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Red Dead Redemption 2's Amazing Details

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From the way snow melts inside of a warm cabin to the way Paul had a tree branch knock him off of his horse, here's a look at some of those incredible details littered throughout Red Dead Redemption 2. For more videos, news, previews and reviews, go to http://kotaku.com
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Paul Tamayo (26 days ago)
Bonus points to the first person to identify not only the references here but why I might have chosen them. 👍
John Doe (15 days ago)
I notice a lot of people keep saying "Wow! RDR2 reminds me of Westworld!!!" but what they don't know is that, RDR is one of the *INSPIRATIONS* of HBO's Westworld... https://beyondwestworld.com/2018/10/23/westworld-red-dead-redemption/
James Brincefield (16 days ago)
Paul Tamayo I was wondering what the deal was when I saw "It's Funky Enough" and then when it got to "Me Against the World" I got it. Very clever.
Super Otter (19 days ago)
Aloha Snackbar to you too, mohammed
onlygudcronicplz4 (20 days ago)
Love it bro!!! I love all those songs too
Kieran Graham (21 days ago)
Paul Tamayo west coast rap for a western game
Bungeidiots7 (8 hours ago)
Great video but what's the song ?
LulzRoyce (2 days ago)
I found a new detail no one ever has in these videos. When you burn a body, Arthur will automatically put on his bandit mask because of the smell.. Cool stuff.
Markus Meijer (2 days ago)
The moment I realized this game was a masterpiece. I just entered chapter 2, I wasn’t doing any storyline missions, just exploring. I was cruising through the woods South of Annesburg and all of a sudden three red dots appear on my radar a little bit off my road. I slow down thinking it’s a couple of wolves or something, a guy walks out of the woods and at point blank shoots my horse. I jump off to chase him and his two friends because nah, no one shoots Jamal like that. I shoot and kill him while the two others get ahead. I start running again to catch up and kill them... but apparently they shot my horse in an attempt to get my attention and lure me into the woods, they set a trap, I fell into a hole covered by leaves. The two guys look down at me and say something along the lines of ”We’re gonna rob you and bathe in your blood”. I popped both their head’s thanks to dead eye. Rdr2 is amazing.
sup bruh (5 days ago)
Simulation theory is real
TorTorTalks (6 days ago)
Tiny things that blew me away. - Swap Mud deformation with footsteps and bodies (mud angles!) - After being mauled having claw slashes riddle your body - Scavenger animals reacting to decomposing bodies - The horses anatomy, seriously just look at the horses muscles as it moves. - The voice acting holy shit. - realistic blood (close range shotgun kills mists Arthur's body) - realistic and fun shooting physics. Peoples bodies react to caliber distance and where they're shot. I once kept a bandit pinned on a rock in the air while unloading both pistols.
Arthur Morgan (8 days ago)
xpela100 (9 days ago)
What is the name of the song ??
mronissopwnage (9 days ago)
Seriously, you could go through this game a hundred times and it would still be a unique experience. So many choices that actually change the world around you.
Stack Vids (10 days ago)
When I discovered the KKK I was very shocked
Pyro Thunder (10 days ago)
It will be perfect when they release it on pc
SUBHAN M (11 days ago)
if anyone even dare to call red dead redemption 2 a video game i will kill him or her beacuse its a masterpiece its disrespect to call that that
Shannon Grady (12 days ago)
You forgot that cold shrinks the horses balls
Steven Bridges (13 days ago)
I wont deny that the game is incredible, but if I had to choose between realistic sunlight, and lighting effects that don't blind me everytime I look toward the sun or moon, I think I'd take the later. Like I said, the game is incredible, but this one aspect I think AC: Odyssey did better.
havanah (15 days ago)
For fucks sake come to PC already you piece of shit game :’(
Ian Aitken (15 days ago)
rockstar didn't release a pc version, losing love for them
Misan Pokharel (15 days ago)
Well, why the fuck Kotaku dubbed this nice movie trailer
John Doe (15 days ago)
I notice a lot of people keep saying "Wow! RDR2 reminds me of Westworld!!!" but what they don't know is that, RDR is one of the *INSPIRATIONS* of HBO's Westworld... https://beyondwestworld.com/2018/10/23/westworld-red-dead-redemption/
Angel george (15 days ago)
This dude just made a whole video, and already decided from the first mission...
M (15 days ago)
But I only just started Breath of the wild
the thing i'm really butthurt about is that you can't shoot holes in walls.
MrTriped (15 days ago)
Wich plataform did u use to make the video???
Barney B rebel (16 days ago)
Wonder if they will Release Single player DLC
Eric Lopez (16 days ago)
One amazing detail is that if you have been killing animals and innocent people Arthur will bring it up to Karen and detail how angry he is
Peter Stiffens (16 days ago)
I'm sure this games online mode will be better than Fallout 76
Alexander Koppers (16 days ago)
I love how you can walk up to a house in the middle of nowhere and then get invited for dinner and end up getting stripped of everything
DaLimbomaN7 (17 days ago)
would just like to give me own opinion of the game for anyone considering picking this up. Firstly, if you don't particularly think Westerns are your type of thing, steer clear, you will find the game boring or too slow for your liking (same goes for people with short attention spans and people who don't like spending a lot of time with a game). Secondly, if you don't fall into this category and own a PS4/Xbox One BUY THIS GAME. It is an amazing experience that will leave you wanting so much more. There are many cons to the game but they are nit picky and the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. As a huge fan of the first game I cannot express how much of a good time this game is and if I were Bethesda I would be SHITTING in my pants thinking up of ways to get to this new standard of open world. I do not think Fallout 76 will get ANYWHERE near this game's level of detail.
Africa Ping Fighter (17 days ago)
Worst game site in the world.
Goku Black (17 days ago)
What's the theme in this vid
HaX2018 (17 days ago)
Prattlestar (17 days ago)
Hit like if you noticed how the horse's balls shrink in the snow.
David Navratil (17 days ago)
Pc version please
Jesus (17 days ago)
DanCelsing (17 days ago)
Hate snow wtf?
Emmanuell Ramos (17 days ago)
Does NPC still has same faces like most of the games? Or is it like Watch Dogs?
Kevin Silva (16 days ago)
watch dogs dosent have same faces?
4WesternCivilizaton (17 days ago)
The games pretty awesome.
Pra Shant (17 days ago)
Now to play the movie 🎮
I AM PROUD ATHEIST (17 days ago)
But its on console 😂
Xenoz Da Fortnutter (17 days ago)
I’m buying it now.
HKLesterol (17 days ago)
Has anyone seen Gavin?
Nic Ford (17 days ago)
I definitely tripped at that same spot when bounty hunting that chick.
【OverBored】 (18 days ago)
isn't kotaku bashed this game for the lack of POC and its toxic masculinity but now they are praising it?
buddha buddha (18 days ago)
This dude is a Hip Hop fan: - It’s Funky Enough, The D.O.C - Regulate, Warren G - Me Against The World, Tupac - It Was A Good Day, Ice Cube - Backseat Freestyle, Kendrick Lamar - The Watcher, Dr. Dre
Corpse. H (15 days ago)
buddha buddha I know right
Bronxboyproductions (18 days ago)
What's this song guys?
VossRVA (18 days ago)
wassuup (18 days ago)
Rangan Adhikary (18 days ago)
Yeah whats the problem with pc port? Smh
Mo Ali (18 days ago)
After Witcher 3, didnt think another game could have been so nicly crafted
SpyTheShadow (18 days ago)
Rockstar is too overqualified at their job of making games
J J (18 days ago)
Hey EA, Sprechen sie DICK!
four (18 days ago)
Imagine GTA VI...
Amor jyoti Kachari (18 days ago)
I think its time for me to switch to ps4 from pc
alba nigrum (18 days ago)
Aaa aaaaahhhhhhh! !!!! My eye can't take this beauty
יובל סולימן (18 days ago)
perfectly detailed game will take 100 years from now i mean look at the grass and the ground and all the leashes
יובל סולימן (18 days ago)
It's mostly texture and lightning not detail but fine ..
Rivanis (18 days ago)
When its come to PC , i think GTA V Throne will fall :v
Tempest (18 days ago)
You forgot the fact that the horse's penis shrinks in the cold lmaoo
ikramsp (18 days ago)
Man, get life
Brian McGuinness (18 days ago)
Whats the music?
SteveDave Steve (18 days ago)
Yeah this game is one of the finest pieces of gaming art their is to date. The little detail you mentioned are just icing on a cake. The amount of stuff you can interact & all the contextual nuances that are abundant in the world just blow my mind. Apart from the action feeling real & organic I love the fact they gave you a chance to search, loot, explore & examine objects & location. It reallyy nice balance. A game everyone can enjoy. Well done Rockstar!!!
Henezz (18 days ago)
Roackstar the god of games... I just cant understand they used 640 million dollars for making this game
Henezz (18 days ago)
i think my display and tv isnt good enough to see how great this looks. That snow detail and weather... amazing
Justin Olmos (18 days ago)
Waiting on the Zombie DLC. BRAVO Rockstar
simar14708 (19 days ago)
What if this ai characters in game think that they are real in their own world and we controlling their actions are actually according to their will, but it is a simulation and they would never know that they are in a simulation.. Like we don't know are we real or in a simulation being played by any other terrestrial power??!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯
JimvsBob (19 days ago)
I fell when approaching that cave too haha. Put her in prison and when I returned, she had a beard! Not sure if that was meant to be part of it though.
Sam Fisher (19 days ago)
Wow GTA 6 is going to be on poiiiint , rock star outdid itself here...i really don't see any other game out now topping this.
Player Unknown (19 days ago)
Hit like if you also think it's best game ever made.
MrNiC0S (19 days ago)
Horse testicles
wasd123 (19 days ago)
On a side note: We had evolving cities in Terranigma (SNES), can't think of another game that used this game mechanic, glad they're bringing it back, wondering if Terranigma was an influence to RDR2.
watching dogs (19 days ago)
Am still imagine what the hell will GTA 6 would be if we are 5 years since gta 5 roll out 😁😁
NomeDelCanale (19 days ago)
if this was said by a pc gamer all console peasant would have raged "graphics doesen't matter, the story is more important". Thanks console gamer for being beta tester of rdr2
ZaFalPai (19 days ago)
We need Rockstar to make Bully 2, sequel or prequel
AFKNM 3416 (19 days ago)
How if rockstar and cd project make deals and make a gamee 😍😍😍
HaloF4n 4lyfe (19 days ago)
Wow, you’re not even gonna talk about the horse testicles that shrink?
manoj A (19 days ago)
Is it available for pc
my dead trim (19 days ago)
This is what happens when talented people work on game for nearly 8 years and don’t rush games for a quick cash grab profit, rockstar does this again and again and again, gta4-gta5, gta5 was prob the best open world game i’ve played next to skyrim, with red dead redemption 2 way above it. I just can’t wait until they realease gta 6, it will be utterly jaw dropping and revolutionize how we see open world games
my dead trim (19 days ago)
best rockstar game of all time no doubt
Tristan Kyle Currin (19 days ago)
Can't wait for the PC release......IT WILL HAPPEN!!!
Oyster Zzz (19 days ago)
Are the controls basically just gta controls for console
M Z (19 days ago)
Still playing gta 3...
What is the name of the song at the very end?
full metal jacket (19 days ago)
*spoiler alert*
XrossuX (19 days ago)
so will this be like gta v and we'll have flying horse cars?
Travis Farrell (19 days ago)
Loving the old hip hop references
Investor Jess (19 days ago)
I hope EA sees how amazing this game is!!
subby pop Girl (19 days ago)
Waiting for disk to install it's painful ,this game looks so much fun and just fucking look at it !
Baron Nashor (19 days ago)
Everyone who wants to check PC version, share,like, comment, if you could.
FattyMcButterPants (19 days ago)
too bad its only on shitty console with 30 fps and shit graphics
Zuya Isna (19 days ago)
also when its a long ride home Arthur starts singing to himself
afterlife101spirit (19 days ago)
Beauty of a game. Just need bully two next!!!
Kaeble (19 days ago)
But why cant i get a prostitue in the bars?
freezerburnonmymeat (19 days ago)
Shitty ass controls
anast dime (19 days ago)
This is next level of narcotics. The best drug to escape reality.
CometCourse (19 days ago)
to bad the game fucking sucks
Eetu Meriläinen (19 days ago)
Witcher 3 did this all better in 2015
Eetu Meriläinen (19 days ago)
Don't get offended okay?
CheddarBeezy (19 days ago)
Rdr is in my top two favorite games of all time. The hype is definitely real
Tash Dhanraj (19 days ago)
I can't wait to get the game...my life gonna be completed😳
nerfBronzecrank (19 days ago)
Finally cinematic camera is useful lol
AbuBakar (19 days ago)
Don't forget the horse's shitting. Oh nvm.
H2H (19 days ago)
we need this on pc

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