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Highlight Reel #420 - Mario Kart Victory Would Piss Me Off Too

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Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of amazing plays, stunts, records, and other great moments from around the gaming world. Please check out the original videos in the links below, and send us your favorite clips to highlightreel@kotaku.com. To submit, either send us a link to your video on YouTube, a game DVR, Streamable, Twitch, or just send us the raw file (YouTube links are preferred, as they allow us to attribute credit. For the sake of privacy/ease on our end, please avoid Facebook video and Google Drive). Please also give a description of your moment, and confirm that you recorded it. Wondering how to capture footage on your console or computer? Here's our guide on how to do it: http://kotaku.com/how-to-capture-game-video-on-ps4-xbox-one-pc-and-mac-1659764485 You can follow Chris Person (the editor and voice of Highlight Reel) over at twitter.com/papapishu. If you have any questions or concerns about the show, please contact Chris. 1. Rocket League - Thank you physics - Austore_Vossehein https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/97u3ma/thank_you_physics/ In Rocket League, Thanks physics. 2. God of War III - Tony Hawk’s Pro : God edition - hadziq chong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSx8bT6nM2I In God of War III, Tony Hawk’s Pro God. 3. COD:BO4 Beta - Off to a rough start! - Money Shot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmiAa93wEzI In The Black Ops 4 Beta, this is a rough start to a match. 4. Rainbow Six Siege - I hacked my internet - EZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOWh7WmtcR8 In Rainbow Six, they hacked themselves. 5. Dying Light - Just chill for a sec… - MTP37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g40ujCU6_w4 In Dying Light, chillin’. 6. Monster Hunter: World - Sooo, I think I broke the game… PortableHunter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl6tk7nOQt0&feature=youtu.be The moon looks gorgeous today in Monster Hunter. 7. Mario Kart 8 - played #MK8D #NintendoSwitch with my cousin. he was playing as Link. I haven't spoken to him since - STANN_co https://twitter.com/STANN_co/status/1030864905157586944 Stann_co’s cousin still isn't’ talking to him after this. 8. For Honor - "He's just standing there... menacingly" - Oldre21 https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/98848n/hes_just_standing_there_menacingly/ In For Honor, that’s menacing. 9. PUBG - No winners at Haçienda - Shiftystreams https://www.twitch.tv/shiftystreams In Battlegrounds, there were no winners here. 10. PUBG - This is why the crossbow is my favorite - Mistermdiocre https://www.twitch.tv/mistrmediocre Also in Battlegrounds, the crossbow has its advantages. 11. No Man’s Sky - The Vy'keen with eyes on the sides of their head have front facing eyes hidden in their face - Book915 https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/97xbjo/the_vykeen_with_eyes_on_the_sides_of_their_head/ In No Man’s Sky, this Vy’keen has special eyes. 12. No Man’s Sky - My first exotic is still learning how to land properly - un_due_e_tre https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/97iqtl/my_first_exotic_is_still_learning_how_to_land/ This Exotic ship still hasn’t figured out landing. 13. Dishonored: DOTO - must have been a rat - caneh6 https://www.reddit.com/r/GamePhysics/comments/98n4rd/dishonored_doto_must_have_been_a_rat/ Lastly today in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, must have been a rat.
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Text Comments (178)
ark13700 (1 month ago)
*Sees the video length, getting angry *Sees the end of the video, it was worth
AnthonyPrince (1 month ago)
fuck, the pubg grenade killed me too
Ruairi Mythen (1 month ago)
Reddit has ruined highlight reel for me
Daddy Donald (1 month ago)
How does someone already have God of War 3 when God of War just came out??
Amadou Agne (1 month ago)
Barry Bend (1 month ago)
First clip though.
BigBug (1 month ago)
ThePsychoDog (1 month ago)
Come on, not even ONE good Weed Joke Kotaku?! 0/10.
ryan griffiths (1 month ago)
😊 420!
Mike-Daddy (1 month ago)
That last one was hilarious, wish my ceiling fan was that strong
St. Patrick (2 months ago)
1:26 I'd be pissed if I lost and ecstatic if I won 😂😂😂
Khai French (2 months ago)
Never seen your channel and yt recommends your 420 ep... What are you trying to tell me here
c0mmanderKeen (2 months ago)
3:15 another happy landing
Sentarry (2 months ago)
Aww man... I dropped the vape juice. Well, time to roll up or eat a special brownie.
Bob nassar (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqVumvcpHwQ add this to highlight reel please thank you
TristanSykes1994 (2 months ago)
1:51 Wrong, The winner is the one who stumbles upon the scene and takes all the loot. Ergo, the recording guy wins.
Taras Domshyy (2 months ago)
Watching this at 69k views
Comander555666 (2 months ago)
420th episode!! Wooo!
Ezra (2 months ago)
some of the most idiotic gamers play tpp pubg >_> it's not even entertaining or humorous. it's just cringeworthy and sad
M Downey (2 months ago)
MatthiasGames (2 months ago)
So many cringey wannabe/newbie weed smokers. I was dreading this one.
The Mongoose (2 months ago)
1:53 Mmmm whatcha sayyyyy
Caleb Wynne (2 months ago)
Last clip was a banger
Oscar Nava (2 months ago)
We made it to the big leagues boys 420 strong now for the big 690 😏😏😏
Andrew Dammer (2 months ago)
Slim Matherz (2 months ago)
420 got me here
Assuero Junior (2 months ago)
some Tarantino stuffs here wtf 1:55
Foolsome (2 months ago)
Never heard of this channel nor the videos but I don't know why video number 420 specifically would appear under my recommended page...hmmm.
BambookasTV (2 months ago)
god of war 3 bug was there since forever.
Mad Pariah (2 months ago)
Blaze it
Asher535 (2 months ago)
Heru Qngage (2 months ago)
the 420 is xD
Ganonbros (2 months ago)
Kotaku (2 months ago)
no that's a different episode
Orclord Barbok (2 months ago)
haha nice one.
joe howarth (2 months ago)
Where’s the weed at
Łukasz Kamiński (2 months ago)
it could be better when episode would be at 20th April :D
Chris Gowen (2 months ago)
3:15 - "Nailed it!"
Chris Gowen (2 months ago)
Nice ending too lol
Dev1lm4n (2 months ago)
I used to watch all episodes of this series up until around episode 100 or so and then stopped for some reason (I don't remember why). Now that it's episode 420 I've decided to come back and watch all episodes going forward
Kotaku (2 months ago)
glad to have you back Dev1lm4n, if you wanna marathon through the old eps, they're all in this playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsiJPoHlPqEFx_CNxEYpaAWIPnGYRFMNv
Dev1lm4n (2 months ago)
Also happy to see that same amazing host is still hosting the show after many years
SharpieSniffer663 (2 months ago)
Carbon Dome (2 months ago)
now for episode 911
Barbaracus _kun The 9nth (2 months ago)
No fortnight. sweet
HellsRaven4444 (2 months ago)
TheWillWay (2 months ago)
Hyuga Gray (2 months ago)
First episode ive seen bcs 420!
Plush Hunter (2 months ago)
Giygas [] (2 months ago)
"High" light reel #420
Cazmal Kimble (2 months ago)
Alto (2 months ago)
Blaze it.
Alessandro Gwyn (2 months ago)
Bastion unit J299 (2 months ago)
Oh yeah 420
Paul Allen (2 months ago)
get BeANed (2 months ago)
anyone else like saying the intro along with him
Nascent Space (2 months ago)
Michael Dammar (2 months ago)
That dishonored video is priceless
John Michael (2 months ago)
zanzibar727 (2 months ago)
Higlight Reel Episode 420 premieres on National Bacon Lover's Day.
King Azaz (2 months ago)
Damit! Why you no 4:20 on the time stamp for episode 420?! REEEEEEEEEEE
King Azaz (2 months ago)
Nich Hustler I know.
Nich Hustler (2 months ago)
King Azaz you watch all the way to the end?
Gilgamesh (2 months ago)
Blaze it
4tune4life (2 months ago)
1:50 has a very Quentin Tarantino vibe to it, don't you think?....
Frank West (1 month ago)
4tune4life it has a no country for old men vibe
ZEROVINE (2 months ago)
SammyTheSammyFan (2 months ago)
Beeps! (2 months ago)
Galactic Magic (2 months ago)
But for real, congratulations on the 420th episode. Thanks for sticking with it, Chris!
Galactic Magic (2 months ago)
How come this video isn’t 4:20 long???
munes rures (2 months ago)
Love to Kotaku,
Nashalot1 (2 months ago)
I love this man so much
Kotaku (2 months ago)
Im Betmen (2 months ago)
Javier Canales (2 months ago)
This is the day #420
ORB-01 Akatsuki (2 months ago)
Luis Carvalho (2 months ago)
Great ending!
VarkAndDjelyl (2 months ago)
Nice save on missing the 4:20 mark at the end there ;)
Brett Domenick (2 months ago)
crim somreaf5555 (2 months ago)
That Capcom monster Hunter one lol
MBzk K (2 months ago)
Ayy lmao 420 LOL
TheZaius (2 months ago)
That God of War clip disturbed me more than it should have...
psuedospike (2 months ago)
420 Blazit
SupahFly (2 months ago)
was gonna mention the 420 edit but nahh
EfrainQuezada (2 months ago)
0:15 So here I am, doing everything I can Holding on to what I am Pretending I'm a superman
Tyler Lund (2 months ago)
_ McLovinPants _ (2 months ago)
I would have rage quit on the Rocket league goal
Hot Bread (2 months ago)
Ayyy 420
STEELZ2000 (2 months ago)
MTP37 (2 months ago)
I didn't expect my vid would be posted in ep. 420 XD XD XD P.S You guys are great!!!
AzgarthX (2 months ago)
not 4:20!? UNSUB!
Michael Dammar (2 months ago)
Jack H (2 months ago)
Jensen Mcleod (2 months ago)
*Stay Lit Kotaku. Happy 420!* 🌿🚬👌
Nye Herron (2 months ago)
Heh... Nice
Xray 99 (2 months ago)
Episode 419 was 4:20 long...
El Duck (2 months ago)
Post credits Easter egg! :D
Kyle Davis (2 months ago)
Sam Feldhousen (2 months ago)
Rasheed Nsubuga (2 months ago)
Jim Rustler (2 months ago)
i'm blazing it
Adam Kamp (2 months ago)
magnumninja (2 months ago)
Smoke weed every day kotaku.
Xymptom XII (2 months ago)
404 UNF (2 months ago)
Episode 420 right as I'm sitting outside smoking a bowl. It's a sign, mannnnn!
Jake Jenkins (2 months ago)
MrEpicRabbit (2 months ago)
There it is, The long awaited episode 420

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