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World in Conflict PC Games Trailer - NYC Trailer (HD)

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Los Sheg (30 days ago)
best rts
Mobius0487 (1 month ago)
this game man...still one of the best RTS games i've played.
Nicholas Torres (1 month ago)
They really need to bring back the multiplayer servers. This game was/is gold. This trailer gives me goosebumps still though.
RedSniper27 (2 months ago)
The most accurate Alternative Cold War Historical Game.. THEY NEED A TV SERIES OF THIS.
TytoAlbaSoren (2 months ago)
If WiC is a movie
TytoAlbaSoren (2 months ago)
I love how the description says "none" XD
Song makes everything better.
Klein Rivera (3 months ago)
If World in Conflict was a movie, this will probably be the Superbowl trailer.
John Gojcevic (3 months ago)
Description: None. Thanks guys
Andy Wolf (4 months ago)
One of my biggest - and most specific fears - was being thrown out of a helicopter that was going down and never having my body recovered. My family left to wonder "what if he's still out there" forever more, and my buddies dying/escaping without me.
TytoAlbaSoren (2 months ago)
Andy Wolf The thing is there are no seatbelts
Henrique Maximo (4 months ago)
Everytime I listen to Shadow on the Sun, I remember the coyote scene in Collateral, but only after the choppers flying past the Statue of Liberty.
DIAMOND1220x show (4 months ago)
This game makes war looks so beautiful
Gabriele Scalise (5 months ago)
World in Conflict 2: we NEED that RTS!!!
James Ramires (5 months ago)
Я смотрю и плачу
KiR2RuN4FuN (7 months ago)
My favorite mission in the original WiC.
Red Gamer (7 months ago)
Mission faild. America is destroy. The soviet soldiers take a every city in USA.The war is end.
my name is mr. (5 months ago)
Red Gamer no usa won in the end
Nevada The Sergal (9 months ago)
That helicopter that was shown in the trailer, in the actual mission, its a decal on the battlefield and it sits EXACTLY where it landed, scorch marks and everything.
Riley Trần (2 months ago)
Quality contents right there.
CataclysmZA (9 months ago)
Sierra Games. T_T <3
Gladiator Spear (9 months ago)
Luv this trailer and song!!!! Got it free now on laptop luv i!!!!
iPerryL (9 months ago)
love this game so much ! hope there is a sequel
Riley Trần (2 months ago)
Try Tom Clancy's Endwar bro.
TytoAlbaSoren (2 months ago)
As far as I know the creators of this game quit Massive entertainment.
RazgrizOne (7 months ago)
Its been 10 years. I don't think we're getting that sequel.
J 97 (8 months ago)
iPerryL Me too
Rafael Nogueira (9 months ago)
This game was ahead of its time !
my name is mr. (5 months ago)
Rafael Nogueira its impossible to invade the us
Chris Guevarra (9 months ago)
nov 2017?
TheKijib (9 months ago)
Lights3287 (10 months ago)
500+ hours invested into WiC on Steam. No regrets.
Riley Trần (2 months ago)
J 97 If you buy it before then yes but now it's gone.
J 97 (8 months ago)
Lights3287 They not retire the game of the steam? I not understand why, but i search it and not find
lekseni (11 months ago)
God Bless.
здесь нужен русский марш из red alert. Россия тащит
InCee (1 year ago)
Music anyone?
Hunter The Soldier Main (9 months ago)
InCee Shadow Over The Sun -Audio Slave Just search up "Shadow Over The Sun"
Tobias Klose (1 year ago)
I want a Remake <3
Help me (1 year ago)
There should have been an animated movie the trailer would be perfect
Icat07 (1 year ago)
Watches this video "Those marines are being thrown out of a helicopter" Then it dawned on me "Those men probably have families" Then it also dawned on me "Families that would be left behind" Then i realized something else "Now I'm sad"
Jaelen Thompson (28 days ago)
Ghost I love how he calls marines shitty even tho rangers are only equivalent to the marines basic infantry😂
Ghost (2 months ago)
guitarhamster actually if they were rangers they would be riding In on chinooks and blackhawks not sea stallions and blackhawks
guitarhamster (3 months ago)
Icat07 they are rangers not shittyass marines
Nieznany Gościu (1 year ago)
What is the name of this song in the background?
Black Baron (1 year ago)
When you try heli rush an sector in WG:Red Dragon but they anticipated that and already fill the town with AA.
Trouble Maker (5 months ago)
Aldo Ugarte (1 year ago)
Who know the name of the song
Roneified (1 year ago)
Shadow on The Sun - AudioSlave Rest in peace Chris :(
Warfighter 31 (1 year ago)
sad that the studio closed down. i was hoping for a sequel :(
Johnny St.Clair (2 months ago)
Massive didn't close they made The Division
Ben Schmidt (1 year ago)
They were hiding in the freighters. Nice trick. Real trojan horse.
FOXYMR GAMER (1 year ago)
wath is the song?
Düsenberg (1 year ago)
audioslave - shadow on the sun
King Tiger (1 year ago)
best game ever <3
Synthx (1 year ago)
8 years later and still my favorite game trailer.
SuprA 44 (1 year ago)
one of the best trailers ever made for a video game. Still gives me chills to this day.
Umair Khan (1 year ago)
Ubisoft,,, the killer of good talent.
Charlie TheGamer (2 years ago)
I was born when it was out
zOgOs (2 years ago)
this game was ahead of its time, I still play it today.
Rafael Nogueira (9 months ago)
Great news is that the game became free to play today for limited time :P
LS15 (1 year ago)
zOgOs Best game I ever played, Were you around for the online days?
x13years (1 year ago)
great game, played it straight through
Bereza Vlad (2 years ago)
Манхеттен наш! :D
Igor Parshukov (4 months ago)
Bereza Vlad Нет. Ты вы тупые Русские туту делаете?!
IBennx77I (2 years ago)
soon my friend, soon
TagLine (2 years ago)
what's the song?
Hazardous Bill (2 years ago)
Audiosalve "Shadow on the Sun"
wither of war (2 years ago)
what's the song that's playing in the video
Embedded (2 years ago)
darude - sandstorm
Phillip (2 years ago)
Shadow on the Sun by Audioslave.
Разница только в том, что наши противовоздушные войска КРАЙНЕ изредка промахиваются. У амеров бы попросту не было шансов посадить десант))))
Nick Dzink (1 year ago)
А у нас посадиться на Манхэттене...
정지원 (2 years ago)
I think it's really like a scene of movie.
Bleeding Snow (2 years ago)
If only the game worked for me =L Sucha good trailer
James Shaw (2 years ago)
You can actually see the crashed sea stallion on the liberty map.
Pablo Pablo (1 year ago)
Bob Shaw Really?
cOmMdO_ WtF (1 year ago)
maybe it's the same
cOmMdO_ WtF (1 year ago)
Bob Shaw no its super stallion !
Job Valdivinos (1 year ago)
Bob Shaw yeah would hate to be in that
R4Z0r 45 (2 years ago)
I think we can all say that there never be a better strategic game than WiC
Tiberius16 (8 months ago)
supreme commander is more indept
INDIAN DREAMSHOT (9 months ago)
WiC isn't "strategic game" at all.
InCee (1 year ago)
R4Z0r 45 Tic Tac Toe
wither of war (1 year ago)
i don't like company of heroes.
Ultra Tovarisch (1 year ago)
Well, Company of Heroes had an amazing multiplayer.
Jesse B (2 years ago)
Until the original Dead Island trailer came out, this stood as the best trailer in gaming in my eyes.
Clippy (2 years ago)
Did anybody notice it? 1:10
GoneDownOnMe (1 year ago)
you talking about WTC? cause the game was set in the late 80s
The Inquisition (2 years ago)
I feel bad for those guys in the chopper.....
scott left (1 month ago)
Then dont watch the road runner.
cOmMdO_ WtF (1 year ago)
Euro2610 LOL
ElectroWolf (1 year ago)
Shaorune Nautilus hmmmmm, true. But I don't think they would buckle up because during the attack, once they land, they must quickly hop out before the chopper takes off in battles. You know.
Shaorune Nautilus (1 year ago)
at least you not fall from the chopper while failing
KerenskyTheRed (2 years ago)
I'll still come back and watch this trailer. Definitely in the top 3 of game trailer/music combos.
Rembo Six (2 years ago)
Опять отличные америкосы и нехорошие совки... Почему не напротив?
Mr Pacman :v (7 months ago)
ти нападає на радянську експансію ...
AveryTheKitty (2 years ago)
Man, I really have to play WIC again.
J 97 (8 months ago)
Play online with Game ranger works no? I never tried it, but in other games i do it
LS15 (1 year ago)
Night515 Online servers died :'(
Brendan Siao (2 years ago)
That gives me a goosebumps! Good music proportional to the game :)
Mr HellDoge (2 years ago)
That description
WildeHilde (2 years ago)
whats the Song?
Jorendo (2 years ago)
+WildeHilde Audioslave - Shadow on the Sun
Funnyj33ns (2 years ago)
Audioslave, Shadow on the Sun
tootsie|troll® (2 years ago)
Welcome to New York!
mortimash (2 years ago)
Mute this video and play "Polly Scattergood - new york" in another tab and shed a tear. Thumbs up so others can see.
tootsie|troll® (2 years ago)
One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber sounds better you scrub.
Georgios Lourakis (2 years ago)
...i 'm really afraid, and i see it as a nightmare...that in the End if WE don't change as humans and brains the way we use our energy and thought soon this will be a True sad story for all nations!! World, Ellas 2015... :-/ * As a game, from good old Sierra... programming and graphics & sounds are pretty desent, gives you the feeling!
xTiannity (2 years ago)
I get chills when they fall from the chopper
Cody Shives (2 years ago)
omg the feels
Hyperion (3 years ago)
Russian wins
Igor Parshukov (4 months ago)
Hyperion No.
osloboez (2 years ago)
Nah, at the end of Soviet Assault is was implied they were imploding from the inside due to war strain. IRL a hot war in 1989 was out of the question as well, so it's just realistic.
Jammy Gamer (2 years ago)
from what it looks like at the end of the game they probably did
vasan npc (2 years ago)
+DeadShot 3421 ???
Lt.Dan24 (3 years ago)
song is Shadow on the Sun by Audioslave
Raz The Gun (3 months ago)
Igor Arsic (3 years ago)
i like world in conflict
Mwahaha105 (3 years ago)
They need to make a movie based on this.
Padraic Register (2 years ago)
+Lego Bricker Um, no. The original Red Dawn? I don't think so. 
Padraic Register (2 years ago)
Red Dawn
Stone Age (3 years ago)
This can make a very good action movie. If I won the lottery I would make this a movie.
Larry Stack (2 years ago)
I hope you win the lottery. this would be the best movie ever
will moore (3 years ago)
I could never believe they hadnt made wic2 yet
Hashem Zxc (1 year ago)
will moore me too
SameBasicRiff (1 year ago)
1 year later and the original "the division" game i was all over, yet will probably never buy this one. good job ubisoft. didnt know massive entertainment was that part of ubisoft. we must liberate them somehow!!
Umair Khan (3 years ago)
+will moore Good old Sierra Entertainment was closed after Activision merged with Vivendi Games. Massive Entertainment, the developers of this game were for sale and shitsoft bought them as well as World in Conflict IP. Now Shitsoft is doing nothing but using Massive Entertainment to help them make Far Cry and Assassin's Greed games. Massive guys are also working on new IP called The Division but that game is already dumbed down, thanks to Shitsoft. It was supposed to be a full fledged MMO and now it's just Online Team based shooter. Just google it, you'll find the interview where devs said that before official announcement, they were asked to dumb down the game, so it could translate easily on consoles. Even if World in Conflict 2 ever happened, it will be dumbed down multiplat.
Gillan Baclayon (3 years ago)
I'm still waiting, 8 years of it in Azkabhan!
Xinxere af (3 years ago)
Best trailer ever created... Ahh the nostalgia...
LS15 (1 year ago)
Were you around for the online days?
Rice Limòn (1 year ago)
ธรรมนันท์ ธีรพุทธิพันธ์ nut
AJ Garnett (1 year ago)
Jorendo (2 years ago)
+ธรรมนันท์ ธีรพุทธิพันธ์ Amen, still a great trailer today and hasn't been matched by any other.
marianorgr (3 years ago)
Someone know the name of the song?
CrustlessTuna (3 years ago)
audioslave shadow on the sun
sergio cruz (4 years ago)
I wanna play this game so bad, I didn't found the game on xbox 360. there's one the soviet assault.
J 97 (8 months ago)
I try to find it in steam but the game disapear for here, i not understand why
Umair Khan (3 years ago)
+sergio cruz It is PC exclusive. They tried to port it to consoles but failed. Console versions were canceled. World in Conflict Soviet Assault is expansion for original game.
Слава России!
tootsie|troll® (1 month ago)
Igor Parshukov (4 months ago)
Алексей Гуляев Позор России! Идите домой, мы в ваши игровые не лезем!
Da Dilsar (4 years ago)
A brilliant,if underrated game
marianorgr (4 years ago)
The Best Game trailer

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