glassed buy him
Sample Text (1 year ago)
dizzydoggy bed how? women grunts do not fight.
Eisac Muana (2 years ago)
that grunt sure knows how to drink a water bottle!
#Zambie_PlayZ YT_SP (2 years ago)
ClassyCorgi (2 years ago)
How have I never seen this until now, this is great.
SPARTAN GHOST98 (2 years ago)
Better yet for my channel question for the grunt how do you plan on surviving the year of the master chief aka 2017? Where I'm going to play the master chief collection again for videos on YouTube playing Halo ce anniversary, Halo 2 anniversary and halo 4 leading to Halo 3 Anniversary yes halo 3 the halo game that got me in to the halo story line,
GuninGames (2 years ago)
I knew that rambling grunt in Halo 5 was alive the whole war
Dennis Bonner (2 years ago)
It is actually hiding in the silent cartographer
FormerDrake 117 (2 years ago)
no its just a fun video they made
Balthier -leading man (2 years ago)
Looks like a fucking turtle
It would have been awesome if they made a halo game that we can choose which alien race we want to be and beat the game with that character. I mean I would love to play more then one character... I mean playing master chief over and over game is so dam boring-,-
duck . jpg (4 months ago)
It’s funny you said this right b4 the arrival of halo 5, the game everyone hates for not having enough master chief.
Starve (2 years ago)
borderlands is a rpg
Sheet Duck4 (2 years ago)
like borderlands?
Josh Travis (2 years ago)
I have a new YouTube channel ODST gamer
Soviet Ch33f (2 years ago)
Boomstick898 (2 years ago)
That grunt is in Halo 5
GreatfulGert (1 year ago)
Tyler Wong (2 years ago)
Its Alpha Cast (2 years ago)
wingus (2 years ago)
Why mature 17+?
OrangeJuiceMix (2 years ago)
All Halo games before Halo 5: Guardians, except for Halo Wars and possibly Halo: Spartan Strike and Halo: Spartan Assault.
Frappelychee (3 years ago)
He's probably one of many I didn't want to kill....glad to see one of them is still ok :'3
Cogman Inc. (3 months ago)
I want to see them... (Grunt quote here) *_BURN! >:D_*
Holy Doge (2 years ago)
Ikr I feel bad
Anthony Duong (3 years ago)
Is that actually the only grunt surviving
Agent Vermont (2 years ago)
yep and I saw the grunt on all games and he yelled to my GIVE ME MILK
Liam Fosdike (2 years ago)
+Conner TheDinoSir or he is just sitting still
ya he would have to be because every play searches and hunts down every red dot it sees on that radar. Maybe that grunt doesn't appear on the radar because of of some kind of ghajet
Smoky BigSkullGuy (3 years ago)
Last Grunt is cute? Lol. He is biggest coward grunt ever I've seem.
Jive Chip (3 years ago)
lol all 4 grunt-fragging blockbusters in 1
CleanserOfNoobs (3 years ago)
I think the cutest we have seen in grunts are I halo 2 classic kind. They look like babies with pacifiers running around wanting to be breastfed. And boy do they love and have a thirst for their nipples!
dracothedrangonful (3 years ago)
Nightlife Vegas (3 years ago)
he's so cute
CDR. Javik (3 years ago)
Thirsty Grunt is back. Yay! I hope they have him back in Halo 5: Guardians.
Brian Mayfield (9 months ago)
masterchief kicked him off a cliff
Vault Technition (1 year ago)
Master chief finally caught up to him and punted him off a cliff for some Guy's skull...
ZELON LoL (3 years ago)
Fucj you Xbox ! I love series game halo but ,it's not avalibil for PC please, i playng this game 7 old years. Avalible for PC it's Halo CE and Halo 2 , i'm very sad:(
Muhammad Ameen (3 years ago)
+NoName 2000 not so much of a master race eh?
Gamer Tag (3 years ago)
Master QUEEF collection. Lol
Matt Nuku (3 years ago)
Johnny Angel (3 years ago)
Robert Garza (3 years ago)
Who else replayed those missions on legendary to see if you could find him I was disappoint
Mister Smiley (3 years ago)
-Doesn't have it's mask on yet it has it's Methane Tank...-
Balaho is inhabitable.
Mister Smiley (1 year ago)
The grunt still has a methane tank.
Gary Oak (1 year ago)
What if its the human with the oxygen tank or a human remotely controlling the thing he's talking through...
Tom Kiely (2 years ago)
AI? He _does_ have a British accent ...
_BliiZZard_ (2 years ago)
+BatteryMaster Multiverse (Kenneth Crooker) Then how is there a human there lol
N8THEGR8 (3 years ago)
The grunt sounds like Yoda
engineer guy/main (4 months ago)
N8THEGR8 a coincidence this is
Turtle Person (2 years ago)
well, grunts dont exactly care about grammar or proper english anymore
DEWM (3 years ago)
Remember when grunts were cute? Ah... those where the days...
Goodness Gracious (3 years ago)
+cool2001​​ Then why are we at odds, brother? We few faithful should join hands in the most jolly of cooperation and solidarity.
DEWM (3 years ago)
+Tweedle Dee Bitch, I am the lord's favorite disciple. I made him two fucking games! I'm not joking when I say that. http://gamejolt.com/games/the-call-of-magnus/76918 http://gamejolt.com/games/tcom-2-return-of-hanlocke/80855
Goodness Gracious (3 years ago)
+cool2001​​ Careful, skank, these inquiries which ooze from your skank lips linger close to the parameters of sacrilegious speach. I praise magnus in everything I do, so I will be as an example unto others, that they may know of his virtue and grace through me.
DEWM (3 years ago)
+Tweedle Dee Do you even praise Magnus?
Goodness Gracious (3 years ago)
+cool2001​ Do not let me hear you utter the name of our lord magnus in vain ever again, filth. Praises be to him.
Vlado Rimac (3 years ago)
I'em Master Chief 117 But just i'em Master Chief 117 Just me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BadJoker (3 years ago)
SO CUTE ! haha , i love it !
Fuzunga (3 years ago)
I forgot Joseph Staten (voice of the grunts) works for Microsoft again. Good to hear his voice back!
Bornstellar (3 years ago)
+Fuzunga At first I thought it said "Stalin" instead of "Staten". XD
YEEZY SZN (3 years ago)
and he's writing a new halo book about the shadow of intent
Dr Leatherwood (3 years ago)
In regards to the description, Fuck halo 5 guardians. I want them to fix Halo Master Chief Collection first by re populating the game with real incentive because if the population of the game is low that makes ranking and every playlist except the top ones unplayable. This is seen is Battlefield 4 right now which has even more players on the game than normal.  They need to halt production on Halo 5 Guardians until the Master Chief Collection is saved from its premature death thanks to their own incompetence to make the game in the first place. That's what DICE did, they stopped all production on DLC and Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 is one of the best working games on the xbox One right now.
Not sure if I get Halo MCC wether I'll keep Halo 5 or uninstall it. I personally would rather have the fun Split Screen then a game that forces me to play campaign by my self if I don't want to play online. I just don't have fun when I play online. There are too many spawn campers/killers online that it makes it impossible to play yet the Devs don't care about it enough to fix it. Not to mention forge mode is buggy and hard to use. The new features are cool but overall I feel like I'd enjoy the MCC more. I enjoy split screen because it's more efficient to just have the game enough controllers for every one to play, the console, and have some friends come over then to have every one get a gold membership, a Xbox One, a controller, and to download the game only to try and find a decent server. Split screen for me is important as it makes the game funner and a lot better since it's not restricting you to play online when you want to play with some one. And then we have forge which was glitchy and hard to use. I suggest using the older controls as it is a lot easy and maby if they fix the annoying bug where you randomly get teleported out the map with a object and die it may improve. They need to make Halo 6 accessible to the Xbox One and a lot of the other consoles. Not to mention that the game gives little time to react on multiplayer which is also bad as it requires to have a quick reaction time to avoid getting killed from the guy using a rocket launcher not so effectively by taking out a single ground unit instead of the tank that may come at them or large groups of infantry.
SHOvV (3 years ago)
+Dr Leatherwood Yesterdays update: I tried playing around 7:30 and waited for 15 minutes before quitting and ended up playing ODST. Maybe Saturday morning aren't a good time to play. 
Goodness Gracious (3 years ago)
+SHOvV "but they will return soon enough." I wish I shared your optimism.
Vast Horizon (3 years ago)
You paid 60$ for a game that includes 4 games that are worth 40$
Up And Across (3 years ago)
I can understand your gripe but you really shouldn't get so butthurt about halo 5. It makes you look like a fool
Michael Bailee (3 years ago)
See, now, *this* is a nice non-serious Halo ad! Something more tied to the fiction or a joke in the universe, rather than matching weapons to the beat of 'We Will Rock You'. Granted, it was quite well done, with a great song and just, well, awesome, but it seemed too... general. There wasn't that *Halo magic* in its presentation, only its visuals.
Check out this funny Halo MCC (Xbox One) ad from Halo The Master Chief Collection!
Shiro Kun (1 year ago)
+i Jacqueline oh but looked real to me
Zenkai Warrior (1 year ago)
MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! Cool
i Jacqueline (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Joseph no
Shiro Kun (2 years ago)
was the grunt real

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