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10 Things you should know Before Playing God of War

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Here are 10 things you should knew before playing God of War.The new God of War is finally here and the Norse reboot is every bit as fantastic as you’d expect from Kratos’ return. It’s also a huge game, and with so many things to do a few tips wouldn’t hurt to guide you through Midgard Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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Text Comments (158)
batista6242 (29 days ago)
Thank you 😎
Julie van Mierlo (1 month ago)
i asked to know before playing!! not to get spoilers!!!
Brent P (2 months ago)
Ali Poo (2 months ago)
I havent played any god of war games except 3 should I buy this?
The Amazing Lucas (2 months ago)
The game is seriously lacking in the fun department
Xuhybrid (2 months ago)
Saves only save your recent checkpoint/autosave so not much point lol.
Lin Jones (2 months ago)
Wayy too immersive goty
Lil Eyes (2 months ago)
How recommended is it for me to play the previous God of War Games, before I play this one?
Sean Reed (3 months ago)
Messed that they didn't explain how he survived after all these years lol I understand the healing factor but a cut scene would've been nice
Krillin (3 months ago)
"Also NEVER forget to grab your controller to play this game! I know most of you will forget it and it can be difficcult to not forget it, always remember that important detail that some players could miss! And on the other hand don't forget to breathe while playing the game! That's another important aspect of playing this game, that you should not forget to breathe while playing, you can find the tutorial on how to breathe by following the instructions given whenever you start the game" Wow gee so helpful
Logan Buchanan (3 months ago)
Its not a reboot
Shaun D (3 months ago)
Great you start off with chat from a character not even near the beginning...what are you doing? Jus advise and don't spoil.
Anthony Pellegrino (3 months ago)
Didn’t even want to finish the rest of the video, shows way too many cut scenes that I don’t want to get spoiled. Why they does this?
Revanth (3 months ago)
No thanks. I don't need to know anything before playing. I want to get first hand experience of the game as the developers intend the users to. That discovery is very important in any video game
Wesley Graham (3 months ago)
This is such a spoiler
Shawn M. (3 months ago)
Checkerboard 30fps babysitter edition
DjSuperK (3 months ago)
I hate this kind of videos. I didn’t even watch it I just hate them. Gave it a dislike. Let people enjoy the game as is you fuckers.
Sebastian Björck (3 months ago)
wow, I couldn't find that save button anywhere... hope i got a decent autosave point for tomorrow.
Clinton Meade (3 months ago)
Sebastian Björck options button. Then triangle while in the menu should take you to the game options. Save,load, quit game. It's at the main bottom of the screen on the right that tells you what button to push.
World Adventurer (3 months ago)
Why call this a reboot? lol.
Drath Firtha (3 months ago)
Atreus is LOKI bitches
TheMiegie (3 months ago)
Ty man :)
Jon RD (3 months ago)
So can you skip god of war 1,2, and 3 and just play 4?
Usman Tariq (3 months ago)
Jon RD Of course!
Jon RD (3 months ago)
Usman Tariq i didnt enjoy constantly turning into stone by the gorgons in God Of War 1 can i skip that game and play 2?
Usman Tariq (3 months ago)
Jon RD Yes! Even though its a continuation of GOD 3, the game is almost a reboot. But I would prefer you to play the first 3 games, as you might not understand the pain Kratos has been through. You'll see him being sad or getting so much angry, you need to understand first why is he like this?
rocketscientist14 (3 months ago)
This game is literally fucking perfect. I may be a bit biased being a HUGE God of War fan who has been waiting 6 years for this game.. but oh my god.. EVERYONE OWES IT TO THEMSELVES TO EXPERIENCE THIS STORY THAT COREY HAS LAID OUT FOR US. this is the future.
Patrick Poison (3 months ago)
So I got it last night n i pretty much learned tht I throw my axe n forget to call it back in battle!! -_- Altho it does make things more interesting!! LoLz
GiggleHz (3 months ago)
is there a side quest to give kratos a white mans voice so he doesnt sound so out of place.
David Figueroa (3 months ago)
Why do people keep calling this a reboot it’s a continuation with new gameplay mechanics and graphics the story carry’s over from the other games
Roy Constant (2 months ago)
David Figueroa .
Oscar Wilson (3 months ago)
Own pocket rely decision slice stable Greek drain liberty.
Peter Panda (3 months ago)
Smash Cratetos for money.
The One Truth (3 months ago)
FOrgot to mention its not god of war and kratos is dead..... no chain blades no kratos.... sad but true.. norse myths yeah thats awesome I was hyped too but wait do you see that daughter kratos had in the background wait no thats not a pussy kratos is cause he has to have his son save his ass. Out of all the installments this one makes kratos look like a real weak bitch to have to ask for assistance from his better half because if it was not his better half then he wouldnt need help he would be the better half sadly this is not true and this game just further cements kratos into the ground. Avoiding this game at all costs... wouldnt even play it for free id rather go play the GOW saga collection where it was still a combo smasher and kratos actually could hold his own. But im a bigger DMC fan so ill be more busy playing DMC HD collection re release and DMC 4. Where real action combat has a jump button and combos to preform instead of just pressing one button and going throw the same attack animation.
Clinton Meade (3 months ago)
The One Truth the "chain blades" you refer to... they're there...
shravanthiyag (3 months ago)
Man, these video contain some spoilers - be warned people...
PixelGunner3D (3 months ago)
Bgod dma h save alot sbnyㅓ.
Corn Pop (3 months ago)
Just finished far cry 5 on the OneX Brilliant game, might get god of war , never played any of them. Will i be disappointed ? and do i need to know his back story >?
tiki casha (3 months ago)
Does anyone know if you can free roam after finishing the main campaign
alfredo medel (3 months ago)
tiki casha yes yo can.
M3PTIRAH (3 months ago)
There is only one thing I should know before playing God Of War... Playing the God Of War!
Luca Changretta (3 months ago)
The one you love to hate (3 months ago)
We all have to wait 4 years for god of war 5 😣
Mr Tea & Crumpets (3 months ago)
I have to wait till 9:30am for my local game shop to open so I can get this game. It’s 6:00am now just 3 and a half hours to go!!
Jason Hunt (3 months ago)
black hippy Save 20% :)
black hippy (3 months ago)
Jason Hunt lmao you should never do that
Jason Hunt (3 months ago)
I ordered off Amazon. Who knows when mine arrives...ugh.
Gon 38 (3 months ago)
The video spoils but him talking doesn’t so be careful
Peewy 978 (3 months ago)
The 11th thing you should know is sell your Xbox to get a Ps4 so you can play God of War!
Dana H (3 months ago)
And get a pro version.. even on 1080p the supersampling is real.
Kaleb Hancock (3 months ago)
I just got bioshock collection so I'm going to play them then get this
Draven Alexander (3 months ago)
And at the beginning of the video he says "Norse Reboot". It's NOT a Reboot. The developers have already said it's a continuation of the same story from God of War 3. It's just much further into the future and he's having to contend with new Gods in a new world.
JesMarie Jonz (2 months ago)
Draven Alexander Ooooh okay, finally, thank you for clearing that up.
Draven Alexander (3 months ago)
The One Truth Yeah, I take back what I said about Kratos not having the chained blades in this game.....
That Rad Guy (3 months ago)
The One Truth you obviously don't know shit about this game but by all means, keep making yourself look dumb. It's amusing
Draven Alexander (3 months ago)
The One Truth He doesn't have the chains because they were ripped from his arms. Instead, he now has the bloodied bandages where they were. He has a son, it happens.
Simon Petrikov (3 months ago)
The One Truth It's not a reboot. Kratos just traveled from Greece to Norway where the Norse gods are.
phoenix blaze (3 months ago)
sorry i haven't looked much up on this game but is this kratos..you know the same kratos that got fucked by Zeus ?😂 or is this a all new story like a reboot
phoenix blaze (3 months ago)
Draven Alexander thanks
Draven Alexander (3 months ago)
phoenix blaze It's a continuation of the same story. It's just set awhile after God of War 3.
Digital Union (3 months ago)
Tomorrow, finaly !!!! :D Cannot wait to play it :D
Gabriel Guillen (3 months ago)
They never fucking put spoiler alert 😑
That Rad Guy (3 months ago)
Gabriel Guillen calm down public school. It literally doesn't spoil anything
Gabriel Guillen (3 months ago)
kyle isbart I don't know but that's why I won't watch this video even if it's spoiler free or not because it doesn't specify. I've been running into videos that nearly spoiled it for me and it was not at all noted😣
kyle isbart (3 months ago)
What did they spoil?
Dimitri Jackson (3 months ago)
Gabriel Guillen I seriously hate that
Thane Krios (3 months ago)
Thanks for the spoiler at 4:54, fucking morons.
Mic Dy (3 months ago)
what spoiler
Mookie Stewart (3 months ago)
Thane Krios what spoiler?
TeeZee (3 months ago)
I have never played any of the previous games. Do I need to play them to play this???
Tony (3 months ago)
Probably not, but they really fun stories to play
Anthony Transue (3 months ago)
TeeZee you don't need to, but I feel everyone who plays should at least watch a video summarizing the story before this one. You'll probably enjoy it a hell of a lot more if you know the backstory to Kratos.
Houston (3 months ago)
TeeZee no not at all. I’ve seen multiple videos saying you don’t need to have played the others
SP Brazy (3 months ago)
I've never played any previous god of war game, would I have to play the older ones in-order to understand this one?
anay singh (2 months ago)
Nice joke
Big H (3 months ago)
I'll help you. Its disgustingly amazing and probably game of the year. Finger solved.
Kelvin Morris (3 months ago)
If your not a hack and slash person then don't get it
C Bean (3 months ago)
SP Brazy no the old ones suck just a qte nightmare
SP Brazy (3 months ago)
Kelvin Morris I've never been a fan of hack and slash type games, not that they're bad but they just don't appeal to me, I can't specifically put my finger on it but something about the new god of war just interests me so much.
Sri Lestari (3 months ago)
I dont need 10 things to know. Just jump on the game and play it naturally
Sebastian Pizxa (3 months ago)
Sri Lestari then why are u here?
E-Tomic- (3 months ago)
Less then an hour and I'll be this awesome game
Ahad Khan (3 months ago)
is the game as good as people say, it's gonna be playable in 12 hours for me
Hexbox117 (3 months ago)
E-Tomic- that's good to hear!
E-Tomic- (3 months ago)
Playing it now, so freaking awesome, as epic as I expected
E-Tomic- (3 months ago)
nolan palmer yes, love being an Aussie lol get most games early
Hexbox117 (3 months ago)
nolan palmer ah I see.
Ak47 (3 months ago)
What have they done to kratos
Patrick Ngo (3 months ago)
Ak47 let him grow
Shawn M. (3 months ago)
Made him lame
That Rad Guy (3 months ago)
Ak47 made him better?
Shawn Smith (3 months ago)
Turned him into big show
//Orange Sky// (3 months ago)
Ak47 don't play and don't buy... Nobody's to you.. why are u even here
Jason M (3 months ago)
I took the day off tomorrow for this.  Worth it.
Don Gordito (2 months ago)
How do you like the game?
Craig Patrick Maloley (3 months ago)
I’m gonna play it all weekend
MAFIAMAN (3 months ago)
Houston you mean the furhers birthday weed is for the weak
Max Brown (3 months ago)
bro me too
hancmd16 (3 months ago)
Marijuana does lead to violence LOL In all seriousness, taking off early from work to pick this up. Wash away the stink of collections with killing some gods!
ZyllerGaming (3 months ago)
One main thing to know before playing: Don't get spoiled for these channels!
Y S (3 months ago)
you´re welcome, nearly spoiled myself lol
Y S thanks!
Y S (3 months ago)
yes it does, just the video though, the tekst not so much
I'm also interested as to whether or not this video has spoilers.
Gabriel Guillen (3 months ago)
ZyllerGaming does this have spoilers????
Fahmi Izwan (3 months ago)
Hmm. 7th?
Mic Dy (3 months ago)
Sony Bateau (3 months ago)
Less then 24 hours 🔥
Franomaly (3 months ago)
Gamestop in Vestal NY did a 9pm release last night instead of midnight.
KENNYLEAN (3 months ago)
Sony Bateau cuple hours
Luis Hernandez (3 months ago)
Sony Bateau it's less than 14 hours for us the people who pre ordered it on digital
Harry Carter (3 months ago)
im playing it in 10 minutes... sometimes living in Aus is awesome ;)
nolan palmer (3 months ago)
This vid is a hour too late..already started playing! (game unlocked a hour and a half ago for me).
Charting Uncharted (3 months ago)
no. 5!
Mic Dy (3 months ago)
Belén Resto (3 months ago)
Mic Dy (3 months ago)
you so awesome.
Best Gamer (3 months ago)
Sub to me plz
MLG GAMING (3 months ago)
Second boizzzzzzzz oh oh
Raihaan Sandhu (3 months ago)
Mic Dy (3 months ago)

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