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Top 15 Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2018 & Beyond | PS4, XBox One, PC

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15 AWESOME & MASSIVE Open World Games coming in 2018 - 2019: Rage 2, Ghost of Tsushima, The Crew 2, Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Spider Man, Cyberpunk 2077 0:00 Skull and Bones 2:25 Rage 2 4:02 Beyond Good & Evil 2 7:32 Ghost of Tsushima 14:31 Anthem 16:22 Metro Exodus 18:13 Red Dead Redemption 2 18:41 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 24:13 Spider Man 28:11 - Fallout 76 30:37 Death Stranding 32:44 Biomutant 34:08 Cyberpunk 2077 35:45 The Crew 2 37:23 Days Gone
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Text Comments (89)
iNOREPLY (3 hours ago)
cool vid! Reached a lot of people :)
dave ortwine (5 hours ago)
Bethesda needs to stop everything they’re doing to work on elder scrolls 6. Then they need to work on it more. I hope they make it perfect. Get the movement and fighting down between rnmmmrtht
Daniel Fields (11 hours ago)
im sure glad i bought assassins creed before watching this video because it looks like hot garbage. Its really not though, its awesome
Anderson Junior (2 days ago)
Kojima went nuts
Lipe Hitman (3 days ago)
wooowww i need to be a rich man to get this all!!
JCATV (5 days ago)
RDR2 doesn't count. It isn't coming out for PC.
AZN Germany (5 days ago)
Country Roads 😍
reginald allouchery (6 days ago)
Blah blah blah Ghost of Tsuhima Blah blah blah
fkn nerd (6 days ago)
Ghosts of Hiroshima would b a better game.
Dylan J. Gerrits (8 days ago)
So useless to do this kind of videos. You could at least comment about every game.
Hisako Reichmann (8 days ago)
Fuck Cyberpunk...I ain't playin as a bitch.
It's only a shame that none of these games will go to Switch. No one ever told Nintendo to make such a weak console!
are56 (10 days ago)
What IS that song playing during the Rage 2 trailer?:) sounds slike motörhead, but am not sure. Anyway - it´s awesome! ;)
Paul Taber (12 days ago)
ghost of tsushima looks amazing
Brad D (12 days ago)
Hey guys i need some advice, ive played ps3 for years now and ive come to favour things like call of duty multiplayer, nazi zombies and especially open world games like skyrim or farcy or gta. I do not really care for closed course campagne modes where you are just stuck in the mission if im doing a campagne id much rather it be open world and also open world free roam is fun to so with that said im ganna upgrade to a ps4 does anyone have some good recomendations for games i should buy ? One of them i was thinking would be farcry primal that one looks cool and any new cod game any other suggestions ?
Journey (8 days ago)
Only real games out there worth anything are Dark Souls 1-3 and Bloodborne. These games happen to be absolute masterpieces. Literally after you play that series you will realise everything else is complete dung. There is just no comparison and the Soulsborne series will change your life. If I were you id start with Bloodborne than DS3 next. Your taste in gaming will completely change.
Suppressingfire (12 days ago)
Omg the samurai game is so amazing.
fkn nerd (6 days ago)
ching chong rice eatin motherfucka
Europa H2O Alien (12 days ago)
20:31 Oh please. Just stop, . . .just stop. Games sure have gone to shit. Everything is ninja transformers based nonsense. Cyberpunk 2077 was the only game that looked promising.
JCATV (5 days ago)
No. Because RDR2 is not on PC.
Buster Cherry (7 days ago)
Yeah cause red dead 2 doesn't look promising at all...
LordAlisdare (14 days ago)
Gotta go with CyberPunk
Blake Atencio (14 days ago)
Why didn’t Bethesda use the John Denver country roads aka the good version
Mark Schmidt (14 days ago)
Why play vid games when you could just watch a digital animation movie?
Tomme Dugon (18 days ago)
assassins creed looked like trash
Michael Doherty (19 days ago)
SKULL AN BONES? Good oul maratime admiralty law, meet your rulers aaaaarrrgghh me heartys.
babada (19 days ago)
no Shenmue 3?????
Mike Dlc (21 days ago)
RD2 is all i want
Wilfri Castillo (21 days ago)
Ghost of tsushima dm5 and days gone.....
GAMEOST (21 days ago)
0:00 Skull and Bones 2:25 Rage 2 4:02 Beyond Good & Evil 2 7:32 Ghost of Tsushima 14:31 Anthem 16:22 Metro Exodus 18:13 Red Dead Redemption 2 18:41 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 24:13 Spider Man 28:11 - Fallout 76 30:37 Death Stranding 32:44 Biomutant 34:08 Cyberpunk 2077 35:45 The Crew 2 37:23 Days Gone
Mandee Z (21 days ago)
how spiderman is open world? purely scripted scenes... or can you ignore the quests and just go all mentall?
Mandee Z (21 days ago)
i so hate third person view, cause mostly allways the movement is horrible... they are trying to make movie like experience, instead good game :l
Wilfri Castillo (21 days ago)
True nowdays game have very weak gameplay stories
Kevin Zimmer (22 days ago)
I'm gonna have to agree with popular opinion on this one.....cant wait for ghost of Tsushima
Chirag Goswami (23 days ago)
16:21 how the fuck people are not excited about a metro open world game is beyond me this should be in one of the biggest highlight of this year.
Billy Baker (26 days ago)
I love open world games.
GROM SWAT (26 days ago)
Put title of a game while is playing along with release day. I hate when it flushes once at the beginning.
Sam The Shark (26 days ago)
assassin's creed takes a noticeable dip in quality
Ray Dre (27 days ago)
DMC 5 is a must have, RDR 2 a must have, and Ghost Of Tsunami is rightfully so a must have!! 💯💯
Öelkafposdajkfopdsf (28 days ago)
12:57 duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude
Kenny Dominguez (29 days ago)
it would be nice if you had the title of each individual game while is playing.
Bailey Butler (9 days ago)
Ace the fact that you spelt "you're" wrong in a sentence about someone else being braindead makes me laugh. Learn to fucking spell before you talk, you're actual human garbage.
Kenny Dominguez (21 days ago)
your mom didn't let you play video games today or what?
Ace Ventura (21 days ago)
Kenny Dominguez your brain dead
Oliver Butler (1 month ago)
Awful before indication sidewalk historically rating victim schedule record lend.
Zach F. (13 days ago)
Well said.
TyrantedTV (1 month ago)
odyssey could just aswell be a recolor of origins...
Stage3driver003 3 (1 month ago)
I DON'T WANT OR LIKE TO SEE JUST WOMEN IN THINGS CAUSE ITS NOT REALITY!!! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE BOTH TOGETHER, THAT'S A TEAM!!! THIS SHIFT going ON NOW IS SOME BULLSHIT I DO NOT ACCEPT!!! SOME OF THESE NEW GAMES are going to be sad!!! Collecting as many old games that Xbox is upgrading!!!! But some of the games look good, but I'm not into simp, praising women that really don't put in the work and just putting them in cause they're women, that's not a privilege I approved of!!!!
Flame Beats (21 days ago)
Which one of these games does that?
Wiggins blah (1 month ago)
wow AC is really...something
Aveek Das (1 month ago)
Ghost of tsushima was the best!!
Joaquin Romo (1 month ago)
What has assassin's Creed become...
Ricky J (12 days ago)
Shaquille Edwards (13 days ago)
A reskin of the last assassin's creed. First two were intresting after that it got boring as hell.
Derek Hershey (15 days ago)
A cash grab.
Javon 3000 (19 days ago)
Assassin creed died when Ezio died imo. Just hasn't been the same for me. Ezio WAS ASSASSIN CREED
Dexus Ex (1 month ago)
Good thing I bought a PS4
Mohd Sufyan (1 month ago)
Nice games
Red Dead Outlaw (2 months ago)
Bruh why u cut off rdr 2 half way and let assassins creed play longer🤨
Andye SetiaOne (2 months ago)
Ghost of Tsushima
Krissy (2 months ago)
Cyberpunk 2077 and RDR2
Pak Chief (3 months ago)
Left for Dead 3
grassweed soul (3 months ago)
top advertised upcoming games...
[GD] ottothegamer (3 months ago)
Denny Hamfri (3 months ago)
Can not wait for ghost of tshusima and also red dead redemption 2, OMG
JCATV (5 days ago)
RDR2 is non existing for me because it isn't coming out for PC.
fkn nerd (6 days ago)
can not wait for u to shut the fck up
Koyote 420 (3 months ago)
Cyberpunk 2077 best game aver
Yann Soulet (3 months ago)
Is death stranding actually an open world game ?
fkn nerd (6 days ago)
Derek Hershey (15 days ago)
NazarusGG (3 months ago)
20:40 wtf was that
Europa H2O Alien (12 days ago)
My question as well. That looked absolutely ridiculous.
tbt_CHETHANER (1 month ago)
Spooder Man
Koyote 420 (3 months ago)
It was Assam that's what
ImDemonWolf (3 months ago)
Excellent vidéos continue
V. D (3 months ago)
V. D (3 months ago)
Koyote 420 yeah me too, i insta-buy it
Koyote 420 (3 months ago)
I now right OMG totally gowing to buy it
Dan Nechita (3 months ago)
is amazing !!!!! i just wait
Majed Al-Yemeni (3 months ago)
Ammmmmmmmm Nice
Tymoteusz Gancarz (3 months ago)
nice :)
Lord Vader (3 months ago)
Time 7:35 BEST GAME
Devan Davis (1 month ago)
you must have not made it too 18:13
Subhosit Ray (1 month ago)
ManLykTom (3 months ago)

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