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Hank Treats Connor Like His Son (Cole) FATHER & SON MOMENTS - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN

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Hank Treats Connor Like His Son (Cole) - DETROIT BECOME HUMAN ScereBro: • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ScereBro/564637156948348 • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_scerebro/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/scerebro • Get Games on G2A: https://www.g2a.com/r/scerebro
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Text Comments (4001)
Rose Gold Owl (2 hours ago)
The last clip ruined me
Tali Rose (3 hours ago)
The amount of fucking adverts on this video
Blacklicorice Darksnipa (11 hours ago)
*My Baby Nuuu D:*
INYFanimations (12 hours ago)
xd BochiDochi (19 hours ago)
Yumi Kobayashi (20 hours ago)
Hank, Markus and Connor are the best.
genji shimada (1 day ago)
Connor is my favorite character.
Yumi Kobayashi (20 hours ago)
One of the best characters definitely but I love Hank and Markus more.
phanicdotes_ (1 day ago)
They're so adorable!
Yumi Kobayashi (20 hours ago)
The best relationship.
Frawshy 2 (1 day ago)
I don't think father's hold guns to their sons heads
gay trash (1 day ago)
I swear they are so cute (not shipping)
Yumi Kobayashi (20 hours ago)
Yeach! Especially Hank.
What if Cole’s ghost possesed Connor’s body :O
SleepyGacha 2703 (2 days ago)
Idk why,but every Atime Hank yreats Connor like his son i always have this felling i'm going to cry happy tears
Bigladslav (2 days ago)
2:37: *Happens* Me: I wish my dad would do that.
My names Cole I’m afraid
Louie le King (2 days ago)
I think Hank kills himself if he sees Connor die. Makes him seem unhuman and ruins their father-son bond.
ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ (2 days ago)
Ah yes. I remember the day _my_ dad pulled a gun on me.. *oh wait* I have no dad... Haaaaaank adopt meeeee
fiery x (2 days ago)
Connor: I have crabs hank Hank:...?
0:53 bless you
North WR400 (3 days ago)
In my lanauge Hank calls Connor boy :-/
Natalia Bobeł (3 days ago)
0:45 Pfck
Serbia Rock124 (3 days ago)
Am crying
SamSam Playz (3 days ago)
I giggle every time Gavin says “phck” Edit: 4:47... HE SAID SON!
Broadway trash person (3 days ago)
When he called him son I made a very inhuman noise and now my dog is concerned
Bad Zone (4 days ago)
11:15 smh got told off by a robot
BENICIO !!!! (4 days ago)
I cried at the end
SkylarDraws (4 days ago)
*rustle sound* Stay behind me. gOt it-
Melanielovesyou (4 days ago)
i love this game so much. Detroit: Become Human is amazing and just so good. the stories were amazing, the actors were phenomenal.. and God, Connor is so amazing. i love him just as much as i love the game.
Foolish Mortal (5 days ago)
that little hug they do at the end of the game gets me evERY FUCKING TIME-
Princess Rikku (5 days ago)
Connor: Hank! :D Hank: God damnit Conner. Connor dies, again, Hank: SON NO D:
Serdilka Pe (5 days ago)
Its the saddest when Hank says 'Oh Connor, oh no...'
Serdilka Pe (5 days ago)
Cassandra Ng (5 days ago)
Doodle Lol (5 days ago)
4:08 connor took a fat L
Crybaby Drowned (5 days ago)
Wow. Saving Hank lowers the public opinion XD
Dubstep the Fox (6 days ago)
Connor, Play Despacito
insert username here (6 days ago)
nothing like some father and son bonding, especially when your dad pulls out a gun
CrystalQueen816 (6 days ago)
“_hang in there son_” Me: oH mY gOd WHO hAs oNiOnS
CrystalQueen816 (6 days ago)
**Conner and Hank father son compilation** _shows scene where Hank threatens Conner with gun_ Normal.
BreeZee Fox (6 days ago)
I'm not gonna cry.....
TheSnicSnack (6 days ago)
How to make a grown adult cry "Wrong choice, Lieutenant!"
The Questioner (7 days ago)
Andriod the Connor
The Questioner (7 days ago)
*W A K E U P C O N N O R*
Matt (7 days ago)
Awesome partners.
Kenshee Dicdican (7 days ago)
conner, conner, conner, coner
Matt (7 days ago)
At the end it made me cry
Matt (7 days ago)
This is moving.
fairy puddles (7 days ago)
cowgirl smithers (7 days ago)
I got u son...... OHHHHH MY HEART ┻┻︵⁞=༎ຶ﹏༎ຶ=⁞︵┻┻
Joseph Xandier (8 days ago)
"You couldve shot those two girls but you didnt" *ad* MOMENTS THAT CHANGE LIVES
Basch Zwingli (9 days ago)
P h f c k
LegendSword CH (9 days ago)
0:53 Is he just say "Baka???"
bananafor1 for life (9 days ago)
*kills connor* ya I remember when my dad did that
Foxy Gaming (9 days ago)
12:32 had me in tears and when Hank called Connor (son) so happy right now ☺️
Libby Malone (9 days ago)
Hank: what will happen if I pull this trigger? Connor: I won’t be able to continue the investigation that’s what Connor should have said XD
Zeratious (9 days ago)
The one where Hank unknowingly shoots Conner, then realizes he made the wrong choice got to me the most.
Sofia Orozco (9 days ago)
Hank:"look at my son!" Connor:*doesn't shoot innocent Android* Hank:"pride is not the word I'm looking for, there is so much more inside me now"
Veljko_Gaming Ergarac (9 days ago)
Man you know its an dad when he holds an gun up to your head
Wildash 0_0 (10 days ago)
4:48 “Hang on son” ❤️
AbesThe Shooter (10 days ago)
For real bruh Connor looks like a baby
DragonDood (10 days ago)
How that guy says “fuck” XD “FHCK”
Katie K (10 days ago)
When gavin says 'fuck' why does he sound like that dog from Grown-ups who can't bark?
Brandon Medrano (10 days ago)
That's so adorable
H Zaragoza (10 days ago)
0:45 *_FRKKK_* 0:54 *_-FRUKK-_*
1:22 *FBI! OPEN UP!*
Wolf Simmer (10 days ago)
I kinda wished they kissed.....just me ok
Madam Pigeon (10 days ago)
this is so sad Connor play Despacito
Koll Bezt (11 days ago)
U guys asking why connor wasnt a deviant? The question is simple Hank is Good Partner to connor so connor does not feel hatred or angry or depression
Hannah Britton (11 days ago)
I'm totally not crying rn
Peter Sparre (12 days ago)
Whats the outro music its so so good
Cute little fact, at 3:59 you when Connor charges the deviant, you can see Hank’s hand reach up to try and stop him. Hank 10/10 best partner.
Mercinda Productions (12 days ago)
The hug gets me everytime....
Bya (12 days ago)
what kind of father points a gun to his son and asks him if he's afraid of death
jeepercreepers9 (12 days ago)
8:08 Is it just me, or does Hank's eyes grow at this point?
Zadia Goodwin (13 days ago)
Hank: stay behind me Connor: got it Me:(sniff) omg 😢 so heart warming
Lazuli Productions (13 days ago)
I always preferred Kara's story, but aW
Chloe Animations (13 days ago)
Hank and Connor are perfect! ESPECIALLY BOTH OF THEM IS SAVAGE XD
tony y (13 days ago)
When Hank calls Connor son I cry everytim
Neko Neko (13 days ago)
How do I get the last one?? I need that hug!
• SassyUxie • (13 days ago)
I miss the times when my dad pulls out his gun and asking if im scared to die....Good old days...
I don't like this 😠
orange (14 days ago)
So if Hank ends up killing true Connor in the CyberLife warehouse, would he be waiting by the burger place for him to show up even though he never would?? oOf
Finn Г. (14 days ago)
\ *HANK* \ ^ \ father \ \ 🔓\
500 Niles (14 days ago)
I was going to make a Hamilton joke but my heart aches too much
Pandie Playz (14 days ago)
Why is connor so cute when he dies?
playerdude2 (14 days ago)
The last part always makes me tear up..
RickyDaNoob OOF! (15 days ago)
12:37 music?
Geoshe GAMING (15 days ago)
* hank points gun * Ffffffk U wont get away lul Fffffffffffffffkk
Dariana Green (15 days ago)
I just loved the evolution of Hank and Connor relationship! And I hated that Hank suicides and Connor can do nothing to prevent it. I can’t wait for DLC so I made a movie where he actually saves Hank and becomes a deviant because of Hank! And Hank calls him son! https://youtu.be/m-wvPr76WG0
luscioushoseok (15 days ago)
I accidentally tapped on this because I was like falling asleep but I’m so glad I did bc PHAT UWU’s
Vai Pra Casa Gringo! (15 days ago)
Wuft Chan (15 days ago)
I feel! I feel... more in touch with my whole world
Wuft Chan (15 days ago)
omfg the dude who made the androids was *bleep* and they think of androids as slaves omfg was this a pda?
Wuft Chan (15 days ago)
awwwwwwwwwww T-T the son he never got to meet! <3~ *I'm hearting' so much*
melon potato (15 days ago)
I would like this more if there wasn't so many people shipping them
· P A S T E L · (15 days ago)
4:39 Connor-HANK I NEED HELP Hank- CONNOR!!! HOLD ON S O N me- *gasp and does a face*
Eggs Benedict (16 days ago)
0:45 when you feel anger but know that you will get demonitized
Eggs Benedict (16 days ago)
0:45 Shutffuckup
Angie (16 days ago)
5:24 The way he says: "I tried to stop it, but... I was too late," sounds so sweet and innocent and genuinely broken-hearted, like a precious child who was trying so hard to impress his dad but failed at the last moment. Ouchie :( It's okay, Con. You're still the best.
Insomniac (16 days ago)
"Good evening, Lieutenant" 😇 Hank: 😨 "Connor?! Holy shit! I saw you die?" "I found a new lead on a deviant" ☺️ *gets killed* Hank: "Connor!! Oh god no!" 😭 Connor: *new model walks in* "so as I was saying about the new lead on the deviant" ☺️ Hank: 😰 "What the fuck Connor?!" 😣 Connor: 😋
The Alchemist (17 days ago)
Please OH please someone tell me the track from the OST that plays at 12:13

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