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Why Is Halo 2's Campaign SO F**KING HARD?! (Ft. Hokiebird428)

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Halo 2's Legendary Campaign is notorious for being one of the most challenging first-person shooters ever made. Most people agree it's the hardest in the Halo series, but why is that? What exactly makes Halo 2 so difficult? Beyond just the obvious Sniper Jackals? Well, let's find out.... Hokiebird428 ► https://www.youtube.com/user/bpk428 Thumbnail by Rythaze ► https://www.youtube.com/user/Rythaze __________More Halo 2 Videos__________ Why Is Halo 2's Campaign SO AWESOME?! ► http://bit.ly/2zMISaU Why Halo 2's Cliffhanger Ending was AWESOME!!! ► http://bit.ly/2wUv3mA CONNECT WITH ME! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheActMan2016/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheActMan_YT 2nd Channel: http://bit.ly/2kPXk7f Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheActMan
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Text Comments (4184)
The Act Man (7 months ago)
Catmangamer (1 day ago)
*E X T R E M E L Y R E S I L I E N T*
Whatever _ (1 day ago)
The Soviet Commando (2 days ago)
EpicDeaconCast (2 days ago)
Hey, Act Man any way we can chat? I would like to talk about Halo and Star Wars.
Jeffson777 jeff (3 days ago)
The Act Man mahnamedeath
Cayden McCormick (5 hours ago)
About the jackal snipers, every hero has a weakness
JR SmileyFace (6 hours ago)
I beat all halos on Legendary, I have the proof on my profile. My gt is “JR SmileyFace”
Name Holder (8 hours ago)
I think the other major thing you guys didn't touch on as much might be the claustrophobia of the levels in Halo 2, the Combat Forms would be significantly less of a nuisance if you had more room to maneuver, even the indoors sections in Halo: CE, despite their sometimes tedious nature, didn't have a fraction as much junk in your way. The Library wasn't a fraction as tightly spaced as some of the later levels in Halo 2. In Halo 2, every room has fifty million crates, pillars, knee-high walls, or awkward geometry that's incredibly easy to get stuck on. The Brutes going berserk would be much easier to avoid, so would the Flood, and your ability to find cover quickly and adequately would be much improved, if half those doodads were just plain removed, or the corridors widened a tad. Halo 2 doesn't have as many levels that offer your a large amount of maneuverability, or enough space to plot an optimal approach. There are extremely few levels that are similar to Assault on the Control Room or Halo where you had interesting, open areas, that not only allowed you a large breadth of options when it came to approaching an enemy patrol, but also made it much easier for you to find distance between your enemies, like many of the other things you mentioned, Halo 2's tight constrained levels with its massive influx of linear corridors, reducing your options massively, and ironically, for a game that emphasizes the player taking cover more often, provides you with less consistently useful cover than the other games while providing you little of the desperately needed space you require to shoot enemies at a distance, just makes it a nightmare. In fact, it's so damn bad, that thinking about it now, even the vehicle segments don't allow you much room to drive around besides the pre-set path you are meant to. That part you guys showed with the Rocket Flood shooting down into the pipe in Quarantine Zone is a huge example of this, so many of the vehicle segments in Halo 2 have you driving through narrow areas that barely give you any maneuvering space. It's ridiculous because they somehow even managed to pull this flabbergasting design choice off with the Banshees of all things. At the end where you have to defend the Scarab with Sergeant Johnson, you fly through a narrow canyon that gives you a pathetic amount of room to maneuver. Often your only recourse is to drive backwards and pop off safe shots when you get the opportunity. Even when CE's open-endedness kind of bit you in the ass (like The Final Run, where there was a massive gulf of open space which made it nigh impossible if you didn't show up with the right weapons), it wasn't nearly as tedious as getting butchered in the same corridor over and over again in the same exact way repeatedly because you got stuck on a fucking crate with two Hunters in the room.
khalid farah (18 hours ago)
Gabe Vincent (23 hours ago)
Can you NOT talk like a complete pretentious ass the whole time, jeez.
kulazzash (1 day ago)
lol so they basically want Heroic as Legendary
I dream in neon (1 day ago)
There is always the MCC.
Whatever _ (1 day ago)
Me: what a nice day Jackal snipers: hey bitch
D Dorcha Graine (1 day ago)
I beat it once on heroic, no cheats or mods, solo no respawn other player hiding.
Jrayyy41 (1 day ago)
I asked myself this until I beat it, then I just shit on all of my friends and cousins because they hadn't lmao
Washu Shikagawa (1 day ago)
joseph villa (2 days ago)
Even on normal I died 15 times on the mission where the arbiter fights the flood in the forerunner structure. THIS IS ONLY FROM THE ELEVATOR LEVEL BECAUSE I USED A GODDAMN FUEL ROD WITH THE 2 TIMES EXPLOSION DAMAGE. Without the skull I died 5 times. Also I got annihilated from the sentinels because I suck at aiming at them.
UncookedMoa (2 days ago)
Halo 2 is chicken feed next to SPV3 Noble difficulty.
TheBlackSheep (2 days ago)
damn you guys were kids in 2004? LOL you are sooooo old!
PyroPlunger (2 days ago)
*Cough* *Cough* LASO? Anyone?
steakseaker 2000 (2 days ago)
You don't need all these enemy nerfs! Just make master chief tougher and nerf the jackal snipers and you're good to go. Halo 2s campaign would be tolerable then.
Waiss (2 days ago)
What a pussy
dtrocco2 (2 days ago)
Halo 2 is the best halo game I ever played but it’s so fucking hard to do on legendary cuz the fucking Sniper jackals
br33z13 (3 days ago)
Bro you know that these aliens are firing super heated plasma contained with a gravity field right? Lore wise, it melts armor and skin in seconds. Taking 9 shots to kill you is amazing since lore wise it takes 1-2 shots to kill literally anyway else.
Demon Lord666 (3 days ago)
Ironically, I chose Halo 2 as my favorite Halo of them all when i was younger
Σαμπλε Τεξτ (3 days ago)
Halo 2 campaign was a parody of the first game.
Moses Crawford (3 days ago)
*see's jackal sniper Me:plz nu jackal:shoots :GOD PLEASE NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
NatarisX (3 days ago)
It's not that hard. I mean. H3 cortana level is 20 times harder then anything in H2.
Bere Detump (4 days ago)
Halo 2's campaign on legendary is *possible* That's good enough for my and my brother, who play on legendary for a CHALLENGE If you want to play Halo 2 for some simple fun, do it on normal c a s u l s
ACEL713 (4 days ago)
I've beaten all the Halo games on Legendary THRICE. You guys just suck. Also, Halo 2 sucks. It has a poorly written story, all the human guns got nerfed to the level of useless, and they placed the cross-hairs BELOW the center, so I always feel like I'm shooting at my targets while looking up at the sky.
Mitchell Malfroid (4 days ago)
Anndoh (4 days ago)
IMO HARDEST to EASIEST 1. Halo 2 2. CE 3. Reach 4. Halo 4 5. Halo 3 6. Halo 5 7. ODST Best to Worst Campaigns 1. Halo 2 2. CE 3. Halo 3 4. Reach 5. ODST 6. Halo 4 7. Halo 5 Match Making 1. Halo 2 2. Halo 3 3. CE 4. Reach 5. Halo 4 6. Halo 5
idratherbeanonymous (4 days ago)
Even more so than W@W on veteran? Jeez, that's brutal
Billy Breen (4 days ago)
halo 2's Arbiter levels for some reason are far harder than anything in halo history
John Smith (4 days ago)
Hello everybody this is the f**k hello everybody this s**t what’s up ev - god damn it
Danny Danko (4 days ago)
I thought the toughness made it the best. You're facing down the alien Covenant space armada. It wouldnt be easy, it added a better degree of realism to being master chief and brutality of the Covenant invasion.
Danny Danko (4 days ago)
Used to take me and all the homies to beat it on legendary.
alex Pereira (5 days ago)
the scarbe gun. did it help
Super Nick (5 days ago)
What about the brutes instakilling you and taking bullets like sponges
superkami guru (5 days ago)
Most older games where harder.
Vincent Latora (5 days ago)
If you're trying to beat Halo 2 on MCC, turn on the Bandana and Scarab Skulls. Infinite Scarab shots will lead you to either total annihilation because you blew yourself up or victory.
Kyle Williams (5 days ago)
the ending of halo 2 changes on difficulty
America (2 days ago)
Kyle Williams you’re 14 years late retard
duchtnl 258 (6 days ago)
Dude play normaal your noob
Ryan Dobbe (6 days ago)
I would've enjoyed your thoughts on tartarus
Hellish Cyberdemon (6 days ago)
welllll..... the lore difficulty is anywhere between normal and heroic... legendary difficulty is non-canon.... and not its not the TRUE difficulty.... plus whats the fun of being gimped to being FORCED to play a certain way... like i guess the achivements.... i dont know.... its just seems miserable for me... Also 4 FUCKING BEAM RIFLE SHOTS TO KILL A SHIELDED FLOOD WHAT THE FUCK... also arent most or all of the grips with this game fixed by just playing on heroic or normal????
Bobbyjackson Bob (6 days ago)
The flood are smarter because the gravemind is bigger And also I think chief is weak because the arbiter is weak so they wanted to balance the gameplay
WolfHaloXX EmileXX (6 days ago)
Playing Halo 2 Rn Anyone Else???? :D
WolfHaloXX EmileXX (6 days ago)
On CE Ima A Shotgun Magnum ONE MAN ARMY
The Seeker (6 days ago)
Call of Halo: Combat Devolved. Except every enemy is a god. I remember getting through the campaign on/off over 6 months. Cairo Station and Regret were the worst. I hate having to count off snipers before each checkpoint.
iDrumGod (6 days ago)
Halo’s ‘real’ difficulty is Heroic. If Halo was in real-life, it’d be at Heroic level, not Legendary. That’s just an extra layer of madness
M (6 days ago)
halo 2 on legendary changes a man
aricente (6 days ago)
In halo 2 you have to role play. Book spartans might be basically gods but there is an emphasis on how vulnerable they still are. Plasma bolts are described to be hot enough to turn dirt to glass.
numbs2 (6 days ago)
Fun fact. On the 2nd spawn on the station you can skip it by jumping up on the ledge.
Kabnoot (6 days ago)
12:55 Thats the whole point. You are supposed to be caught off guard. Thats literally the point of the mission.
Rolofunk (7 days ago)
that quarantine zone clip gave me ptsd
Erick Rosa (7 days ago)
Play it on normal without auto aim, make the enemies more aggressive (shooting not grenades), add less ammo
Erick Rosa (7 days ago)
The game becomes perfect.
Turtles (7 days ago)
honestly, halo ce is 100% more difficult than halo 2 for me, but ive always been way better at halo 2 and put way more time into it so i guess it balances out
Jordan Miller (7 days ago)
I remember as a kid I beat the game then played the last level on legendary just so I could tell people I beat it on legendary :/
Josh Diaz (7 days ago)
I’ve gotten so desperate that I’ve had to use speed runners techniques, and surprisingly it’s works
s0ulshot (7 days ago)
343 should do a halo 2 remake just as an apology for existing, with these fixes and give us a proper level placed on earth.
brooksdanielgary (7 days ago)
I've beaten Dark Souls. I've beaten Bennnett Foddy's Getting Over It. Halo 2 on Legendary is stupid hard. Not even all of it is that hard. It's just that first dang mission. It's almost impossible. You pretty much have to bait the the elites into wasting all of their ammo until they pop their swords and you land a lucky sticky on them.
TheOldest (7 days ago)
Correction Heroic is the intended difficulty of play Halo not Legendary
Jackson Scott (7 days ago)
eh, sort of a poor video.
Maverick McFarlane (7 days ago)
5:20 That’s an M4.
Maverick McFarlane (7 days ago)
God damn, I hate this campaign. I am NEVER EVER playing it on legendary again after my play through.
Jotaro (8 days ago)
Out of all the levels on legendary I probably had the most trouble with Gravemind, Sacred Icon and Quarantine Zone was a big pain in the ass too!
Ryan Jackson (8 days ago)
Let's not forget that it didn't matter where the jackal sniped you. And I swear I have seen marines survive the first shot.
alexeskimo (8 days ago)
Hokie’s voice is so annoying. like yeah we get it you’re gay but why do you have to do that annoying super-gay nerdy voice. it hurts my ears dude
Lane Alder (8 days ago)
He forgot to mention this. If you play 2 player on legendary and just one person dies, IT STOPS THE GAME AND RESTARTS TO LAST CHECKPOINT ughhhh
gottfer (8 days ago)
lmao I forgot that most people were scrub and couldn't play for shit x'D also fallacious arguments are not recievable and you made a lot of those… showing shit gameplay with awful decision to prove your point… like hey look they kill me when i keep charging head on with no shield… me no understando how could that happen… and thats just a random example because there was a lot more…
SCORPION 224 (8 days ago)
The only reason I died playing this is because I tried to save the person I was playing with
thejahfox (8 days ago)
Yes Legendary was a shiz show but it truly tested you, when i completed it i could play any halo on legendary and not even break a sweat.
player 7173 (8 days ago)
I played Halo 2 so much has a kid it became too easy but when ever I played on legendary I couldn't get passed a level with out dieing
Vincent Wolf (8 days ago)
I finished it many times on legendary, but now I'm replaying it and I find Heroic to be much better and more balanced and far less enraging overall. Think I'm gonna stick to it for awhile.
Chu Chulainn (8 days ago)
I love your intro.
Colin Cox (8 days ago)
The dark souls of fps
John Smith (8 days ago)
More sinper jackels
BrandonJ TheBJ (8 days ago)
Shut up all the halo games should have the weak player stong enemy. The spartans are only supposed to be equals with the elites and brutes, not physically superior. The only thing that makes it too hard is the reset at teamate death
Ammar A (5 days ago)
BrandonJ TheBJ playing solo is damn near impossible, the game isnt meant to be impossible, it's all artificial difficulty. A lot of the difficulty like bad spawns and tons of waves instead of designing longer levels. A lot of this is caused by time constraints causing a poor game design
Mazrick (9 days ago)
ah Halo 2 the hardest of the .. ah fuck ... ah halo 2 the hardes........ god damit ... HALO 2 THE HARDEST OF THE HALOS !!!
Scott Sacchi (9 days ago)
I played Halo 2 MCC a few months ago and the checkpoint shown at 22:25 had me stuck for 8 hours. Not all together, just in one sitting. I spent a grand total of about 65 hours in the game on HEROIC with my main difficulty skull being I believe it was called decay. Shield decays over time but kills increase it for up to a 4x overshield. I will say that Halo 2 was awesome BECAUSE it was so hard on higher difficulties, but GOD DAMN I hate jackals. Because of said skull having the problem of vehicles not counting towards shield increases, I was unable to complete the banshee portion of The Great Journey on solo and I actually gave up.
Backup Rogue (9 days ago)
*Resilience becomes more extreme*
PuFenAvenger52306 (9 days ago)
I do what I always do with campaigns and play them on every single difficulty........... the sound of the beam rifles is stuck in my brain.
Mill pendragon (9 days ago)
i dont want to be a dick head, but legendary is supposed to be a bitch and a half to do the fact that its hard makes it more of a victory when you win
Mill pendragon (9 days ago)
i wwas calling myself a dick, and i was talking about halo 2`s
Khai N. (9 days ago)
Mill pendragon Halo 4’s legendary wasn’t a dick
Naseem Razack (9 days ago)
I had to try more than 10 times just to past the second level because of those dang sniper jackals i hate you sniper jackals i hate you!!!!😬
Joshwa Ciantar Drums (9 days ago)
You sir earn't a subscriber, hilarious af.
Alam Warlock (10 days ago)
I thought COD WaW on veteran already driving me insane
Devin Y (10 days ago)
Yes legendary is significantly harder than it was in Halo CE. But the game states that heroic is the way it's meant to be played. While legendary is for the people seeking a special challenge
CinnamonRoll96 (10 days ago)
7:47 that was fucked up. I never played halo 2 but fuck he got toasted faster than a human can blink.
Emily Ashe (10 days ago)
on the spawns, theres a part where you say the enemies just keep coming and coming, (20 sniper jackals for example) but its because you have to advance forward. Once you have passed a trigger point it stops the repetitive spawns. I.e, kill one jackal, move forward, kill a jackal, move forward. You can make that spawn point only spawn 3-4 jackals by being brave, but staying still and ata distance leaves you there all day shooting endless enemies.
Apple (10 days ago)
chief got scammed for SPI armor with the mjolnir mk VI helmet in halo reach it says both mk v and mk vi helmets are both usable with all armor
Strung Up (10 days ago)
I never got past level 2 on legendary. I beat level one somehow but never got past that
The Zealous Zealot (10 days ago)
starts video says, What's up everybody this is the f*ck. lol
Alexis Ayala (10 days ago)
Halo Combat Evolved is wayyy harder on legendary than Halo 2
Ragadan Aviatori (10 days ago)
Tho that mission when you are playing as the arbiter and you must fight a shit tonshit ton of shit shit tons of the flood and sentinel drones oohhh FUCK MAN i dont want to remember that level especially the enforcer fuck man i remember its like there is 4 enfrocers and 5 sentinel drones teleporter and 3 golden drones ive just broke my controller because of that level No because of the whole fucking game ws hard maaan ive replayed halo ce more like 11 times but halo 2 oohh god no fuck that shit mate The cool thing that there is no fall damage
gg ez (10 days ago)
It's not hard. You just suck.
gg ez (9 days ago)
Khai N. I play it by myself still. It's easy when you treat the game more like gears. Cover. Shields go down. Cover. The guy who made this video literally stood still for the first few kills in the first minute.
Khai N. (9 days ago)
gg ez On legendary? Just play it yourself
StubbyMeerkat 50 (10 days ago)
I only play easy cuz i suck lol
rocketsniper34 3 (11 days ago)
MareleD 312 Dinu (11 days ago)
Did they made the same mistake in halo 2 aniversary or mcc?
bob Jaramillo (11 days ago)
*HUH! MY ASS!* 2:37
Chuck Norris (11 days ago)
because it was made to be my personal training simulator. but it failed to achieve my standards of dificulty so they had to sell it to the public in order to make up for not geting paid by me
King Peter (11 days ago)
legendary is not the difficulty meant to play the game. The difficulty meant to play the game is normal or in this game it's heroic. On any game. the devs never make it that the highest difficulty is the one you are meant to play. that would be ridiculous and a good way to make your game a shit game.
Young Kenya (11 days ago)
halo 2 multiplayer... Troll of the century.
Jav253 (11 days ago)
I have beaten many hard games. Dark Souls I would actually consider a pretty casual game series outside a few tough boss fights if you play it melee only. But the first level of Halo 2 legendary I just couldn't find a way to beat one of the rooms without abusing a glitch. You just don't have strong enough weapons in that level to deal with the enemies hardly with how fast they kill you. After that other level are not that bad it's just a matter of being careful. But yeah Legendary Halo 2 I rank up there with hard games like Ninja Gaiden Black on master ninja.
Firedragoon 77 (12 days ago)
Man shooting a brute in the head with a sniper rifle or punching them in the back from behind is not a hard paying you got a f****** whale on those things before they die no hard ping on them unless it's a freaking tank or a Banshee fuel rod

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