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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Official E3 2017 Trailer (Open World Medieval Game 2018)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance - Official E3 2017 Cinematic Trailer (Open World Medieval Game 2018) Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC, February 13, 2018! https://www.kingdomcomerpg.com/ Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (2608)
0n1r0t (23 days ago)
shitty game, worse fighting mechanic ever and what kind of open world that has no 3rd person game play. first person view is awful, it gives me headache at least add a 3rd person options. developers are lazy and selfish
Ryan Bissonnette (1 month ago)
Now that it's out, the game is amazing.
outeast7 (2 months ago)
i swear that last guy had an american accent
Aaron Mirza (2 months ago)
I am so happy when I buy this game :)
MrLeonardobarbosa1 (2 months ago)
Please, what this music? Who is singing?
patricio arevalo (3 months ago)
Porque existen ya videos de este juego si nisiquiera salio?
gunpowder1002 (3 months ago)
What music is playing on the background?
Beytullah Gelturan (3 months ago)
Music ?
GeneralSinx (3 months ago)
I wonder can I be an assassin or thief in here
Vincent Bossuyt (3 months ago)
00:58 Vesimir have you cut your hair!?
lifteez (4 months ago)
Well one of the owners of Warhorse studios is Daniel Vávra, which made legendary Mafia 1 and made scenario for Mafia 2. So dont worry guys, this game is gonna be a masterpiece.
Daniel Savery (4 months ago)
Anyone know what the theme is and where I can get it
Nero Claudius (4 months ago)
Shieyttttttt monster hunter and this game cant waitttt..rip my social life on 2018
Song 4 (4 months ago)
The faces are kinda strange and so is the movements but other than that, it looks insanely good.
Bogdanoviciu Salvatore (5 months ago)
Witcher 3 > this game
Cristobal Mancilla (5 months ago)
What is the name of the music played at the beginning?
JPrieto1396 (5 months ago)
Shivam Thakur (5 months ago)
The best thing about this trailer is. . . . . . It's all rendered using the in-game engine.
Info Hub (7 months ago)
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Honza Marek (8 months ago)
Ta scénka s křížem mi nahání mráz, skvělá práce :)
John Roberts (8 months ago)
Medieval Knights, Castles, in New South Wales, really? Sounds like Australian voice actors, trying to do old English accents ... and doing so very badly ... and Aussies always make fun of Yanks doing their accent. You have so many English expatriates living down under, come on mates ... beautiful game thou. :)
James Witteveen (8 months ago)
What a lame story line. Couldn't of thought of something more original?
Red Jon (8 months ago)
Is this even medieval!! Where is the swearing and the mass murders, the old houses , !! Everything is bloomy !! Not realistic!! It looks like a children's movie (game) !!
D S (2 months ago)
Go educate yourself, please.
Riff (8 months ago)
This game will be buried so far down by the likes of Mordhau and Bannerlord.
Bill Clitton (8 months ago)
Voices seem a bit off, non the less the game looks stunning.
TheEriczeppe (8 months ago)
I hate that you cant create your own character. The pre-made one looks like a dipshit
Code Phox (8 months ago)
This game has been on my radar for a long time. The Longsword gameplay better be worth the wait.. Take more time if you need so, please.
릴리용 (9 months ago)
중세판타지가 좋은데 너무 중세이다 ㅠㅠ
Pirate Mike (9 months ago)
please let this game be good pleaaaase....just one game that isn't a complete disappointment...
Lax Axl (9 months ago)
Only e3 game I'm hyped for
- (9 months ago)
the combat looks amazing why can't they have awesome realistic looking combat in movies and games more often, stop it with the goddamn spins!
Lilith Nightshade (9 months ago)
The music sucks ass.
Mr. Joshua (9 months ago)
I thought you could create a character in this game? :(
Priyansh Jyoti (9 months ago)
Awesome voice-acting......
Sean Taylor (9 months ago)
I've been following this game for years. so glad it's close to done but I want them to take their time to perfect it. it's definitely one of my most anticipated game in years. and I love the fact that it's based in real history and true events and battles that really happened. also this game is fucking beautiful. can't wait!
Al James (9 months ago)
... for freeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!!!!!
Music Theory 101 (9 months ago)
I really hope they put a lot of effort on sound design these last 8 months of development. It's the only thing dampening the hype a little for me. And I hope they have the option for Czech/Hungarian speech with English subtitles.
Ascadiatiger (9 months ago)
1:26 is that the bald guy who takes your sword?
onno shadow (10 months ago)
the Witcher : kingdoms war begin
TheDrose (10 months ago)
The story line will be about Hussite wars in the Czech country in the 15th century
Kronos (10 months ago)
Facial animations need work.....a lot of work.
Kronos (10 months ago)
You've got 8 months.
Mohit Sapra (10 months ago)
it looks such an amazing game but what is wrong with facial animations?
LordVader1094 (10 months ago)
I kind of wish these guys had accents relatively similar to the area the game is set in, Bohemia, but one can only ask so much from a dev team.
IsleofMAN (10 months ago)
release date 2020
Gaming_Since 1990 (10 months ago)
Facial expressions are stiff but game looks very interesting
Masont Thompson (10 months ago)
They're so serious about realism but couldn't be bothered to have Czech people do the voices. Even skyrim had Scandinavian accents for the nords.
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
Masont Thompson They have said they do have some Czech voice actors. But they didn't put them in main roles, Iirc, because they were somewhat difficult to understand. Also note that Scandinavian accents does not equal Scandinavian. I don't remember if Skyrim got actual Norse VAs or not, but they coukd very well br imitators. I'm 99% sure Balgruuf's VA voices a shit ton of guards in AC2, for example, and he spoke with an Italian accent in that.
Llour Cz (10 months ago)
Skyrim has also tens of illogical features
Chip Dale (10 months ago)
Well to be honest Warhorse, i was affraid, if you ever will finish the game and i apologize. Now it really seems, that you will. You have my support and i cannot wait to see it and play it. It looks more and more great. It is hard to succeed for small developer like you, but i have confidence in you now and i will most certainly buy the game. I cannot wait to have adventure from past of my country :-)
SleepyOwl (10 months ago)
Watch SJWs and Feminists complain about why there aren't any melanin enriched characters in the game.
ENLIGHTENED (3 months ago)
"Melanim enriched" .......YOU DAMN RIGHT!!!
PUGILIST (10 months ago)
The world looks gritty, harsh and realistic. We need a game like this.
Yuki Terumi (10 months ago)
Man haven't heard the insult whoreson in a while. good times
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
Yuki Terumi Did you play Witcher 3? It was used every five seconds in that.
GradyTheGreat (10 months ago)
Fordzy (10 months ago)
GradyTheGreat Its a soundtrack from game. ;)
This feeling when you are throwing your money into the screen but nothing happens :(
Sanane Lan (10 months ago)
can't wait for this shit
Rob John (10 months ago)
Yeah because everyone in the Medieval era had pristine beards and modern haircuts.
Dany Vyto (10 months ago)
This game needs only Coop mode and online fights/tournaments in the arenas with simple web/ingame ladder.
Gunshow0 (10 months ago)
God when will this finally be finished and bug free haha
Just a Copy (10 months ago)
Sweet. Thanks for publishing.
Jester456 (10 months ago)
Voice acting's come a long way. Could still use a bit of work though. Some of them facial animations looked a bit comical too, but hey, it's come a long way.
God (10 months ago)
I was waiting forever for this game
Squishy ! (10 months ago)
found out about this at least 14 months ago and I know it's been in Development for a long time but I've been sold since the discovery. take as long as you need, I'll be there.
Supersonic Saint (10 months ago)
For some reason even though the graphics, animations and voice acting are meh... IT LOOKS DAMN SOLID
daniel johnston (10 months ago)
Since it's set in the Holy Roman Empire, ottomans maybe?
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
daniel johnston No problem. Hungarian armor is very similar to Ottoman, though. You can faintly see them in the background at 1:03.
daniel johnston (10 months ago)
Tyler Steinkoenig ohh I didn't know when it was set thanks for telling me
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
daniel johnston Eh, a bit outside of this time span- this is set in 1403, or around that, I believe. and the Ottomans didnt even conquer Constantinople until 1453. The "invaders" were confirmed long ago to be Hungarians, as they actually invaded Bohemia around this time.
Grimdark Rising (10 months ago)
I love the "gameplay".
K R (10 months ago)
1:49 "We have to put a stop to this senseless war!" ... *Says it with a smile on his face*
K R (10 months ago)
Almost all games by AAA publishers these days are all the same reskinned experiences. This however, doesn't seem to have smoke and mirrors masking what it is. This trailer reminds me of what RPGs used to be, and I'm liking it. Please be good...
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
This isnt really AAA, though. It had to go through Kickstarter just to attract investors and is developed by an ensemble team of Czech indie devs, lead by Daniel Vavra, one of the main developers of the first Mafia game.
Roger Means (10 months ago)
man ima be like friggen 70 by teh time this game comes out lol
apex grave (10 months ago)
ohhhh what a relief to see a great medival game.....
matthew vollaro (10 months ago)
Damn thats got my hopes up
Wasabi (10 months ago)
кушать ли тут российские ?
OKFINETHEN (10 months ago)
GPU (10 months ago)
Literally the only game on E3 that deserves any attention.
blink180heights (10 months ago)
no in-game battle scenes??? that's what i'm looking forward to the most wtf
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
blink180heights We've had several combat scenes shown to us the past few years. This trailer was meant to focus more on the cinematic aspect of the game, which is something we haven't seen very much of.
Matthew Fox (10 months ago)
Hope my pc can handle the game...
Dustin Schrock (10 months ago)
They are all so clean and shiny.
Ananyo Chatterjee (10 months ago)
i got a deus vult boner
AliParada (10 months ago)
so witcher with all the cool monsters remove
Chris Gerrard (10 months ago)
holy shit it looks noice!
Mastery (10 months ago)
Mount and blade, kindom come.. They really want to end my social life lol
Shas'O Swoll (10 months ago)
/pol/ led me here saying the devs refuse to cave to social justice, feminists and diversity quotas, they have my support
Invisible Fiddle (10 months ago)
after watching the beta version playthru i no longer feel the need to play this game. that was enough for me.
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
Invisible Fiddle That was over a year ago and literally almost everything in it, including the voices, animations, and much of the graphics and gameplay, were placeholders. The beta is nothing like what the game is now. They gutted almost everything from the beta.
Pokemontas (10 months ago)
lyrics to the song?
TheSilvatianGamer (10 months ago)
Thank god they made the MC not look like a dunce anymore
Half_Harry (10 months ago)
Woww finally a game with a story in medival times god does exist looks fucking epic not every game has to be gun slinging
David Anthony Atienza (10 months ago)
cool movie....oh wait
Elvia cazares (10 months ago)
This gives me witcher 3 vibes. which is good
Wataaa! (10 months ago)
Medieval batman
Cars bikes and chill (10 months ago)
anyone knows if they changed that painfull combat system of the beta?
Barney StinsonJNR (10 months ago)
Thank you
Jindřich B. (10 months ago)
in 1403 city of Skalice (today Stříbrná Skalice) was really burnt out by king Sigismund (Hungary) brother of king Václav IV (Bohemia) :D
Yeldur (10 months ago)
This game looks incredible, my only hope is that it doesn't flop when it comes to release.
Jose Maquia (10 months ago)
Then someone sits by you in the tavern and asks "Fancy a round or two of Gwent" and you have the perfectest game ever... This reminded me a lot of TW3 because it's set on basically on the same era with all the medieval cool stuff. It also seems to focus on the story which is also something I loved from TW3, it might not be similar in any other aspect but I just loved this game :D
Sha Zank (10 months ago)
Open World Medievel game? Sounds a bit like Assasins Creed!
Tyler Steinkoenig (10 months ago)
Hermann Goering AC is a pseudo-stealth action adventure game that hasnt been in medieval times since Revelations in 2011. This is a hardcore action-RPG. Not really many similarities
Ethan Hernandez (10 months ago)
i am buying this
Aphantom47 (10 months ago)
Mashala love it and the way you guys have put it like that in trailer it is so well done xxxx looking forward for it
Vlavir (10 months ago)
I hope the original is for PC and just ported to PS4 and Xbox One... I don't want a second Skyrim UI or those Ubisoft PC graphics-support.Would be bad if a console-layout limitates the PC version by keybinds, actions and other things as it does in so many other games.
Caffeine 17 (10 months ago)
The Witcher 4 realised!
Jericho Cross (10 months ago)
0:58 - Nice to see Vessemir again...
Malice Mage (10 months ago)
dat complete lack of actual gameplay footage though
Alex C (10 months ago)
Holy shit, wasn't this game just a clunky test build not too long ago?
Fordzy (10 months ago)
hey Tech Beta is a 1 year old. ;)

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