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Nintendo Switch Secrets!

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5 Nintendo Switch tips, tricks, and secrets! 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (770)
Kevin Kenson (6 months ago)
Here's that Pokemon Switch setup I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbxTVctJRLg
Shrek (3 months ago)
Kevin Kenson are u colour blind
David 246 (5 months ago)
Kevin Kenson I
KIRBY (5 months ago)
does the joy con bt thing work for Windows 10?
Julia Burgos (5 months ago)
JINX YT (6 months ago)
Does the Bluetooth joy con work on ipad
Queen Haley (23 hours ago)
Played fortnite for over 700 hours
1:14 hello darkness my old freind
Udderchaos (4 days ago)
Kevin Kenson Where did you get those orange joy con i would love one of those
TMS Raptorx (6 days ago)
More views than subscribers
A.jalil Ali (6 days ago)
3:30 free game . Hide the joycon . Make your friends search around the room, youre welcome
Daz 100 (20 hours ago)
Naisu I'm gonna play that someday. Like this if I trick u :/ Read more
123bartleby (7 days ago)
Po co ta czapka, zimno Ci w głowę?
CyberXarex YT (11 days ago)
My controller came off of my switch! Did i break it?
Doggys gaming (13 days ago)
Heres another secret, you can link a ps4 or xbox controller to your switch . This is helpful in many games such as zelda or fortnite. Bye have a great day
Lemon MODz (2 hours ago)
Doggys gaming how?
Pringle’s & Bleach (14 days ago)
I would’ve made a 10 second video that said “These are secrets do you can’t know.... shhhhhhh”
Cant Decide (15 days ago)
Its not a secret anymore!
inky got mine dor xmas lol! nearly a year with it!
Crammananne (22 days ago)
Can I connect my joycon to my iPhone? I mean, iPhones support bluetooth...
Garpet Flarpet (25 days ago)
ZELDA PLAY TIME CONTEST! I got "Played for 340 hours or more" I DarE you to one up me
Lucy Kilroy (26 days ago)
You are so good
lino kuma (26 days ago)
1:15 then ask the camera dude .___.") Bam! A partner~
CrazySplatz (1 month ago)
I have over 450 hrs In Splatoon2 XD dont be ashamed, i also have 100 hrs in zelda
Internet Dude (1 month ago)
5% comments 95% Secrets
Savthegenius (1 month ago)
that shirt is dope!
LordOf TheRings (1 month ago)
Shmupe Jr (1 month ago)
jap account
Minerguy (1 month ago)
*Except they're not secrets because you just said what they were to 412,000 people.*
Likeabananaboss (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who saw meat boy 2:26
J. Louis (1 month ago)
My switch died after 1 week and 2 days of use. 😭😢
Anabelle Ferreira (1 month ago)
I've watched so many of your videos, why didn't I subscribe yet lol I did now though
FortniteFunClips (1 month ago)
I spend 275 hours of play time in Zelda, and I am not even close to 100% completing the game.
Ben Worth (1 month ago)
Where’d you get that shirt?!
Spedzz Loot (2 months ago)
Ha I'm the 911 comment
Chicken Chicken nuggets (2 months ago)
Asher Peterson (2 months ago)
When I go to check my play time it doesn’t give me hours it just says started playing 5 days ago
Katelyn/Destiny Perez (2 months ago)
Justin Zlabys (2 months ago)
The sad thing is, is that I don't have the switch and I knew most of these
Luke Top Secret (2 months ago)
Secrets 😇😇😇😇
Hector Mendoza12 (2 months ago)
I knew does sounds
King Creeper (2 months ago)
Can we get a video of all the unedited "secrets" sections
It's Easy (2 months ago)
I didn’t know the first one and the third one
Star shooter (2 months ago)
over a hundred hours in Zelda... yep, that's me alrighty
birdfish86 (2 months ago)
Its the need hot switch game called FIND THE JOYCON yay. Your friend was a jerk and hide your joycons now u have to use the switch to search your whole house lol
RX95 santos (2 months ago)
Secrets (',')
Rєαpєr (2 months ago)
2:44 Face Expression: why am i here...
Pol.Kraine (2 months ago)
IF you are using the find controllers I found that the left joycon is a lot quieter than the right one so it may be a lot more difficult to find it.
Karine Ladouceur (2 months ago)
I got over 390 hours in zelda
VengeanceGaming (2 months ago)
dont worry have over 100 hours on zelda to
Heath 72 (2 months ago)
I knew about the google+ thing.
THE MASK (2 months ago)
Bima Sudiarto (2 months ago)
$50 a pop???
Pekkinduck baby (2 months ago)
SkyreeXScalabar (2 months ago)
cringy transitions and no one should have a beanie/headwear as part of their regular outfit
Colin Pater (2 months ago)
Bernardo Fernandes (3 months ago)
Whats the name of the game he s playing when he syncs the controller?
Kolby The Gamer (3 months ago)
I got my switch for Christmas I have 65 hours in mario odyssey
PugLorde Da Pug (3 months ago)
*S* *E* *C* *R* *E* *T* *S*
Panzer (3 months ago)
I feel like am watching a vsause video
Panzer (3 months ago)
but thanks for the facts
B10K PlaysGames (3 months ago)
I literally know all of these
Tom Lee (3 months ago)
Finding the JoyCon only works if there is battery charge left in the JoyCon
MaizePlains 7525 (3 months ago)
I've got 240 hours in Mario odyssey and 186 hours in breath of the wild
Riley Thorn (3 months ago)
Hey lets make a video on "secrets" I've already made a video on!!!!
Wil Knowles (3 months ago)
I like the editing in your videos! (:
Absolutely Pro (3 months ago)
I use a case that charges my switch in portable mode. It also holds games. I velcro’d a bluetooth transmitter to the case for wireless headphones. Also modified my joy cons to be see-thru smoked out with red buttons
Tommy Igo (3 months ago)
How are you playing contra on switch??
TLOMC YT (3 months ago)
Yo thanks for this upload I found the joy con finding one super useful thanks a lot
Benjamín Fontecilla (3 months ago)
Terminator 11 (3 months ago)
Wow I totally wouldn't figure any of this on my own by messing with the buttons or looking through settings.(sarcasm;)
Raine Nolin (3 months ago)
I Have 170 Hours Clocked In On Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 For Nintendo Switch. I'm A Failure At Living, Aren't I?
MR. UPLOAD_ER (3 months ago)
I M a really poor kid can u pls donate me one Nintendo switch I would really appreciate it 😭😭😭🙏
Renagade (3 months ago)
I played Zelda for 195 or 185 + hours
_qurbo (3 months ago)
For some reason when i go to look how many hours i have played in a game i just see when i first played the game. Any reason why that may be?
_qurbo (3 months ago)
Zack Sam Alao ok thank you!
Zack Sam Alao (3 months ago)
Play a game for 10 days and it will say how may hours
Mr.Presincat gaming (3 months ago)
I spend like 220 hours on Zelda
shadow2050 (3 months ago)
Thr input lag on the joy con is terrible on my PC and Cellphone :/
POE PACHECO (3 months ago)
I played more than 250 hrs on fortnite and over 490 hrs on botw
í ժօղե եհíղƙ եհҽտҽ ɑɾҽ տҽϲɾҽետ
Tynan Everett Vlogs (3 months ago)
U deserve so many more subs, keep up the good work👍👍
SirSupreme (3 months ago)
at the start his music is like stranger things
SirSupreme (3 months ago)
his music is like stranger things
Nate plays a Game (3 months ago)
100 hours in Zelda!? I have 200!
SpacedOutOrange 101 (3 months ago)
Lol I knew most
Satoshi (3 months ago)
*S E C R E T S*
TheAnimatedWolf (4 months ago)
N i n t e n d o s w i t c h s e c r e t s
Jared (4 months ago)
Are you trying to say that you want a Zelda DB crossover???
Yellow BananaGO!! (4 months ago)
I knew about the secret clicks, they where fun!
Over Omnic (4 months ago)
These aren’t really secrets
Atomic Gaming (4 months ago)
What about the secret message inside the Pro Controller? (It says this: THX2 ALLGAMEFANS)
Christopher Villatoro (4 months ago)
I have like 512 hours on Zelda... I have a problem
Deez Nuts (4 months ago)
Did anyone realse that his shirt is Kame house from DBZ?
Kush Patel (4 months ago)
I really wish I had one 😢
UltraSadBoiZay GAMES (4 months ago)
I got a secret my Nintendo switch won’t turn on after I called and they said the battery is drained so I bought a new charger and now it won’t even boot up
Sautua banana glass iwata jesture and equal golf for nes
Shooketh Elmo (4 months ago)
S E C R E T E SSSSSSS.......... WAIT, NO!
Pinkie Chan (4 months ago)
100 hours on Zelda? My cousin spends 200 hours on splatoon 2/octo expantion
BaconNacon4.11 (4 months ago)
Here's an actual secret that I've found: Did you know that the Switch shares the same charger input as a Motorola Z2 play? It'll be a bit cheaper than the official Nintendo one. Example: Motorola Moto Z2 Play - Type-C Reversible to USB Charge and Sync Cable: 3.99 Charging Cable for Nintendo Switch: 9.99 at Walmart Hopefully you will find this useful
Zach Spirrison (4 months ago)
Did you know you can use the cover of the storage SD card as a kick stand?!?!
123 456 (4 months ago)
I already knew these
AmrAlwalid (4 months ago)
Just got the switch today
Jooksnso Djsocknxao (4 months ago)
The video should be called If you didn’t read the manual
Cymbient (4 months ago)
I love the log screen sounds, and my dog loves the ZR sound lol
Ramsay Mulholland (4 months ago)
Anthony Medina (4 months ago)
Title: Nintendo Switch Secrets! Views: 292,000 *I Don't Think Theses Are Secrets Anymore*
John Obregon (4 months ago)
“Secrets”. Lmao.
Xero The Hero (4 months ago)
Why is no one talking about the random piano person?

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