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Pc Vs Mobile Gamers ! life of pc gamers ! life of mobile gamers

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Pc VS Mobile Gamers .life of pc gamers ! life of mobile gamers. Pc gamers Vs Mobile Gamers . Mobile Gamers Vs Pc Gamers This Video Tottaly Made for entertainment . So Mobile and pc Both r gamer . And i love all type of gamers . So Don,t Be serious Watch My another Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnHqRi2NwJc&t=2s Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017473964282 Twitter : https://twitter.com/Paglagamer1 Google+ : https://plus.google.com/105911998372305899783 If U Have any problem for this video , plz contact with me Email : Techpathagar@gmail.com This Video Use 6 gameplay 2 Gamplay is My And 4 Gamplay Useing From creative commons license https://creativecommons.org/ 1/hellblade senua's sacrifice - My 2/assassin's creed identity 3/Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - My 4/Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War 5/Warface 6/Clash Of Clans Music: creative commons license https://creativecommons.org/ Audio Library – No Copyright Music, YouTube Audio Library 1/ Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (by Liszt) - YouTube Audio Library 2/ Suddenly - YouTube Audio Library 3/ Funky (Sting) - YouTube Audio Library 4/ O Chanukah (Instrumental) - YouTube Audio Library 5/ [Free Music for YouTube] Confessin' - John Deley 6/bensound-jazzyfrenchy link : http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music And other sound Effect : Complete Gaming Sound Effects (The Gaming Lemon, Vanoss Gaming, MessYourself and more) link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHVJaxDqzoc&t=168s and : 100 Free Sound Effects Pack Sound Effects YouTubers Use - Free To Use-Download Thanks All For Useing me Your sound Thanks For Watching Please Stay With me Like, Comments , Share And Don,t forget To subscribe my Channel
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Azzloo (1 year ago)
I am Not insulting Pc and Mobile Gamers . I love both Any Qus u can ask me on my facebook and Twitter Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tech-Pathagar-1540528352671939/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/Paglagamer1
gaming4life (5 days ago)
I'm a PC gamer and it's my dream to see a future where mobile games are as good as my PC games.
TENZIN PAKSAM (1 month ago)
Azzloo j
Master Yova (2 months ago)
Azzloo,I also like both PC and mobile gaming,but PC gaming is better because mobile gaming is mostly ruined with all those pay2win games.
Mahbub Siyam (4 months ago)
My banglalink ? Are you from Bangladesh ?
LumiMemes (5 months ago)
Shark boi Swag (12 hours ago)
Lmao mobile gamers indeed suck, they're so pathetic xd
Giuseppe Jay Gambino (3 days ago)
Dude this video it's not true u have settings on ur phone u can ignore all call and text while u playing u can also play Mobil games in ur TV with sharing screen apps rocku TV or Amazon stick
gaming4life (5 days ago)
"When a gamer goes to a future,where mobile games are as good as PC games.".
Make Points (13 days ago)
Both PC and mobile are good but I prefer PC for gaming.
Tanim Ahmed (20 days ago)
Where android games or where PC games
Xxgaming adidasxX (21 days ago)
I'm *PC* Edit: And I'm Andorid
Holdon Buddy (24 days ago)
Mobile are just Indian people doing fake shit
GeneralAlex (24 days ago)
That's a one sided argument tho. Mobile Gaming: 1- You can play wherever whenever you want, on a train, on a bus, in the toilet and so on. (You can't do that with PC or Consoles) 2- We are in 2018 now and there are console quality games at the moment. also (PUBG Mobile > PUBG PC & Consoles in terms of many things such as rank system, gameplay) 3- Games are 90% free on mobile, a game such as big as PUBG is for free. 4- Tablets, yes, tablets runs mobile games which brings a much better mobile gaming experience at 90+ FPS. 5- Old school gaming used to be on small devices and as well held in the hands, this brings the same experience. 6- PC gaming with Keyboard and a mouse is much more simple and easy to aim with, on Mobile however, you have to move your on thumbs and control them to aim at your targets. 7- On Mobile you are attached to the gameplay since you are physically connected to the screen, whereas on PC you are connected to your keyboard & Mouse then the screen. on mobile feels more like VR experience. There are really many things to talk about from mobile gaming perspective but I think these are enough for now. Btw I do have a PC, xbox one too but there are games on mobile that keeps you away from both of them due to not having as much time to sit in front of a console or pc, while your time on a mobile can be manageable.
Darkdimitris9 YT (26 days ago)
for mobile gamers:fortnite mobile . oh wait this video was in 2017 before fortnite
Arman Haris (1 month ago)
Hahaha the mobile gamer look so fuck and shity hahaha
Sweccha Ram (1 month ago)
Hamlog phone ko kahi bhi leja kar khel sakte hai pocket me dhuka sakte hai par computer ko nahi
Chethan Mark (1 month ago)
2:20 which game is that?
DannY GAMING (1 month ago)
All Mobile Phones are not small like İpad Pro
Herobrine Super (1 month ago)
Wow, I am NOT PC*, I am Mobile and LAPTOP is better
Jeff_Comedy _Club (1 month ago)
There are cool android games too
Michele Mehelean (1 month ago)
PC Gamer:woah!27 inches display! Mobile Gamer:woah!5 inches display!
Udhaw Mishra (1 month ago)
Laptop gamer vs iPhone gamer
catnip addiction (1 month ago)
Just buy on steam
Fa him (1 month ago)
You are Bangli
Marum Dubi (1 month ago)
Pls make a vedeo old gamers vs new gamers
Gucci Pump (1 month ago)
People who play games on mobile only are not gamers
TACTICAL MORNING (1 month ago)
Btw if mobile gamers think mobile wins...well you're wrong boi.Pc runs better and has better specs and games.Pc has WAY more advantage than mobile.(Btw im not a hater of mobile.)There is no way for mobile gaming to reach the advantages of pc.
Moises Casenas (1 month ago)
Console gamers*shake hands*Pc Gamers Hating mobile Gamers. Bruh
lulululxd (1 month ago)
If you think mobile gaming is better than PC gaming then youre either: 1. A liar that cries at night cuz he/she cant afford a PC, cant even afford a $30 Game 2. An idiot who has a $100 Laptop and thinks "UH WELL LOOK PC GAMING IS TRASH" Yup keep telling yourself that 3. A troll Mobile is not even "gaming" Its like saying "Theres 3 genders"... Yeah.
Delfox (1 month ago)
Wanna hear a joke? Mobile gamers
Delfox (1 month ago)
+The Weird One tell me the games that are good and I'll try play it, no clash of clans crush crash clutch shit games like those. Give me the real deal..
The Weird One (1 month ago)
Not all mobile games are bad. I consider myself a gamer even though most games I play are mobile. It takes time to find the good mobile games. That makes mobile gaming bad, I admit. However, my point is NOT that mobile gaming is better. It's WAY worse than other forms of gaming. However, not ALL people who enjoy mobile games should be treated like jokes. I as a mobile gamer have a good knowledge of games on a variety of platforms. I however have physical limitations which limit my coordination. Also, I have budget constraints. I hate being kicked out of the "gamer" description just because I play mobile games. In reality there are a lot of "real" gamers that don't deserve that title, but they get to keep it while ALL mobile gamers don't. My point is that while most mobile games are bad, it doesn't make those who look for higher quality ones and have a large knowledge of games from other platforms not gamers.
Thuta tin soe (1 month ago)
I wish pc games were in phone but not with dollar
Ahmed Sadno (1 month ago)
KACPER W (2 months ago)
0:38 mój telefon
Gold Gang (2 months ago)
Ps4 vs ps3
Divya Ashish (2 months ago)
MOBILE sucks it is only for pass time
Jano - Skians (2 months ago)
He’s using a Samsung! That’s why everything in store is bad!
Gamemix 2 (2 months ago)
Lorenzoitalian boy (2 months ago)
What is the gaming from mobile minute 1:47
Rex Gaming (2 months ago)
I was all' Two now i more mobile coz o got gamepad
Shillelagh (2 months ago)
what the hell do you mean.. apparently PC displays don't have brightness and keyboards aren't backlit..
Mr_Baksteen _HD (2 months ago)
Actually mobile gamers do not exist lets call them people that play a game cuz the are bored now lets look how much hate i got from them
M.hossaln chy (2 months ago)
Pc is the best I'm a pc gamer nd i played about many games so pc is best
kaybalya tech (2 months ago)
Next video laptop gamers vs mobile gamers
Dianna Lapitan (2 months ago)
Am mobile,pc and ps4 gamer so am a gamer for sure
fb j37 (2 months ago)
Daniel Jairath (2 months ago)
PUBG mobile
Ciandi Cabiguin (2 months ago)
Wildcat Default (2 months ago)
Dude mobile players are not gamers
CraxPlayZ (2 months ago)
Y did u copy tech pathagars video?
Radmehr Hakhamanesh (3 months ago)
guys i but a tablet and now i am telling my self:you are an apslot bicth!why you didnot by a ps4?so non of them is god insted of ps4😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Kratoc (3 months ago)
pc is better than all
minecraft youssef (3 months ago)
pc ez in all and fast
Taktyczny Bekon (3 months ago)
Mobile gamers are not gamers, mobile games are for poor
Hacks cracks (3 months ago)
81kbs/s, no good games, wouldn't happen on iOS, roflmao
Gaming with PinkFox (3 months ago)
Im a youtuber..i have computer and mobile both but i post mobile gameplays coz i love its game there is no reason to compare them play wherever u want whichever game you like :)
rafi murtaqi (3 months ago)
Rezer phone vs pc
TROLL FACE PC wins hands down. (Reply if you want reasons)
Kaiden Plays (3 months ago)
Well other from gaming phone is 10x more important pc u can’t phone pepole pc is worst than phone
Windows xp Windows xp (3 months ago)
so funny, 😁, the future is mobile
Kratoc (3 months ago)
Jesus christ, PCS WILL EVOLVE TOO.
Kratoc (3 months ago)
Elijah 23 (3 months ago)
0:32 song name? Please?
UltraPro4561 roblox (3 months ago)
Kes Tsh (3 months ago)
Pc is the best
ANDREA BELISAURO (3 months ago)
I'm a pc gamer and a little bit of a mobile gamer, but mobile gaming may be something in future
sorm sorm (3 months ago)
Waw how thing hv changed in just one year pubg and fornite on mobile who would hv thought
ME0W GaMiNg (3 months ago)
So true I used to me a mobile only gamer until I got my laptop with a real badass graphics card and I realized my mobile games were trash compared to what I’m playing on my laptop now
grumpy legend (3 months ago)
Do tablet gamers vs PS4 gamers
Rachi 7w7 (3 months ago)
get a tablet and well talk
Nassim Azzam (3 months ago)
The comment section is pure cancer
Kratoc (3 months ago)
yes. im tired of debunking all the mobile "gamers"
Leah Niegas (3 months ago)
are you kidding me you cab download playstation games in android
Hot Garbage 2 (3 months ago)
Mobile sucks because they don't have Dark Souls
Pizza Sauce (3 months ago)
Hot Garbage 2 they don’t even have any goods games at all
Mobile gamer after watching this video * * -------- I want PC for 27 inch display
Uchizaki Duude (3 months ago)
I'm a android gamer
R B (4 months ago)
Samsung c interface LG kkk
Raimi Delim (4 months ago)
Mobile is more better
Kratoc (3 months ago)
Arpan Kumar (4 months ago)
I am got bored from android games I will build a pc
Jordy Owona (4 months ago)
My PC is a potato so Bad ot cant even turn on any more
Emannuel Player x3 (4 months ago)
Try haker gamer vs pro vs nood and expert
cookie (4 months ago)
why is this fun to watch while drawing manga?
My phone is 6gb ram and comes with snapdragon 825... I do play modern combat, c ops , gta which is awesome and smooth performance...
Raj Sigh (4 months ago)
Iam a mobile gamer and I seriously regret it the games are soooo bad
World's Sky Network (4 months ago)
About Everything (4 months ago)
anybody know that pc games are better than mobile
Best Mobile Gamer Online (4 months ago)
nice video. I think they both have their place. Playing a pc game on a mobile wouldn't be that fun but still playing a casual game on a subway or a train is another relaxing thing. At the end mobile games also can be very relaxing and challenging.
LumiNyte Türkçe (4 months ago)
Why is the mobile gAmer using a phone
Only indians will search for battlefield games on playstore
craft DJ Guy (4 months ago)
Mobile is better than PC we can take it anywhere
Kratoc (4 months ago)
Bitch, PC is much better than mobiles. Ever heard of laptops?
zain ali (4 months ago)
your warface name
Jim Fitzgerald (4 months ago)
Mobile gamers waste hundreds of dollars on microtransactions PC gamers waste 50 bucks on online mod menu's Still PC gaming is a master race compared to Mobile peasant race
qwertyuGAMİNG70 0 (4 months ago)
I am a mobile gamer 😔😭😢
abcd efgh (4 months ago)
Abhay Hanumante (4 months ago)
Just buy a better phone
Nissem Gharbi (4 months ago)
Both mobile & PC games are amazing, comparing is unessacary because both of them has their own style.
Arya Pandey (4 months ago)
Try days gone gamer vs uncharted 4 gamers
LumiMemes (5 months ago)
There is something called TABLETS
toffie_ gamerYT (5 months ago)
Mobile :-( I'm getting a laptop windows 10 today
Cyclops Gaming (5 months ago)
Die idiot pc and phone are same fuck you
Srinivasa Rajesh (5 months ago)
May be mobile gamers are poor but not cheap
BirdsClaw Gaming (5 months ago)
But can u take a pc wherever u want and play on it whenever u want?
Kratoc (4 months ago)
yea bitch its called a laptop ever heard of that
im mobile gamer idont have computer yet so im mobile gamer for now😃lol in displays? ucan connect ur phone to a big tv its called wireles display problem solve
Accca Pas (5 months ago)
What game at 2:17
WM STUDIOS (5 months ago)
Mobile game bakwasss.........pc is the best gaming platform
Rayan Imam (5 months ago)
I play video games for so long my mom destroyed my pc lol
splashilollol (5 months ago)
Erik Satie (5 months ago)
Mobile gamers😂😂😂😂

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