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Xbox One S Unboxing and Review

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The Gaming Mega Mix! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOXbRhtJ_lg&index=1&list=PLTZQ8lPZtIWqxXbcztj7UdJfRnKjNGryS 5 Best Games for Xbox One Slim! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFPbmYRUg0U&list=PLTZQ8lPZtIWq3gELprVB7ofR0FCxhpB1L&index=2 Wanna Grab an Xbox One S? http://amzn.to/2aycQ5F Unboxing and Review of the Xbox One S! The 2TB model just came out and I wanted to share my thoughts on it and if it's worth picking up for you Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (203)
Jonathan Boutilier (17 days ago)
I love the look of my one S beside my white PS4 Pro . It’s sweet to have both of the newest model upgraded consoles side by side both in my preferred console color !!!
Seth Weber (2 months ago)
I still upgraded.
Furious_Boi101 (4 months ago)
Xbox for life
connor jones (4 months ago)
What if your system is having issues?
nikon d3200 (5 months ago)
As a gamer dont say one console is better .buy both ps4 and x one I have both
lamborghini chohan (5 months ago)
the last picture at the back of the box was from forza motorsports 6
pokemon 567 TV pikachuTV (6 months ago)
Does it matter if my xbox is bent?
Rubix (7 months ago)
FINALLY I just watched your why you should and why you shouldn’t get an Xbox one a so I was totally stuck but this video helped my decision I whole lot more! If you wanted to know what I’m getting it’s the s because there IS no way I’m getting that bulky hunk of junk from 2013 in 2018 not that I’m saying that the og ps4 is bad because it was made in 2013 but the Xbox one og can’t even COMPARE to that
Vampings GT (7 months ago)
I didnt get the vertical stand for some reason....
SKT Boss (9 months ago)
A ps4 ad just showed up. What the fuck
noobtubelol (10 months ago)
whats the theme back ground music ????
Eric Bywaters (10 months ago)
oliver jacobsson (1 year ago)
it looks very good i will buy i have an Xbox one alreay but this one looks so good.
Alessio Magnoli (1 year ago)
oliver jacobsson in case you still didnt buy the xbox one S i suggest you to not buy it cause if you dont have a 4k tv the graphics are gonna be the same the only difference is gonna be that the xbox one S is 40 percent smaller and it as more space and thats it so i suggest you to not buy it and stick whit The original Xbox one ( but like i said its just an advice so the decision its obvliesly up to you but either way enjoy your xbox )
SLICED (1 year ago)
i just bought my xbox one s like 5 days ago and it is "epic"
Arcade (1 year ago)
dude I want to buy it because everything in it is what I want my xbox to be literally every fucking thing even the color is exactly mine
Majin Vegeta (1 year ago)
It is awesome
Majin Vegeta (1 year ago)
If you're getting one soon reply and like this comment
Rubix (7 months ago)
Gavin Bond it depends on what your friends play on
Thank You Mr OneOne12 (8 months ago)
Gavin Bond (11 months ago)
Frost LX should I buy ps4 slim PR Xbox one s
FurbowPlayz (1 year ago)
Frost Wolf yas
Light House (1 year ago)
Frost Wolf Me hopefully 😭
LonerWolf (1 year ago)
It Looks so great 😢😢😢😢
Lbj2306 (1 year ago)
Got one
Lbj2306 (1 year ago)
My favorite character in halo is the blue car
FBI99SS (1 year ago)
"everyone's favorite hero...Blue car" 😂😂😂😂
Niqola Qabo23 (1 year ago)
is it worth it to buy the xbox one s or the ps4 slim or wait for the ps4 pro or project scorpio
EZ (2 years ago)
The Xbox won this year. PlayStation is clearly all out of ideas.
Vladimir Putin (1 year ago)
FurbowPlayz well,Sony didnt make it,its a third party controller
FurbowPlayz (1 year ago)
Eazy-Ethan 123 yup, and did you see the new play station controller? that thing says xbox controller copied all over it.
Iron Panther90 (2 years ago)
Honestly the 500gb or even the 1TB isn't worth it however I believe to 2TB is very nice since you don't need an external HDD which eliminates that annoying fact that you can't play any games if you don't have you extra HDD. Which in reality should not have been an issue with the next gen systems.
Tylen Pruitt (2 years ago)
What if you have the original launch ps4?Should I still get it
Omar Baioumy (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson Please Kevin tell me wich editing system you use. your editing skills are awesome. Every video I get suprised.
mettaworldwill (2 years ago)
very nicely made video, dude
Beanie Lord (2 years ago)
I'm trading for it this Friday upgrading from 360
Edgar Gallardo (2 years ago)
Exactly I'm not buying the S version because I preffer to wait for the Project Scorpio version :3
Edgar Gallardo (2 years ago)
Exactly bro I'm agree the people who is just only a casual gamer will not worth it's money
Rasmus Ek (2 years ago)
Yes but the scorpio is going to be CRAZY expensive... So if you're just a casual gamer... It's definitely not worth it.
James Le (2 years ago)
Only want it for gears of war
xbox hero should have been joanne dark, chief, fenix and then blue car
QuickTim3 (2 years ago)
subscribed. your editing and production is very well done, you def know how to work a camera to get the right shots.
George Solo (2 years ago)
I still have a 360, seriously considering the One S
Qwert (2 years ago)
0:03 - Not even close! I just came for a laugh. But please, go on. 1:19 - (Not specific to XBox) Not likely, it's white. Marks are going to be showing up on that before you know it. It's like buying a white car. Looks nice when it's shiny, but specs of dirt show up like you couldn't believe. This is why white electronics are not so good. 2:01 - Wait, really, only "some". Oh I didn't realise. 2:08 - Really? With the Scorpio just around the corner? And with MS's announcement that XBox exclusives will be available on Windows? Really? Hmm, I was pleasantly surprised... Was more sensible then I thought and quite informative. Good job.
Raiden (2 years ago)
why 36,611 subs only ??
dont use Always. (2 years ago)
BUY? 👍 or 👎
dont use Always. (2 years ago)
current vote. 1👎/0👍
dont use Always. (2 years ago)
I'll vote first. 👎
The Wolfie (2 years ago)
what background song you're using?
Matthew Graey (2 years ago)
Power bricks are actually a good thing. The machine has to convert wall current to 12VDC/5VDC and if there's one thing that creates it's waste heat. The whole time it's running. You put that operation in a power brick outside of the machine and that waste heat becomes a non issue. Or you can have that waste heat being created in the same enclosure as your CPU and GPU. There are better and worse ways to design a power brick of course but the basic concept is a good idea.
Qwert (2 years ago)
+Matthew Graey Everything you said is right, as a general principle. But again, the brick doesn't cause THAT much heat. We're not in the 90's. I'd like to think we've improved since then. Again, a simple heat shield would more than suffice. That's all that most cars have to separate electronics/cabling from the engine and exhaust. Haha, not about "feng shui", it's just not practical to shove a big brick inside a wall if it's going to sit out in the open like a sore. I can't imagine the temperature would be raised significantly above ambient, ESPECIALLY with a simple heat shield. Given that most components will operate as high as 80 degrees C safely, it's not like it'll impact it much. In fact I just looked up the operating temperatures for the brick and apparently it reaches about 18C after 5 minutes. Which is much lower than room temperature. Assuming they improved on it, and assuming it has more natural ventilation than the brick itself, it would be cooler. So, if anything, it might even lower the overall temperature inside since it's running lower than both the ambient room temperature and the total temperature within the console. The temperature will try to reach and equilibrium which would lower the overall console temperature. In fact it is more likely that the console temperature would increase the operating temperature of the brick, than it would the other way around.... Hahaha.. anyway. My point is, a basic heat shield basically negates any argument, don't you think? I agree with you, where integrating would INCREASE the console size, then there's potentially a consideration, I guess, sure... but in this specific case, they decreased it while integrating! There's no significant heat impact, no additional operating cost, looks better..... ...No brainer to me.
Matthew Graey (2 years ago)
The heat generated by the stepdown device (ie the brick) is not an issue for that device itself because that hardware is not effected by heating in the same way as processors are. Therefore if you place that heat source away from processing hardware the heat is a non issue. If you place that heat in the same enclosure as the CPU/GPU then you have to deal with it in some way. Whatever way you deal with it also takes up space. Which brings me to the size issue... The entire system (brick included or brick contents inside the main enclosure) is going to be a certain size. You need that hardware, be it in the main system or in its own brick. In fact, if you put the "brick" contents within the main enclosure the system will end up larger than itself + the brick because you need extra fans and open space for said fans to work. Fans the brick itself does not need because as stated above, it isn't harmed by its heat, it isn't that type of hardware. On the "how much heat" issue... It depends. What is the power draw of the system itself? What is the voltage it's stepping down to? How good are the components used in the brick? Some of them are a lot warmer than others. In some situations there may honestly be no real advantage in moving it outside the machine, if its stepdown process is cool enough and the system itself runs cool. On the other hand you have systems that run hot as hell and bricks that can double as a heating pad. As to aesthetics... ugly is in the eye of the beholder. I honestly couldn't care less what computer hardware looks like. If somebody thinks a power brick is ugly or messes up the feng shui of their room then that's an issue they'd have to consider. In the long run you can think of it like this: Let's say you're setting up your entertainment system, would you want to put your game console (or any of your devices for that matter) close to the outflow vent of your furnace? Probably not, you'd probably move stuff around a little so that in the winter your XBOX isn't getting blasted by hot air. In other words you'd spare the machine from as much unnecessary heat as possible. That's what powerbricks do.
Qwert (2 years ago)
+Matthew Graey They do have drawbacks... they take up a lot of room. Especially for people who run a clean setup, say wall mounting with a minimal or glass unit for a few devices, where cabling is walled, etc. Your primary argument was that it generates heat inside the system, this is why you take it out. Now you're saying that heat generation is a non-issue if it's out... fine... but if it's a non-issue for the device independently, then it's not generating enough heat to affect other components seriously anyway. Plus, a simple heat shield would more than do the trick since it doesn't require its own cooling. You wouldn't need to add a dedicated cooling system... an 80mm fan would be "overkill" to help ventilation in a closed system that is a console. Adding a single small fan like that won't increase the power draw or heat generation to such an extent that it's actually worth even mentioning. I don't see how internally bricked is any less efficient, any less convenient or any less better than having an external brick. I genuinely think it's simply not, and you haven't really provided anything concrete to convince me otherwise. How much additional cooling do you think would be required to house the brick inside a system to make it viable? How much heat does the brick generate? The only real argument for a brick would be to reduce the size of a console because internal hardware arrangement with sufficient ventilation is an issue. See Nintendo's products.... bricks for days, but small and sleek devices. XBox created a concrete block and still couldn't get the brick inside it... They finally got their heads around it though, took them long enough.
Matthew Graey (2 years ago)
The hardware in those bricks themselves don't require cooling, there's nothing like sensitive CPU or memory boards ect involved. If you put it inside the main device and add enough cooling to the whole works to truly compensate for it then it's fine in theory however you're forced to add more fans and whatnot than you'd really need to run. Which consumes more power, which itself produces a bit more heat. And noise. The old "brick on the end right where it plugs in" models are annoying because they cover up half a power strip by themselves but the inline bricks have no drawbacks, you simply let it sit on the floor behind your entertainment system.
Qwert (2 years ago)
The principle is a good idea but the Brick has no innate cooling solution. Being inside of the device it has the opportunity to be cooled by an _additional_ fan if implemented, or to be not enclosed even without a fan, can still be shielded from other devices to avoid increasing ambient temperature, and so on. Given the options, the pros of removing a bulky brick I think outweigh the pros of keeping it... It annoys me that Nintendo still use a brick lol.
Marco Izaguirre (2 years ago)
These hoes clean Bruh !
parkerbing1 (2 years ago)
can you make a video on just the controller?
Matthew Cummins (2 years ago)
+parkerbing1 also check out my channel where I have a unboxing of the new Xbox One S Madden 17 1tb bundle!!!
Matthew Cummins (2 years ago)
I actually prefer the older controller. The new controller has "textured grip" on the back which does not feel good if you ask me. But I don't take advantage of the Bluetooth on the pc because I don't have one.
parkerbing1 (2 years ago)
like are the new features worth it?
Alspore (2 years ago)
I don't have a ps4 not an xbox one, but I am overseas for a couple of years and would like to make a change. Should I buy an xbox one or an xbox one s? I am not interested in project scorpio either. I am on the fence because I am worried about power brick and the console becoming outdated compared to the games going on xbox one s. Tell me what I should do?
Michael Toliver (2 years ago)
if the Xbox one would have launched like this Microsoft would made way better numbers. Instead they launched a VCR and only talked about playing tv on it instead of focusing on games.
Prasoon Singh (2 years ago)
If only this was the Xbox One from the beginning. I love mine and I'm not going to sell it just to get the One S. Don't think it's worth the upgrade.
Turbo Tech (2 years ago)
You deserve way more subscribers!
spydeewhydee (2 years ago)
Thanks Kevin! I was on the fence, but decided NOT to buy, just gonna stick to my original Xbox One....
Pray4yurLife !! (2 years ago)
great review
upsyndrome (2 years ago)
So Kinect isn't even an option with this? I'm surprised to only find that out now. Kinect's shit don't get me wrong but not even an option...
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
They're releasing a separate adapter you can use for it yo plug in via USB. So it's an option, but mor of a hassle
Pholiage (2 years ago)
I don't get this release at all. Fine if you re release a product with some improvements. In this case minor ones. Why the hell is it justified to charge twice as much for it? If anyone wants to get a Xbox One. Get the fat one. Does the same and costs way less.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
yeah, same is true here though the 2tb is $400. The smaller TB models at more affordable price ranges (and with games!) launch here at the end of the month
Pholiage (2 years ago)
Well here in Sweden atm we only have the 2Tb version available. and it's around $500 :(
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
+Pholiage costs way less? An original 500gb xbox one is $250 right now with 1 of 4 games, while the 500gb slim is $300 with Halo 5 and the master chief collection coming out on 8/23. That's $50 more for an extra game and all the upgrades the slim has
Jorgidan 92 (2 years ago)
Might buy the One S when scorpio launches.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
probs will be a price drop by then. It's all just so unclear right now since details on Scorpio or so slim
VinayTECH GAMING (2 years ago)
straight and forward ..not worth a pick if u have it already.........thats y i watches ur videos
GoldFate (2 years ago)
+VinayTECH GAMING n i said that u r frm india by looking at your name , i m indian too
GoldFate (2 years ago)
+VinayTECH GAMING great
VinayTECH GAMING (2 years ago)
GoldFate (2 years ago)
+VinayTECH GAMING wer in india do u live
VinayTECH GAMING (2 years ago)
+Hopik Gamer u cant read english?
DJahjeBand724 (2 years ago)
Its worth it, cant believe how much smaller its is then the original Xbox One, plus no brick!!
Elly Awesome (2 years ago)
... Blue car?? Haha. Dude you need to keep making videos on this channel. They are top notch!
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Yeah, working really hard right now on jumpstarting the channel again, took a bit of time off but everything here on outs gonna be a whole nother level compared to before
henry85 (2 years ago)
you shouldve compared it to the ps4 in slimness and size
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
I suppose that'd add a little more to the debate on xbox one vs PS4, but the goal here more was to talk about it in context as an upgrade or choice over the original, next time i do a console war update i'll touch on that for sure!
gwop z (2 years ago)
can u send this to ne plzz i have no next gen fr im not lying
JazzTheDogOfWar (2 years ago)
nice to see they ship the vertical stand, nice video
JazzTheDogOfWar (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson ah! I see... good info.. thanks.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Keep in mind it's just for the 2TB model, including the gears of war 4 one shipping during the holiday season. 500GB and 1TB models will have to grab it separately :<. In fact, if you look at the box art for those models the system's shown in horizontal mode as opposed to vertical like on this box
Nicholas A. (2 years ago)
wait til next year!!
Stephen Brockie (2 years ago)
I'm looking to get my first xbone. Does the S perform as well? What are the compromises? Better processor ~ good! Any shortcomings?
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Compared to the original Xbox One there really aren't any downsides other than paying more right now since it's the new thing. Unless you really really really love the kinect and don't want to have to deal with getting an adapter for it. Only other thing is it seems a bit louder to me than the original, but i'm gonna double check that for a vid this weekend, and even then the noise level isn't something bad.
OneDayinDubai (2 years ago)
Loved the video. Short, simple and direct
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
NeoCzernoborg (2 years ago)
It's better to wait for PS4 Neo or Project Scorpio.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
If you have a 4k tv sure, otherwise whether or not the new systems will be actual improved performance for regular releases is yet to really be seen or clarified by either company officially
Travis Cleary (2 years ago)
I've been waiting for an Xbox Slim, but I guess I'll have to keep waiting. I want it in black. My other consoles and PC are black, so white will look out of place. I'm not in a rush to purchase one since I have a PS4 and PC, and I watch Netflix on my PC, so the 4K video is useless to me. I'll pick one up eventually just because it's smaller and for the new controller. I don't care for the physical power button. I turn on all of my consoles via the controller anyway.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Yeah, I keep going back and forth in my own head whether I prefer the new white look or if it'd look better in black. I will say, white pulls off Matte a lot better, it both looks good and keeps better. Black looks awesome in gloss but that wear and tear builds up so fast ><
bob guy (2 years ago)
You got high quality content here... U deserve more subs!
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
C C (2 years ago)
Looks good I'll wait tho g
Mahi S (2 years ago)
"This controller finally has Bluetooth and no power brick" Xbox playing catchup.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
yuuuuuuup, and still sells the chargeable battery separate :/
Zain K (2 years ago)
Best Unboxing of this console I've seen so far. Good job!
Backhand Things (2 years ago)
do you just watch unboxing videos?
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Edmundo studios (2 years ago)
The Xbox One was whisper quiet is this one as well or does it sound like a PS4?
Edmundo studios (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson awesome, look forward to it
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Seems a bit louder to me so far, I'm actually working on a full comparison of the original xbox one and the One S for this weekend and was planning to cover that there!
ARL (2 years ago)
Its only a few decibels louder than the Xbox One but still far more quieter than the quietest PS4 (C-chassis). Check digital foundry's video on the One S, and im sure the One S is still whisper quiet.
Edmundo studios (2 years ago)
+A Physics Professor Yeah and to be honest I would rather save a bit of money and go with the larger model if I was a new buyer and the S turned out to be loud. I also have a PS4 and it sounds like a jet because it's so compact and has very little room to breath.
A Physics Professor (2 years ago)
That is a very good question. Making a system smaller usually means making the fan smaller which means it has to spin faster to regain the necessary cooling. On my PC my 120mm fans are much louder than my 140mm fans and both are the same basic model from the same company. The 140 mm pushes the same amount of air at lower RPMs.
Jim Littlejohn (2 years ago)
Thanks Kev. All I needed to know I'll stick to my brick
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Jonathan Morrison (2 years ago)
It looks soooo good 😭
Joamet Torres Ortiz (2 months ago)
Prithvi Anil Kumar yeah it is a consolé da
nikon d3200 (5 months ago)
Jonathan Morrison it is 👍
Andrew Espantman (2 years ago)
Dose lights doe
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Official Jon Seal of approval for being in the office entertainment center?
Prithvi Anil Kumar (2 years ago)
But can it run NBA 2K17??
hworkdedication (2 years ago)
Fck that
Prathik M (2 years ago)
is this the same xbox 1s that Austin just deconstructed ?
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Same model, yes. Exact same unit noooope
Nicholas A. (2 years ago)
Da Prodigy (2 years ago)
do you need a 4k tv in order to play with it ?
Andrew Espantman (2 years ago)
No just to take advantage of its full features
Elm Street908 (2 years ago)
if you want to take advantage of the 4k video UHD bluray movies and upscaling all games then yea otherwise it wouldn't benefit as much with a 1080p tv
ben whitehair (2 years ago)
chili24137 (2 years ago)
So basically it's competitive with a PS4 now... good job microsoft lol
Crescendo (2 years ago)
+It only a Piece of Plastic Yeah would have been better if they stayed as 'exclusives'. I understand they wanted to make sure xbox and windows are as connected as possible but it ruins the 'exclusive part' because pretty much every gaming pc runs on windows. Its making it better for pc but not for the console players. Hopefully they will change their mind.
Word Out (2 years ago)
+Matthew Cummins Xbox Scorpio have No Exclusives Games, all Exclusives Games Coming to PC.
Crescendo (2 years ago)
+Edmundo studios They can't just re do the entire thing. If they wanted it to come out on 2017 then it should already have been way over just planning stages. And it seems that Bill gates/Microsoft is just throwing lots of money for this new PC- type console. So I'm guessing they would spend on exclusives if its the 'we heard you' console that they make it seem to be.
Matthew Cummins (2 years ago)
+Edmundo studios ya
Edmundo studios (2 years ago)
+Matthew Cummins You really think sony is just going to let them release it more powerful than NEO now they know the specs?
Ahmad Melhem (2 years ago)
if you have xbox one already why buy one S ! but if you don't have then it worth , like me I always buy ps consoles but this xbox one got me so I pre ordered it and waiting to get shipped to here ( dubai ), it worth to me
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Yeah, as an upgrade for someone that already has a One it's a bit excessive, but if it's your first model it's awesome!
Mario Ordonez (2 years ago)
my brother just got his and he loves it he literally boxed up his ps4 and says will only bust it out for exclusives
Andrew Espantman (2 years ago)
I love that blue car game!
Andrew Espantman (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson haha "vroom" classic blue car!
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
I always love it when he goes "vrooom"
Austin Saez (2 years ago)
The new Xbox One S is nice but the older style is still the one I want to get. 😎
Russell Israel (2 years ago)
swishpronoob (2 years ago)
that ending was abrupt
Romero (2 years ago)
That was an amazing way to do the video. I feel if you do that you will grow even faster. People are dying to find a straight to the point youtuber. Very hard to come by.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
GOTTA CUT TO THE QUICK MAN. I've just been seeing less and less point in dragging out the ending, people that watch youtube know the whole speech and cliche of "SUB/LIKE/FOLLOW THANK GUYS BYE". starting to really feel the idea of do the content then get out
I still might buy one just because I don't have anything to spend my money on
SuperArjun90 (2 years ago)
save more and buy project Scorpio or ps4 neo, or better option: get a pc
Killaskills101 (2 years ago)
but i want it so baaaaaaaaaad! i hate looking at this VCR now :(
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
yeah....it's def a visual upgrade. I mean, if aesthetics are worth an extra $300-$400 to you go for it, it just doesn't do that much more to justify for most people
ItsmeJamesAJ (2 years ago)
I'm actually planning on buying the original Xbox One now that the price should drop with the release of XOS. Should be preeety cheap
Austin Gurganus (4 months ago)
I looked it up on Amazon it's actually like $300.00 . while the slim ( Xbox one S) is at $220.00 if u know where to look (amazon and best buy)
Majin Vegeta (1 year ago)
ItsmeJamesAJ Where are you buying it from on amazon you can get the x1s cheaper than the original x1
LuckyNorway (1 year ago)
+ItsmeJamesAJ 250€
ItsmeJamesAJ (1 year ago)
+LuckyNorway for how much?
LuckyNorway (1 year ago)
i bought the normal xbox one today
kevyn kollom (2 years ago)
It would be rather stupid to buy that.
kevyn kollom (2 years ago)
You know because of more powerful Xbox coming out later and so on. Just saying
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Fawaz M.Q (2 years ago)
is it more powerful than original Xbox one?
WTPWDSMG (2 years ago)
This looks way better than the original. Nice review.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
PAULTRENITY41 (2 years ago)
Haram bae
Angad Yadav (2 years ago)
Almost First..... AW SHITTT!!!!! Anyways, Keep up the great content.
Angad Yadav (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson You don't need to thank me. You deserve it. Actually, thank you for replying.
Kevin Kenson (2 years ago)
Thanks! Better luck next time!
HazardousTV (2 years ago)
First like!
Neoh (2 years ago)
HazardousTV (2 years ago)
AHMED SALAH (2 years ago)
AHMED SALAH (2 years ago)
+SJ 😁 lol okay 👌
SJ (2 years ago)
+AHMED SALAH (TOUSHI) I'll email it yh😂
AHMED SALAH (2 years ago)
+SJ yeah i do
SJ (2 years ago)
want a cookie lol?
AHMED SALAH (2 years ago)
+Kevin Kenson i genuinely believe that you deserve more recognition on YouTube... keep up the good work

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