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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Hello everyone. Welcome to our channel! Who here loves Japan and wants to learn more about the land of the rising sun? In today’s video Smart is the New Sexy will tell you about 15 facts and products that prove Japan is a really unique country. Sometimes, Japanese creativeness and technological advancement go a bit too far, leaving behind things that people from Western world find anything from weird to amazing. Let’s find out what you might see if you visit this amazing Asian country. Well, actually a lot of breathtaking stuff you can find here. For example white Coca-Cola 08:07. Yep, that one you saw on thumbnail. According to company statement this beverage includes dietary fiber which will help suppress fat absorption and moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood after eating. FANTASTIC! What else can we say. For more interesting Japanese things stay with us! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjoy.science/ The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (7665)
jambalolk (18 minutes ago)
Japan is great. And being 6 feet 7 inches tall really helped when walking around Tokyo and Kyoto in rush hours!
schnuurtchke (35 minutes ago)
Clear Coke ? About 25 years ago, Pepsi introduced Pepsi clear to the North American market. That was back when everything clear was in. Clear mouthwash, clear deodorant, clear antiperspirant and clear egg cartons and beer bottles. While all of the above-mentioned is still in use at some form today, Pepsi clear turned out to be a commercial failure and was discontinued. It was only sold for a short period of time. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten all about Pepsi clear until I watched this video
yu_canada (2 hours ago)
I’m a native but some of those are not true.
Immortalized1 (2 hours ago)
Nothing Sexy about this
Littlecosins tube (3 hours ago)
i know the clear coke last year i knowd allready
jai (4 hours ago)
Von Aron (5 hours ago)
i hate japan
SeokJin Kim (6 hours ago)
About school rules Philippines also have it they clean their rooms before class starts and after classes
soniya bhar (6 hours ago)
Cupcake Animations (8 hours ago)
5:06 ...im allergic to lavander T-T
skeelo69 (8 hours ago)
Another one.. It can get very hot in summertime in Japan ,ave is 30 to 39 degrees centigrade.
HAKIM TV KENYA (9 hours ago)
Mrs Wipada O'Shea (9 hours ago)
5:13 what is he doing
ANDROMEDA (1 hour ago)
Minecraft Pro (9 hours ago)
I’m from Japan so I don’t find anything weird about these things. I actually HAVE the super umbrella X3
Black Leg VinSmoke (11 hours ago)
of course the coke is clear!
MegaMantim (11 hours ago)
Some interesting, mostly weird...
Masanari Senoo (11 hours ago)
Although i'm japanese I've never seen anyone who uses chin rest. Also, I haven't even heard about microwave toy. When it comes to the strict dating rules, this is also wrong. that's long time ago.
_hi_buddy_boy Avocados (12 hours ago)
Really want to drink clear coke
Craig Matticc (12 hours ago)
I love Japan would love to visit there and learn there culture and ways in life
Sydnee Austria (12 hours ago)
"Make sure to not to microwave your dog" is it cause there asian
Sydnee Austria (12 hours ago)
Joseph Mallozzi (14 hours ago)
Um, sorry, what was the point of #5?
lynlex persian (14 hours ago)
What if all countries One on my hundred dream is to live or just visit Japan,, hope continue
Mark Santos (15 hours ago)
One of the best places i have ever been. If it was not expensive i would have visited Japan every year. I am planning my third visit, hopefully this year. I ♥️ 🇯🇵
Felix Fischer (16 hours ago)
Why Can't U.S.A. GET CLEAR COKE or The Real Kit Kat flavors ?? Someone call Washington D.C.!!!
Rudie Obias (16 hours ago)
I mean, couldn't you say that all countries are unique?
Adam Advocaat (16 hours ago)
I have enough Asian friends to think that using mayo in everything is more an Asian thing than a Japanese thing. Also, my city could really use a lesson from #15 for those long, rainy winters.
Miguel Sobrevia 2 (17 hours ago)
#14 we have that on every street in my city....
Amyエイミー (20 hours ago)
Chin rest? I have never and heard of it in my country Japan .Where did you find that photo? And we don't use mayonnaise when we cook pancake ? !and other foods as you say. I wonder why you say stupid thing about Japan .fake info
-ルマーナ二世- (21 hours ago)
Some r true, some aren’t...
Ana Paula Pláceres (23 hours ago)
The braille thing in the subway station floor its not only from japan its all over the world. Here in Argentina its in the bus stops too
Unknown Gangsta (23 hours ago)
Half lies smh smd
LaLa Laura (23 hours ago)
Why does this video completely ignore the fact clear soda is SOOOOOO much better for u than drinking colorings?!?! I thought this was supposed to prove they are smart, proved nothing.
LaLa Laura (23 hours ago)
The dark coloring in soda is terrible for your kidneys. My kidney function is bad I drink soda a lot and I'm 25 FYI to people who don't know kidney failure untreated leads to illness and early death.
Melvin (23 hours ago)
The braille on staircases and ground isn’t something ”amazing” and ”exclusively” from Japan. A lot of countries have these things
VinciousHere (1 day ago)
the car in the parking lot video has a china car number plate XD
chelle snail (1 day ago)
I love you Japan! <3 :) :)
Mr. Dubi1 (1 day ago)
Weeb +Nerd
Gladys S (1 day ago)
Mayonnaise - ice crean grosores me out. Clear coke. I thought in Sprite.
갓도현 (1 day ago)
Not only in japan but in korea too!
Flarite Is Here (1 day ago)
Clear coke is basically just sprite.. which is owned by coca cola.....
Flarite Is Here (1 day ago)
O shit fangs?! HIMIKO TOGA?!?
rhythm 01 (1 day ago)
Why aint clear coke named sprite???
Dhanush Machaiah (1 day ago)
I am a Japanese it's like heaven in her and I live un tokyo
Chihoon Jeong (1 day ago)
It’s not only Japan. You guys need to do more research in other Asian countries. Most of them are not only in Japan but in Korea, and other East Asian countries. Typical western point of view.
Philippine Ball (1 day ago)
Coca Cola *'Clear'* I'm triggered.
Salem AlAgel (1 day ago)
More than Half of what you talked about exists in other countries outside the US, not only in Japan It's getting worse for woman by the second?!! Please, don't talk about something u don't know about
Harley Davidson (1 day ago)
That's what happens when you drop an atomic bomb on their heads!
Muia mati deGoogle (1 day ago)
the moment i go i am arrested; i mean, i cannot help myself to sleep with one of them, and i dont mean geisha, normal woman from J
Jamel Gianangelo (1 day ago)
When something good happens in my life I say 'I must have died and gone to Japan' They are the Avant Garde of civilization
Lemmeon Gotcha (1 day ago)
Lee Su (1 day ago)
i Hve been living here in JaPAN for 4 years now, this is so true. I can say Japan is the best country in the world.
News Online (1 day ago)
false? get lost . we all know about the pervert culture in Japan . and their anime and hentai and all other sick stuff is not even hidden and they dont ban it.
Lee Su (1 day ago)
News Online (1 day ago)
sorry it is not. Earthquakes Ruin the fun. also , The Are perverts and they dont respect women. even their cartoon "anime" 99% of it is pervert.
Chocolate Boy (1 day ago)
India may abhi Mandir bn rha hai
Samuel Chung (1 day ago)
5:01 who dat ugly kid
Chilo Gutierrez (1 day ago)
History lesson... Clear coke is an american invention from the result of the beginning of the cold war. A Soviet General befriended the president of the united states and loved coke. When stalin banned coke because it represented the evil imperial expansionism the general requested to have the coke smuggled into the country. We made clear coke and put it in vodka bottles and shippes it over via the help of the cia XD
News Online (1 day ago)
Coke was banned out of fear USA put Biological weapons in it. because it is very widespread and they can put any Virus or Bacteria in it . actually I never Drink US drinks . because any time they decide to harm you thay can and you drink it like stupid man.
bigblocklawyer (1 day ago)
There is no such thing as "really unique". Either something is unique, as in one-of-a-kind, or it' not. It's only 2018. Guess public school doesn't see fit to correct this gaffe. Still.
Reallolz Not (1 day ago)
What is the background music
Very interesting share my friend 👌
Petkan Buzinov (1 day ago)
Vending machines with everything u say???? Aw yeah
SYED JAFFER IMAM (1 day ago)
Japan is some 20 years ahead of world. Mind boggling techniques.
Nippes60 (1 day ago)
back in the 90s there was a clear cola as well - crytal pepsi !
kenyanlisting. com (1 day ago)
why is the presentation so sick???
Gage Muir (1 day ago)
Megan lewis (1 day ago)
Two caps for $123 i cant even get my teeth cleaned fpr that in the undited states.
pinki baniwal (1 day ago)
Producer 14 (1 day ago)
1:50 we have that also in the Netherlands
Bunta Fujiwara (1 day ago)
Respect to the Japanese from UK, you have balls to not let illegal migrants from Islamic countries into Japan, unlike the currently spineless West.👍
Yampace GD (1 day ago)
Isnt japan part of "the world"
Okba Okba (1 day ago)
Respect people Japan from algeia one day I hope to visits that country
Ribz X (1 day ago)
that's not japan thats thailand or china
Thomas (2 days ago)
Pepsi did it!
Mona Lita (2 days ago)
Wowowowowo japan is great
Kevin Hiller (2 days ago)
We should all be like that
Robbie Sarkioglu (2 days ago)
The fang thing is called Yaeba fun fact it's also usrd a lot on anime characters and some people. It's a sign of Youthfulness. Looks cute on some girls as well.
Crazeegab Night'Mare (2 days ago)
At least they have anime... *and hentai*
Ming Qi ZHANG (2 days ago)
Okay, let me get this straight: I live in Hong Kong and there is CLEAR coke, so get wrecked.
Cherry Fruttare (2 days ago)
And thats why Tun M ask Malaysian people look to east (Japan).
fascinating boy (2 days ago)
i love japan i want to go japan someday but its a dream...
ARTHUR'S WORLD (2 days ago)
sushi ❤️
Max Odell (2 days ago)
I get the vibe that people in the comments section are like weebs. They are all fascinated with Japanese culture but actually know nothing about Japan. Japan is a very restrictive society, and you will not be accepted readily or easily if you are not born and raised in Japan and ethnically Japanese. They also have an aging population, and the country is declining in general. The country is not friendly if you are LGBTQ, and they are NOT friendly to foreigners at all, one of the few bad words in Japanese means foreigner. People there are very overworked and stressed, and they have one of the world's highest student suicide rates. If you are overweight your family will disown you sometimes in Japan, as being overweight is condemned heavily. Just because they have anime and sushi does not make them a paradise wonderland. This a country like all others that has many, many problems. This video is clearly made by someone who knows nothing about Japan, and all the stuff they show are just tourist gimmicks.
News Online (1 day ago)
lemme guess , you are American !
Soya Akaike (2 days ago)
1:25 that’s not only in Japan, It’s also in other Asian countries such as Korea and Philippines
Shin Evan (2 days ago)
If they only say sorry to Korea about what they did wrong.....in past
News Online (1 day ago)
They dont have to , the people who did it are dead. stop the hate.
XxUnique NinjaxX (2 days ago)
Cocacola Clear??
Lijo Joseph (2 days ago)
I want to visit Japan soon☺️
Bill Denbrough (2 days ago)
There is a Japanese vending machine that sells old or new panties and why don't people just swallow the gum? It doesn't do anything to your body
Jesse Garcia (2 days ago)
Japan banned ROBLOX
Shuvra Chy (2 days ago)
I love your channel than japan
James Peter (2 days ago)
15 facts that prove every other country isn't the same
Jervin Cordero (2 days ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $5164_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?Mc3lvF Try once.
Japan is a country far organized than China, everywhere is basically clean and tidy, everything is in order. If you will go to Beijing the capital of China, you sill will find people just ignore what is red light on the street, littering everythere gums on the public chair……,can not believe it is the capital of the world's second strong country a rich country buying everything in the world, bully small country around, strong attitude towards west, and its people running a life in a mass environment and with out freedom of internet and socialmedias.
Yuki Chan (2 days ago)
Yuki Chan (2 days ago)
Omg what’s that sushi
Insepsy (2 days ago)
Censored porn and women dont shave below..
RN GAM3R (2 days ago)
He said just make sure you don’t put a dog in the microwave!!! Lmfao I get it!!!
prasan kumar (2 days ago)
We indians should be ashamed to see tis 😞
Sarah W. Ram (2 days ago)
hey smart ... #15 is in china fyi
青山涼介 (2 days ago)
Some of them area not things of Japan
Mr. BUDDY (2 days ago)
Omg!! I cant stand how Japan puts mayonnaise on everything! Lol it's so strange and gross! Especially how I have to ask them to not out mayonnaise all over sushi! Haha it ruins and it just doesn't make sense. Mayonnaise on sushi...🤮🤭😩💩!
Mr. BUDDY (2 days ago)
The USA schools need to start having the students clean. The USA schools are so far gone from liberalism/socialism I dont think it would help but would be a start.
CherryParlor (2 days ago)
Clear coke and clear latte are the 2 worst things I tried in Japan XD and natto

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