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Aliens: Colonial Marines (Wii U) Contact Trailer Extended Cut

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Text Comments (55)
Dragonball 777 (3 months ago)
There was a Wii U version
Clayton Atila Da Silva (4 months ago)
Grande jogo muito bom
Robert Young (4 months ago)
Wow I’ve played that game & iv never seen that video or cut scene But I have heard that a lot of people didn’t like the game well I don’t know why it played well with movie accurate scenes ,buildings ,vehicles ,aliens, they stayed true to the movie and gives us a good account on how alien 3 happen. Cuz now we know how the egg got on the suloco, & how Ripley got a face hugger on her iv been a big BIG fan of alien ever since I was 10 when I saw alien for the 1st time back in 1980 I loved 1&2 but not so much 3-4 & I didn’t like 3 cuz of how they didn’t explain how the alien egg got on board the suloco they didn’t explain anything it left a huge gap but now this game “colonial Marines” fixes all of that and I can now enjoy alien 3 The game is EZ to play it’s more of a interactive movie ,,,,it’s true it’s no halo but if your a alien-aliens fan this is a must play you will not be disappointed
Sol Cutta (4 months ago)
First... Show everyone how to polish a turd.. Then for seconds.. . They don't even bother taking a shit... Live and learn
olnarks (4 months ago)
WHAT AN EXCELLENT TRAILER ! It is a short movie of a goddamn battle between xenomorphs and colonial marines in a spaceship. In the end, part of the Sulaco's like explodes, killing the queen and several soldiers at the same time. But as the aliens breathe in space... I concluded that the xenomorphs won this epic battle of 2 minutes 29. The game is an insult, but this trailer is very good. This is what we wanted from this game : a war between Marines and Aliens. And they mocked us and fucked us. :-(
Skyranger13 (6 months ago)
Great trailor terrible game
Cytron1515 (7 months ago)
This trailer was much better than the game itself. Yes I do watch these to fantasize what A:CM coulda been.
Bryant Escobar (10 months ago)
Badass trailer but shitty game
leighwhannel (1 year ago)
Am I the only one that recognizes the "Moon" soundtrack"?
Ivens Monteiro (1 year ago)
01:17 Come to papa.
Prince Money Hernandez (3 months ago)
Aidan Pang (1 year ago)
Damn this trailer is so good
SHADOWWOLF77 (1 year ago)
Game seems to be really good.
mazdaspeedjay (1 year ago)
this game had so much potential. after playing it you are just let down again.
That Guy On Youtube (1 year ago)
Does anyone just rewatch ACM trailers to fantasize about what could've been¿¿ Sega needs to get on some sort of colonial marines game with GOOD developers
Gordon Music (1 year ago)
rip,bill paxton
RE fan (1 year ago)
loved this game!!!!!!!!!! and only a noob to games would expect a game to be as good as it's cut scenes or trailers lol
PutainMoi _ (1 year ago)
this trailer was so amazing, too bad the game sucked. it was still incredibly fun tho
Shame it was cancelled...
Adam Pena (1 year ago)
Cancer Itself185 The Wii u version was cancelled.
Cancer Itself185 (1 year ago)
RETROCRAVE CHANNEL It wasn't cancelled, but the way it turned out I wish it had been.
+Michael Brown the game on the video! Duh
Michael Brown (1 year ago)
What was cancelled
Adrian Lanuza (1 year ago)
SG1 - MR# 225674S
paowerhouse92 (2 years ago)
This trailer is better than the fucking game...
Cytron1515 (1 year ago)
Hell yeah it is.
Flying Thrills (1 year ago)
halo fan you're
RE fan (1 year ago)
your a noob to games if you ever expect a game to be as good as it's trailer.
paowerhouse92 yee you right
Emilianotrex (2 years ago)
aliens colonial marines is the best game ever
Shadow RD90 (3 months ago)
can I admit the Multiplayer was good and so was the DLC Stasis Interuption was way better then the Campaign?
Even angry joe hates it
Hey aliens coloionl marines is the worst game of all time bravo gearbox u SUCK so many ball sacks u can't make a game right
Bryant Escobar (10 months ago)
Really nigga
Emilianotrex no
Spanish Armada (2 years ago)
The song comes on the movie, Moon from 2009. great video
Morgan Kimball (2 years ago)
it Wil be better in this game where you can play as queen
Angus Mitchell (2 years ago)
watch what u say about aliens aliens is fucking awesome Ur just a dumb fag
Victoria Lua (2 years ago)
I think aliens died a long time ago
EastBay Pseudo (1 year ago)
PutainMoi _ (1 year ago)
Victoria Lua don't you ever say that again
Chari Nance (2 years ago)
xenos incoming eat that ugly
db (3 years ago)
I have that game! I'm going to make a video about it :)
Raptor LK3 (3 years ago)
+Quan Nguyen There are xenomorphs dying from age and you should not move wen they wake up. And there is a generator the makes a sound to attract them and then they blow up. And there is a funny joke.
db (3 years ago)
And I'm stuck in a swier I need help so.....
MD ZAKIR PATWARY (3 years ago)
The trailer looks sooooo awsome !!!
Ildiko Veres (4 years ago)
So coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Gavin K. (4 years ago)
It's a fun game, but I'd say that this trailer was cooler than the game itself.
Rob Lenton Lenton (5 years ago)
it is a shame. But I think Gearbox & SEGA just got abit unlucky this time just because its a good franchise doesnt mean its gonna play their way
williebruciestewie (5 years ago)
This trailer makes the game look so awesome, to bad it's not in-game footage.
James (5 years ago)
derp, I mean the YEAR 2013.
James (5 years ago)
No, it's coming out on the 12th DAY of the 2nd MONTH, the YEAR 2012
MetaGrave (5 years ago)
Were they going for some strange slowdown thing with this trailer, or is that real time to them? Because this didn't look impressive at all.
JViz64 (5 years ago)
wtf its coming out in december?! wtf!!! no
They used Welcome To Lunar Industries from the Moon soundtrack? Huh.

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