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10 Obscure Horror Games You Probably Haven't Played

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10 awesome and obscure horror games you probably haven't heard of. What offbeat horror games do you love? Let us know in the comments! ★ Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV -- Master Reboot Forbidden siren 2 Scratches Lone Survivor The Path Serena Obscure Eternal Darkness Kuan Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi
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Text Comments (1151)
I like every horror game I just play horror games with my girlfrind
Rod Belmondo (1 month ago)
Gameranx team you should try and play the Blair Witch vol. Rustin Par is a solid RE esque game you must play
KirukatoSenpaiOffiical (1 month ago)
+gameranx You haven´t played ˝Fatal Frame˝ series yet? Also try ˝Anna˝ which is on Steam.
Giovanni LaCoppola (1 month ago)
I love Japanese horror.
Nightek1 (1 month ago)
n°11 DREADOUT Horror game
Rosé DIYs (2 months ago)
I've played all of them. And my sister was with me and died
Those Two Fangirls (3 months ago)
I'm going to do a playthrough of Serena soon. Looks really fun.
Adam Jensen (3 months ago)
Demento or Haunting Ground, made by Capcom. It's like silent hill and the old resident evil combined into one. You should've mentioned that, though it's in PS2, it's actually a great game.
Chris Redfield (3 months ago)
From the list I already knew Forbidden Siren and Nosferatu, and I played Obscure, Kuon and Eternal Darkness
Joe Badawy (3 months ago)
Who is that lady with half of her face covered by her hair and what horror game is she from?
Chris Redfield (3 months ago)
Joe Badawy The game is Kuon
Nightmare Fanatic (3 months ago)
I played Scratches when it first came out, it was really creepy. The soundtrack is awesome though. Too bad you can't get it on Steam anymore.
Aye Co Breeze (3 months ago)
All these games look bad.
Diego Mr (3 months ago)
Alex Zander (4 months ago)
One of my favorites is "Anatomy" by KittyHorrorShow. Honestly the best horror game made in 2016 that very few know about. It is around 40 minutes of mind bending psychological horror that costs only 3 bucks (U.S.). The ending was awe-inspiring for me, and I'm sure you'll think the same! Sometimes it gets a little repetitive, but well worth your time!
Sanjidub (4 months ago)
you nailed it with "Silent Hill 2 in 2D" the story is almost a carbon copy
Utopia Lord (4 months ago)
Evil Within 2.
G Studios (4 months ago)
i know 50% of these, good games.
Florin Vlad (4 months ago)
This video sucks
Hi Everyone. (5 months ago)
I have been thinking about buying PS4, but I have now heard that PS5 maybe will come out in 2018, so if that is happening, I will not buy PS4, but instead wait for PS5. What do you guys think? Do you think PS5 will come out in a year or will it take several more years?
Inkompatibel (5 months ago)
HAUNTED GROUND (2005 on PS2) was the best obscure survival Horror. Never played a game that spooky, full of secrets, much and disturbing endings and an incredible atmosphere. Since that time didnt played a game like that. I'am from Austria, my English isnt good, but i found it so important to tell you that, bcause i was really disapointed, that this game is not on you list.
Sadie Holzmann (5 months ago)
Downfall and the Cat Lady would be my picks as well.
Gamer Devils (5 months ago)
One of the best obscure horror games? ObsCure & ObsCure: Aftermath. ;)
othman tayach (5 months ago)
It the experience of looking for mystery and going through the horror that make horror games good not atmosphere
othman tayach (5 months ago)
at 0:36 it calls scares not jumpscares there different between a cut scene of monsters and ghosts humping the main character face of or screaming at it and a scare for example if you turn around you found a enemy behind you and then suddenly he vanished or something standing in the distance or monsters appear in front of you and teleporte right away that a scare a jumpscare it when the scare is directly right on top of your face and the game actually stops to show the cut scene after the jumpscare you continue playing but it seems that a lot of people love to call them jumpscares or cheap blaming the one type of horror games for being bad because it doesn't have good quality while the other extreme which atmospheric horror games have the potential to be good but they manage with one the same mistakes to be silly enemies after all that tension and ignoring all what makes a horror game fun and interesting only for trying to making a atmospheric as possible in this case how about make exprimental game instead and let the other enjoy the true horror it not about atmosphere or scares or enemies or tension it about living the true scary adventure making the go through a roll coaster of terror to survive and what more important to solve the the mystery instead of boom here is a note everything is written inside wow dude I am sure feel like am having the time of my life reading these notes am really making an effort into discovering the truth of this game wow so exciting holy cow is that a key wooow I that another key and another one and another one oh boy how many keys could you possibly need how about looking into projectors or cameras or drawings or photos documents valuable usual objects how about using the technology to make good amazing animation to make situations that show the player what is going on or give a clue about the situation of what happening in general so he or she can go and search for more clues to know how all of this begin in order to find solution and use the technology to improve the lack of dumbass I A of the bad enemies that won't scare a freaking bird or baby that what we need not atmosphere
richard crumpton (5 months ago)
thos games look so gay i want real scery shit
Averyzalia Sylvia (6 months ago)
Yo jake u should add FATAL FRAME series next time that game is creepy af
Gamze M The Queeb (6 months ago)
Rodney Davis (6 months ago)
Where's Rule Of Rose? How About Haunting Ground?
Victor Mcvic (6 months ago)
FamUly? lol
Vincent Smiley (7 months ago)
Lone survivor was 10/10
Lonely Heart Productions (7 months ago)
Obscure, God, I LOVE THAT GAME! I beat it 8 times when I was a kid and recently I beat it with my cousin again.
FaithKomTrikru (7 months ago)
No Corpse Party???
Kamyk Aster (8 months ago)
Clocktower yes, and Fatal Frame.
Akemi Homura (8 months ago)
*Resident evil Outbreak* (file 1 and 2 on PS2) and *Nightcry*
isidith2 (9 months ago)
Oohhohohhh Kuon!! Brings back all the memories! I love the game's atmosphere. The title page theme was really scary!
Easel Kandola-McNicholas (9 months ago)
Gregory's Horror Show!
L Roberts (9 months ago)
Enemy Zero on Saturn??
Pablo Cidade (9 months ago)
Serena is from the same creator of Scratches, just so you know.
Justice Ainam (9 months ago)
Fatal frame 👍
Tabetha Aldridge (9 months ago)
Rule of Rose. Look it up. >:3
Stefan The Gaming Giraffe (10 months ago)
eternal darkness should of been number 1 ;)
Swetzie (10 months ago)
Clock Tower? That games is scary af.
Succubitch (10 months ago)
I've actually played Serena. Simply because it was free on Steam and I was bored at 4am. Good for about 45 minutes.
ShotgunSyntax (10 months ago)
disappointed that number 1 was a shitty 2d sidescroller game
Twerkinator (10 months ago)
I actually find Scratches a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I recommend it for point and click fans.
gglavierre gg (10 months ago)
Haunting Ground
TheOfficialPSI (10 months ago)
>Says it's the least obscure game on the list >Can't pronounce "Roivas"
gaddes scott (10 months ago)
lone surviver
Vidgirl8 (10 months ago)
There was an old Playstation game called D that was pretty good.
Jaris Rilton (10 months ago)
Obscure was hell of a good game! Still one of my favs! Would like to play both parts again!
kjemik (10 months ago)
Alexander ROIVAS, not Rovia.... More peoplse should play Eternal Darkness, such a great game!
Kanashibari (10 months ago)
Clock Tower 1 (original Japanese) and clock tower 2 (American CT 1) were both good games and would have been great for the list. There is one that I played for PS2 called The Rule of Rose. Originally banned in America for highly suggestive themes involving children and tweens. It's pretty intense and a lot is up for interpretation. In my opinion it could have taken the number 1 spot. It's very creepy and the main character's static movements and limited abilities only add to the creepiness!
Vienticus (10 months ago)
Oxenfree is an obscure buy good one too.
Kindlesmith80 (10 months ago)
Yep. Not obscure at all. I know all of these. Some I like and own, and those I don't like I don't own but still know of. Good fucking luck to anyone wanting to buy Kuon under $100. It's not exactly easy to obtain anymore. Kinda sad that Shadow of the Eternals wont see light of day in its completed state.
Jordan Biordi (10 months ago)
OH HELL NO! Master Reboot is an absolute piece of garbage. There's no atmosphere, there's no enemies for there to be any tension, all the scares are LITERALLY on loops, there is nothing good about it. Shame on you.
Spectral Blood (10 months ago)
that was kind of a terrible list...
Martha York (10 months ago)
Shadow Of Memories was a good game i don't think any of my friends had heard of it. it was for the ps2.
dawnmccarthy1 (10 months ago)
I STILL enjoy Scratches. Surprised you didn't mention Geist or Echo Night Beyond. I think they were for Gamecube?
simon hansen (10 months ago)
I have a GameCube :D
Ryan Ozog (10 months ago)
Great Word Adventure may technically count as Edutainment but the ending level has some extremely creepy stuff in it.
Travis Hipp (10 months ago)
My friend has a Siren's game.
Aeladya (10 months ago)
Sara is Missing is really good too. Really short, but it is free on iOS and PC.
Aeladya (10 months ago)
It is also on Google Play.
Badazican (10 months ago)
Sorry but for eternal darkness it's Roivas. Again sorry..
Trevor Poole (10 months ago)
Obscure and Obscure the aftermath are two of my favorite games.
The Cosmological Constant (10 months ago)
Harry Magee (10 months ago)
Nosferatu is one of my favorite horror games! thanks for adding it.
Scottch Mist (10 months ago)
Lone Survivor was fucking shit.
Amy's Universe (10 months ago)
cry what about project zero / fatal frame my fav on ps2
Fisto 69 (10 months ago)
Dreadout was pretty cool, it contains Indonesian mythical ghosts.
Victoren (10 months ago)
I've played most of them, I think I should rethink my life. Also, I would add White Day, Gregory Horror Show, Hellnight and maybe Clock Tower (the SNES one). I'm not sure, but I think Rule of Rose and Haunting Ground are pretty obscure too.
Caleb Waters (10 months ago)
#2 isa literally the only game I knew about.
darkerdemon2 (10 months ago)
lol, I still have a Gamecube and Sanitys Requiem!
Unownshipper (10 months ago)
How about Clive Barker's Undying, the scariest game no one ever played?
fr33kSh0w2012 (10 months ago)
White Day!
Phillip Stokes (10 months ago)
It's pretty new and probably not an obscure game but take a look at Nis's "Yomawari: Night Alone" on Vita and Steam.
Lucifer the Wolf (10 months ago)
do some scary mods(AoM, anyone?)
the1stJZ (10 months ago)
They were obscure for a reason, they stink.
Nick Diciurcio (10 months ago)
gayold fashion Japanese horror
XNancyxBoyX (10 months ago)
I loved Evil Twin (PS2), maybe not so much a horror game, as much as an atmospheric and dark messed up experience. It combines typical elements of childhood (kid as a protagonist, imaginary friends, a level that's set in a classroom, playground, bubblegum weapons etc) with a setting that's sure to give any kid nightmares for a long time. The gameplay is frustrating and at times terrible, BUT there's cheats to work around that. In fact, I wouldn't recommend anyone to play it without cheats activated. For me though, it was an unforgettable trip.
Feyzle de Fey (10 months ago)
I LOVE SCRATCHES!! Also The Path being mentioned really took me back ;3; Serena looks pretty good, installing it now :)
Sandra Weilbrenner (10 months ago)
what remains of edith finch
AnimatingDreams (10 months ago)
The Path is not really "horror", I played it when it first came out, and didn't spook me like an horror game should
Devil Grey (11 months ago)
I played the lone survivor game demo years ago. I've never bought the full game but the demo itself was good and challenging
DandelionFunky (11 months ago)
Is "Ib" considered obscure? It's a freeware horror game and one of my absolute favorite video games.
Devil Grey (11 months ago)
DandelionFunky no really most people who play pixel games know of it, and there is a lot of fanart so alot of people like it
othman tayach (11 months ago)
every horror game have a chasing factor and scary enemies that will scared just by looking at them which is something that doesn't exist in horror of these days alot developers they try build tension before getting to the scary part but most of they doing it the wrong way they try to scare with most silly things and oldest tricks ever turning of the lights closing the door behind you and the most ridiculous one is when you hear a spooky music and everything become scary they set up the mood for some not even close to scare a cat a they a horror game at the there the worst looking enemies ever that you just can get scared of them they can be a threat to even a bird with extremely bad animation it like they never had made a game before goddamm it get your shit together if things keep going at this rate horror will die
othman tayach (11 months ago)
It not jumpscares it calls scares alot of people don't the different between them a jumpscare is a cut seen where see a monster or ghost jump directly right on your face a scare is when enemy show up to scare
Kevin Alonso (11 months ago)
Obscure was a really good game, I think one of the first I've played of the horror genre and it was scary af.
Free Fix (11 months ago)
you forgot to put Fatal Frame
MacDaddy Freshy (11 months ago)
I love that you said craptastic
Protagonist Von Badperson (11 months ago)
Eternal darkness and the path are some of my favorite games. And I do have my precious GameCube.
Rodel Hernandez (11 months ago)
Huhu im think im scared
Malachy Driscoll (11 months ago)
Damn nosferatu spelling my name wrong....
Elizabeth Hogan (11 months ago)
Burning Kitsune Mask (1 year ago)
main characters "famuly?" what is a famuly?
Chance Hansen (1 year ago)
Do you ever wonder if rapists and serial killers ever watched this video before commiting crimes?
Guts Glory (1 year ago)
Obscure is such a good game, I'm so playing it again.
Sharkmillian91 (1 year ago)
I actually played Serena. I was surprised, because I kept expecting jumpscares and not a twisted story XD
MidBoss666 (1 year ago)
The game might not hold up anymore, but I say Forbidden Forest for the C64. At it's time it was a genuinely scary game.
Protject zero 3 The Tormented (Fatal Frame for some of you)
Protjec zero 2 Crimson Butterfly (Fatal Frame for some of You)

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