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My Ants Died - a huge mix-up

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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/tlCQJZ Check out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: https://goo.gl/GCx1Jq My pet carpenter ants have disappeared for over six months and it has started to worry me. So this week, I actually went in and attempted to dig them out from beneath their resident rock in their ant terrarium called the Grove. I wanted to move them into a more effective ant farm setup where we could actually see the ants. What I discovered shocked me... twice! Hope you enjoy this week's unpredictable episode. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution. The plants appearing in this episode are Peperomia pellucida (the plant with profuse pods) and Pilea microphylla (the attractive shrub). Link to All-You-Need AC Hybrid Nest Gear Packs: https://www.antscanada.com/product-category/hybrid-nest-series/ Special thanks to nature photographer and biologist Alex Wild for allowing his photos to be used in this video. Check out his amazing nature photography and order some prints: http://www.alexanderwild.com If you're new to the channel, catch up on your "AntsCanada Lore" with this playlist of the complete history of the ants of this channel: https://goo.gl/hVFxc2 Visit us at http://www.antscanada.com CLOSE CAPTIONING "CC" available for this video. Please feel free to contribute to translating/CCing this video into another language: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCONd1SNf3_QqjzjCVsURNuA A brand new video is uploaded on this channel every Saturday at 8AM EST (with frequent bonus videos) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel to catch every ant video we release! Thank you for the support. Get our new AC Hybrid Nest 2.0 ant farm or 'All You Need' Hybrid 2.0 Gear Pack (complete kit): https://www.antscanada.com/product-category/hybrid-nest-series/ ▶▶▶We've got new Ant T-shirts! Check them out here: https://goo.gl/PjnB7t ▶▶▶Got a question about ants or AntsCanada? Visit our website FAQ: https://goo.gl/mJPEqn ▶▶▶Want an ant farm? Check out our ant shop. We ship worldwide: http://goo.gl/I4l7Ho ▶▶▶Need to buy an ant colony for your ant farm, or do you have ant colonies to sell/give away? Find out more about our GAN Project: http://goo.gl/jzo9Lc Click here to watch every video we have ever made: https://goo.gl/8zNkIm Fire Ant (Solenopsis geminata) playlist: https://goo.gl/Dlu7PZ Black Crazy Ant (Paratrechina longicornis) playlist: https://goo.gl/FsKLzK Yellow Crazy Ant (Anoplolepis gracillipes) playlist: https://goo.gl/ZQCCUw Ants REACT Series & Other Time Lapse Video playlist: https://goo.gl/BVuLeA AntsCanada Tutorial Playlist: https://goo.gl/8dQnwb Join us at the new AntsCanada Ant Forum: http://forum.antscanada.com ▶AntsCanada Official Website http://www.antscanada.com ▶Like us on http://facebook.com/antscanada ▶Follow us on http://twitter.com/antscanada ▶Follow us on http://www.instagram.com/antscanada Email us at info@antscanada.com for any questions or inquiries. About AntsCanada.com: We believe ants are the most amazing creatures on the planet, and every new discovery about their micro world gives us some profound insights into the world around us and ourselves. Bringing the ant farm and love of ant keeping to a whole new level, we are dedicated to show the world the joys of keeping big and healthy pet ant colonies. Shipping worldwide since 2009, we are innovators of ant keeping products for ant lovers and museums alike.
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AntsCanada (2 days ago)
AC Family, you won't believe this! Check out what I found this week, also living within this colony's Hybrid Nest! NEW VIDEO: https://youtu.be/7r8msNGFOcU
Race King (11 hours ago)
AntsCanada you should name it “Ant World, Inside Out”
Link1213 (18 hours ago)
gaming warrior (20 hours ago)
Abdulai Grant (23 hours ago)
Lyzern (4 minutes ago)
I was kind of antsy about watching this video, but your anteresting voice and narratsion made me keep watching in anticipation as to what would happen nest. I'm glad I kept watching and got my antswers, thants!
Rowan Lea (1 hour ago)
I had no interest in ants before I watched this, but damn this was entertaining and interesting!
Christiaan ten Velden (1 hour ago)
How can watching a video about ants make me so happy?
scott horton (2 hours ago)
I want to punch you in the throat.
Virgil Vinculado (2 hours ago)
Pineapple Queen 29 (2 hours ago)
I don’t need the ac biome kit I live in Arizona lmao
IM024 (3 hours ago)
im sure he tried hiss besst but he overlooked or something and forgot about tthem maybe to interrested in other things.. whatt ever the escussse may be.. i sttill sympahize with him.. he proberly didnt do it on purpose the show
IM024 (3 hours ago)
the truth hurts sometimes
Riley Thompson (3 hours ago)
Soviet Russia
IM024 (3 hours ago)
you said you did not know what happend to them because you did not spent time with them anymore otherwise you would have know`n long ago when they stoped taking food and - so in other words you just did not feed them and they died of starvation.. solution has been found
japs actas (3 hours ago)
The 5 Queens
HydroBuIl GT (4 hours ago)
best channel to discover on ants
Jaime Lynn (5 hours ago)
Alfred Neumann (5 hours ago)
I can’t believe i just found myself at an ant channel with 2.2 mil subscribers - when u think u’ve seen it all....incredible
Mohd Khairil Hamid (5 hours ago)
THIS... make me remember playing "Antz Bully" the game.. voice: "watch out for the pupa.. they are fragile" when i hardly threw the pupa balloon.. lol..
Djizzle 1414 (5 hours ago)
The name should be “ant-topia”
ian nath (5 hours ago)
Okay why did i just watch this. Like it was really fascinating but like how tf did i get here
DJ SoundWaves (5 hours ago)
Ace colony
Joshua Levesque (6 hours ago)
How about 'The Woodworkers'
Hiro Kazema (6 hours ago)
You exaggerate a little too much even over little straight forward things. But nevertheless appreciate your work.👍
hide replies (6 hours ago)
Antsssss. lmao. 🤣👍
Kidd LaRoash (6 hours ago)
Tim Allen’s Kids
E_Jack Alpha (6 hours ago)
Zombie Ants though
Derrick Carpenter (6 hours ago)
My family disappeared!!!
E_Jack Alpha (6 hours ago)
Should be a Channel in National Geographic!
caleb tekurio (7 hours ago)
Welp... I subscribed
Ultmate SockPirate (7 hours ago)
I have never watched this kind of thing before and Ive never been interested in it..... but god dammit why am I crying? THEY’RE ALL DEAD! 😭😢😥😫
Zachary Wonder (8 hours ago)
Vocabulary Level 100
Cambell Hart (8 hours ago)
ke nch (9 hours ago)
Do you feel like a god
British biscuit (9 hours ago)
Name them the lavenders
Jeremie Reagan (9 hours ago)
carpy that what you can name it
Flames Ablazed (9 hours ago)
Call it Arizona😂
iamhungey12345 (9 hours ago)
The ending, what a tweeest!
CORRE 1822 (9 hours ago)
Name the colony Jeff
Fernando Hunt (9 hours ago)
Anyone else thought that he sounds like Conner from CYBERLIFE?
Dylan Schermer (9 hours ago)
Or the carpenters workshop
Dylan Schermer (9 hours ago)
How about carpenters dessert
Weird Works (10 hours ago)
I’m i the only person that thinks he sounds like Connor from Detroit Become Human?
Staaxx (10 hours ago)
the queensmen
Adam Bach (11 hours ago)
" Antlantis "?
ALDC LA (12 hours ago)
its okay just go outside and grab a few ants and boom!
simon pukki (12 hours ago)
You should put them together
Lindsay B (12 hours ago)
I love the dramatization haha
Sabeera Babwah Mendez (12 hours ago)
You are definitely my favourite youtuber.I can and have watched your videos for hours on end
Keldon Hill (12 hours ago)
the wood workers
Shrimpee (12 hours ago)
I think you should name that colony after something related to overpopulation
Shrimpee (12 hours ago)
I think we should name the new colonies terrarium New Carpenter
Dylan's Vlogs (13 hours ago)
Call it plan B 😂 😝
Eugeniju Zareckas (13 hours ago)
I sordid a whit ant
• Sanoth • (13 hours ago)
You should name the super ant colony, "The Post-Mix-Up" lol
Dr Apple Sauce (14 hours ago)
Your voice and your hands don’t match
Woodley Vernet (15 hours ago)
The Hidden Village
Exo Xiumin (15 hours ago)
Honey carp
Kelsenpai (15 hours ago)
Man. That intro is super professional. Very well done.
Sidrah Smith (16 hours ago)
Best ending ever! :) SO happy you're doing well, Mikey! Still on that music grind, though?
Nina Treto (16 hours ago)
The best
Yoonpuff (16 hours ago)
It would be cool if you ended up with 2 or more nest chambers with this colony!
Redneck in town (17 hours ago)
Call it the "super colony"
Redneck in town (18 hours ago)
This is my first time seeing ur channel. I've heard ur voice and u say AC family from my dad's tablet when were at my cabin. And I was just now thinking about maybe getting ants, but the problem is them escaping. And what I was wondering was, what's ur worst ant problem? (If u know what I mean.)
Matthew Carmody (18 hours ago)
It's like Roanoke!
Luna Tiri (19 hours ago)
The ten kingdom! Is a good name for the colony!
Charlie Hileman (19 hours ago)
Kay Elle Ah (19 hours ago)
Super Colony!!!!!!
gaming warrior (20 hours ago)
your voice are like micky bustos
calisto 9 (20 hours ago)
1 like ressurect 1 🐜
DasavageYT gaming (20 hours ago)
Bruh rip those ants thanks wiped out half the ant kingdom..........
Jenifer Hall (20 hours ago)
Idk why YouTube keeps telling me to watch this but I did just watch half an hour of ants so I guess the algorithm was right
DA FOIL (20 hours ago)
The Demoses . Royers . Tricksters . The Proles
maia papaya (21 hours ago)
names them The GrANT colony
riky's city (21 hours ago)
The worms gross you out yet ants..like...?????????????
Christine Ocampo (22 hours ago)
Name them the builder club please bro.
Kyler Lockwood (22 hours ago)
You should name them spartens army and the magic army
Cha0tic Neutral (22 hours ago)
Why do i feel like hes trying to sell me something?
Danny Cobb (22 hours ago)
Jesus was a carpenter, and came back from the dead...
Duane Garrett (22 hours ago)
I saw something black move at 1:20!!!!!!! N
Sports News 341127 (23 hours ago)
SalSlomy (23 hours ago)
why do u like ants i just tried to take a picture of the grass and got bitten by 4 or 5 it damn hurts
hessa almuhairi (23 hours ago)
love the dramatic intro but i got mah popcorn
Stick Figure Animations (23 hours ago)
So, let's bring this back, are you wearing speedos
Abdulai Grant (23 hours ago)
krstensky (1 day ago)
This kept on showing up in my recommendations, I don't know, I just wanted to get it over with...
jakub jalowiec (1 day ago)
Name it ANTlantis
SparksFly (1 day ago)
He takes this so seriously.
Yudho Handojo (1 day ago)
Carptain ant
Alexander Mansfield (1 day ago)
Why is this recommend to me? Lol
Haziq Haq (1 day ago)
Ants need moisture because studies have shown that they are more active and even larger in size in high moisture. The baby egg things also need moisture for their healthy growth
Willa Bouwman (1 day ago)
I have a good name for the ant colony I wanted to call them 'the wood workers' because there carpenter ants.
BossBom 234 (1 day ago)
Call the new ant colony... ant rebellion
demon kid (1 day ago)
The outlanders
If you don't have a name yet you can name it Carpenter's Cove
Monique Pryce (1 day ago)
“Kingdom” 😂😂😂 so epic.
matthew situ (1 day ago)
That intro got me pumped up
Samantha Croft (1 day ago)
I feel like the ants should be called something that has something to do with new beginnings because you are starting over with the new carpenter ants any ideas?
Linda Carlisle (1 day ago)
your voice is annoying dislike
behr2.0 (1 day ago)
I 💓 ur voice mah dude
behr2.0 (1 day ago)
I noticed a ant on a leaf at the begging 😂
Ed Walters (1 day ago)
I feel bad like Santa dieing 🎅🔫
alexa leckey (1 day ago)
I was actually genuinely shocked at the end ..........
Waylin Hawkes (1 day ago)
Or maybe the “Craftswomen”

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