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Star Citizen multicrew demo - Gamescom 2015

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Star Citizen's multicrew demo from Gamescom 2015. Read more: https://www.pcgamesn.com/star-citizen/star-citizen-reveals-multi-crew-ships-messes-with-gravity-and-our-heads ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (582)
Riva (1 year ago)
I wonder how many dozen times everybody fell thru floors and ceilings of their ships and they had to start the video again. :\
Jason King (1 year ago)
Fucking horrible music....
oRaGaMi 1337 (1 year ago)
Halo 2 cairo station
pastuh (1 year ago)
Contact.. Contact.. Soon fight oh gosh Contact.. Contact.. Any moment omg Contact.. Contact.. Oh god SOON starts Contact.. Contact.. Ok, boring, bye
Izo Khan (2 years ago)
My God...absolutely epic. I love it
Volox TV (2 years ago)
It's funny how olisar actually looks different to this. Which makes me wonder: what were all those interior assets for? Shubin maybe?
Whiteknight 0101 (2 years ago)
Now that was cool as fuck! 👍
Fabrício Dutra (2 years ago)
I can't describe what I'm feeling now. It's Just... I mean... ...I gonna hit the replay button forever.
I wonder what the specs of this pc is? I can see it got low FPS at times.
Deathmeter (2 years ago)
Granted that the capabilities of all the features this game is sporting, one thing I hope they work on is optimization, because that frame rate was horrible. And I have to assume, they were playing this on something high end, otherwise they wouldn't demo it.
Derrick Bosch (2 years ago)
the model still move weird af but it looks incredible. I cannot wait for the completed game to come out
Nick Pea (2 years ago)
i instinctively shielded my nuts when the pilot dropped out of hyperspace near that asteroid ring
Ethan Watts (3 years ago)
WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE I kept looking and their is no specific date :P
Terrence Williams (3 years ago)
I think I wet my pants that is awesome
Panodphantion (3 years ago)
The sheer VISION of the thing...
Jamie T (3 years ago)
Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see the demo?
Tyler Dietrich (3 years ago)
I'm digging the soundtrack
alex s (3 years ago)
you will like thoses animations the 10 first times then it will be so long and boring. and so much useless informations displayed in the cockpit. Actually i dont like it
El Prof (3 years ago)
Last time I played this I couldn't get used to the flight controls (using keyboard and mouse). That was way way long ago. I can't really test it now because.. my PC won't allow decent framerate. But I hope they make the controls for keyboard and mouse similar to Elite Dangerous because when I went to play that it all just automatically clicked into place and I was flying around no problem within several minutes.
Jonuel Duran (3 years ago)
Oh wow. Idk if this is in game music but it just made this into an adventure. I felt it, felt the wonder, the rush. Oh man I cant wait. :(
bmg50barrett (3 years ago)
Game is awesome looking. Looks amazing. I preordered and everything... except the gun sounds. They are terrible. pew pew pew pew.
Thomas Holland (3 years ago)
Please give us the option to toggle that glass line above the screen from the helmet. I get that you are going for realism, but that would bug the hell out of me.
TehDocc (3 years ago)
+Thomas Holland Not sure if you'll be able to remove it since it's literally just your characters helmet model, not a UI element. You'll be able to get different types of helmets or take them off though at least, plus it might change closer to release.
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
is it possible to go down to the planets? or fight inside the ships with weapons or on the planet?
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
is it possible to go down to the planets? or fight inside the ships with weapons or on the planet?
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
is it possible to go down to the planets? or fight inside the ships with weapons or on the planet?
armin hamzic (3 years ago)
is it possible to go down to the planets? or fight inside the ships with weapons or on the planet?
Kryptic Studios (3 years ago)
This game will be a complete master piece when the full game releases. Imagine this game with VR and not like oculus rift shit but something like outta SAO.
SplitRensonator (3 years ago)
The music literally couldnt have been any CHEESIER omg...
Sidney Hodges (3 years ago)
Marcus Sundbom (3 years ago)
Fix the arcade mouse flight bullshit and my faith is restored because the rest looks very interesting!
Thejaimi5 (3 years ago)
It was... incredibly, I started following this game 1 year ago and every day I think more that this game will change the world of videogames.
Solid Mike P (3 years ago)
Looks like a place I want to leave my family for lol, need to fix the walk start stop animations and make them smoother, kind of takes you out of it when you see the stuttering.
Simon Orsborn (3 years ago)
Jorus Linnenbank (3 years ago)
Now its starting to look like something..
Luef Siogrg (3 years ago)
Why do people say this game is bad in fps I get 60 fps most of the time on a gtx 980 and that is without direct x 12 ? Dont understand
BarryWise (3 years ago)
MeeesterBond17 (3 years ago)
"Hey, look what we found!"
Higgs Prime (3 years ago)
Chris Robert should meet Elon Musk
Higgs Prime (3 years ago)
10:32 Its soo Elite:Dangerous
FaceValueGaming (3 years ago)
I have a fear that I have to type everything for the rest of my life because my jaw is permanently on the floor
Mike (3 years ago)
It's probably held together with duck tape but it's looking good guys.
Telclivo (3 years ago)
+Mike Ducktape, the strongest thing known to man.
Dax Araya (3 years ago)
Loving the attention to what's influenced the game. The interior of the station has such an 'Alien' feel, and then the white paint on that one craft, it's so good
Anthony Tenkotte (3 years ago)
the hype is real
THY BCX (3 years ago)
looking good. I haven't bought it yet, but still keeping my eyes on it development.
Yannic Wehner (3 years ago)
This trailer would've been even better with some voice acting of the players (like the "The Division"-Gameplay Trailer)
Michael Parson (3 years ago)
think im gonna have to invest in a PC now. 0_o
George Peralta (3 years ago)
Firstly I like both SC and ED but I must say. This concerns me. SO MUCH CINEMATIC ACTIONS, walking down ladders, getting into ships. This looks pretty sure but what if you sat on your planet jerking off next to your golden *insert small ship here* and some ass hole in his constellation is like BAM BITCH and starts shooting shit everywhere, you gonna be like SHIT COCKPIT RUN and click left click then...... slowly getting into cockpit, MMM LOVLEY LIGHTS, PRETTY SCREENS and you dead. Like they need to just make these optional or faster or something or it gets annoying fast.
Jean-Pierre Trably (3 years ago)
Could be great to have another role in the ship than just gunners... a mechanic in charge of healing the ship during the battle would be great like R2-D2, as well as managing the power. Diversity ^^ I personally feel like this will finish in a bot function, and less social. they could introduce something much more social if you can choose you carrier and try to be part of a crew who needs you for the skills you've developed in your career. If everybody is gunner... bof bof.
Lithian Haim (3 years ago)
say goodbye to your life, and welcome to space, your new home....
tyler3577 (3 years ago)
Day 47: I have stopped eating and my "family" that i used to care so much about has faded from my life. I've watched this video 100's of times and after doing so my arm has developed amazing arm strength from the constant and almost never ending masterbason. Day 100: I have lost the ability to think or dream about anything but this game. Day 1,000,000: I'm glad that they finally made immortality a thing. After years of playing this game i have realised that life is pointless without this game. I have wasted everything on this game. I have made a time machine in a desperate attempt to stop my self from playing. Day 1: I woke today after having a strange dream about time travel and stopping myself from doing something that would ruin my life but i can't remember what is was exactly, oh well i heard this really cool game called Star Citizen was being made, maybe i will watch a trailer for it........ THE END
-Sp00k- (3 years ago)
I've fallen and I can't get up!
Sgt Gaming (3 years ago)
Note to self..... Purchase new computer...
FlawlessSin11 (3 years ago)
And This is why these people should be given all the time they need to create their game.
Jon Goff (3 years ago)
my grandkids kids will love this when it finally comes out.
Johnny Cage (3 years ago)
everyone who isn't a fanboy of star citizen is mad that its taking so long but nobody has done a modern space combat game before it's probably very difficult to make
Micah Audsley (3 years ago)
Astearon (3 years ago)
Is it me or does this looks a little less detailed  (lower graphics settings)  ??
Nic montana (3 years ago)
dewcodered88 (3 years ago)
I will be leaving WoW for this game when it drops. I cant even... Awesome
Sam Rodriguez (3 years ago)
This looks and feels frigging ridiculous. I am loving the cinematic soundscape which adds an extra level of epicness to this. So many awesome details have been put into this. Cockpit glass refraction, the computer's voice prompts feel just right. Lots of detail in the starport corridors with moody ambiance. Love that you see the astronomical objects in a motion blur just before jumping off ludicrous speed as-is. At least from a look-and-feel department, this game is shaping up to be absolutely stunning, and utterly engrossingly realistic. From the level of love that is being put into this game, I'm almost sure from a playability standpoint, it will hit all marks.
Kill3rCat (3 years ago)
3,146,492km? That seems a little short, for interplanetary travel. The first body could have been a moon, however. For perspective, earth's moon orbits at about 384,400km. However, some of the 'irregular' Jovian moons orbit as far out as 24,687,000km. However, you see two spherical bodies in the same shot at 3:30 which seem EXTREMELY close. As in, woah! Either that's a very small moon orbiting a planet of extraordinary size, or it's in an extremely low, *unstable* orbit. Also, at 4:15 when the distance is apparently only '30,000km', you see another moon (yes, it must be a moon). But, hold on! It gets worse! When you pass that moon, the distance now reads '1550km'! Something is wrong; how can two celestial bodies be only 1550km apart? That is about a 1/250 the distance between the Earth and its moon. For a more 'down to earth' comparison, the *diameter of the earth* is 12,742km! *So you could fit the distance between these two bodies 8.22 times in between earth's poles*. The distance from the edge of the asteroid belt around the planet to the centre is only 11km. That means the entire ring is 22km across. By comparison, the distance from London to Paris is 470.9km. Heck, the distance from Bristol to Bath (two cities in England, look at Google Maps) is 21.9km. That means you could walk across the asteroid field in 4h, or drive across it in only 12 minutes, assuming you drove on the motorway (70mph = 113km/h - although most people drive at 80mph since they can get away with it). Ok, let's be realistic; you'd probably spend 10 or 20 minutes driving around the city before you get on the motorway, so fine... Also, looking at the distance count, the 'Quantum drive' is approximately 150km/s (150,000m/s). That's not very fast, considering the New Horizons spacecraft left Earth on an escape velocity at 16,260m/s. It's only ten times as fast. The distance from Earth to Pluto is 4,700,000,000km. That means an interplanetary flight from Earth to Pluto (assuming you travel in straight lines as shown in the video) would take you 362.7 days. Wow, I am going to be melting a lot of weekends into Star Citizen! Also, the air in that Retaliator looked *extremely* dense, considering it was vacuum. I me- Huh? Oh, wait... Ok, it turns out that space is actually a vast ocean, rather than a void. Silly me. Seriously though, half of this looks like it was filmed underwater. (yes, of course I know it's a bloody game - this comment was partly serious, but mostly just made for the 'lol's...)
A Pink Poodle (3 years ago)
Eh, could be cool.
Douglas Brown (3 years ago)
The one thing I noticed about the characters and graphics animations is they are not realistic and smooth animations  movements it destroys the immersion for me since these defects catches my eye most of the time. I support Chris on his game since I have the game still a work in progress on my computer I also play Elite Dangerous have a combat rating of Elite and have made some comparisons to Star Citizens Arena Commanders graphics and how the ships move. Has a lot of potential just need to smooth out the graphics animations for more realism is all.
Pizvo (3 years ago)
+Douglas Brown As i understand, they are currently working on implementing new animations (with simulated muscle movement and other insane stuff), recorded by motion capture during the Squadron 42 (single player/campaign module) shoot. It just wasn't ready for this presentation, these are placeholders. Remember - this is all ALPHA, a lot of things are going to get ironed out in the future.
Jason Kornyk (3 years ago)
I am trading the binary options which is the short way to stock market and I am going to buy 10k PC just for this game from overclockers. Omg it's going so mind blowing!!!
Swoog3G (3 years ago)
They need to put some serious work into the AI movements and animations.
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+hazmatcinemaxxx all those were players. new character rig is in stream and team is retargeting all 3000+ animations on new character rig v7
One Shot Man (3 years ago)
please don't fuck this up please don't fuck this up please don't fuck this up ... Oh wait even if they don't fuck it up will i be able to play this with on computer? :(
Mark Wheeler (3 years ago)
I pledged 2+ years ago and still waiting patiently.
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+Thomas Posuniator sort of im not blind and i do see what its going to be. so no reason for me to be hater. trololo
Thomas Posuniator (3 years ago)
+Eduard Šajgalik fanboy lool
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+Mark Wheeler hi-five
TimeBandit (3 years ago)
Oh god this game looks so fucking sexy! Can't wait for it to come out!
Johnny Marvéll (3 years ago)
....where no boner has gone before.
Gabriel Ascencio (3 years ago)
It's almost like watching a silent movie.
Alluvian (3 years ago)
Why is it so choppy?  Is that the footage or a youtube issue?  Really hard to watch this video.  On my end it looks like it was captured at single digit frames per second.  Looks nice, flows/moves awful, but hopefully that is just a youtube thing or REALLY bad optimization.
Admiral Clark (3 years ago)
This is beautiful :'(
Darknlight8 (3 years ago)
Remember all those nay sayers who ignorantly claimed the game was one big scam, without doing any research what so ever? Yeah.. I'd be embarrassed too :) CIG FTW!
SentinelTheFirst (3 years ago)
See, now what if there are derelict ships like that in the universe, and sometimes they will have an alien or two on it?  BOOM Star Citizen: Isolation.
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+SentinelTheFirst thats pretty much what im telling to CGI. vent shafts are ready in game
SentinelTheFirst (3 years ago)
+Roy Rki yeah! I think they should do it, and not tell anyone that it's in the game.. Add to the surprise..
After_Midnight (3 years ago)
+SentinelTheFirst Yeah, VR exploring a derelict cruiser or an asteroid base with just a flashlight and some facehugger flies by. Scary shit. Or like a paranormal activity, haunted vessels. Lots of possible scenarios.
Django Lowe (3 years ago)
+SentinelTheFirst it could happen
José Dourado (3 years ago)
no shadows in the characters near the ships with shadows? ???
Austin Fultz (3 years ago)
Looks pretty neat! When does this game come out?
Django Lowe (3 years ago)
The original estimated release date was 2014. but they moved it back to include the stretch goals. and they pledged to move the date even further back in order to provide a better product. Anyone who doesn't see this as good thing is 'the problem.'
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+Kevin LaCoste ehm. the goal that time was arena commander. which is out. ehm
K LaCoste (3 years ago)
+Austin Fultz This game was supposed to be released in late 2014. At some point, the devs discovered that they'd make more money selling non-existent ships. As long as SC fanbois continue buying these ships, the game will never be finished. I mean, why stop the gravy train?
Django Lowe (3 years ago)
+Austin Fultz not for some time. Something like the end of next year. But, you can play with some of the mechanics now. CIG is going to put out more as it's developed. What you see in this demo should be out in 2 or 3 months.
Jesus Christ Denton (3 years ago)
Chris, you and your team have a real opportunity to become legendary devs. As if you are not already but... I just hope it's not a missed opportunity. I trust you guys to a certain degree, but my trust is like Isaac from the binding of Isaac thanks to other devs and that's beaten, broken and abused!
ACHIEVEMENTOR (3 years ago)
Best Space Sim ever, point!
RoboJules (3 years ago)
This soundtrack is so inspired by the work of Basil Poledouris.
JC Jordan (3 years ago)
This is why I need a PC
Casey Garland (3 years ago)
The Idris at the end :O
Cen turion (3 years ago)
Do you think you will be able to hyper drive into someone else and blow them up?
Cen turion (3 years ago)
Oh okay thanks. I'm thinking about getting this game but I feel like I would never have a life again if I do lol
Django Lowe (3 years ago)
+Cen turion No, the quantum drive shuts down if your impeded.
Eric Shutter (3 years ago)
So how many mc ships in 1 zone??? 5, 10, 25 or real fleets like 100+ ??
So magical (3 years ago)
i think i need a new cpu
Donald Neal (3 years ago)
I came multiple times.
Lorenz (3 years ago)
Even their show-off computer has fps drops during this thing... but it definetely looks awesome! What a time to be alive.
RobloxianQuickBuild (3 years ago)
Cant wait for this game. I want to play with my friends and become the most wanted pirates IN THE GALAXY!
DakkBlakk (3 years ago)
Fuck me! i clicked on this damn video before i checked the boycott list...
Katze (3 years ago)
What is the point of the spinning wheels? they already have gravity on the sections that don't spin... also, I hope it takes a little longer to repair and power up a derelict ship. All that aside... THIS LOOKS EPIC!!!
Fakers (3 years ago)
What in the world is that large vessel cruising over the station in the last shot?
Fakers (3 years ago)
+A Friendly Neighborhood Bushmonster I don't know what that is...
Grren (3 years ago)
+LawlFakers we gonna talk about the Orions laser being intimidating?
Fakers (3 years ago)
+Elementalism :D THAT was the Idris?! Oh dear, talk about intimidating...
Elementalism :D (3 years ago)
An Idris frigate, roughly 240 x 130 x 50 meters. Its big, but there are even bigger ships.
Pooru Haitto (3 years ago)
Let me guess it starts with 4 people piloting a ship then 8? 16? 32? Is this a possibility? If someone knows please comment?
Orion789 (3 years ago)
I sincerely hope this is as good as it looks. The game may be suffering serious development creep. But the biggest issue is that I think it's really pushing the average PC performance envelope. I wish them good luck. Whether it succeeds or fails, it is pushing the industry envelope, and that is always a good thing.
bpansky (3 years ago)
Nice to have a video without commentary that breaks the fourth wall.  Also, IDRIS.
Kingrey Gaming (3 years ago)
I'm sorry but I think the suits in this game look badass.
Eduard Šajgalik (3 years ago)
+Xidarkreaper i bet u will find some sweet costume on Goss II ;)
JabborWacky (3 years ago)
This is amazing! I'm having nerdgasms just watching this!
Cobus Greyling (3 years ago)
You had one job Jared.

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