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12 DISTURBING Upcoming Horror Games 2017 & 2018 - Scary NEW HORROR GAMES for PS4 Xbox One PC

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Text Comments (579)
Lori- GirlGamer709 (7 days ago)
last year looks like a good game I would get in to any idea to when it will come out for ps4 ?
PrideWOLFpower (21 days ago)
I'm just excited for Jaws of extinction. It's back on Kickstarter for consoles and steam. So I'm excited if successful. Who else in here like's zombie games.
SlideyBoyy 420 (1 month ago)
When does the last year comes out?
Snake Eyes (3 months ago)
Sice the time the scary horror games became 1st person, they lost all scary and surprise element because we know always that something will happen. 1st person games sucks!. I miss the old times of Resident Evil 0-1-2, Silent Hill, Dead Speace 1-2 and Project Zero (Fatal Frame) True Horror, terror games with 100% element of surprise
Haznil Aqmal (3 months ago)
little nightmare kind horror intense and cute....
Afro Duck (3 months ago)
Is last year out already on pc?
P.B. Horror Gaming (3 months ago)
Routine needs to release already, i cant wait for this game.
JJ KK (3 months ago)
oh shit allison road looks PoopNap scary
Melinda Garner (4 months ago)
Scott Stemp (5 months ago)
Dark Humor Games makes some crazy stuff
Chimic (5 months ago)
when Last Year release date?
Rozzie Crane (5 months ago)
Getting serious Gigar vibes from Scorn looks so good
Justin Britton (5 months ago)
glad silent hill is still kicking somehow.
Rectangle101 (5 months ago)
alison road is dope af...
Damien Robbie (6 months ago)
when is routine and pamela out? cant find them anywhere
IRTEHLEETOKNPBB (6 months ago)
welcome to hanwell looks like SH 7
fresh fasty (6 months ago)
Games I have-friday the 13,little nightmares.
big yee (6 months ago)
Rotine reminds me of the game dead space. Very cool
igetbuckets4-2k GOAT (6 months ago)
3:29 made me jump!
Tan Nguyen (7 months ago)
is this cultofmush?
So last year was in 2016 now it has to be 2017
kroo0kix vlog (8 months ago)
The last year not only pc.its pc exvlusive.but.only 1 year exclusive like friday the 13th and its coming out ps 4 and xboxo
grasshopper123456 (8 months ago)
Bull shit reviewing pc games with console games
Nao Shadowpaws (7 months ago)
Console peasants should have their own list
MLG420 Mcswaggerten (8 months ago)
Alison road and visage i just wouldn't be able to play by myself i can only watch the video 3/4 scrolled up xD im such a pussy
John Anthony (9 months ago)
I that there was an halloween game coming out with multiplayer and a story.
Wavy Skittlez (9 months ago)
3:29 I jumped so fucking hard
Manu3l916 (9 months ago)
where can I get a copy of f13 for ps4
Wills Vids (10 months ago)
Priyansh Patel (10 months ago)
Someone make a sequel of Alien Isolation!!!!!!!!!!!!
jayceeuk42 (10 months ago)
I really can't wait for Vistage!! And Last Year looks awesome. I hope Last Year will eventually come out to PS4!
Mr T (10 months ago)
Most of these games look stupid fellas.
Tube Gold (10 months ago)
I... HATE when people pronounce pamela as "puh-mel-uh"
Katniss Evergreen (10 months ago)
11:16... how the fuck do you mispronounce pamela?
Radio Listener (10 months ago)
Last Year
Marley Speed (10 months ago)
So last year is basically a mix between Dead by Daylight and F13...
You know shits going to get scary when you see a generator
Maryse Halliwell (10 months ago)
I love horror games but Last Year looks like one of those cheap low budget slasher movies that are so bad that the few people that did see it very much wish they didn't.
Jorge Gomez (10 months ago)
routine looked like a mixture of alien, dead space,and prey
Amanda F (10 months ago)
Horror games freak me out but they are cool to watch other people play
Pheenixorphan X (10 months ago)
(12:51 opens door and sees girl making weird movements on the bed) Me: looks like she's like she's humping it. (Girl starts flipping around at 13:02) LOL that's one extreme orgasm you're having there lady.
Pheenixorphan X (10 months ago)
Shit even just watching Allison road is freaky as fuck!!
Mango Purple (10 months ago)
I saw the pin picture and thought girl you wanna die, better hide that pink arm sweater behind that pillar more or you'll be found faster than Patrick Star in a Spongebob episode.
Kezayah Eberhart (10 months ago)
Allison road looksso scary~😭 guess who's not buying that~
Crybaby (10 months ago)
If you want to see what Friday the 13th is like, Typical Gamer has a bunch of videos of him playing it and he's going to keep live streaming FT13th as well
Morgan Eiland (10 months ago)
I have Little Nightmares. It's messed up.
XxDankmemes420xX (10 months ago)
I am really excited for Allison Road!
Chris TV (10 months ago)
Have Friday the 13th, it's actually really good now that they've started fixing server crashes
Nerdiers (10 months ago)
The only good game looks like Friday the 13th. Other than that these games are not disturbing nor are they horrifying.
Fabiana Branco (10 months ago)
Allison Road looks good!
Speccy SquareGoLike (10 months ago)
There should be a multiplayer game similar to Friday 13th and Last Year, but in space with a Xenomorph... so basically just Alien: Isolation with multiplayer xD
Blue Tuscani (10 months ago)
I want Friday the 13th
Nefes alan yunus (10 months ago)
İ like friday the 13th game but it has a lot of dislikes in steam comments idk why
Jerymine Tabernilla (10 months ago)
Markooni Mooni (10 months ago)
I will never play this games! 😆 I will die in the beginning of game!!! 😂😂👌👌
Jesus Christ (10 months ago)
Everything is ripping off dead by daylight and I haven't played that game but last year and friday the 13th games look like they copied dbd.
TheGizzimomo123 (10 months ago)
i don't understand why people with annoying voices decide to do video commentary
Sstephablitz (10 months ago)
Getting a jump scare from behind by a Minecraft zombie or spider is enough
DrRisk01 (10 months ago)
I hope pewdiepie plays them
Dogeaholic _ (10 months ago)
DrRisk01 nah jacksepticeye
SchlegelREV (10 months ago)
I want a scream game
Tina Milos (10 months ago)
Allison Road! YES!!!!! Iwas waiting for this game!!!!
Gabrielle Hampton (10 months ago)
Why is ghost theory lowkey supernatural 😂
Mary Deonce Francisco (10 months ago)
Last year reminds me of Dead by Daylight
Mohamad Hariz Nor Hisham (10 months ago)
last year = friday the 13th
Maci Wilson (10 months ago)
You better not be talking about my game
import26 (10 months ago)
Allison Road will never be released. It's always a 'maybe'
ami babyy (10 months ago)
the allison road jumpscare scared me so bad i started choking
Crystal A (10 months ago)
Allison Road looks down right horrifying, god.
Fabiana Branco (10 months ago)
APH Satan right!!!
Lily D. (10 months ago)
Karii Lynn (10 months ago)
Idk. Maybe I'm getting old but these "hunt and kill regular people/friends" makes me kind of uneasy of younger kids playing them.
Horror and Halloween 101 (6 months ago)
It's based off of classic slasher films, which usually involve a maniac killing high school kids. It's no different than a kid watching a slasher flick.
Karii Lynn (10 months ago)
Amy Jayne yeah but that is like a suggestion in most cases, like R rated movies, I know they never stopped me, I just think like monster horror games like Silent Hill are kind of removed from real life rather than a school based setting. 😞
Amy Jayne (10 months ago)
Karii Lynn that's why they have ages on games, so young kids don't play them.
456dl (10 months ago)
Agony and Scorn!
KennyChaos (10 months ago)
last year looks so similar to Friday the 13th
Suga Kookies And Milk (10 months ago)
Games went from 8 bit to where you can't even tell if it's a game or a movie 😂😂
Daniel Roberts (10 months ago)
They should have made the Last Year killer sound a creepy. The guy sounds like Ryan Gosling. Not exactly what you would consider creepy. I was wondering what happened with PAMELA. I remember seeing a preview video of it almost two years ago.
Dead Phones (10 months ago)
3:27 I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways
DarkBinnie (10 months ago)
I'm just hoping someone will make a horror game similar to Until Dawn. Maybe not everyone liked it but I sure as hell enjoyed that game A LOT! I love games like those (Telltale games ish) so I want another one. Maybe not the same concept (Wendigos) but definitely a horror game with choices that affects.
:v (10 months ago)
FoxyThePug (10 months ago)
I LOVE little Nightmares
jonathan wilder (10 months ago)
don't forget the last of us part 2 is coming out in 2018
the final night (10 months ago)
4:56 "i want to die"
Nick Zain (10 months ago)
so visage is basically layers of fear?
tricia takanawa (10 months ago)
I'm playing little nightmares like right now it's on steam
duke keolakahi (10 months ago)
he says visage wrong.. i'm triggered
Trash (10 months ago)
I feel like last year is similar to Dead by Daylight, but different setting, but I love the idea, can't wait for the game
Tobias Marcoh (10 months ago)
13:16 oh look it's Miles Upshur
AngmohTsaoReborn (10 months ago)
Oh gosh that Alison Road scared me to jump
dragontail unknown (10 months ago)
i can't wait 4 the 2 of the games from slient hill
booziesuzie (10 months ago)
Allison Road looks amazing!
faith lopez (10 months ago)
most of these already came out
Munchkin o (10 months ago)
Half of them are going to get canceled....
Mixing Rainbows (10 months ago)
Last Year looks like Dead by Daylight but in high school
Simple Mannequin (10 months ago)
I got so scared I had to keep watching on the toilet because I sh*t myself
Cheesecake Queen (10 months ago)
who's hanging out in comments cuz they are scared😂😂😂
Alaskan Snow (10 months ago)
at least 3 that were mentioned are out currently
skittykay (10 months ago)
Alaskan Snow were they out a month ago when this video was released?
Steph Cundall (10 months ago)
a lot of the games seems to be like dead by daylight
Rani Aertgeerts (10 months ago)
Pamela reminds me of Prey
dreamerdazegirl (10 months ago)
Horror movies and games looking type cute this year. Hopefully they don't disappoint, cause this wait is killing me!
Cherti Kinamoto (10 months ago)
God routine gives off horrible Alien vibes...
Irene Alvarado (10 months ago)
i definitely get all of them and they all look like great games to play at night 😄
thunder punk (10 months ago)
13:00 those ragdoll physics though😂

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