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Highlight Reel #358 - FIFA Guy Has The Boot Of The Gods

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to highlightreel@kotaku.com. To submit, either send us a link to your video on YouTube, a game DVR, Streamable, Twitch, or just send us the raw file (YouTube links are preferred, as they allow us to attribute credit. For the sake of privacy/ease on our end, please avoid Facebook video and Google Drive). Please also give a description of your moment, and confirm that you recorded it. Wondering how to capture footage on your console or computer? Here's our guide on how to do it: http://kotaku.com/how-to-capture-game-video-on-ps4-xbox-one-pc-and-mac-1659764485 You can follow Chris Person (the editor and voice of Highlight Reel) over at twitter.com/papapishu. If you have any questions or concerns about the show, please contact Chris. 1. FIFA 18 - I thought I saw it all - NotTheAdmin https://www.reddit.com/r/FIFA/comments/7j9y9f/i_thought_i_saw_it_all/ In FIFA, fantastic calf strength. 2. Ghost Recon Wildlands - ah shit they’re headed this way - gangsterswedish Ah shit, they’re headed this way. 3. Fortnite BR - Threading the Needle - dayoldhansolo https://www.reddit.com/r/FortNiteBR/comments/7khor7/threading_the_needle/ In Fortnite, threading the needle. 4. Call of Duty: WWII - spooky things happening on st. marie du mont - GG_shi7head https://www.reddit.com/r/WWII/comments/7k7j60/spooky_things_happening_on_st_marie_du_mont/ In World War II, spooooooooooky. 5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Im in disbelief ..... #PS4share - LucidPrex https://twitter.com/LucidPrex/status/941448194357067777 In Call of Duty, unbelievable. 6. Skyrim - raining deer - Exploding Owlbear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lj2Wbm4qIM In Skyrim, I don’t think that’s what “rain deer” means. 7. Assassin’s Creed Origins - First? - Raphael Lisboa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l44go_k0ys&feature=youtu.be In Assassin’s Creed Origins: Wow, What a brilliant discovery. 8. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - ....i think i’ve just witnessed a sacrifice - livhayezsz https://www.reddit.com/r/AnimalCrossing/comments/7irwqy/i_think_ive_just_witnessed_a_sacrifice/ In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the sacrifice is almost complete. 9. For Honor - Maybe the most metal kill I've ever gotten. - birddrobot http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/birddrobot/video/40762204 https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/7j2u7j/maybe_the_most_metal_kill_ive_ever_gotten/ In For Honor, his Metal kill 10. Overwatch - probably the best hanzo POTG you’ll ever see - ShinyGlaceonn https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/7ivgxr/probably_the_best_hanzo_potg_youll_ever_see/ In Overwatch, this 360 double dragon double headshot. 11. Fallout 4 VR - Robbaz https://clips.twitch.tv/IronicNeighborlyLaptopSMOrc In Fallout 4, VR breaks the game. 12. Fallout 4 VR - Perfect! - BurkeBlack https://clips.twitch.tv/RudeImportantDragonDogFace Yeahhhh. 13. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - I tried to read that book in Gerudo town that's "too high up." I guess the devs didn't have this solution in mind. - Otonashi_Yuzuru https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/7k1c9c/i_tried_to_read_that_book_in_gerudo_town_thats/ In Breath of the wild, I don’t think the Devs had this solution in mind. 14. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - perfect timing fart - Thatguytagg https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklingDifficultCarabeefMau5 Great timing on this subscriber. 15. Rainbow Six Siege - No breech charge, no problem - Keagan Gallagher https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/7js5jp/no_breach_charge_no_problem/ In Rainbow Six Siege, no Breech charge no problem. 16. Rainbow Six Siege - Schnorrel https://www.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6/comments/7jrzym/only_way_to_kill_someone_with_blitz_ability/ Also in Rainbow Six, here’s how to kill someone with Blitz’s flash shield. 17. PUBG - (direct file) drfugorocks https://www.youtube.com/drfugorocks In Battlegrounds, it all comes down to this ridiculous 1v1. 18. PUBG - Funny pubg moment - Hobofight78 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp00OYFoMw0&app=desktop It takes more than guns to win some fights 19. PUBG - Don't kill afk people in PUBG - Chuka cheese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqWNWJov6FU That’s what you get for picking on AFKers 20. Hello Neighbor - andersonjph https://clips.twitch.tv/RudeJazzyWitchKeepo https://twitter.com/jph_anderson Lastly today in Hello Neighbor, I think the neighbor is busted.
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Text Comments (110)
Kotaku (10 months ago)
I'm taking next week off, so just a head's up: Thursday is the last Highlight reel of 2017!
Cesar The Salad (9 months ago)
Thanks for all the laughs this year! Have a great holiday!
Dr.Charles_B Shi (10 months ago)
Have a good one ~
Kotaku (10 months ago)
Thanks for the positive words everyone. I'm gonna try to make Thursday's episode extra special for y'all.
_ _ (10 months ago)
Happy Xmas kotaku
Kenrick Eason (10 months ago)
Oh yeah oh yeah Mario Oh yeah Mario number 1 here we go now oooooooo, I'm gonna get you I got you I'm gonna get you I got you bye bye yahoooooo - Super Mario(Auto-Tuned) Happy Holidays from Kotaku bye bye yahoooooooooo
Faital Whipcake (7 months ago)
0:55 freaking aliens
Robert McClelland (9 months ago)
Been many years fan of the show lamo at 156 lol
Sam Lewis (9 months ago)
"No breach charge, no problem." People are just starting to figure out that you can do that?
Burger Mane (9 months ago)
The only unbelievable thing bout that BO3 footage was the fact that people was playing that game
Robinson Suarez (9 months ago)
It’s Thursday?! You bum
QuartersFreeze V (10 months ago)
We are the first to step foot here lel
purpleAiPEy (10 months ago)
2017, the year of the great 490390 noscope headshot
Dr.Charles_B Shi (10 months ago)
didn't see my clip, sad ;(
with that nick, I'm fucking glad.
Z R (10 months ago)
12345678abracadabra (10 months ago)
Don't know why the Fallout 4 guy sounds like a creep.
GameFuMaster (10 months ago)
Glad people recognize the KING
Aaron Chris (10 months ago)
Jamie Ditch (10 months ago)
What a shit Call of Duty clip.
Hgk 90 (10 months ago)
Tank BRO'S Especially with the "unbeliveable" comment. Kids trickshotting in cod ?! No way
Gurakaaa (10 months ago)
Seeing someone get shield flashed is funny, but when that poor person around 4:39 crouch dance and finally blind C4 themselves made me lose me shit! XD
Apploga Playz (10 months ago)
Kuma Kaori (10 months ago)
0:12, Rocket League~! Get your pinch physics out of here!
Stian Eng Holtet (10 months ago)
What's with all the 640x480 12FPS washed out PUBG clips this week? Is it out on toasters now? Aaah.. That's right! It's out for the Xbox One (X) now.. L .. O ... L! The performance is so bad, I get ashamed.
Prophet (10 months ago)
Everyone calling out robbaz and not tagg. Also, gotta love the "self-learning inteligent AI" of Hello Neighbor.
P Wulfe (10 months ago)
That fortnite one was pretty nice.
The ThinSin (10 months ago)
I guess those deer were in some kind of a quantum state.
Ezio133798 (10 months ago)
Nice intro, kotaku...
Dalavine (10 months ago)
Sub startles Goron had me in stitches!
Insert clever name here (10 months ago)
1) I have no idea what I just saw in Animal Crossing 2) did that sumo push the guys head into his torso?!
H3llHoundd (10 months ago)
what is hello neebur?
SirChimera (10 months ago)
Ankhebut (10 months ago)
This Video is too high for me :D
Somethingstrange68 (10 months ago)
The third, delayed falling reindeer destroyed me
Zetch_ (10 months ago)
Lukáš Znojemský (10 months ago)
CoD highlights are always so boring and bullshit at the same time
Guadalupe Montero (10 months ago)
1:20 Oh dear...it looks like it's raining. 😏👌
jonnypui (10 months ago)
biohazard724 (10 months ago)
Does PUBG have higher settings or are people buying a game that ugly on purpose?
biohazard724 (10 months ago)
Caffeinated DaVinci So you're telling me one of the most popular games of the year has like 4 maps and is optimized so badly you can't play with proper settings without setting yourself up to die immediately but Mass Effect as a franchise may be dead because of underwhelming textures and animation?
Caffeinated DaVinci (10 months ago)
It has higher settings. People play on lower settings intentionally because of 2 reasons. 1, the game is optimized like shit, like seriously, it runs like absolute garbage. 2, lowering the settings gives you an advantage over players on the higher settings because you're not rendering like 70% of the grass. So on their screen they're hidden, but on your screen they're plainly laying in the middle of a field with no cover. People love to abuse engine mechanics like that, but also the PUBG team should have foreseen that during development.
smokingpixel (10 months ago)
Don't promote 360s...
Hgk 90 (10 months ago)
smokey p 360's are the dab of fps's.
Paul S (10 months ago)
And that's why Yoko Taro wants to burn that forest to the damn ground.
95VR407FA5 (10 months ago)
Fallout 4 guy laugh was super annoying
Z R (10 months ago)
It grows on you
Caffeinated DaVinci (10 months ago)
I agree 100%. Almost the entire rest of the comment section disagrees with us apparently. Any comments talking about "Robbaz" are fans of his.
BoredAbsol (10 months ago)
5:25 Ramming Speed! *Indiana Jones music*
Cookie Ya Dig (10 months ago)
Hello Kneebor
Cheekki Brikki (10 months ago)
4:20 [ ;) ] "Hey, that looks like tagg's stream overla-WAIT WHAT?"
rjh00 (10 months ago)
That 5:15 clip, you can hear the car coming from a mile away and know exactly what is going to happen, it's just a matter of time, it liks Jaws or something, you hear the music you know he's coming, it's just a matter of time.
Mikey (10 months ago)
Love highlight reel. Keep up the good work guys
ROBOTPETER101 (10 months ago)
I like to think that he meant it as a warning. "*We are the FIRST to set foot in here*"
Dovahbruh (10 months ago)
Philip Cheng (10 months ago)
Chuck Tighe (10 months ago)
in that BOTW clip, what if that's actually what the texts says
Kotaku (10 months ago)
I like the theory but I believe I read in a comment thread that if you go at night someone will read the book to you (again, I could be wrong)
Markus (10 months ago)
0:50 Sayori spotted
Mateus Azevedo (9 months ago)
Hand in there!
alupihan (10 months ago)
Haman A (10 months ago)
Markus Too soon
TheZaius (10 months ago)
I haven't played the game but that Zelda clip with the book was bullcrap. You can solve puzzles any way you want but you can't use a makeshift stepladder to read a book?
Ayurai (10 months ago)
I sent a lot of videos, but my videos are never chosen ;/
Jeremy Boateng (10 months ago)
wait how is this in my sidenbar tab?
Ethan Harkin (10 months ago)
The swedish guy with the fallout vr video is robbaz! Favorite YouTuber/streamer, look him up.
CamTheKitty (10 months ago)
Have a merry Christmas Highlight Reel guy
CamTheKitty (10 months ago)
Xbox PUBG looks like an early 2000s game
"transplanted" lmao
DavidMN (10 months ago)
It is proprietary. He's an idiot.
GameFuMaster (10 months ago)
+Ben Dover You do that between languages as well. The question is where would you get the source code? Isn't it propriety?
Ben Dover (10 months ago)
GameFuMaster I already stated it operated on Unreal in my first post. You are aware code can be transplanted between engines; modified to run on different engines, right?
GameFuMaster (10 months ago)
+Ben Dover https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayerUnknown%27s_Battlegrounds Unreal Engine 4. DayZ is also created by an entirely different company.
iwtmltyb (10 months ago)
That pleb on the Fallout clip has the most retarded laugh I've ever heard.
Jessie Derpington (10 months ago)
Lol the fact people still doing cod games like that has me worried for some neckbeards
Instant Chill Pack (10 months ago)
So what i submit one clip and thats it you dont bother looking at any clips i submit after?
Paul Allen (10 months ago)
Very nice.
Exploding Owlbear (10 months ago)
Thanks for using my clip!
Kotaku (10 months ago)
I'm glad to feature it!
Chris M (10 months ago)
You almost have to always distinguish if it's pubg on xbox
alupihan (10 months ago)
Kotaku (10 months ago)
Glad I could feature Robbaz
nights _ (10 months ago)
that rainbow six one was gold
BHuang92 (10 months ago)
1:19 Santa: All right!!!! Who the FUCK called Santa from the sky??!!! *You killed my reindeer!!!!!!* -South Park: Fractured But Whole
Ale Arevalos (10 months ago)
Lol the joe hello neighbor stream
John Don (10 months ago)
Good job with the video guys
John Don (10 months ago)
Kotaku np
Kotaku (10 months ago)
thanks john
Dirty Dan (10 months ago)
That ball was probably just getting ready to sneeze and sneezed upon contact to a foot
Girlscout In a freezer (10 months ago)
Belfury 01 (10 months ago)
I thought the same thing lol
Pariah305 (10 months ago)
i'm so hard :|
gage child (10 months ago)
I love the clip of Robbaz
Roseryhr (10 months ago)
0:15 The way he said, “Ah Sh*t they’re heading this way.” Has me dead.😂💀
Quinnktmh (10 months ago)
Gotta love robbaz
Grooverdude Gaming (10 months ago)
First luv u kotaku
theonefantasylife (10 months ago)
the call of duty clip you showed is an aimbot on console.

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