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Middle-earth: Shadow of War - NEW Gameplay (Upcoming Open World Fantasy Game 2017) | PS4 Xbox One PC

368 ratings | 35697 views
See Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay - upcoming new open world fantasy game of 2017 year. Platforms: Xbox One, PC, PS4. Subscribe to Meteorite Games - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT
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Text Comments (54)
Evan Sheehan (8 months ago)
An Australian Olag is actually more rare than a unicorn you know....
Wolflyy (9 months ago)
I want him in my army
Jake Dragonfire (10 months ago)
I found my new best mate
bmo the living video game (10 months ago)
00:52 02:45 where did the big scar on his belly go ??
Blue Draco2000 (10 months ago)
I cant wait to assault minas morgal.
The diamond nighmare (10 months ago)
He is the new ratbag
FalloutRain (10 months ago)
"Define Focus" And Talion/Celebrimbor is like "Bruz...come on" I'm so fucking Hyped for this game boy!
Banner (11 months ago)
I like this lad
Jackson Copeland (11 months ago)
flamingpanda74 (11 months ago)
The guy that said "until this moment you have not known suffering" a Olog hai? Or is he a different race of troll? Just wondering because he looked bigger compared to bruz and azlar
John Ratfelders (11 months ago)
The first game was phenomenal and this looks even better
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
I'd love if you didn't have to use the ring of power on Bruz but rather talk to him and ask him if he wants to fight for us. That be cool.
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
flamingpanda74 ah ok that's cool. Also I hope when you control a region you will meet friendly orcs protecting that region that are branded grunts like in the Bright Lord DLC in SoM when you walked you could see grunts fighting each other
flamingpanda74 (11 months ago)
Krystian A it might actually be like that. In most of the gameplay stuff there's no hand print or the eyes don't glow shaping signs of branding. And if they can betray you it probably means there fighting for you by choice
Shawn Elmore (11 months ago)
not really liking the constant cinematic like what if you wanted that uruk alive
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
Shawn Elmore which obe
Damon Kane (11 months ago)
So the girl killed Talion, and waited by his corpse? I thought that Celebrimbor re-made his body, in those Towers. Then what happened when the Orcs in the first game mutilated, and ate his body? Did the girl simply know where Talion would "respawn"?
EmporerAaron (11 months ago)
Can I have a Bruz the Chopper? He is pretty awesome. XD
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
SSBeastBoySS I'm pretty certain if you choose him in assault battles he might die. If that happens just watch out for him and if he's kneeling he's bleeding out so you can save him by pressing the draining buttons.
SSBeastBoySS (11 months ago)
Krystian A, with that said I hope he doesn't die as fast, he looks and sounds fantastic
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
EmporerAaron everyone will have him he's the ratbag of this game
Neonwarrior (11 months ago)
If this game is as good as all these previews are making it look, it could easily be one of the best games ever made.
demonflux957 (11 months ago)
does everyone get bruz in the game if you don't then make it a think everyone gets bruz. bruz's for everyone.
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
demonflux957 yes Bruz will be the ratbag of this game
Zirkalaritz (11 months ago)
4:44 Fuck that bitch, this is Russia.
Adster (11 months ago)
2:53 i fucking love this guy ...first guy i make a warchief XD
Griffin Arnold (11 months ago)
i'm beyond hyped.. looks like they actually did a sequel right.. everything I enjoyed about the original they expanded on exponentially and all of my complaints, minor as where have been fixed in ways I hadn't even anticipated..
TriggerHappy TheTriggered (11 months ago)
0:13 Was that Arnold?
deadkiller20 zombies (11 months ago)
bro i laughed so hard when he started talking after bruz got dominated
Nick Wells (11 months ago)
Can't wait to get this game.
Creeper Gaming (11 months ago)
I want bruz. Just his voice and his lines. God i want by my side the entire time. I will never get old of his voice.
Kyle The Crusader (11 months ago)
If there isn't at least a ratbag cameo... There will be rioting.
Vodka Gods (11 months ago)
Unjustly can't he cheat death like other orcs?
reindeer (11 months ago)
ratbag is dead bro
OperatorDelta 3 (11 months ago)
Just to get this straight. olog-hai are not trolls. but they are similar, not the same. it's like saying a human and an elf are the same.
Deathcoldan (9 months ago)
Knasterreal1 Indeed
Knasterreal1 (11 months ago)
More like saying a scandinavian breed and a southafrican breed are the same lol :). Both are humans but not the same
Tyler (11 months ago)
how do you keep making such charismatic Ologs? XD
Kyle Armstrong (11 months ago)
Why is the troll from london
Agent Indiana (11 months ago)
Maybe Kyle is a internet troll
Doge Skyrim (11 months ago)
Kyle Armstrong ITS NOT A TROLL!!!
Ioz Young (11 months ago)
0:40 CTFU!!!
Jack Briggs (11 months ago)
Bruz is an aussie hahah fucking wooo!
MRXDFACE (11 months ago)
already seen this hundreds of times why so late?
Jordan Sellner (11 months ago)
the most optimistic troll ive ever seen in Lord of the rings
shadowsin242 (11 months ago)
I love him. Cracks me up
Kuroblack (11 months ago)
That explain why he seems smarter then your usual trolls.
Jordan Sellner (11 months ago)
yep its also the reason why hes not burning in broad daylight< Remember The Hobbit.
sneaksmasher (11 months ago)
It's an Olog-Hai which is a breed of troll.
Doge Skyrim (11 months ago)
Jordan Sellner its not troll
Eve Gonzalez (11 months ago)
that game change the date
Angron (11 months ago)
oh my god bruz the chopper is an aussie troll
Name (11 months ago)
Why so late
Kirill Horoshilov (11 months ago)
Amazing game

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