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Call of Cthulhu - E3 2018 Trailer

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Call of Cthulhu - E3 2018 Trailer Call of Cthulhu, the official videogame inspired by Chaosium’s classic pen and paper RPG, today defines madness in its heart-pumping E3 Trailer! Uncover the chilling mysteries of this Narrative RPG game, descending deep into a world of cosmic horrors, creeping madness, and shrouded Old Gods within Lovecraft’s iconic universe. • Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC • Release Date: Coming 2018 ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (242)
ThatPedanticCommenter (14 days ago)
"Madness...our old friend..." I do not wish to know the consequences of building an inter-dimensional time-travelling device solely so that Lovecraft could meet the Ancestor from Darkest Dungeon...
Doctor Gears (16 days ago)
The human mind. Fragile, like a robin's egg.
0oPerson (16 days ago)
My expectations for this game are probably way too high, but I am SO HYPED FOR IT!!!!
Sir Galahad (17 days ago)
I'm a big fan of the pnp rpg "call of cthulu". So pls don't disapoint me
Eli Smirnov (18 days ago)
I really love H.P. Lovecraft and his bestiary, but... Cthulhu/Nyarlathotep/ Yog Sothoth cult leader: embrace the beauty of the elder God(s) and join us in great sacrifice! me: Ah...a fresh crop of victims. YOUR BODY SHALL SERVE CHAOS, THROUGH ME!
MrAnimepredator (19 days ago)
wonder if in this game I beat mother dagon 20 times in a row and each time die while running away because of a glitch and have to check the final cut scene from youtube because fuck me.
RN J (20 days ago)
Looks lit
kidpresentable (20 days ago)
Hopefully this isn't a walking simulator
timfortune9 (20 days ago)
Final boss level should be nuts where you have to escape from R'lyeh and then ram a ship into Big C.
Krehlmar (21 days ago)
Synth Ovine (22 days ago)
Probably going to be a shit interpretation of Lovecraft's work, much like how Chaosium did a shit interpretation of Lovecraft's work when they made the tabletop RPG that this is based on. Gonna end up being like Dark Corners of the Earth where the first half of the game is great, and then they give you a weapon.
DankmanX (22 days ago)
im hard af just by looking at the title
David Harms (22 days ago)
Hastur Hastur Hastur Hastur... (those who have played 1st edition d&d understand this reference
Wan Fu (23 days ago)
Oh please, please, please, please be good.
Decimus19 (23 days ago)
and remember: there can be no bravery....WITHOUT MADNESS!
MrAnimepredator (19 days ago)
having a tommy gun never hurt either. shoot them deep ones in the balls.
博士真賀田 (23 days ago)
getting outlast vibes
גל רוחין (23 days ago)
this made me even more excited to read more of lovecraft's work
MEME ACCOUNT (24 days ago)
Risakisa (25 days ago)
Absolute trash.
Demonic Jester (25 days ago)
so happy to see a high-quality Cthulhu mythos game
Metsän Asukas (26 days ago)
reminds me a more toned down tame version of my DMT trip. All hail Lovecraft
HilloryClitoris (26 days ago)
can't wait to be raped by yog sothoth
HilloryClitoris (26 days ago)
Vainglory 2KW8Ω (26 days ago)
Looks like silent Hill just a couple years later lol
Apollo Alexandre (26 days ago)
Wonder how many people excited for this have actually read Lovecraft, and how many just watched game streamers play some shitty game like Amnesia.
Zombipantz (26 days ago)
My mind and body are ready
José María (26 days ago)
My Little Cthulhu
Niv 'Mohnd (27 days ago)
Did i just heard the chasing music of amnesia?
Fatman311 (27 days ago)
That upbeat tune at the end crushed the atmosphere so damn fast.
OrionPaxG4 (27 days ago)
We're gonna need some foreigner servants. Also no one wake up Azathoth
for a moment I think that the title said Call of Duty :v
Director Sokolov (27 days ago)
Trash game
Real Human Bean (27 days ago)
So the Cthulhu cult actually has magic powers? Way to ruin one of Lovecraft's best commentaries, as in the short story, the cult can't actually do anything with the elder ones, and Cthulhu is instead awakened by some dumb sailors by accident. It shows the strange and often unfair causality of absurd life and the inability for humans to actually connect to the beings of old.
The Artist Of War (18 days ago)
magic isn't proved to be vacant form the original story, so instead of whining on your own interpretation why not I do know se that brought magic and non magic has allwase existed in call of chultu...first Lovecraft world has magic and the cult practice in art similar to dark spells...now her is the thing...your playing a madman(and in the books you only get info on the cult themselves for men that have been broken)..so it could be magic or it could just be your head fucking with you. that would be more faithful them to bitch about that this one story never stated that their magic in the swamp did anything real and instead embrace and understand the uncertainty that his book tries to explore.
MrAnimepredator (19 days ago)
in the 2005 version, I only saw magic being used ones by the head of the cult in the city of r'lyeh. when the leaders brother had got tired of the cult and sought to make money instead, and tried to shoot him, so the cult boss throw him on the walls for a bit. also there was some flying polyps that really got on your face.
Terlin1466 (27 days ago)
im intrested. But im also scared that it will suck so bad. Hopefully PC will get it as well.
Grey Crimson (28 days ago)
Madness may be freedom but that doesn't mean it has to be negative
manuel morales (28 days ago)
Hermeus mora eres tu?
Gary Welsh (28 days ago)
The wait is driving me mad.
viza vizant (28 days ago)
where is the game ????? you cancel the release data and after nohting what is this?
Ole Cz (28 days ago)
Hail Cthulhu
julio falkenhagen (28 days ago)
Silenced Games (28 days ago)
This C.o.C looks good.
brando ovalle (28 days ago)
call of cthulhu espero que este espanol para ps4
OrionoftheStar (28 days ago)
Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! _Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!_
AGNES117 (28 days ago)
what the hell does keanu reeves here
loving the narrator to death
nazcret22 (29 days ago)
Is this Dishonored + Amnesia?
ichaukan (29 days ago)
I have a feeling I'm going to like this Amnesia mod.
Phantom Indigo (29 days ago)
Is this gonna be a game that requires you to think or guides you the whole time like Layers of Fear? You never really had to think hard about what you were supposed to do next in that one. You couldn't get lost if you tried.
Aidan Halloran (29 days ago)
Sanity is a curse. Madness offers the only freedom.
Matthew Nimite (29 days ago)
Dear Play4Games, please tell us the artist and title of the song at the end of this video ! PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Nimite (29 days ago)
PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone here know the artist name and title of the song that starts playing at 1:10 at the end of this video ? I'd REALLY love to know ! Thanks in advance ...
Jonathan Wojcik (29 days ago)
maybe it'll be fun to play, I dunno......cthulhu stopped being interesting to me when I was twelve and discovered how much weirder horror could still get. At this point he's just a goofy, cute octopus man and I doubt anything could make him scary to me.
MrAnimepredator (19 days ago)
its really more about how humanity is unimportant and meaningless, even the characters in his books serve as pawns to simply progress what is happening to them instead of us actually giving a damn what is going to happen to them, keeping us interested enough of whats gonna happen, but not relating to them. exactly same method that Junji Ito is using. you dont need to care about the characters, lets just see what fucked up shit spiral will spit out next to scare us. Cthulhu has rather mediocre design on todays standards, as there is far more scarier looking monsters. but those monsters can never even come close to what Cthulhu represents. in a same way as Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth. a mere monster from some dark corners of imagination cannot even hold a candle to these names.
way2tehdawn (29 days ago)
I hope you can play as a nautical negro.
Bodilycarpet 965 (29 days ago)
I hope we actually get to see Cthulhu
Lucky James (29 days ago)
I look forward to game journos whining about how HP Lovecraft was racist.
Luke Peterson (21 days ago)
He wasn't racist in his later years, there were plenty of personal letters he wrote to a friend saying he how he was wrong about being racist, you learn as you grow, cant condemn him for actions so far in the past and its really good to see he grew out of them.
Yokai (25 days ago)
Risakisa Those boring manchilden seem to think so, when it suits them.
Risakisa (25 days ago)
So males having preferences for what interests them is a bad thing, Yokai?
Yokai (25 days ago)
I look forward to boring manchildren whining about how this game is too feminized and doesn't pander to their testicles enough.
вава ывыв (26 days ago)
They'll just show their ignorance.
Kthonoth (1 month ago)
This game is gonna be lit boys!
José Anderson (1 month ago)
0:45 In time you will know the tragic extent of my failings...
CidGuerreiro1234 (28 days ago)
All the decadent horrors I have seen pale in comparison with that final, crowning thing. I could not look, nor could I look away!
jimmy russells (1 month ago)
Lovecraft’s horror simply doesn’t translate well into the mindset of someone in the 21st century. Lovecraft’s entire gimmick was playing on the fear that we were insignificant in the grand scheme of things and while that may have frightened someone during the early 20th century it’s a commonly accepted fact of life in contemporary times. tl;dr lovecraft’s horror is dated and propped up by idiots who don’t understand horror.
Squidyrious The Great! (1 month ago)
Astrithor (1 month ago)
Between this and Death Stranding, as well as (I think) Sinking City, it's a good time for creepy water-centric games
Astrithor (1 month ago)
reagan gaitens (29 days ago)
Astrithor I know right!
If you played amnesia and liked, you will probably be hyped af. If you have a book of the tales of h.p. lovecraft, you will be hyped in a lvl that humans can't even understand...
MalicProductions (1 month ago)
That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die.
welbert cabral (1 month ago)
Porque o cara tá com um isqueiro aceso debaixo da lâmpada?
Marko Marić (1 month ago)
Holy shit i almost jizzed my pants
Hunson Abadeer (1 month ago)
good thing finally come! and think about it, if a human being see the realm of higher beings (such as "gods") the confusion and unexplainable sights would make the man questioning and try to explain the unexplainable, therefore he will become some what we call "crazy" and the "madness" would be only the "ignition" of what beyond this realm. So, i you consider those men are crazy, then its would be like people consider scientists are witchcraft .__. i mean....you get the point. But hey, if even Cthullhu and its beings are "gods", they still too horrific and twisted to be worship, they "twisted" the man mind ( and i think its actually an ignition in "Cthullhu's Cult" 's view) and make him seeing shits, that ain't good, fuck you Cthullhu ._.
Walias Eichsdorf (1 month ago)
That's it? This is what was developed for 2018 from the fantastic universe of the Cthulhu myth as a game? As a lover Lovecraft's stories i´m just disappointed.
Bálint Vasvári (1 month ago)
I NEED that shit
Sorcerer Holmes (1 month ago)
Love that the narration was the opening lines from the book.
onde está o botão "amei" nessa desgraça?
galaxy cat (1 month ago)
tHIS IS SO GREAT! they borrowed some of text from the intro to the actual story the call of cthulhu which genuinely makes a lovecraft geek like myself ten times more hype. the game looks really great, i’ve played the call of cthulhu trpg, and really enjoyed it, i can’t wait to see lovecraftian concepts implemented in game format!
uriel hermenau (1 month ago)
Really? YouTube showed me the ad of this game before I could watch the trailer...
jdfromtexas (1 month ago)
Call of Kathulu
Kenn Hua (1 month ago)
okay, does anyone know the name of the song at the end
Osama Bin Laden (1 month ago)
Can't wait for it to be released, I would also like to see other HP lovecraft games like an adaption of "The mountains of madness"...
Mathis Bruneel (1 month ago)
the graphism and gameplay reminds me of the Council... Is there a connection?
He is dreaming no more !
Red Reaper (1 month ago)
Ah, cosmos, or some say......kosm....
Andreas O (1 month ago)
I'm a bit conflicted. It looks great, but I'm a bit ...worried that the story will have you play a character that will die in the end. YES, I know, it happens in most of H.P.s novell (except for mountains of madness and Dexter Ward and some others). I'd just like to finally play a cthulhu game where I survive, something like Eternal Darkness
Andrew M (1 month ago)
Looks promising and not a skydiving lesbian in sight.
Mathieu 450 (1 month ago)
He is back boyZ
Gabriel MrM (1 month ago)
Cthulu wtf
Fantasy Reviews (1 month ago)
Madness takes its toll #timewarp
gino bundel (1 month ago)
The voice actors did an amazing job!!
M1ne R1ng (1 month ago)
Emman Pascual (1 month ago)
Imagine playing this game high as hell... HYPE.
Marlon Delgado (1 month ago)
I've always been a fan of H.P. Lovecraft's work and finally get to see his work come into a videogame
Murtough (1 month ago)
Leonel Caldela and Jovem Nerd approves?
Sidewayz (1 month ago)
I'a Cthulhu! I'a Hydra!
Jimmy Jenns (1 month ago)
Ok I buy it
Oiva Ojala (1 month ago)
I thought this was like skin in call of duty😂
JollyRocket (1 month ago)
hör ma bitte uff zu quatschen.ah weg
darkanimne (1 month ago)
It won't open!!
Eric Rosaschi (1 month ago)
This trailer is badass lol
qiao shi (1 month ago)
Dead cthulu waits dreaming
abigor (1 month ago)
why only the call of cthulu? love craft write other books...
Lavell Hayes (1 month ago)
i prolly don’t buy it since i’m not really into the gameplay of games like this but can’t wait till people start dropping walkthroughs and gameplay gonna be a good ass story
Snacklepuss (1 month ago)
I will wait to comment on the actual product:

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